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In the

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middle, when there we go, good luck, Rory and kusina Jose

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Miguel de la hora de la mejor para hacer de la

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ilaha illa de la sharika wash hands under Mohammed and Ivan do who want us to some of law for Allah who send them? Yeah, you have nothing

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to potty tune into one to remove? Yeah, you have now su tiempo para la comunidad de la comida wahaca We're best selling humare jardiniere here on one Isa with double bond and let me just be here in Canada.

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Yeah, you and again.

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You snatched it up, Omar, Morocco. little rough home, one meal there. How soon will pop out the fellas, not by the frozen hamburger? And

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if you can tell him up? Well, he will have he has your hand meddlesome the longer he was sick, or shout out to have a coup d'etat in India? What couldn't be the idea? What? What could it have been auditing thing now, my brothers and sisters.

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In our times, we have a certain problem that has crept into our communities in our in our society, the society we live in. And that is this, we have the example of our beloved profits a little longer, I like to send them and a lot of us hungry love, we're willing to take from the profits of a Walmart and even sending them. So we want to pray like the process of them praying, we want to fast like the profits in the long run, you send them to us. And we want to make how generous or whatever we want to do all these things that is going on abroad. And the profits have a lot of RNA you sent abroad to us. But when it comes to a very important aspect of the profits, a lot of it send them we

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find ourselves lacking and doubt our brothers and sisters is the character of the Prophet sallallahu. Either you're sending them. And I often ask myself, am I often asked myself that? Why do we, as Muslims, we're ready and we're willing to take everything from the province of long running the senator. But when it comes to one of the most important aspects of the demo of the profits of the law, it is setting them we find ourselves lacking the profits of a law firm you set them set by himself, he said I have been set to perfect good character, meaning part of my message. Part of the Salah is the character of the prophets have a long writing with them. So we can go out and say we're

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Muslim, and we can pray and fast and do all these things. But if our character is not up to par, that indeed there is something lacking from our active our following of the profits in the long run in December. If we look at our derawan in our demo is missing the character of the profits of a lot of items setting them that indeed our demo will be lacking. And this is why a lot of death Our Allah testify about the character of the Prophet some love it because I know in the hood in your lane, that you are most certainly upon a great character, know why and a lot. So agenda testify to the character of the prophets of the Law Center for two reasons. Number one, to tell the profits of a

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lot more items, send them that you are a pawn a great character. So it will be this character, which will help you tell people about Islam, that well I've given you this reseller, but along with this reseller, I've given you the means and the tools to deliver this message. And from those beings and those tools is the character of the profits on the long arm syndrome. That's number one. Number two, it's for us, the followers of the profits a lot more it was sending them, for us to understand that part of the message. Part of what Allah azza wa jal gave to the prophets on the long run him send them was his beautiful character. And this is why if you look at the life of the prophets, a lot of

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you sending them you will be amazed at how beautiful and how perfect the character of the prophets of love Mario Sen. was honest, I'll be alone with that. I'm one of the companions who serve the prophets of Lahore under a pseudonym. He says in his own narration, narrating this, he says, I serve the prophets of a law of war. I didn't even send them for 10 years.

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He said I serve the profits in the long run instead of them for 10 years, and not once in those 10 years that the profits of a law firm or you send them say to me

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Meaning show a sign of being unhappy with unemployment lumped into it. And then he says that not once to the profits of a law firm or it was setting them say to me, why did you do this? or Why did you not do this? Now, for those of you who are in any type of position where you have people underneath you, whether you're a manager, or whether even if you're the head of a household, and there's people who look up to you, or people you're in charge over? I asked you

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how is it possible that the profits of the law firm send them not once showed any type of unhappiness with honest phobia? lump data? And how is that possible? You think honest, oh, they loved our and never made a mistake. That's impossible. We're all human beings, and we all make mistakes. But it was the character, the beautiful character of the profits of a woman who send them that allowed him to treat people in that manner.

