Haitham al-Haddad – Why I didnt take painkillers

Haitham al-Haddad
AI: Summary © The negative impact of painkiller on people is discussed, including the belief that everything is from Islam. The speakers stress the importance of willpower and self-motivated behavior in achieving success in medicine, and the need for understanding the reality of one's life and avoiding illnesses. They also mention studies that suggest that people have a strong willpower and self-motivated behavior.
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You know,

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when the person

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when he is in pain

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you know, because of the system they used to give you drugs, anti painkillers, painkillers, painkillers, painkillers, and then every time they come to me, Hey, you don't want painkiller. No, I'm fine. How come?

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Yeah, even my last operation? They said, Are you serious after the operation? Post operation? No painkillers. I said I took I had two operations before. I never took any painkiller after that. No way. said no, no, no, no, no, no, I don't remember. And this operation, it was a bigger operation. I never took any painkiller. Yes, there is some pain, but the believer is by nature is a strong person. He resists he knows that everything that happens to him is from Allah and Allah. Why am sesco Allahu Allah, Fela Kashi fella who Allah who were in when Allah Allah Allah Allah afflicted you with the calamity Allah afflicted you not to anyone else. This is one thing the other thing is,

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we are paid let me put it like this. We are paid for any difficulties we go through. Yeah, we are paid for that. Some people think What do you mean by paid for that? Any difficulty might be respected brothers and sisters you go through as the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Man you will see will not men. Men have men whenever men when has anyone Well, NASA know Allah was up Hector Chaka you Shaniqua, even the throne when it just hits you a little bit. It's not a big deal. Yes, you will. What? In laka, for Allah subhanho behind me say it, Allah will give you something for it. Either Allah Allah Allah Allah will give you reward has an or Allah will give you a reward by

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something by by by the opposite of it, which is what removing sin removing sins. So when I am going through difficulties, and I remember that Allah Allah, Allah, Allah gives me for this. When I go through difficulties, and I remember the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he says,

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the people of calamities in Jannah. Yeah, they wish if they had more difficulties in this life, because of the amount of reward because of the amount of reward they get for the difficulties they went through in the dunya SubhanAllah. But does that mean if you have the choice, someone's offering you a painkiller, for example, that you'd you'd rather have experienced pain? No, not necessarily. Okay. It depends on the person. It differs from one person

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compared to a massive Yes. And you need to look also to the consequences of that. Yeah. They know, we all know that every single painkiller has some consequences. Yes, maybe from different side effects. Sorry. Yeah. From maybe a medical perspective? No, no, for for up to four.

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For tablets, okay, because it doesn't have any side effects. Yeah, this is one day, but for when you are talking about number of days, and when you can tolerate it. And as I said, the effect it has on your willpower as well. This is self disease, I was going to, it depends on from one person to another person. There is a person who wants to increase his willpower. They wants to increase his strength. Yeah. So he might tolerate some pain. I'm not talking about extreme pain, where as the doctors say, Yes, it can vary. No, no, the extreme pain might weaken your body from resisting the actual illness. Yeah, so they said you have to take the painkiller in order for your body to be able

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to resist the actual illness. Yeah. I mean, a lot of things in our society today, I think are stemming a lot of problems are stemming from the fact that people don't have a strong willpower and self discipline, yes, without a shadow of a doubt. And, and there are studies now, yeah, many studies, you know, because, you know, I was unwell. And people were visiting me from different backgrounds, maybe different specialities etc.

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Many people mentioned this, that there are studies that the willpower is factor number one in your medicine

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in your medication, sector, number one, if you feel ill and you feel that you are not going to be recovered, yes. You won't recover. Yeah, this might happen to you. This is sort of underlying as well. From another perspective, it can be it can be

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If you're not being pessimistic with feeling it can be Yeah, it can be okay. Not necessarily the case but it can be. But the point is willpower. Yes, willpower is a key factor for success, success Subhanallah in everything which is which is suburb, which is suburb, that's why suburb, a suburb is not just a passive, exactly that not the passive suburb and it was mentioned in the Quran more than 70 times and Allah Allah Allah mentioned it as a key factor for success in in so many things. For example, Allah Allah Allah Allah says, well acid in LA in Santa Fe host at 11am and well I mean also I had to tell us how good healthy water was bizzabo Yeah, in La Nina sobre Halabi immutable karoun

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Allah, Allah Allah says was that you know b sub booty was sila I now that can be written in general hashing and so on in normal cerium enormous demand even more meaning than wasabi and wasabi run saga, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says us sobro the

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ya allah a Sobral the Yeah, that means it on. Yes, enlightened. Eliminates? Yeah, your life can acceleration of a Sabra insha Allah Allah Hannah says, with a suburbia many scholars said this hadith is one of the greatest Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because really the person who does not have the pill wa the will power and the control over himself, this person will fail or this person will never be successful. You know this?

