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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi now discusses verses 32 to 38 that deal with the Fitnah of false and temporary Jannah, the story of the man with two gardens and being ungrateful and ascribing success in this Dunya to oneself.

The story of the man with two gardens imbibes in us such lessons that should make us obey Allah and refrain us from indulging in sins.

The story is elaborately illustrated and we gather numerous information regarding this. We are acquainted with the two gardens of grapes and dates that were of the best quality and quantity. The description of the garden is intensely beautiful and leaves one in awe at the ultimate and sheer eloquence of Allah used in these verses.

These verses talk about the baseless utterances of the faithless, proud, and conceited rich man of the gardens and also the speech of his faithful companion. It deserves a fair and intent listen.


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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah, he was so heavy on my bed. We now move on to verse number 32 students will have and if you remember after finishing the story of the cave, the story of the people of the cave, Allah subhana wa Taala mentions the rewards of the people agenda and the punishments of the people have help. And Allah mentions that the people of gender will get Jenna to identitarian metatarsalgia now, so Allah mentions the real agenda. Then right after mentioning the real agenda, Allah mentioned another story about not the fake agenda but not a permanent gender. Allah mentions a story about agenda on this earth. After telling us the real

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agenda of their Allah azzawajal tells us many people they become deceived, they become disillusioned by the agenda on this earth. So the next story of sort of Telegraph, this is the second of the four stories. The next story is a story that deals with the fitna of false Gen as our should say, temporary genders. And these are the pleasures of this world. The first story was about the fitna of the religion. The second story, which is this one is the fitna of money, the fitna of Gen not of this world, the fitna of living in the Zohar of in the Xena of the world around us and it begins while the who method or julaine give them the example. This is another parable, another example. And

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the Koran is full of methods of addressing our intellect. Sometimes Allah commands sometimes Allah threatens sometimes a lot of promises. And sometimes a lot tells stories. Look at all of the different ways to get the point across to us. If you're not going to pay heed from method a pay heed from method B. If method B doesn't work, maybe method C will work a lot. azzawajal uses every single technique and have the most effective techniques is stories. We all love to hear stories. So here's another story, a real story. While they were the whole methodology lane. Give them the story of the parable there were two men. One of these men john Alia had the Hema we gave to them Jen attain one

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of these men we gave him two gardens. What are these top two gardens of min Arnab grapes and grapes are the most precious and the most prized fruit. Grapes are the most delicate, they're the most expensive fruits. So Allah gave him of the best fruits, not just one garden, two gardens. What else we have now Houma. binnacle and we made a border around the grape trees with date palm trees. Now the grape is delicate, the data is strong, the grape tree is delicate, the date tree is strong. So Allah subhana wa tada says, the delicate trees were in the middle, and the strong protective trees formed the border around it. So the garden has been positioned in a manner that is the most

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beneficial for them and the delicate trees are protected by the date palm trees and put together dates and grapes are of the two most essential fruits and most essential crops known to man. So Allah blessed him with not one but two of these luxurious gardens, which are never been in Houma Zahra. And between these two gardens, there were yet other crops. So it wasn't just dates and grapes. We had he had other crops as well, which are unavailable. mazara killed telogen detainee artist Okuda, both of these two gardens would always yield maximum output. There was no shortage, there was no loss of crops. There was no pesticide coming. There were no casualties no kill

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telegenic detainee artist akula, both of the two gardens would always yield the full measure when I'm talking to men who shade and they would never fall short. What a beautiful arrangement. What the farmer fears for the most is that his crops, something will happen to it, either a pestilence will come or the rain won't come or this or that. And Allah says not only did we give him the best quality, we gave him the best quantity. So he has the best fruits and he has the best quantity of those fruits. Now where does the water come from? Allah says wafaa jharna helado manohara. And between these two halal meaning in between all of these, we had caused rain we had caused rivers to

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gush forth. So the man does not even have to lift a finger. He doesn't have to irrigate. He doesn't have to pray for rain. It's all there for him. You cannot imagine a better arrangement, the best fruits, the best quality, the best quantity and the water is coming without him having to do anything. And not just this what Canada who summer and he had summer and summer here means he had wealth beyond

