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The speaker advises the customer to focus on their unique qualities and appreciate their spouse's appreciation for their unique qualities. They suggest that appreciating one's spouse's unique qualities will greatly affect their own well-being.

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When you're acknowledging beautiful characteristics that they have, and obviously, they have something in them, that's why you married them. So I want you to really hone in on those qualities and the things you enjoy about them and start speaking about it, telling them that you know, you just bring me peace. I love the way that you're so organized while you're a real go getter. Whenever something needs to be done, you get it done. And you know, your spouse may not have these specific qualities, but I'm sure if you dig, you will be able to find certain qualities that stand out about them. And when you start appreciating the essence of the person that they are, when you show that

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appreciation, they're going to feel like oh my god, he gets me she really has deep appreciation. When you have someone's appreciation, they will do anything for you. So it's really about getting that sense of you're tapping into what is really unique about your spouse, finding it and then appreciating it.