Bad company and its effects

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The speaker discusses how people deny the Quran and become embarrassed when they do so. They explain that people in their world the environment causes their heart and mind to affect people, causing embarrassment and fear. The speaker also mentions that people in their position become embarrassed when they do so, and that they need to be strong in their witnessing.

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See what happens is, you know, sometimes we're in this world, there's people who deny the Quran, when they deny, if you read if you remain amongst the people who deny something, and they deny it, and they deny it and they're denied, and every day you with them, they deny and deny soon, it affects your heart.

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It affects your mind. He says, maybe maybe, you know, they did these tests in the in the 60s,

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in the how the human being is, the human being gets affected by his environment gets affected by his, by his or his surroundings. In the 1960s, they made this they made this

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scientific experiment.

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What was the scientific experiment? You know, we had to study this when I was doing my degree in psychology, what did they do is they got by 12 people in a room.

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Totally wouldn't imagine you're one of them, who goes into this room. So what they did is that they they have a conversation, right?

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And 11 of them

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are setups, you're the trial form, you don't know that.

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You think everyone's has been brought together in this room, and you're all sort of together? You know, you'll say, Well, what you don't realize is all 11 of them have been programmed to say certain things.

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You don't know this, right? So you coincide and they you know, you have like you have a little story, whatever they share, they say, look, David, you know, went to his, David did this and David did that. And David David, they talk about David and what he did, and also the incident. So after a little while, after about another 20 minutes or whatever, 15 minutes, they say, you know, okay, so yeah, who was the guy was the guy that that did that thing that was the incident.

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And of course, you're gonna say what? You're gonna say it's David. So he says, David, why? All 11 Go what? David?

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Here you go. Yeah. David, that's what you will discuss. David. Michael.

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We talked about Michael, who mentioned David, you're gonna You mentioned David, so the guy does know you mentioned David and all the different

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mentioned David and, and because all 11 of them are denying David he mentioned the gathering and they will say Michael Michael is Michael and they carry on and they're convinced is Michael you in that position feel embarrassed? And you think maybe I've had it wrong? Yes. Maybe I've had it wrong so it's a you guys are right is Michael

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no matter how many times I've done this test they found that eventually the guy gives him he doesn't say that no, it's David No, no, only live in our rock is David is David is David No, he doesn't do that. He actually ends up saying no, it's Michael or whatever, you know, the case was and then they finished the session and they tell him that look, he was a test that we did upon you. So what they're trying to prove from this test is you know in normal life with peers, peers, there's a lot of pressure to peer pressure and the world and the people out there what they will say and he'll remain amongst a crowd that are all denying it denying something or you're the only one who's

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agreeing to it eventually effects you

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eventually starts having self denial

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so the same thing here is you know, that's why you know, one of the things is Allah said yeah, you will Latina and the tequila Hakuna Masada Tino you will believe, be aware of Allah and you should stay and remain with the truthful ones. Because if you remain with lions, you will become a lie, it will affect you, eventually it will affect you. The ones who stay with the people who swear, eventually they start swearing, eventually they'll start swearing or if they don't swear, they'll say something like a light to it. Or they'll start to say something which is untrue. Or they'll say something which is not totally true, whatever it is, they will they will do that. So in this is

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Laszlo Dell, he says well, he says that Allah is enough as a witness. And what does this all mean? This means that me and you, we have to remember, we don't care how many people deny the truth of Islam. You've got to make your iman so strong, that no matter how many people do not be going to stay with us where Allah azza wa jal, he praised the wife of Iran so much. Why? Because her whole her husband, her whole husband's crew, staff, everyone soldiers, the whole of the whole, the whole of the nation was denying God except for the nation of Musa lesson. And she was the only one inside there that she still believed in Lasota. And because of that, Allah Allah mentioned her in the Quran

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in surah, Atari.

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Now there are many verses here. Allah says

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if look if it comes to something when someone's denying the Quran you know you're gonna say Allah said cool Katha Willa he Shaheed the minute, say Allah is enough as a witness between me and you in Hollis

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Allah is enough as a witness. I don't need to prove you if you can't prove the validity of the Quran if you haven't got that argument you just say Kafa BiLlahi Shahidan and maybe when Allah is enough, I don't need anything more. If