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Brothers and sisters, one of the things you hear people say is that the prophets Allah Almighty, who studied them,

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had good character towards people. Because the prophets of the law it was said of them had divine help, had help from Eliza Jasmine. But my brothers and sisters, that is more of a reason for us to have to try and obtain the character of the prophets in the long run and send them because we have the book of Allah azza wa jal, and we also have the Sunnah of the Prophet so the longer and extend them which is preserved for us, as part of our Deen, the character of Christ itself is not lost to us, and Hungary. Now we have bookstand scholars and people there to show us the character of the profits on the long run in your center.

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So it's not an excuse to say, you know what, the times are different now, we can have that type of character.

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And this is why you'll see that the prophets on the walker sent him use his life to teach the companions proper character and kindness and gentleness I met once came to the prophet SAW love, are you sending them and he said to the profits of a law practice and then he said a settlement I think,

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he said may definitely upon you is playing on the words a set out more I think, I show the load data data and how what you heard this, because of her love for the profits of love, Mario said that she got upset. And she said to the smell, she said a summer I like what? She said, No may death be upon you. And the person being that person of a warzone jungle. But what did the prophets of the law he said them say God shall be locked out? He said, just to show in the law, how I feel when you hit the red carpet empirically. He said, Oh, Arusha, Allah azza wa jal is gentle. And he likes that he loves gentleness in all of his matters. He said, Yeah, raesha do not say assembler, they simply say,

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simply say to him, whining, whatever you have said, the same before you. And this shows us the methodology of the problems that we're walking around. He said that he didn't turn away he didn't turn a blind eye towards something wrong that was happening. But at the same time, he used the best of character to address those type of situations. You know, in our times, we feel like Yes, ma'am is being attacked, and us as Muslims, as minorities, we're being attacked. But I tell you, the very same thing happened in the time of the prophet SAW in the locker and he said, Do you know that when the prophet SAW the long run, he said that was delivering the message of Islam and metco

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apology Pooja has placed people on the outskirts of Mecca to warn people about the profits of memorials and a Buddha knew that if people were just simply here, a few ions from the Koran, it wouldn't affect their hearts. So I wish I had would place people on the outskirts of mathcad to tell them listen, when you go in there and you see a man and they will have him, stay away from him. Put cotton in your ears or put your fingers in your ears do not listen to what he has to say, because he's a liar. He's a soothsayer. He's a magician. This was the propaganda against the profits of the Long Island with sadness, but the profits of a world where it persevered in his dour and never once

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did he let that affect the way he treated people. A Buddha had to walk behind the profits on the long run, you send them when the prophets I sent them with a walk in the streets of Mexico, calling people to hate calling people to Islam, of which I will be right behind him yelling and cursing at the profits of the one where it was sending them. But that that that did not affect the character of the profits on the long run.

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And what's amazing is that at times we lock good character with those people who we love, and we care about. We lock good character with our own brothers and sisters.

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But the profits of the love are I think sending them with the worst of people had the best of character with people like a blue jacket, he had the best of character with people who's, who worked their whole lives to destroy Islam. With those people, the profits a little longer, I think you send them had the best character.

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Brothers and sisters.

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You'll hear people say at times, that

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the reason why I'm harsh with you are the reason why I use this tone with you. The reason why I'm so strict with you, is because I love you and I care about you. So you'll often hear people use that excuse to excuse their bad character or their harshness in dealing with people. So you hear a father, for example, yell at his child or scream at his child. And then when asked why he did that, you would say it's because I care about my child or you will see someone calling to the message of Islam. Right he'll come into question and be very harsh and very severe with the people and when you ask why says it's only because I care about the people. And we have to ask this person you think the

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profits of the long running send them was impeccable character. his immense kindness and gentleness did not care about the people that he was making demo to. A lot so again, said no naka, Bella hero Nuff said. Nicola, what we need, that perhaps you may kill yourself out of grief that they don't become believers. This is how much the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam cared about the people. And yet still he brought the message of Islam with kindness and gentleness.

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The prophets have a longer it was sending him he would raise his hands in the middle of the night. And stay alone level that to my team. And he would cry. He would say Oh Allah, my own mind my own mind, meaning I care about my own life, protect my own mind, save my own life from the hellfire. This is how the prophets of aloha to send them care about the people.

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This is how much you cared about the people. And yet he was kind and he was gentle.

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The Jewish boy who was about to die

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the profits of the lover I said I went to his house to go visit him on his deathbed.

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Why are all the people not only a non Muslim, a Jewish, a Jewish and on top of that a boy not even an adult?

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Is because He cares a lot more I do send them he went to this boy's house. And he said putting not

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putting not putting out you don't have the license to say no you know how even the law because he cared about this Jewish boy.

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And when this Jewish boy's father heard him, when he saw that the Jewish boy would look at his father to see the Jewish boy his father sent him off the apostle. He's a vague about pasta, which is according to the party center, obey the profits of the block artists and even on the deathbed of a Jewish boy, the prophet SAW I sent them when to go visit us boy, because he cared about his own mother. And it is because he cared that he understood that in order for this message to be successful, it requires gentleness and kindness, that without gentleness and kindness, this this message of Islam will not be successful, it will not be delivered properly.

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And this is why I was no it just says Bobby my lamb. I didn't mean a lot. He didn't tell me that it is from the line of Allah azza wa jal that you are lenient with the people, the alignment of Islam, the writing of this, the mercy of this message is that it's presented with gentleness and kindness, that we're not harsh with people, and then a lot so what Jim says, what I wouldn't have

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that if you were harsh and hard hearted, they would disband for among you. Who is the bluest Eliza, which I'm talking to hear a lot is talking to the prophets and the longer it was send them now even you all messenger of Allah, the most perfect human, even you if you were harsh with the people, they would run away from you. Then what about us?

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How much more are we in need of a character of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallahu wa got stuck in

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all sorts of stuff. You're sitting libido saying, you know, what have you been on? Remember, he was like me he was reading my brothers and sisters that hadn't been in law in our communities today.

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Word blessed with brothers and sisters, who have a desire to seek knowledge and this is truly a mercy from Allah azza wa jal that Allah has placed in our hearts, a desire to increase ourselves in the knowledge of the deen of Allah azza wa jal.

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But I want to warn you, my brothers and sisters, that want to one of the worst situations is when a person educates themselves about Islam, but they don't educate themselves, about the character that is not agreeable.

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So for us to call ourselves Muslim, and to go out and to live in this society,

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and to be Muslim, it is truly a sad sight. When us as Muslims, we don't have the kindness and the gentleness and the character of the prophets of the law.

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And this is why they say the scholars often talk about knowledge without character can be more harmful than a person who is not knowledgeable, that person doesn't have knowledge, but they have good character. Because you see, a person with knowledge is looked up to a person who can recite the Quran to you, or tell you about your head either the prophets in the libre, it was setting them, people will judge Islam by what this person has to say. And so when he has harsh character, when he is harsh, or she is harsh, then they will think that this is Islam. So similarly, us as Muslims living in America, people simply look at us and judge Islam by us by how we act and how we react.

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So simply by being Muslim, we are spokespeople for Islam, whether we like it or not. And that's the reality. Whether we have chosen to be spokespeople or not doesn't matter. The fact of the matter is that us being Muslim, living as a minority in America, people do judge Islam by our actions. So it is necessary. It is wise if upon us, my brothers and sisters, that we adopt good character, because we will surely be questioned by a lot about how we presented the message of Islam. You know, one of the things you'll hear people say

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is that people need to stop being so sensitive. So if someone's treat someone in a harsh manner, they'll tell them listen, what's your problem? Why are you so sensitive?