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This fruits and wealth beyond this thumb are means he had money beyond these fruits, meaning he's not just a farmer. He has horses, he has carriages, he has gold, he has silver. So here is a man he has it all. Whatever a man would want in that era, he has it, and he has the best of it. Now, what did all of this wealth, give him? What did it cause him to feel? Alonzo just says, faqad is so heavy, what Who are you how we do? So one day he was conversing with his friend, his companion, and several men come out and what are zuna photo? I have more money than you and I have more children I Zoo means not just more, but I have more noble children, my family is mightier, I have better status

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than you. Now, notice over here very beautifully. Throughout all of these verses, Allah is saying, We gave him this and we did this and we cause this fruit and we now the man comes along and he says, I notice throughout all of this, Allah saying, we we we gave it to him, and we caused and we now the man cuts off all of the we gave and he ascribes it to AI. And this is how feeble minded man is, that man assumes that this is my intelligence, my degree, my hard work, my education, my Corporation, my efforts, and he does not take into account that he would be nowhere without Allah subhana wa Tada. Having facilitated all of this for him. Also notice over here, the man, the man assumes that this

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wealth that he has makes him a better person than his companion and thirimanne command and what as soon as he becomes boastful and arrogant, he becomes full of his own hot ego, that because I have more, this means I am mightier, I am better than you. And this causes his haughtiness to get the better of him, and he begins to become arrogant. And we know that the sin of arrogance is of the worst Sins of Islam, so he boasts to his companion and thirimanne command and what are zuna Farah weatherhead, a janitor who avala Molina, and Allah subhanho wa Taala pitifully describes his status. Here he is mightily haughtily prancing around and Allah says, as he entered his garden, he was only

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wronging himself. He thinks his wronging the other person, he thinks he's better than the other person. But when he's entering his garden, he has not harmed anyone other than himself. What will volume will lead off see he in his arrogance and delusion? He thinks he's the mighty and Allah says as he enters and he thinks he's the mighty he was the worst of the lot. He was learning well enough. See he called a man and Tabitha has he heavy aboda he said this garden I don't think you can ever perish all that I have here. My palaces, my wealth, my my beautiful structure. How can this ever get Gabi gotten rid of this will last for centuries? So he made yet another fatal mistake. What was that

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mistake? He assumed that just because he had wealth at one point in time, he would continue to have that wealth in every future point in time. Just because he's wealthy now he shall forever remain wealthy, just because he's healthy and I shall forever remain healthy man. And Tabitha, has he ever done I don't look at the arrogance. I don't think that this garden and all that I have will ever perish ever. And Allah three verses ago has said Jana to identify testament and holiday forever there. The other day is over there. And over here, these are not Jen not to add in. The man is saying about the Allies not seeing Aveda, there is a contrast here that three verses ago Allah

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describes Jenna with these adjectives Jen not too hard enough. Now the man is assuming his little gender on earth will be Avada. And that's not what Allah told him. So he says, What amount of entropy Has he ever done? I don't think this garden will ever ever perish. And then he says one of them was to call him now he has yet another thumb, yet another masiva yet another heresy. So first, he assumes his wealth will last forever. Then he become so engrossed in his gender of this world. He doesn't even care about the real agenda. And he says, I don't think there's another agenda. This is all life is here. I'm enjoying myself. Why why why care about that one? We're not alone. Misato

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Karima. Notice his arrogance again, and I don't think that the day of judgment will ever happen. And then here becomes the icing on his arrogance, while eroded to lrB and even on the supposition suppose there

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A Day of Judgment, even then if I go back in front of my Lord, that I didn't hire a minha Moncada, I will find something even better for me to live in even better than all that I have this poor miskeen he thought that if you're rich in this world, this means Allah loves you. This poor man's skin was so diluted, that he thought that if I have money now Allah must be happy with me. If I have health now, if I'm living the life now, well then that means the law is happy with me. But Allah subhana wa tada gives this dunya to the movement and the faster he gives this dunya to the Muslim and the cafe, he gives this dunya to everyone wakulla no matter how

