Mufti Menk – Importance of Tolerance

Al Manar International Tolerance Convention

This important talk is about tolerance. Tolerance is a necessary characteristic, specially in the times we live in today.

People have become Islamaphobic because of the heinous crimes committed by a few in the name of this beautiful religion of tolerance and mercy. Islam is tolerance. Anyone born on earth has the equal right to live on earth. We call come from the same fore father and mother, Adam and Hawa. You have the right to think what you think, to believe that what you think is correct. They have the right to believe they are 100% correct too. This is fair and a s it should be.

The prophet s.a.w taught us to greet others, regardless that they do not look like us not because of any reason besides of its great importance and benefit.  We are supposed to smile even when we are sad. The prophet s.a.w said our smile is a sadaqah. Its so important to have a good expression on our faces always.

Tolerance is the factor that shall spread peace and harmony around the globe. The Almighty has given us a verse in the Quran – which is we are created to worship the Almighty. He didn’t say I sent you on earth to fight, spit, kill others who differ with you. Rather He sent us on earth to build, to forge ties, to try to spread the goodness, to stay away from His prohibitions which disallows us to kill even a single soul.

But in order to test  how patient we are with others Allah created differences. He created us different from others to see if we are prepared to engage in peaceful discourses, to discuss in a dignified and respectful manner with others in spite of our different opinions.

But tolerance has its guidelines too. To learn of these and more please make the time to listen to our learned Sheikh Menk’s talk on Tolerance.

Remember – everybody has the right to exist, in spite of the differences. Tolerance is key to our future existence.