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The chef and other guests discuss the need for everyone to be prepared and the importance of time in regards to work. They address questions about student loans and pay for their car, emphasizing the importance of avoiding risk and maintaining healthy relationships with parents. They also discuss the use of negative thoughts and the impact of the pandemic on people's health, including the loss of jobs and family members. The speakers emphasize the importance of bringing individuals from different cultures to achieve their goals and making Muslim countries more "immigrant friendly" to become democratic countries.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala extrafill mbi will mousseline Nabina Muhammad and voila early he also be here Jemaine As Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. The brothers and sisters, welcome to today's daily q&a. I'm your host Salman button. And it's my pleasure to introduce our chef, we have Chef Dr. Haytham and her dad in the seat tonight to answer your questions. You've been emailing your questions over at daily QA and Islam 21 And you've also been as you know by now, just writing your questions in the comments sections. Below we have some brothers who are collating all the questions and giving it to me in a

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nice spreadsheet here so without further ado, I would just like to say Islam Allah Quran, Allah to shake your faith a man had

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to lie to my salah dear brother, Salomon Brothers, sisters, everyone Saramonic Mahajan to live with

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me, how are you doing? How is this lockdown?

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Very good, very good. Well, like just saying it's been it's been the best Ramadan.

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Yes, Mashallah. Just before we start, if you can, again, if you can record this separately, this advice, brothers and sisters Subhanallah today is the 11th of Ramadan, which means that we are starting the second half of Ramadan. Now there is one Hadith about the first 10 days of Ramadan, that it is being mercy, and the second is being forgiveness. Anyway, most of the scholars believe that this hadith is weak. But my point is, scholars in general, they say that if you are moving towards the end of that a bad then time becomes more precious and more important. And it is the norm that the end of the day is more important and more virtuous than the beginning of the bad. And

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that's why, if we do clear me late the third part of the night is what is more important than the beginning of the night and it is more virtuous, even the day of Joomla the end of the day of Joomla is the most virtuous part of the day of Joomla Ramadan 30 days the last 10 days of Ramadan are the most virtuous of the entire month of Ramadan, also the entire year, the entire year. If we divide

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added into three parts every part is three months then the last or every part is four months sorry every the last four months are more virtuous than the rest of the months because in the last four months we have Ramadan, yeah. And then after Ramadan we have Shaohua delta and then we have what the hijab. So the most important

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time is in Ramadan and is in hijab and both of them are in the last third of the year. So while we are now moving towards the last part of Ramadan, which is the most important part of Ramadan, we need to be ready more and more and we should not be demotivated brothers and sisters. Yeah, be careful. The whole point is a test. Allah Allah Allah created this life as a test color, Kalamata follicle, hair follicle, multiple hair Talia blue, okay, this hair is created for a test

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in Ghana, or the Xena tele Lena blue on test. So it is part of the test that we become lazy. And we become maybe bored or tired. Some of us maybe in the beginning we were very motivated, very excited, and we want to do more. And but then when times go by then we become a little bit lazy. No, we should read motivate ourselves, brothers and sisters, because we are coming towards the most important 10 days of the month and maybe of the entire year. This is one thing the other thing is brother's Subhanallah just a few days ago, not a few days ago as if it was yesterday or the day before yesterday, we were talking about how Ramadan is going to look like in this lockdown. Are we

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going to benefit from this month? How are we going to do with

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the children are staying at home, et cetera. And already now 11 days, okay 11 days, and as many scholars said that this might be the explanation of the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he said by the end of the days, then a yet ACARA busy man yet ACARA design means that time will be close to each other or times will be close to each other. What does that mean? You know, we when we go for Juma Subhan Allah as we pray to Allah just one day before that, Ramadan this Ramadan when Ramadan was about to enter and the discussion about the new moon etc Subhan Allah as Ramadan, the previous Ramadan was just a month ago or maybe two months ago. Well Allah He Allah is

