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Well Subhan Allah, this is a reminder for myself and to all our brothers and sisters.

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spinella, Haman hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah irrespective the brothers and sisters so kind of a few days ago, I gave a reminder in my local message about the importance of Zika. The importance of the cap Zika is the third pillar of FileZilla the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to even more money and he said that Islam is founded upon five pillars Sha la la la la la, Casa de la sala ito zeca. It was mentioned in the Quran more than 80 times it was commanded it was made obligatory upon us in the second year of La Jolla. It is one of the pillars of Islam, as simple as this Subhana Allah maidu to speak to the brothers and sisters, countless number of people came to me

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after, after that reminder to ask about there is a cat. And I found that Subhana Allah, so many people ignore giving Zakat, or forget giving Zakah they forget giving the cup and that reminded me of something happened a few years ago, or in fact, maybe last year or the year before, where a practicing brother, he is a pilot. And he told me, he's a seeker of knowledge, a good brother, he's involved in data, and he told me that he forgot to give his car for the past three years. In fact, I received a question from one lady, a good lady as she described herself practicing lady she did not give the car for the last 10 years. While Subhanallah This is a reminder for myself and to all our

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brothers and sisters, please check yourself and you will find that you are likely obliged to give Zakat This is one thing but the other thing is many people belittle the importance of calculating zeca properly. If you miscalculate the cat, if you give little then

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it is it is another problem as well. My dear brothers and sisters, Allah Allah Allah says in the Quran, Allah Dina una dybala bata wala una Hafiz Sabina la infobus shared home via de bien Aleem Yo mama la Javi Narita Nima for to Kwame Haji bow What do you know boom Whoa, whoa. ha de mechanistically unfussy come for the oma consume to consume. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam explained in this ayah that talks about the punishment of those who do not give zakat. The prophet SAW Selim explained it in the authentic hadith in Sahih al Bukhari Abu huraira reported that anyone who doesn't give his Zakah on the Day of Resurrection, what will happen, the gold and silver that he

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used to hold or any kind of money, yes, the golden silver that he used to hold, it will be made into sheets, and those sheets will be burned in the fire of hell, they will be heated in the fire of hell. And then his forehead, his sides and his backs will be branded by those heated cheats, and if they become cold, then they will be reheated again where in the fire of hell, how long this will continue. This will continue for 50,000 years while we are waiting for the final abode. That's why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said And after that, he will be see where he is going to go with her to Jenna, or to Hellfire which means that this punishment is just only taking place where in the Day

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of Resurrection itself, not in the fire of hell. So hon Allah what will happen to him in the fire of hell. Mighty respect to the brothers and sisters giving Zakat is very easy. Let me make it so easy for you. You need to check how much cash you have, how much money you have in your bank account, whether here or any other country without in pounds or any other currency. And then you need to chalk it you need to check the stocks and shares you have. Then also you need to check the gold and silver you have even sisters the jewelleries that they have they were because they put yourself on the safe side and gives a count on them. And finally, you need to check the commercial commodities

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or any sellable commodities that you put on sale. You need to evaluate the overall price of these five items and then take 2.5% of them and give it as a car. Don't be so strict in

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Checking When did you get this money? When did you spend that money just put yourself on the safe side, accumulate it all don't be worried much about Denisov because the money zombies are just a matter of few 100 pounds. Most of the people here in the UK or in the West are obliged to give the car calculate the value of these five commodities that you have or one or two or three of them that you have and give 2.5% and that's it. Desert Solomonic.