Haleh Banani – Ramadan Mubarak

Haleh Banani
AI: Summary © The host of a TV show discusses the transformation of the year and offers viewers a chance to sign up for a series called " odds to transform." The series will feature interviewers and a host speaking about the importance of transformation for everyone. The hosts also mention upcoming webinars and a TV show called " odds to transform" that will be on Facebook and Instagram.
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All right Salam aleikum?

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Salam aleikum, and Ramadan Mubarak to all of you, it shot Lord that this will be a very transformative Ramadan for all of us and especially for our brothers and sisters throughout the world. And I just want to remind you that this Ramadan we have a very special series that is going to start tomorrow okay it's a series it's going to be throughout Ramadan it's a mindful Ramadan transformed by the light. And we have interviewed some of the most phenomenal converts and their stories are so inspiring and it's going to really help you to transform this Ramadan, make sure you sign up for it. We have the links on my bio, if you're on Instagram, on Facebook, lots of posts

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about it, make sure you sign up because what's going to happen is that we are going to send you reminders beyond the WhatsApp group we'll send you reminders so you don't get confused about the time it will be released Mondays and Wednesdays these interviews at 12:30pm Central What time is it right now? Yeah, about like an hour before you know it's a 12:30pm central and and then on Thursdays, my co host and i Brother We do have son, we are going to come live and then discuss how to transform today. We had our pre Ramadan webinar and it was incredible there was so much positive energy and we really just really connected with everyone that was joining in and just sharing that

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this is going to be very different. It's not just about doing more but becoming more it's not just about having your checklist for your worship. It's about having your checklist for your character how you can be better how you can you know just have a bigger impact how to improve your relationship this is going to be so amazing and we can't wait to share it with you just make sure that you sign in.

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So you get the alerts and we'll see you tomorrow in sha Allah salaam aleikum and Ramadan mubarak.

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