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my witness. I remember that when we went for Haji last year. And we started the Haji rituals and we I was thinking this is just I did this just maybe a few weeks ago and it has been 11 months. So time flies, I believe what chess even

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said to me once that this is a sign of blessings because it means that you are benefiting from your time had the time being boring, then you will see that it is what it is very slow. If you are ill or if you are in prison or something like this facing some calamities, but because you are benefiting from your time you are enjoying it time will go

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erection The point is we need to make use of our time before it runs away before we regret Brothers Sisters by the end of Ramadan so many of us regret oh no I wish if I have done that I wish if I have done this I wish if I have given more sadaqa I wish if I have recited more Quran I wish if I did not watch haram TV. I wish if I did not watch haram social media or you wish if I reconciled with my parents, with my children with my siblings, I wish if I maintain the ties of kinship, do it. Now, protests and most importantly, repent to Allah continuously continuous. Now gelada accepted from all of us.

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It's very powerful words indeed. You know, they say about the most important part of the race is the finish line. It's at the end. Yes. You know, so that's what we

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You know, we exert most effort inshallah

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we'll just jump straight into the questions. There's a lot of questions coming in just a reminder if you're if you want to ask a question chef Haytham, you can put it in the comments below you can email daily QA at Islam So we have this question from Brother Amir.

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He's following what you said about the

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the student loans student finance, but he has a question about whether the car is payable. He said Do I pay the car on money received as part of the Maintenance Loan? And do I need to list the Maintenance Loan as a debt to be subtracted to be repaired when washing Brothers Sisters just to to summarize how to give them okay, this is the best and the easiest and the most efficient way

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and maybe you might be giving more following this method, but that is even safer that is far better than giving less because as we said this is the most effective way in calculating your setup check a day or set a date. So set a date 15 stuff Ramadan on 15th of Ramadan

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check how much money you have we said cash money whether in this currency or any other currencies

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add to it golden and silver even if you are young sisters if you are waiting to be on the safe side okay and add to it any commercial commodities value. So, we are selling buying you have either you have a shop and in that shop, you sell spare parts you sell furniture you spare laptops, yeah, you sell

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you sell any other items, mobile phones, okay. A check the total value of the inventory on the day you should give your Zakah okay. And fourthly, stocks and shares we have explained before the how to calculate the stocks and shares. Okay. So these four

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add to that any money that is coming to you, within the

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IRS coming to you sorry, as a debt. Yeah. A debt people owe you but it's coming to you. Yeah, not just money that you are going to earn? No, I don't mean that no, that that people owe you and it is coming to you in the coming 12 months. Yeah, again, there are different views, but to be on the safe side and subtract from that any debt that is coming out that you have to pay to people, but within that coming 12 months,

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you're not that you are going to pay in 10 years and it is relaxed and you are not going to pay it in the coming 12 months because it is not to do

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yeah okay. So, subtract it for example, the student loan if you are planning to pay it, this coming a few months within the coming loaner gear, then subtracted from your What if from your zakat table

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pool which we have said it contains the four things if you are not going to pay it in the coming 12 months, then or it is not payable in the coming 12 months, then

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don't, don't subtract it. Okay, this is a game, maybe the safest view and maybe the most efficient one. There are different other views in those views. If you want to follow them, they are a bit

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complicated the way you need to calculate and might risk your Zika No, this is a very safe and very reasonable view. And it is based on a statement by a scholar called Mahi Mamoon no Mahan. Okay, he lived in the second Hijra century. He was a very great scholar. Anyway.

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Insha Allah do that. May Allah Allah Allah

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Accept it from you and to be on the safe side, as we said, is far better than you rescuers occur. And at the end of the day, it is not a big amount brothers, sisters, and the most important thing is what the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that Zika does not decrease or sadaqa does not decrease your wealth. In fact, it increases it.

