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Assalamualaikum. And thank you for joining in. Last time I was talking about how all of us at one point or another make mistakes, we may choose the wrong path, we may make decisions that are morally wrong. And we talked about why we do these things and basically mentioned how we are at war with the shaytaan shaytaan being Satan, and how if we are aware of this, if we are aware that we have an enemy that is ready to attack us and ready to try to deceive us or tempt us or misguide us, then we have a chance at defeating him. And we talked about how the shaytaan has a lot of different weapons. And so one of the weapons I mentioned last time was getting us to delay our good deeds. So we may be

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ready to do something good, whether it's sada whether it's charity, prayer, reading the Koran, or being being charitable in any way, and yet he will get us to delay. So the good news is that there are lots of counter attacks for each weapon that he has. There's a counter attack from the Quran and the Sunnah. So for instance, the counter attack for delaying the good deeds is having the sirens go off realizing that this is an attack and taking action immediately. Now the second weapon that the shaytan uses, is getting us angry. Anger is an explosive weapons that can cause colossal damage. And he tries so hard to get us to get upset, angry, whether it's with our spouse, with our children with

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our employers, and whoever it is he tries to create enmity and Allah says in the Quran in surah, insert my Ada I am number 91 Alpha Billahi min ash shaytaan and retching, the smilla rahmanir rahim in an IUD the shape on Au Pair avena como la vida de Waal de Boer boar, that shaytan wants to excite enmity and hatred between you. So look at this, this is wood, this is one of his tactics, this is one of the things he tries to do. So whenever you're having any kind of problem, you can see that somehow, the shaytaan may be whispering to you, and getting you to see other people's flaws and getting you to be upset with them. And especially when it comes to husband and wives, that this is

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his ultimate plan is to get husband and wife to fight with one another, to be upset and to see each other's faults. There's actually a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu, a Salah that talks about how the shaitaan gathers all his his soldiers, and they come and they report to him and one by one they start reporting. One says I got this individual to commit a murder, I got this person to lie I got this person to steal. And the one individual the one soldier that comes in says I created hatred and animosity between a husband and a wife, I got them to separate then this is the one who is most honored by the shaytaan he is given the crown because this is what what he's after. Because if there

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is hatred, there's animosity, and the family unit falls apart, then this is the start of a lot of problems in society, you'll find that the husband and wife are each will go in separate paths, they may be enticed to two different things and also that you will find the children the product of this of this divorce will fall into so many trials and tribulations. So be aware that next time you're feeling a little bit angry or upset at your spouse know that this is a bit of the whispering of the shaytaan and try to say out the big lamina shaitana routine and recognize that this is one of his attacks. Now in the state of anger. Why does he like for us to get angry so much is because in the

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state of anger we end up committing all sorts of sins. Okay, we can start gossiping what happens when people get into a fight, they love to call up their girlfriends, their moms, and start complaining and start gossiping. Okay, so it gets us to gossip, you may end up saying a lot of hurtful things so you may hurt the feelings of the person that you're angry with. And you may leave emotional scars that can last a lifetime. You could say say or do things

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To your children, that will definitely leave lasting scars. So we have to be so careful when we're in this state of anger, that this anger that built up can also cause you to break relationships you may cut silhouettes or rahem you may have relationships with your family members that you just end up cutting, and it could also lead to a lot of hatred and grudges, so you end up having certain grudges, and that you end up not forgiving and we have to be reminded that Allah encouraged us forgiveness so much in the Quran, and sudut assura ayah number 43. Allah says Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, what am l sabado alfalfa in Elena's mellow mood, whoever shows patience and forgive, that

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would truly be from the things recommended from Allah. So here we are like if we're in a state of anger, and we're having all these grudges, and we're not forgiving. We have to remember this verse that says that if you are patient, you're patient with your trials, whatever they may be your trials and tribulations, and you have patience and you forgive, then this is the most recommended thing. Now, if we look at anger, and how it affects us, actually, there's been so many studies done on anger, and how it affects our health, and how it destroys, destroys relationship, it destroys us. And they did actually a study on, on what happens to a person when they're at the peak of anger, and