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What's the basket? Ball? Jordan, Michael Jordan, Michael Michael Jordan, what did he say? I used to throw I threw the ball for 10,000 or 20,000 times before I started to get it from the first time. Now imagine no. See, because

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the statements of the seller I used to pray to Yama, Lael, for 40 years, then I started to enjoy yourself exactly, but what why I mentioned it because many people think that we are talking about a suburb from a pure like religious perspective. No, we want to say that even the non Muslims Okay, who are successful in cyber, because of cyber because translation is perseverance then or perseverance. Yeah. Okay. Because of and with perseverance, willpower comes self control comes self discipline, self discipline, comes all of these things from Yeah. So this is it, this is it. And subhanAllah II when with illness, many people and by the way, if we just are chatting from here and

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that you okay, not left, right and center. I let me speak about dropping. Yeah. If you don't want if this is now regarding group here.

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Many people think that yeah, I have that in this here. Okay, so I will say that Bismillah Bismillah Bismillah. R. Rahman. I will be visiting I hope for the rotten Mishima dua there. Yeah, seven times. And then a miracle will happen. This can happen. I'm not saying that it won't happen. This can happen Subhanallah it depends on the level of the Eman of the person and, and so on.

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I am telling you, it might not happen that quickly. Yeah, please listen carefully. My dear brothers and sisters, some of my thinking, Oh, I did it and nothing happened. Yeah. And that's why some is Corollas some shoe off some to add, when they may be recalled, you know, these clips and they say, you know this Doha Bismillah, Bismillah Bismillah, three times and

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in Jeremiah do have harder. I knew so many people who had this and they had some illnesses. And they mentioned this Doha and after mentioning this Doha, they were cured. Don't put it like this, say in the wrong narrative. Exactly. It might work with some people, but with the vast majority of people. I am not saying that it won't work. I am saying what? It won't work that quickly. Maybe Allah wants you to see you say it more and more. Yes. And this is one of your pros, your purification that you're doing more and more yay, losing more since you're gaining

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and having finished straightaway. Yes. Or you might become arrogant. Yeah, people might

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think wrongly of you, they might say that he is pure soft he is okay. He is. He has always Yeah. They you yourself might do it another time as lip service Allah, Allah Allah says in the Quran fanola sunnah Tao bar Raju the word talara means they are begging Allah, Allah Allah now and then since he or two are begging him, begging him begging him. This is what Allah Tala honeymoons. I'm not saying that it wants to happen. Yeah, it might happen as a miracle. Yeah, it depends on the level of the email of the person. But it might be better for you to happen over a long period of time. Yeah, it's like the get rich quick schemes that people Yes, people are looking for that do

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this and you'll get 10,000 pounds. Yes, but it might be better for them to do something smaller. And over a year, two years, 10 years you will make a million pounds Yes, that's better for you better for them, they will have more experience. They will value the money. Yeah. When you make dua to Allah, Allah, Allah and you beg him you beg Him, you will know what does illness mean? You become closer to Allah, Allah Allah. In fact your heart man is to be purified from previous situation where you were away from Allah, Allah Allah. Yeah, there are so many benefits and then you will find the results slowly, slowly, slowly. So what I am saying is that when we do a rakia, yeah, first of all,

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it should not just be lip surfaces while mo Angela hilarious Katie Bowman. Albena ha feeling loud. It has to come from your heart deep not the heedless heart not the heedless heart. Yeah. Lip service just just saying it. This is one thing. And Tara, make a lot of dua make a lot of make a lot of rakia. Make it 10 times 100 times and so on. Is there any specific way of doing group there? There are some guidelines, but even outside those guidelines, just read Quran, yourself, don't go here and there. Yeah, every single Muslim knows Surah Fatiha. I think every single Muslims, all Muslim knows the three poles. And most Muslims know AYATUL kursi. These are the most important verses for Raka.

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These are the most important verses for rakia. So read Surah Fatiha it is the greatest surah in the Quran as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and the Prophet SAW Selim said to the companion, when are you Derek, Allah, Allah? Who told you that it is raka means it kills? Yeah. So read it. How many times three times four times not necessarily three times, four times, four times four sets 10 times a day, you sat like this, don't sit like this. Yeah, read on yourself. Do it as a rocket. Maybe sometimes you might read it 100 times, wake up in the in the in the morning, early in the morning before 500 am in the middle of the night. And read it as rakia before you go to bed did

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it as was the intention of a cure with with the intention of medical cure. And some scholars say I know a person who recited it 11 times or 41 times. This is a personal experience. It might work it might have worked for a particular person, because at that time, he used to believe strongly in it. And as we said, the key factor for that is to come from your heart with has enough money. We love believing that Allah Allah, Allah will cure you. So just from the illness, someone might get an illness or some kind of calamity to them. And if they respond in that way, it's like a really explaining the Hadith adamantly Amaryl movement, Allahu Akbar. He was just going along fine with his

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life, nothing. He's not doing anything, but it became sick. And now he's doing reciting Fatiha 1000 times over the course of a few days. And so that's so much better for him. Even though it's illness came

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in Alhambra. Kelowna, everything happens to a believer is good. Yes, something bad happens to him. So all of this stuff is having somebody persevering and getting closer to Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, knowing the reality of this life, understanding the reality of these worldly affairs, because you will not be that much attached to them. Yeah. And, and, you know, I started really when I see people who are just heedless away from Allah, Allah, Allah Allah. I really feel sorry for them with Muslims or non Muslims. I really feel sorry for them. And you know, for

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those people I would like to ask

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