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Yeah, it's not like I checked, there's actually quite a few questions about the car and the summary you gave, I think answers quite a few of them. Well, so just in summary, we wouldn't have we will have an IES Okay, organized by is in sha Allah on this Thursday, one hour, just pure for questions related to the QA Yeah, excellent. Let's see Islamic Council of Europe inshallah. I'm just been told to apologize to any viewers if they experiencing some technical glitches with the feed we're trying to work on that but inshallah the audio and most of the videos should be smooth for them inshallah we've got another question here. This question is from Brother Yacine. He's saying is a five year

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old child too old to be held in Salah

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five years old child what is he too old to be held while you're in Salah carry? Carried Yeah.

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Yeah, need that. The key thing is to restrict your movements, that's it. But to carry him okay, that is not a problem. But or her but I think

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you won't be able to control him or her and you will be moving a lot. So if you can avoid that then definitely. Yeah. Yes.

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Is another question.

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Also related to children in salah I think because of the lockdown. A lot of you may be previously unknown questions kind of popping up now. Someone is saying if children are jumping on your back while they're in Salah while you're in Salah. So they playing around and they maybe lift your shirt or something, and it shows your back from behind. Does that break your Salah? Yeah, okay. So, now here we have two cases if there is a male or there is a female, I think the question is by a brother or brother Yeah. See, it was reported that there has an old saying would even the Prophet SAW Selim would carry them during their salah. And they might be they might climb on the back of the prophets,

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Allah Allahu Allah you it was of yourself.

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Now in Nephele salah the report is in Nephele salah I don't know about the foreign Salah

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that is not a problem inshallah. Now if they uncovered your back Inshallah, that will not

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invalidate your Salah. If they let us say that they have uncovered your our,

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then some scholars, they were strict about it. Some scholars, they were easy if they say unintentional

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exposure of the minor Outre provided that you cover it after that, they say that is also any overlooked in sha Allah, and that inshallah will not invalidate your Salah.

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That law says sister.

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Yeah, same thing. Okay, if it was unintentional, short period of time. Yeah. And it is the minor hour in sha Allah that can be overlooked in Java. saccular Hirscher. It's a bit of a long question here. I will just read it out. Inshallah.

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I'm a person that suffers from evil thoughts. So when I go to the toilets, some I get random thoughts and I try not to think of Allah and His noble creations like the prophets and so forth. Out to disrespect to Allah is what I am doing haram or shake by trying not to think of anything about Islam by not thinking about alliances when I'm in the

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cause, yeah, that's a summary. Yeah, brothers.

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Actually, Dr. Selman, maybe we need after this after Ramadan, we need maybe

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like maybe we can liaise with the

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IES Islamic Council of Europe and other organizations when we need maybe a training session. Yeah, I seminar symposium about, which was

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because many people suffer from which was

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Most every, not every day, every three days, I received a question about which was and such questions are serious, serious because the problem with with swas questions, they are not

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they, if there was was problem can damage the person. Yeah. And I met a person and he was chasing me actually. And he said that Hamdulillah that I found you as I was planning to commit suicide

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just because of was was thoughts. Can you describe what this was means? Okay, which was is just continuous thinking about something that is relevant or that is something untrue.

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And that continuous thinking will lead to excessive thinking or it will lead to continuous doubts. So, for example, I want to toilet clean myself may do the same. So the insurance comes. Have I cleaned myself? Have I done? Or have I washed my hands? Yeah, no. Last, by the way. Last question I received from my brother.

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He said that in Salah. He would cough.

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He read in

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some books that if you cough, and that cough has three letters. Yeah.

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Yeah. So it means and that was not real. Yeah. Or you extended it. Then that invalidates your Salah, and he started to think about his previous salah. And he found that many of his Salah was were invalid. Yeah. Oh, this means that he was not praying. This means that possibly he is a coffered.

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So you began to build up more and more thoughts based on that thinking and one thing leading to another, another, another another? Okay. Brother.