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the blood is, is taken and injected into a rabbit, the rabbit dies, it actually dies because of all the toxins that we are producing in our body. So we need to be really aware, we need to be aware of this. Now with the counter attack, the counter attack, to getting us angry is to stop, we have to stop and pause because usually, the thing that gets us into trouble is by being very impulsive, you get angry, and you hit someone you get angry and you yell, you scream, you may do something harsh, you may get a divorce, you may do all sorts of things that are impulsive. But if you pause, okay, you're angry, but you pause, and you take a break, and you start doing some deep breathing, you

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start saying calming words to yourself, because many times we talk ourselves into a frenzy, we might start saying things like, I can't believe you did this to me, I am furious. I am in rage and, and all of this gets you more and more upset. So you need to say common things that this is going to pass, I'm going to be calm, I can handle this. And this will affect your level of anger. So the first thing is to stop, stop and not to react impulsively. And, actually, there's so many, so many beautiful examples of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam, who has taught us what to do in the state of anger. And he was asked the Prophet peace be upon him was asked,

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era through Allah advise me give me advice and good advice that could affect my life. And he said, Don't get angry. And so he asked them a second time. He's like, Okay, give me another piece of advice. What What do you advise me? And he said, Don't get angry. And then the third time he asked again, he said, you know, what, what can you advise me that would benefit my life. And again, he repeated, don't get angry. So this emphasis saying this three times, it talks about how critical it is, look what happens to our relationships. As soon as somebody gets angry, you see that the relationship starts falling apart. So if there's so much emphasis on not getting angry, we need to

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train ourselves because this is one of the weaknesses that people have one of the weaknesses, getting angry, losing control, reacting. And so if we can control ourselves, then it could have a profound impact on our life.

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And the Prophet sallallaahu salam also said that he guarantees a house in paradise. For a person who gives up arguments and disputes even if he's on the truth. So many times people feel that, well, you know what I am, right? I have the hug and I want to say it and then what happens is that it escalates and it creates a huge dilemma. So if you can give it up, even if you're right, and you're just able to swallow the anger and not react, then you are you're going to be so highly rewarded. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam also encouraged us to change our position. So if you're standing, sit down, sitting lay down. Now what this is actually in psychology, it's a pattern interruption, so

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that many times when we're in a state of anger,

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Anger, there's a particular pattern is like our breathing is shallow, we start sweating, we, you know, start becoming faster and reacting more. So if we stop this pattern, and we suddenly, you know, sit down and we change it, then we can be more composed, and gain more control of ourselves.

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And if we remember, in suits and fat, iron number four, says alphabet, the human eye shades on and writing the smell letter Rahman and Rahim, one lady, that a second as a field boo boo Elmo many, that it is he Allah, Who puts the peace, the sakeena, the tranquility, in the hearts of the believers. So if we realize this, and at that time, we asked a lot like we are relative, that this is our weakness, and we have a tendency to get really, really angry. So just at that time, say, your, say alphabet alignment, I shaitana gene seek a loss protection against the shaytaan. And then you you start thinking about online, gaining strength from him. And that will that will make a huge

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impact. The shaytaan uses subtle psychological warfare that lowers our self esteem, and breeds ungratefulness. And so this next weapon is getting us to compare, this is something that is just so destructive, and we need to become aware of it because many times he will get us to view others and compare ourselves to people who are smarter, wealthier, skinnier, prettier, whatever it is, or more successful, and we immediately start feeling inadequate. And so we stop viewing all of our blessings, because all of us have so many things to be grateful for. And we're just focused on the blessing of the other person. And there might be some internal dialogue about oh, this is not fair.

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And why do they have this and I don't have it. And so this right here is very dangerous. Because what happens is that first of all, you're questioning Allah's wisdom, because Allah is on Hakeem. And so whatever he has done, there's wisdom behind it. And so the reason a person is given a certain blessing, or a certain success, or whatever it is that they have, then this is from a laws, wisdom. And so if we start thinking it's not fair, and we question it, then we're questioning a line we're saying a soccer a law that we know better than a law so we have to be very careful about this kind of comparison and this kind of self talk. Allah says in Surah Al Hadid I am number 23 out of la mina

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shaytani r rajim. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, Li Kayla. So Ana taekwon. What a tough Rahul Bhima. Calm, which means do not grieve at the things that you fail to get. So if there's something that you didn't get, maybe you didn't get good looks, maybe you didn't get the wealth, maybe you didn't get the husband or the children or whatever it is that you didn't fail to you that you fail to get, don't grieve over it, don't be sad, and nor rejoice over that which has been given to you. So then there will be overjoyed about the blessing you've been given because both things are a test. Now, if you were not given something, that very thing could be saving you from, from many different tests