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big Allah says in the Quran, wakulla Nomi. Due to all groups, we will hand out how Allah, Allah, this and that meaning the Muslim in the cafe Minato Arabic from the Blessings of your Lord, this dunya is not the test that Allah loves, you know, it is the next world But the man thought, if I'm enjoying life, surely Allah must love me. So even if there's a day of judgment, when I eroded to not be that I didn't hire a min harmonica, well, then I'm going to find something even better. If Allah blessed me in this dunya he must bless me in the next as well. Now what is the response of his brother of his friend, Paula who saw him Whoa, whoa, whoa, who are you how we do? That companion

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responded, engaging in a conversation. Now notice here, notice here. His friend has just been insulted. At the height of insults. Somebody comes and says to here I have a better car than your car. My house is bigger than your house. How do you feel? You immediately want to defend? You want to make fun of the other person's you want to this is your ego. Notice this man is silent when he's being insulted. But when the man begins to insult Allah subhanho wa Taala he cannot stand that. When Allah azza wa jal is mocked, when the Day of Judgment is denied. That is when he opens his mouth because that is when his Iman gets the better of him. His personal insult, okay, he'll swallow it

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he'll keep it down. But when a law is marked when the Day of Judgment is denied, that is when he cannot be quiet. Carla husar Hey, boo, boo, aka accountability Hanukkah coming to rob. And here a comforter can have two meanings. The word cassara a lot of you translated as rejecting a lot, but in fact, this is one of the two meanings of Kufa the other meaning of cafaro is to be ungrateful to Allah. And this is also cafaro. So you can reject a lot and that is skillful. But another connotation of Cofer is to be ungrateful. And that is why in the Quran confer has two opposites. The first opposite of gopher is a man who under the halaqa compliment kamaka

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conference, a man and then the other opposite of gopher is shocker. The in Chicago, as either Nicole was in Pharaoh's Tomb in either be the shadid. Right? So, Cofer can have two meanings, the first meaning to reject a lot, and that's a valid meaning. But there's another meaning and that is to not be thankful for what Allah has given you. And in this context, the primary meaning of a photo here is how can you be so thankless? How can you be so thankless a comfortability? Haha, are you so ungrateful to the one who created you mean to Robin, some may not have had in thermos or walker or Judah, He created you from dust, and then from this drop of sperm, and then he made you into a man.

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Now what is the point of saying this? The point of saying this is to humble this man back down to earth. Who do you think you are? Who do you think you are? pompously arrogantly assuming you're better than everybody else? You come from Dustin. I come from dust. We all come from dust as a process and said, cool. Look, come in Adam, Adam, woman to rob, you want to be arrogant and powerful. You go back to the ground you walk on. You don't even want that ground to touch your head on your hair. And that is where your origin is. And you really want to know where you come from. You come from North Africa. You come from this drop of fluid that The very thought of it is despicable

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to you. You don't even want to think about where you came from. If this drop of food falls on your garment or something, you have to wash it and rub it off. This is your origin and now here you are arrogant and mighty and haughty thinking that just because you have an agenda, you are better than other people. A comfortability Chanukah coming to Robin This is the true law out of Rob and then out of Knoxville. He has made you into this beautiful perfect human being and he has given you all that you have some Mr. Walker radula he's made you into this perfect human being as if you do this as for me, like in a hula hoop or a bee you might do that. But for me no luck in here means I will not

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follow this path. As for me who Allahu Allah be, that is indeed My Lord, while oshika Dora be a Haida and I will not ask

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Associate any partners with my Lord? Now somebody will say, what partners did this man associated with Allah? We haven't heard of any paganism. There's no idle over here. And the response is, by attributing this garden to himself, he made himself an idol besides a lot

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by saying, This is mine, I know. Notice Allah saying, We gave him we did this, we caused the ground we did. And then the guy comes along and says, Anna, this is his shift. The shift is to associate himself and to cause his efforts to be the fruits of all that he has, and this is his ship. So the man says, As for me what Sheikhupura be ahead, I will never commit any ship with my Lord. And inshallah we have to pause here and we will continue and finish the story of the man with the two guardians. Tomorrow was set on while he was alive want to catch you before I