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The speaker discusses a project called Islam 21, which is a website that helps Muslims get involved in writing their own narrative. The project has generated hundreds of thousands of visits to the website every month, with the work being cited by many leaders and in their own media. The speaker also mentions a reward for those who encourage people to donate to Islam 21, which includes a reward equivalent to those who follow the project.

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salam alaikum. Dear brothers and sisters, I want to tell you about something that is very close to my heart.

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As you know, we live at a time where it is Open Season for both politicians and the media to attack Islam and Muslims. We live in a very troubled world, a world that wants alternatives to the current order, a world which needs Islam. However, the Islamic narrative is often missing. In fact, the global media is one of the biggest contributors to Islamophobia, with multi million pounds budget at their disposal.

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This is why Muslims needs their own media Alhamdulillah there is one such project that has been empowering Muslims to write their own narrative.

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This is Islam 21 See

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Alhamdulillah Islam 21. She is one of the highest ranked Muslims websites in English language. It generates hundreds of 1000s of visits every month, with its work being cited by many leaders and influential in our community.

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CERAM 20 It is a unique website that aims to provide Muslims with solutions in every aspect of their life. Examples include spirituality, family life, cultivation of children, factors on various issues, Islamic finance, and even political direction. However, we urgently need to raise just 100,000 pounds in order to continue this amazing work. Now just think of the amazing rewards you will get if you support this project. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Whoever introduces a good practice that is followed, he will receive its reward and a reward equivalent to that of those who follow it. Imagine that any good deed directly done because of your donation, you could have a share

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in that reward in sha Allah.

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When someone starts to pray, whether they fast, whether they give Dawa whether they move home from the believers path in sha Allah, you could share in that reward by giving sadaqa we need 1000 special people to give 100 pounds each in order for Islam 21 See to carry on its data and spread Islam. So please click the button and donate now. And also please click that share button does Akela here network Allah Allah reward you and the world your family and your grandchildren infidels.