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I am not just going to answer you. I will just answer you simply for your question. But you need treatment. Yeah. And maybe you can call the council so to book like, a good hour for a treatment? Yeah. Because if I answer you, you will, those words will come to you. It depends how bad it is. And will tell you that Oh, actually, I forgot to clarify the question to the chef, that she answered something else. Yeah. Let me call the chef again, to clarify the point. Yes. And we will keep doing that. See that. All even thoughts come to all of us. They used to come to the Sahaba the companions of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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The person will not be held accountable for those evil thoughts. Yeah, the companions. They used to, they came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and they said sometimes we would think about evil things about Jani about Allah about the deen and we wish if we fall from the heavens, yeah. And we don't speak about them. We don't. Okay, have them. The Prophet sallallaahu Selim didn't condemn them for having those evil thoughts, because he knows that those evil thoughts do exist do come to every single one. Yeah.

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So the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, to hate those

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evil thoughts, this is a sign of Eman. Allah. The Prophet SAW, Selim also says that the Shavon will come to one of you. And He will say to you, who created this, who created this who created this and you say Allah, Allah, of course, created everyone, and then they say fine, we'll ask you.

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So who created Allah?

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Yeah. When that comes to you, the Prophet SAW Selim never said to you, oh, you have left the fold of Islam. You have to renew your Islam. Yeah. No, the Prophet SAW Selim says, If this comes to you say to yourself and to be loved and to be loved, as simple as this.

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If anyone was hearing any weird noises at home, that's because she has a bird in the background. So don't get me. Don't get worried that you're hearing something. That's That's it.

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Yeah, this bird. I don't know it keeps quiet but when I start yawning, giving talks or lectures is Jani. Okay?

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Yes, main pieces load.

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From your here's another question. This is from a brother. Literally His name is a brother

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on YouTube, from your experience, what is the best way to increase your wealth? A lot of scholars recommend sadaqa but what have you do you have any other methods apart from this? That yeah, Annie what he's asking about, apart from business.

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He didn't say that. So that could be one any business and working etc. This is how to introduce you. But if he is asking about non

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materialistic means, a man means see? Yeah, okay. It's a good question. Brother. And please, brothers, listen to this again, if you want to record this, pass it to others. I know of a person. Yeah. Now I know. He's very close to me. This person is full of Baraka. Mashallah, yeah. And if he were to lift a stone, as they said about Abdurrahman, the companion of the Prophet SAW Selim, he might find gold beneath it. Yeah.

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And I remember that there was a brother like this in my day, my university days. We used to go for competitions. And he used to win in every single competition.

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And one of the Messiah, he told me about a person that he knows again, he just earns money.

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I found that those people have two qualities.

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Yeah, two qualities. The first equality, they are very charitable, and in particular, helping others.

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Yeah. Sadaqa not just for poor people.

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Okay, for helping others. They of course, they help their parents. They help their siblings they help a new one they help friends. Yeah. And Subhan Allah, as the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, so

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Tapani Masada assume doing good things will

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help you against evil fate. Yeah. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Allah is helping you assisting you as as you are assisting others. Yeah. So this is taken from Sharia in general. And there are so many statements that confirm this.

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And the other quality brothers, please listen to this. Yeah, they have pure hearts.

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So bye SubhanAllah. If they could not help others, they don't wish anything bad to others. They wish that everyone earns. They wish that everyone gets money. They wish that everyone is successful. Brothers Sisters, try to find yourself in order to have those two traits. And you will see the impact of that. By the way, Dr. Sommer let me share a story that I heard just very recently, two days ago, from a brother who sends selected clips that really boost the EMA I don't like is difficult to follow. Everything is sent to you. But there is one of the machines. He selects what he sends, really Yanni he sends things that really boost that image. So listen to this story.

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This story took place in Saudi Arabia in the beginning of this lockdown, they started the lockdown. Yeah. By stopping people traveling in from certain cities. Yeah. And they it is have some restrictions on such a trouble. So he said that there was a brother traveling from one city to another city.

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On the way he had a car, he had a puncture. Yeah. So he just replaced the the tire with the those temporary tire and then he

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He stopped in the next cycle of the station to get his tire fixed. So he put petrol and then he got to the tire fixed. And then he went to get some cash from the ATM machine.

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He put the card in the ATM machine, for whatever reason, it got stuck, he could not get the card back, and he could not get any cash. He ran out. He ran out of cash Subhanallah

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what happened? This person

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went to his family. And he was panicking. Young children and his wife and they did not have cash and he was panicking. There was a laborer there from Yemeni background. And he noticed that this person is okay panicking. He asked him what happened. He said, Well, to be honest with you, you just feel the car, okay with background. There, they the workers, they feel the car. And I just fixed my car. I ran out of cash this what happened? And I don't have my ATM card. So that brother, although he was a very devastated person, he was just a laborer. And you know, in some countries, how those labels look like their financial situation. He went and collected for him 2503. And he brought it to him.

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And he said, Don't worry about the money, take more money, because you are struggling. I think he was traveling to rehab. And you might face some Jonnie emergency situation. You have a family, children, etc. Just take it. He said, No, no, no, give me your bank account. I'll send it to you. He's

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giving it for the sake of our agenda. He said while you are embarrassing me. He said yah, yah, yah, whoever helps others, our fellow Allah will not let him down. Don't worry, just talk to Allah, Allah trouble with your family, may Allah protect you. So the guy he left after then the lockdown started to happen. So the restrictions became even more. This Yemeni guy, he lost his job. Okay, because there was the lockdown, etcetera. And so he left to rehab

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to stay with a friend of his who was fixing wheels.

00:32:46--> 00:32:52

And during that time, what happened? There were some what is it?

00:32:53--> 00:32:59

disasters in Yemen. So his house was completely demolished.

00:33:00--> 00:33:28

Yeah. Anyway, this Yemeni guy, one time he was sitting in that in that garage to to fix the wheels. They were not closed at that time. And he was the only thinking about his family, how he can help them etcetera. Super high that Allah that God was not far away from the house of the person whom he helped.

00:33:29--> 00:34:22

And did that person. Yeah, one time he sent his son to go and get something. So his son passed by that shop by that guy. He looked and he saw this Yemeni. Yeah. And he was a clever boy. So he went to that Yemeni, and he told him, you know, do you have some relatives in that area? He said, why? He said, we passed by a generous person who helped us etc. We want to give him my father wants to help him, okay, wants to pay back. He said, I am the person. He said, Are you the person? He said, Yes. Immediately, that young boy called his father. Yeah. And he said, Father, the man we were looking for is in front of me. He said what?

00:34:24--> 00:34:59

He said, he's in front of me. He said, Don't believe where are you? He sat down on data gathered, he said, just to grab him Don't leave. So the father immediately came to their money. And he said he was trying to kiss his head. He said, I've been looking for you for ages. And then he told him, how can I help you? So JM and he was so embarrassed? And he said, No, I Wallah. Here. I helped you for the sake of Allah. He said, You tell me. We heard some bad news happening in Yemen. He said, Yes, I lost my hair.

00:35:00--> 00:35:14

house. Yeah. Anyway to cut it short, this guy, this odd guy, he said, Listen, you gave me 2500 materials and you were told, I am Al Hamdulillah rich.

00:35:16--> 00:35:22

And he gave him 250,000 reacts. Hello.

00:35:23--> 00:35:26

See brothers, this is how you increase you will

00:35:27--> 00:36:05

help others while you are in need, as the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that the best of sadaqa is the best when you are in need of money. And Allah will help you. I have so many stories similar to this just to recall this brothers, sisters, help others don't. Don't think for a second that Allah is looking at you when you are helping others and when they are in need, and Allah will let you down when you are in need of Him.

00:36:07--> 00:36:17

Exactly. That's the main story. I'll ask you to send that as well. Maybe the original we can maybe share it around Sharla it was it is in Arabic maybe.

