Virtues of First 10 Days of Dhul Hijjah #04

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The first 10 days of the year are crucial for practicing the "haste be" method and preserving legality in non- Muslim countries. The "haste be" method is recommended for individuals who are not going for height, and it is highly recommended for individuals who are not going for height. The "immaterial" techniques used during the "haste be" season are important for preserving legality and preserving legal vacation.

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Lia shadow manaphy

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koosman law you see

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala

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nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira. I'm back the respected brothers and sisters as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and welcome to this episode from this series, where we are discussing the virtues of the first 10 days of data. In one of the previous episodes, we mentioned that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam said that there are no good no days in which the good deeds are more beloved to Allah, Allah Allah than those 10 days. And then the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, he hidden them electronically with the community with technique or activity in them electronic media technique. So

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do plenty of Japanese saying La ilaha illallah wa sallahu

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wa publishing for a while I check the saying, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, and the meeting Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. This Hadith is one of the main Hadith that talks about the virtues of the first 10 days of the teacher. And this hadith was reported by a been a lot of young wahoo to Allah. And

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now as a result, even amount of the amount of Allah who used to act upon this ad, and he used to go to the marketplace in order to make tech be in front of the people. And once the people knew about this, or once the people hear that tech via of the prophets, Allah of the Ummah, then they used to do the tech appeal. In fact, many of the setup say that they used to, they mean, the Sahaba, or the early generations used to make tech beer as if the tech beer becomes like the waves of the sea means everyone is doing to be and many of the early generation said that people unfortunately left tech Vietnam. So Pamela, he is saying this about tech, be it. Of course, it is not only tech beer, it is

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that we need and just be the ticker for why the law people left it in particular, the thick beard people left it and they are not practicing this, you know, he said this while he was among the early generations. Now, what do we say about ourselves these days? You rarely hear people doing this check beard technique. Just be yes, maybe a non Muslim countries, you might not be able to practice this in public spaces. Why? Because we don't want people to insult our religion, if we say it loudly if they can't, if they don't understand the meaning of it. However, in some other non Muslim countries, we can do it in some Muslim countries, definitely we can do it. So whenever we can practice this

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sooner, we should do it. In fact, we should exert our effort to practice this sooner because Allah the lower Allah likes this tech bit to be mentioned.

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And in particular, we know that when we read the ayat of surah, turtlehead, when he had Cosmo, Cosmo law, he was a founding member, he met him when he had charisma, ye a madman, so they remember the name of Allah, Allah, Allah and they mentioned the name of a module Nevada, on those or during those 10 days of data. So, Allah, Allah likes more liquor in these 10 days, and hence, we should increase the decay and that was the habit on the custom of most of the all the previous s curves.

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Now, that decay, we should start the decay in general, once we know about the start of the 10 days of Asia. For example, let us imagine if today is the last than last day of Calcutta or the 29th of delta. And they announced that two modal is the first day of departure. They want to be able to announce this except after modeling. So after modeling is the beginning of the month of the project, so we should stop doing that to be the general unconscious.

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altech we're starting that point. And remember the dhikr of Allah, Allahu Allah is one of the virtuous, the very virtuous deeds, as we will explain shortly in sha Allah. So that that time for the general unconditional take before it starts once the first 10 days of the job stops, and then we continue we should continue doing this unconditional take beer all the way until the 10th day of the lecture. In fact, as many scholars said that we should continue doing this unconditional check be general technique until the end of the 13th day of the day number 13. Why? Because Alaska Nevada mentioned a young man oh man, and a lot that no Allah mentioned a young guy do that. So these are

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their teen days of the first 10 days of them and the other three days of attachment. A modular Allah says about the first 10 days of the ADA Leah Shadow Man happy alone. Wait wife calls my wife II am in maluna with Cosmo Hwanhee a young man oh man, a young man oh man is the first 10 days of Demeter however the three days of the Patriot officially after that a lot and our other says in the port on what como la hottie a young man do that Samantha identity yo main if Allah is Malik, a young man I do that is the three days of the ship in total 13 days of the picture, the thicker of a lot the lower the tech be beam is highly recommended more over the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa early he

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was, he was in them told us that, that not the yam of the ship 11th 12th of the 13th of the picture,

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for eating and for the color of a light Delilah. That's why this general unconditional tech beer continues all the way from the beginning of the ledger, all the way until 13th of the data. So we should remember about the Nevada in the morning in the evening. in public places if we can, as we just explained within our homes, we should encourage our wives to make the California Nevada we should encourage our families, our children, everyone to make Vicar of Allah, Allah and to be.

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Now many, many scholars mentioned that there is another type of decay. Why because there were reports that the companions were used to increase their they kept and do another type of vacation, which is the conditional restricted Vicar in these 10 days when which is called the liquor moped or take beer mocha. And it was reported by some Sahaba some of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. When is this conditional restricted technique. This could have said that this restricted conditional technique, it starts for the people who are not going for height, it starts after the failure of the day of our so once we pray the ledger of the day of alpha, the time for

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this restricted condition and tech before it starts, and it continues until the last day of the ship, which is the 13th of the picture. So the first day is the day of alpha, then the day of aid, then the 11th 12th and 13th of the five days. During those five days, we do the unconditional tech, which is tech beer and at any point of time, and as well as the restricted tech via the restricted tech be, we do it after the silo act, in particular, the Salah Mafalda and in particular once we do it in congregation, so once we do that in congregation, we do loud tech beer, that is part of that a band that specific a bad day during those 10 days. So we after praying failure of our alpha, we

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stopped doing that our tech bit after dawn we start doing the rounds tend to be and after ourselves as well. Maverick Asia, etc. Until the and we continue doing this all the way of alpha the whole

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They have the whole day or three and the first day of tertiary which is 11th, and 12th, and 13th. And we stop doing this restricted conditioner tech bit after the onset of the day of 13. During these five days, while we are doing the restricted technique, we continue doing the unconditional check via the general technique. And this is the depot for Washington, Nevada. And this is a specific a burger for those for a specific evaluator for those days. Now, for those people who are going for height, when do they start their technique? Generally speaking, brothers and sisters, the people who are going for it is better for them to do tell them while they are in the state of

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the baker lamella bake and a baker actually collected a bake in Alhambra one year meta electoral luxury collection a bake, it is better for them to do a lot of 10 champion, we if we are not going for how do we come to this 10 Year award in Nevada gave us the opportunity to do the tech be the other Vicar. So those people who are doing what they can do, they can be However, once they leave the state of Iran, then they become like us out of the state of Iran. And then they should start doing the tech beer. When do they leave the state of Oklahoma as we know that they leave the state of Alabama once they start doing they leave the state of Alabama after they finish stoning and

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cutting their hair. However the prophets of Allah it was in the news to do television until he went to do gemballa Ababa. Once he started to do jameela acaba he stopped tell them and then after that, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had his hair cut, and he sacrificed and then he has his hair cut, and then the Prophet sallallahu wasallam started to do the tech to be they can continue the people who are going for help, they can continue doing the unconditional technique as well as the conditional technique, as we explained, they can continue doing this until the 13th of the ledger, the answer of 13th of the picture, by that time, the time for height and the rights of height have generally

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speaking, come or came to an end. So this is the year that we should increase the during these 10 days. Remember it is very very important. So now that has been abundant and we should revive this winner It is a very virtuous so now it is Vicar of a lot the levada that a lot of them though Allah likes the most. Does that

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