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and tribulations. So the point is not to be too overjoyed at what you have, and not to be sad about the thing you haven't been given. Because we trust that God is the most wise and instead of sitting around and feeling sorry about the things we don't have, it makes us overlook all our blessings. So this is a beautiful verse to keep in mind, that you're not grieving over what you don't have. And you're not overly excited and overly overjoyed about what you do have. So it's teaching us teaching us moderation and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam always taught us to live in moderation. And to be balanced. We don't need to have these highs and lows. And I think that in these, in these times, we

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see that a lot of people are unstable emotionally, psychologically. And you find them having these high that they're really really a static, and then they have they're very deeply depressed. So we need to get to a point where we are balanced and stable. And this is how we can do it. Now. It's one thing to look at someone and be inspired. Maybe you see someone a great athlete that you want. You want to become a healthier person, maybe see someone very highly educated and you get inspired, not that's permissible, but what's not permissible is when you see a blessing on a person and you you feel bad about it makes you feel

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inadequate. So this is what we want to try to avoid. So many times people will actually start comparing their spouse or maybe taking one characteristic of their spouse and comparing it to an ideal. And this just really spells disaster. And I think this is what the shaitaan tries to do is to get us to compare whether it's ourselves. So we start feeling maybe bad about ourselves, or we may compare our spouse, our children, our life, our situation. And this is his psychological warfare. It's a subtle psychological warfare to get us to start feeling down and feeling that. So now as far as the counter attack, the counter attack is to become very aware of all your blessings. And this is

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something that is so critical, because if you're focused on all the things that are right in your life, because I know that many times, we might be so fixated on our problems, and our problems become so magnanimous, they're like this huge mountain before us. But and it prevents us it's like it prevents us from seeing all the blessings. So the counter attack is start listing your blessing, start seeing all the things that you do have the Prophet sallallahu Sallam advise us that when it comes to our the wealth and health, we need to compare ourselves to people who are much worse off. So when we are, let's say, going through any kind of ailments, bodily ailments, or we have some kind

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of financial problem or situation, we need to compare to those that are much worse off. Now this is a healthy form of

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comparison, because it doesn't leave us feeling inadequate in any way. And then when it comes to the deen to the religion, and you, you compare yourself to someone who's really knowledgeable, and maybe they have the Quran memorized, maybe they're very well read. And then you aspire to be like that. And this is a healthy form of comparison. Now, as far as comparing, let's say, whether it's your spouse, or your children, or whatever your life, the best thing is to see the individuals in your life as a package deal, that not to take one specific characteristic, maybe you might take your spouse, and you take, let's say, just the looks and compare it to someone else. Or you may take

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their their skills and compare it and I think you have to see them as a package and accept them as as they are. And so we have talked about the attack of the shaytaan, which is trying to get us angry, and how anger leads to so many different other sins. And the counter attack is to to be calm, and to have those relaxation techniques and not to be impulsive. The second attack is getting us to compare to other people, whether it's our life, our children, our spouses. And we said that the counter attack to this is to focus on your own bounties and see each person in your life as a packet, join me after the break, where I will continue talking about the different attacks of the

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shaytaan and our counter attacks. So stay tuned, just like a

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Dune satellite channel. Welcome back, we were talking about how the shaytaan uses different kinds of weapons. One is about getting us to be angry, and the other is getting us to compare. So the counter attacks for these for the anger is to just remain calm not to react right when things happen, try to take some deep breathing, and maybe take some time out for yourself. And as far as the comparison, just focus more on the blessings that you have and stop making comparisons of your life and your things and your spouse. And just believe that there is wisdom in everything that happens and believe in, in God's wisdom. Now the next weapon that the shaitaan uses is distracting us from the

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remembrance of Allah. Now, all of the things that we fall into whenever we make any kind of mistake. It is at that time momentarily. We're not thinking about God, we're not thinking about the consequences. So this is one of the ways that he tries to affect us, not the war that the shaytaan has waged against us shakes the foundation of our image

