Urgent message in light of the massacre in Palestine

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AI: Summary © A woman reads a message to all her brothers and sisters in their region about the end of the current conflict and the need for support. She also talks about the struggles of those who lost their lives and the need for unity in achieving their own goals. She ends by reminding them of the upcoming month ofFinancial and the importance of not feeling morally demoralized.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah My dear respected brothers and sisters, it is the end of Shaban 1439 2018 And this is a message to all of our brothers and sisters to the entire Muslim Ummah, about about what is happening to our brothers and sisters in Gaza. in Palestine. We need first of all, to support them by all types of support may Allah Allah Allah help them and we should not forget them whatsoever. While we are preparing peacefully to Ramadan while we are preparing to first the month of Ramadan in peace. While we are preparing to start this blessed month, between our families, we are thinking of what types of activities we are

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going to do in Ramadan, those people are offering their own children. Even the families themselves are standing against one of the strongest terrorist estates known in history. And so far they lost more than 50 people more than 2000 people are angered you and explain this as outrageous violation of human rights. And many non Muslim countries spoke against this. My dear respected brothers and sisters, we should send messages of support for those brothers and sisters in Gaza in Palestine, while they are facing these challenges, and to Allah He, although it is so sad to see number of casualties, but to Allah He might be respected brothers and sisters. I remember what Allah Allah

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Allah says that while Oh sha Allah Hulan Tesora mean whom well that can layer below the other company that Allah Allah, Allah, Allah could have given them victory easily, but Allah, Allah Allah is testing us whether we are going to support them or not. And Allah Allah Allah says, Will you attack them in come shahada, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah wants to see among ourselves to see among people who die, people who die for his sake, as martyrs for his sake, and my dear respected brothers and sisters, let us all remember that this struggle is not going to finish in one day in one month in one year, it is a long lasting conflict, but who is going to win that conflict? Those who are

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remaining firm in achieving their own rights. And that's why Allah the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Well, I'm a NASA mass Sobor victory comes after patience, and no one will be defeated, provided that he is consistently he has released a resilience to achieve victory. and wallah he I have my trust in Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, that Allah, Allah, Allah will give victory to those who are maybe oppressed people, but they are highly or morally high, they have the highest spirit, and they are giving good positive messages to the entire world. How people can sacrifice their children, their their, their, their life, their wealth, everything in order to achieve their own freedom,

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where they can practice their own religion. It is a message for all of us, my dear respected brothers and sisters, to support them, not to forget them in our dua. And very importantly, during this month of Ramadan, we should not feel morally demoralized because this is what the enemies of Islam wanted from us. And remember, the month of Ramadan Subhanallah is the month of victory during the month of the month of Ramadan. Many battles in Islam have been one. Muslims have or many battles have taken place during the month of Ramadan those battles, it changed the face of fist of history. And we ask Allah, Allah Allah to make this month of Ramadan as a victory for the Muslim ummah all

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over the world. BarakAllahu li calm and may Allah Allah Allah forgive us for our shortcomings. And may Allah Allah Allah Allah grant victory for our brothers and sisters in Palestine in Gaza and elsewhere in our among our Muslim Ummah. Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh