Fasting Develops Sincerity – Ramadan 2022

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The speaker discusses the importance of fasting as a fruitful way to develop one's accountability and integrity. Fasting is a way to pursue one's values and build up trust with oneself. It is also a fruitful way to pursue one's values and build up trust with others.

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One of the virtues of Ramadan is that it develops our sincerity. And that is taken from the Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam to Hadith klutzy where Allah says that every good deed that a person does is for his own self, except for fasting. It's for me, it's a law saying that, what does it mean that fasting is for me and everything else is for yourself. Scholars have multiple explanations. They're not necessarily mutually exclusive. But one of the ones that scholars keep coming back to is that fasting is more sincere.

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Fasting is more hidden. Because the difference between fasting and other sorts of acts of worship that we usually think about is that fasting is about what you don't do. Right? Praying, giving charity, making pilgrimage things. These are things that you go out and do. And so because they, it's something that you're doing, it can be seen, and if it's seen that your intentions can get muddled because you care about other people seeing you when you do it. Okay, well, what if the act of worship is not doing right? You're not eating, you're not drinking, not doing these things? Can somebody see you not doing them? Maybe for a little, right, but they're not going to be with you

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every single second of the fasting day. At a certain point, it's going to be just you and Allah.

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You're going to be alone. No one's going to see you. No one's going to know if you take a sip of water. No one's going to know if you take a bite of food.

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And so this is something that develops Well, however, it develops your own accountability to yourself, your own integrity, your own sense of doing the right thing when no one else is watching.

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And that is one of the most fundamental, important skills that a believer can have. Fasting develops this sincerity in us.