Riad Ouarzazi – Your Ramadan 2013 #04

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The agenda for the upcoming month focuses on Islam and forgiveness, with a brief advertisement for a woman killed by a coworker. The message includes references to Toby and Allah's actions, including his use of a beard and a hand as a symbol of forgiveness. The segment also touches on upcoming events, including the title of the novel and the book of the day. In a news segment, a speaker discusses the actions of Islam's father, who committed false accusations and apologizes, and mentions a new episode of Rocky obtain.
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allow him to sell sell to someone so less than or equal to the rights of other cats over the others as he will come here to another episode of rock your Roman on 2013 day four. So we're still talking about the pathways to Agenda

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hopefully and we pray that Allah subhana wa gyla will make us some of those that will enter Gen. Blue this blessed month of Ramadan from the gate of Allah yet there's in

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Cebu ality to add the VENA eight agenda. One is Allah subhana wa tada Dena

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inshallah to either self performing Omar, Hassan Mubarak, what yet hidden agenda turned in by the young lady and the loss of Hannah Horta Allah the list saw me

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min Benitez civil LLC to ideal agenda to condemn the Anto heydays panel the ultimate Academy and and hope Billa what the kingdom is also demo machine so for the technical and civil okay very common album as someone was dropping it to Eddie out to Phoenix, Arizona and Nevada October you know bus goes on. So my brothers and sisters will be talking about the pathways that will lead us to Agenda we've spoken about the the the belief and the faith of the scene of La Ilaha Illa. We talked about the love of Allah. We talked about the Prophet, the love of the Prophet Mohammed as I said them, and today inshallah Allah will talk about the Toba to Allah subhana wa tada which is in fact one of the

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greatest means that will lead us and pathways that should lead us to

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hopefully that inshallah hudaydah will be amongst those in this blessed month. You know, that will work by our soldiers should be saved from Hellfire so that we can enter Jenna from gate Eliana Sharma who dianemo brothers and sisters

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get him in a nurse

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left Kahuna Manitoba. A lot of people do not actually understand the value of Toba. Allah subhanho wa Taala named so many is in the Quran he spoke about, you know, till about 10 in the believers to repent to Allah subhana wa Tada. What to do with Allah Hey, Jimmy.

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Jimmy Yeah, and the coolness colinas Allah subhana wa tada may have put an end to go Illa Hey, Jimmy, I mean, hi that Jimmy and his philosophy I honestly was mean, when Muslim or sin work what was Zani what Assad and couldn't have called FEMA? To Allah He Jamia jenica humanness yeah and yeah.

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They'll all say well, colonna Elsa wakulla because remember, woman mean la se la semana horchata. A lot of people think that Toby is only meant for the seniors. But a lot of some kind of attack. This is here to LA Jamia and repent to Allah Jamia together you know in groups gentlemen all oh yeah here includes those sinners includes the believers includes those who commit adultery those who fast This is the month of the Toba.

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This is the month where we really should look you know, like hit the brakes and and make U turn and come back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Even the Prophet Mohammed is used to make Toba more than 70 times a day asking Allah for forgiveness, sometimes 100 times a day and even more even hospital at the hospital. Same kind of stuff. Really only Sabrina? I mean we Elisa matassa Well, who will lead the lava lava who might affect them? I mean, Debbie Amata What can I decide to sell me stuff?

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I didn't have a tequila.

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Even the Prophet Mohammed is telling us to make his default more than 70 or 100 times a day. And Allah subhanho wa Taala told him or your prophet feel Allah doesn't Prophet Mohammed Doesn't he feel?

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Why does he wake up the whole night and pray until he's, you know, feet used to get cracked Allah salatu salam, asking Allah Subhana Allah to forgive his sins and the sins of the entire ummah. Crying early salatu salam, his beard used to get soaked at least of Salah I showed come to me when Alec Kanyakumari saw to some totally yabuki you suddenly that he had a shot of the Allah and

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had the photo Kadima

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was on my account

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after Shakira my circumstances jasola Look at you, you crying the whole night praying, praying, so my take etc. And then the Prophet was said, shouldn't I be a thankful slave? Shouldn't I be attacked for slave America to the Prophet Mohammed It is also that he says the law so law, I met this woman and I did everything except Xena

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Everything I did with her except Xena. Then the Prophet says you know it's done for us have gone pretty awesome.