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And I tell you, my brothers and sisters, this is this is a great thing to say. Because the profits a little lower, I do say them, the best of times understood that people are sensitive,

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and that our expectations of people do not excuse us from having kindness and gentleness. We can't expect people to not take what we say in a bad way. And say it's okay. We have to count for people's feelings and how they will react and we have to think twice, thrice 10 times about the words that come out of our mouth. And this is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a famous headache I'm for all of us know, Moncada, you will die even though when I have funny Aquila payload, only your smoke. And water believes in a lot in the last day should say that which is good, or remain silence, you know, this, these, which is very easy to talk about, but very few from amongst

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us actually implement this heading in our daily lives. And now, whether we're talking about Muslims or non Muslims, whether you're dealing with Muslim or not or non Muslims, when you're dealing with people who you know, or you don't know this, it applies to everything and everyone, that if we see someone, and we want to say something to them, if we don't have anything to say, the prophetic guidance tells us Be quiet, close your mouth and stop talking if you have nothing good to say, because this was the character of the position. And this is the means to attaining the character of the profits in the long run to send them also our brothers and sisters is important for us not to

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take these things lightly. Not to take the things we say lightly the profits of a lover and executive said love

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that do not belittle anything from good deeds, that you may think that smiling at someone or speaking to someone in a in a in a kind nice manner is something very small, but in the eyes of allies, though is that it may be something very, very hard. So it is important for us to realize the implications of the way we act and where we treat people and the way we

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represent sisters. I want to leave you in sharwanand data with a couple points of how to induce gentleness and good character within ourselves. First and foremost, like I said, say that which is good, stop yourself, the minute you think you're going to say something which will not have a positive effect on someone. Number two, think about the long term consequence.

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consequences of your actions.

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And what I mean by long term consequences. I mean, not only in this dunya, but the US can also think about the words that you say, and how they will affect people in this life, and how they will be judged on the J on the Day of Judgment. Number three, realize that when you are talking to people, and you're trying to convince someone of something, realize that when it comes to Islam, a lot as though agenda is not going to hold us accountable for whether somebody

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accepted what we had to say are not the only thing Allah azza wa jal is going to ask us about is whether we presented the message of Islam or not whether we presented the truth or not, meaning we're not held accountable for whether somebody agrees with us or not, whether they listen or not. Right even the profits of the longer I send them a lemon so Deb said in Nicola demon, that you do not die whom you will, but I can ally Yeah, the mania show, it is a long guys, whoever he was, meaning the changing of the heart is in the hand of a life is in the hands of a wiser whatever, to actually change someone's heart to the truth is not your job, your job is simply to present the

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truth to whoever you're speaking with. And if you realize this, you'll be a lot calmer when trying to convince someone of something or presenting someone with something. also realize my brothers and sisters, the role and the position of gentleness and kindness and good character is not the profits of a lot of our audience send them said that a person with their good character, simply with their good character can reach the level of a person who fasts during the day and prays during the night. Meaning a lot of times we seek to do our inva do our extra acts of worship, but we forget something which is equally if not more important than these extra acts of worship. Meaning we spend our days

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in cars that are nice and to be proud of them. But where is the other half of this noun? Where is the character of the Prophet some longer I think he was seminal realize that it plays a very important role in your Otto that most certainly will be questioned just like will be questioned about a Reba our worship will be questioned about the way we treated people. Yeah, you know, in a lot of monochrome deciding was set on upon in the law hamana

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me Yeah, you had that in our mind will send your idea he was sending with his name as

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well. I don't know if I haven't met him on Sunday.

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Already. So how about you? Well, basically you've been applied at

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Monica how to split the bar off. Well, I didn't think about it a nice dinner. Yeah, you will in our menu in

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Santa Monica yo Papa Reagan harmonic Basha.

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Wash Guru eusipco whatever you call La La Jolla, one law regarding homeless like you're handing over