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of our faith. And the way he does this is by distracting us from the remembrance of God. And so this is his weapon. The weapon is distracting us. And he distracts us in so many different ways. So whether it's by by watching a lot of TV, sometimes it's Video Games for Kids, shopping, spending money, maybe making money, making make your home more beautiful, whatever it is, it's a form of distraction, getting us to do whatever it takes to not do our ultimate goal, which is to worship our Creator, since that is our main objective in life. So he is trying to do things to take us away from the subject of Allah says in Surah, surah Toba I am number 38 alphabet law him and i shaytani r

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rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim semimetal hyah to Tanya fil ferati in Cali. That but little is the enjoyment of life in this world compared to the hereafter. So yes, there are a lot of things to be enjoyed in this life. But in comparison to the Hereafter, it is so little and we have such a temporary time here, maximum we have, let's say 90 100 years maximum. And when we compare it to eternal life, you see that it's so little so In comparison, we have to put our focus in the hereafter that we are not so distracted by the things that we do enjoy so much here. So when you make the comparison between this dunya and the aka this life and the hereafter, you have to make

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sure that you're investing in the Hereafter, because just like a person, if they don't invest in this world, let's say they're not saving for the their education, they're not saving for the retirement and then they will not have anything to count on the same thing with the hereafter we have an account, there is an account, we have to be making deposits. And so what the shaytaan gets us to do is to be distracted from making deposits for the hereafter. It's all about the here and now the enjoyment, the pleasure immediate gratification. So this is what we need to become aware of. Sometimes he gets us preoccupied with our weight. I have seen so many beautiful teenagers, Muslim

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teenagers who are so obsessed with their way that they refuse to eat. And they are they are anorexic, some of them are bulimic, they'll eat and they regurgitate and sometimes women are preoccupied with getting facelifts and doing all sorts of things. And this is just it's a form of distraction. If we are so consumed with these trivial things, then we're not going to focus our time and our attention on the things that really matter. And Allah says in Surah, two Manasa bone Ayah number nine also been lay him in a shape on a regime Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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Allah Deena Emmanuella como lo como Allah, Allah Docomo. decorilla, one AF li cafa oola ecohome on horsey rune, and this says, Oh, you who believe Let not your properties or your children divert you from the remembrance of Allah. So don't let let's say, your your children, having their homework and taking care of them. Don't let that take you away with your connection to God. Don't let your property that you're so caught up in accumulating more wealth or fixing our home or doing things that that's going to keep you from the remembrance of God. And whosoever does that, whoever falls into this and falls into these distractions, then they are the losers, they're going to be the

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losers because they've missed out on their ultimate purpose in life, which is to worship the Creator. It is that those moments when we're distracted from the remembrance of Allah, that we fall into sin, even if it's momentarily, we see that we make lots of mistakes, we can choose the wrong paths, we can see things we're not supposed to see, we may be doing things that are that are forbidden. So it is when we are distracted, that we fall into air. So this is one of shaytans biggest weapons is just distracting us. And we could be with all the things that you love all the things that you enjoy doing. Or it could be even with with work and taking care of your home or

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cooking. It could be anything that takes you away from the remembrance as far as the counter attack. You need to be in remembrance of God on a more moment.

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Moment. It's something that it needs to be a part of you and part of your life. Because once you have that, it creates a compass in your life, that remembrance of God will create a compass of what is right, what is not right. It keeps you on track, and it keeps you going in the right directions. And one of the things that we can do is, we need to realize that there is a surveillance camera, how do people act, when they feel that let's say they're at work, and there's that camera on, they're much more vigilant about the way they act and the way they do things? So we need to realize that Allah is watching us, God is watching us watching our behavior. And when we realize that, then the

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moment we're about to make the mistake, we think about it and think, do we want to be in this state? Do we want God to see us in these predicaments? And when we have that remembrance, and when we think about the consequence, because I think a lot of times, when we do make those wrong mistakes and wrong choices, we're not thinking right, then what are the consequences of this behavior? If we pause for a moment and think about it, it may stop us actually, because we see that many of the things that we do, many of the choices we make in life have grave consequences. I've seen this with so many of my clients who come in, and it was like that moment where they became weak and they made

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the wrong decision. Some of them may have chosen, chosen to to do drugs, some people have chosen to go and take a totally different path and you find that it has affected their life completely. So is that those moments when we're making the critical decisions and even the small decisions, our day to day decisions, we need to have as our compass in deciding to things to do what's what's right and what's wrong. Allah says in Surah two rod is number 28. also been left him in a shape on a regime Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, Allah, Allah he thought tonight in Nola kulu, that in the remembrance of Allah, do hearts find rest. So this is the thing that will give us serenity, that remembrance and

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praising God and thinking about him is the thing that will give us peace because there's so many people out there who are lacking peace in their life, they may have everything they may have the the lifestyle, the education, they may have so many but they are missing this piece. And this is the void in a lot of people's life. And they try to fill it with so many things and nothing fills that it is through the remembrance of God that will give that that will give the serenity and the peace.