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Go pretty awesome in that has nothing to say yet.

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Then Allah Subhana Allah Allah revealed the ayah in the Quran upcoming salata a layli was una familia nihari in a hacer la with him to see if

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I can be sorted modifying the hurry was really fun minute lately in a hassle netta is here

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America to the Prophet Mohammed and so to say that

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he committed Zina

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for Guardiola. So la carpeta de la

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isla, Xena, Canada, Lisa, suddenly a lot of awesome awesome in an essay that you didn't see yet.

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But this is a couple

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of chemists off about a minute and a half It was wonderful a minute nearly enough so that they

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know Allah Subhana Allah revealed the local and pray great, you know in the morning and at night.

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It has met with him to see the good deeds erase bad deeds. The man committed to everything with this woman except Xena. Yet, Allah subhanaw taala revealed pray. Why because the prayers are hasser nuts good deeds erase bad deeds. So he'll Allah is calling upon the sinners, those who committed adultery, those liars, those who even kill innocent lives. Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Quran, when he says

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by the honorable Amina shakuhachi, Alia Iberian arena as Allah for Allah, forcing him

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on uppermill Mattila in North La Jolla. If you do know that, Jeremy, again, Jeremy, in the who who won a photo washy, say oh my servants who have transgressed against themselves, do not despair from the mercy of Allah. Allah forgives all the sins. Oh, yeah, you're not one scene, all the scenes and regardless of what what sins you have committed from the even disobedience of the parents from from killing innocent lives, may Allah forbid from from stealing from Allah would forgive all the sins as long as the death has not reach the collarbone, which is again, that's the only time where I was told that would not longer be, you know, valid other than that Toba is open until the day

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after the sun comes, comes up, you know, as the sun raises, it raises when the sun rises from the east. The Prophet says, When the sun raises from the west, which means one of the size of the hereafter of the you know, the size of the Day of Judgment. Until then, you sit till but the look of Toba open, wide open

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in the law higher in the law, as the Prophet Muhammad Allah so syrup says that Allah subhanaw taala comes down, you know, during the night so that those who are committed sins during the day can repent and Allah subhanho wa Taala also open out reaches out during the day for those who have committed sins during the night so they can return to Allah Subhana Allah

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they serve a novena tilbyr inlet and the stuff along lots of China What was your

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dad that Yeah, and he

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repent means to come back to come back to him to come back to Allah subhana

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wa nadina now you don't want me on long enough.

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What are your

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sanity how Rama mama will help me wanna Yes No. Woman e f. G Chi and

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yoga hoonah Wi

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Fi mohana

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the UK you bet you don't want to say to him hi Santa Wakayama waffle on Joakim.

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Those who associate someone with the worship of Allah and those who kill innocent lives and those who commit adultery and so whoever does so Allah subhanho wa Taala would will

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make this person receive such a very severe chastisement such a very severe punishment. And that person should be thrown in Hellfire forever and ever except Allah subhana wa tada says, those who repent and believe and work gorgeousness what will happen to them. Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive their sins and convert all the bad deeds he will convert the all the bad deeds into good deeds. Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah tilba affordablepapers Deen kulu kulu Manitoba Kula bien.

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Couldn't have been a team couldn't see Magneto for him. Who have you been lucky? yeah hmm Allah subhanho wa Taala calculate Allah Subhana Allah, that is beloved by Allah, we should all live with till the day we meet Allah subhana wa and this is the month of October. overshadow shocktober Toba or shadow so that's in sha Allah to hide in the new our silver with Allah subhanho wa Taala starting today he is asking Allah Subhana Allah to forgive all our sins and ask him some kind of Allah to make us among those with that souls shall be saved from Hellfire every night there's a soldier descend from head fight as a loss of final diagnosis.

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that the Prophet Mohammed is not just them, you know says in the reporting but every night not only, you know on the less than that of Ramadan or the 27th every night no brothers and sisters could do you accept the loss of Hannah with Allah candidate if you have a shampoo bottle, you have lots of

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different investment.

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But it's also

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a wash.

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Well, either way, it could not meet either agenda, new beggar or young.

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Ask him to save us from his fire, but to make us amongst those that will add to the agenda.

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Until tomorrow for another episode of Rocky Ramadan, I say

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