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Allah says insert and Hadid is number 20 alphabet leguminous shape on a regime Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Assalamu manhyia to Tanya Eliza boo Allah who was ina tomahto hooroo baina calm. So this is saying that know that the life that this world is only play and amusement, pomp and mutual boasting amongst yourself. So saying that everything is so trivial, it is temporary, and so we shouldn't be so consumed with something that is so temporary, the only thing that is lasting, meaningful and purposeful, is worshiping our Creator. And this worship is not necessarily in just doing the rituals, everything that we do everything that we do with the intention of pleasing our Creator can

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be a source of worship, whether it's going to work taking care of your kids, whatever it is doing around the home, do it with the intention of pleasing your Creator and that will all turn into a form of worship.

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When we're in the habit of doing the vicar, which is the remembrance and the praising of our Creator. It really protects us from having a negative self talk. Because many times we get caught up in thinking about things and ruminating about it. But when you're in the habit of constantly doing the thicker and you could do this, what's beautiful about it is that you could do it anywhere if you're while you're cooking while you're driving while you're walking in the mall while you're watching a movie, whatever it is, you could constantly be doing the subpoena law 100 Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allahu Akbar, and you could constantly be doing this. And so it's a constant

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reminder. And that way when the shaitaan comes to you and he's trying to attack let's say when you are at the mall, and you are almost getting distracted by all those glitzy things that are calling out to you, when you're doing the thicker then it reminds you and it reminds you and puts you keeps you in

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Who do when let's say you're at school and you're with your friends, if you're doing the ticker, and someone entices you, or temps you or tries to pull you in a different direction, you're also reminded. So this is the key is to keep ourself in the remembrance. So the first step in defeating the shaytaan is having the awareness Be aware that you're at war. And I think that's part of the problem is that most people don't even realize that they don't know that they're at war. And imagine if your country was at war right now, and you didn't know about it and you just stepped out and You mind your own business, you you would have just lost your chance of survival. But when you know that

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you are at attack by an enemy and they're trying to get you down at every point, then you will be more empowered and you will realize this and try to counter attacking and assess asserts Sarah is number 21. Alabama Humana shades on and regi Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim Womack Cannella warning him suntanning in Atlanta, Alabama, me Oh man, oh, Bill harrah. In Salina, Alabama may or may not be a

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man who am in happy shack. So this says that the shaytaan has no authority over them, except that we might test him who believes in the hereafter from home who is in depth. So the Shakedown, yeah, he has all these weapons, and yeah, he's trying, and he has experience and all of these things, but he doesn't have any power over you. And this is really important to realize that the shaitaan is actually weak. And as long as you know that he is going to be attacking, then you know how to handle it. So it's saying that it actually the whole existence of the shaytaan is is a test for us, is a test to see who's actually going to follow all of these enticements, who is going to be weak, who is

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going to give in to all their desires, and who is the one who's going to have outstanding character who is not going to succumb. So it's like any other test, and we need to see it as such. And we also need to point out that the the shaytaan, when we say all the big Lamanna, shaytaan Red team, he's out of here, he just goes, but then there is the share team amongst the amongst humans, these are the people who are like the soldiers of the shaytan, who tried to entice us and this is actually something that we have to be aware of as well because they can actually be more harmful to us. So be aware of your surroundings. Be aware of who you're befriending and who's spending time with you. And

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be aware as well of this battle and this war that we're in and make sure that you do your best to to counter attack all of the things we talked about whether it's getting you to be angry or whether it's getting you to compare are all the things that are distracting, you have to counter attacks and be ready to defeat him because we can be very empowered. We need to keep in mind that the Quran and Sunnah the way of the Prophet peace be upon him are the most powerful weapons against the shaitaan and the better we understand and implement them, the more protected we will be just like a law fair as salaam alaikum

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