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I'm conscious of time so just maybe have one short question by sister. She's asking do we need Can we read the Quran without wearing the headscarf? And do we have to wear the headscarf for sujood tilava. Yeah, okay. Turiya Quran without the headscarf. Absolutely fine. There is no problem with it. Yeah, to go for sudo detail our scholars have two views. Some scholars say no put the headscarf and go for sudo. And the other view says no, this is not solid. This is just a matter of sujood is not complete Salah if you were there, this calf that is better. Yeah, definitely that is better. Otherwise, inshallah that is not a problem at all. Okay, percula fiction.

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I'd like to continue but I'm weary of the time and we want to let us do it until 45. Okay.

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I took more time in in telling the brothers this is a good story. hamdulillah I'm very lucky. Yeah.

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Okay, this is from

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another brother. Islam Allah come to share. I've a question for the show. I

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if if he lived if we live in a Muslim majority country, Malaysia, but the system is not based on Sharia. He says the law is legislated by an MP. What are the practical things for us to do? I'm assuming in the area and political sphere. Okay. Yeah. Brothers and sisters.

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When we say that there is no Sharia. Let us say that there is no Sharia 100% Maybe there is 9080 7060 50.

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In Malaysia, I came from Malaysia a few months ago. You know, I went to this summit. There are masajid Yeah, people pray

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They the

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the Adan is raised this is also Otto Sharia.

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Not even that go more than that. No one is allowed to insult yet. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or let alone insulted IDI. This is again part of Sharia. Yeah.

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So don't say that there is no Sharia. This is one thing and don't have brothers. Don't be very simplistic in your approach. If you don't see

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Yanni, if you don't see the dude being implemented, then there is no Sharia. Okay, in Malaysia, they are trying to implement Islamic finance. So this is auto Sharia. Yeah, let alone the society. They are very generous helping poor people. And they are very charitable. And this is Sharia.

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Okay, so brothers, just be a bit more sophisticated in your approach. Now,

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our role, our role, this is and we are going in sha Allah to produce this as a strategic of that work in those democratic countries. I'm not talking about non democratic entities, democratic countries, okay. And again, the Brotherhood

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Hear you might be agitated once I mentioned the word democratic,

00:40:05--> 00:41:03

it is not the time to talk about it. But I mean, in those countries where we have a say, it is not imposed on us, by dictators, we have as human beings, we have a say in how the country should be on and this is the way, okay if we have if the country is not inherited, inherited, inherited as a Muslim country, and the Islamic law is being implemented and there is a Khalifa, which is that which doesn't exist now. Yeah. Then we should have a say in the way the country has to be run. If most of us as, as most of us are Muslims, then we will choose the law to be an Islamic law. If most of us are not Muslims, then how are you? Okay, who is going to implement Islam on this? Yeah, they will

00:41:03--> 00:41:05

reject it. So simple.

00:41:06--> 00:41:14

Simple, yet very profound. Now, what is our role? What is our strategy?

00:41:15--> 00:42:10

Okay, this strategy is to work is to make those countries more Muslim friendly countries. Okay, to make those countries as well. More Muslim friendly countries. This is the strategic our strategy here in the UK is to make Britain as more Muslim friendly country, your strategy in Malaysia, okay, is to make more Muslim. And in Asia or Malaysia, Indonesia, Indonesia, I thought, Malaysia even in Indonesia, there are so many good things in Indonesia. Yeah, Inshallah, I will visit Indonesia one time, because I heard so many beautiful things about Indonesia. Yeah, and it is one of the most important Muslim countries that your role there is to make it work work more Muslim friendly

00:42:10--> 00:42:55

country. So if there is 20 person to Sharia, be involved in all levels, political level, social level, financial level, you name it, and that work, okay, to make it work 25 To make 8026 to make it 30 and so on. This is the strategy for all such countries. Think about it. I've been thinking about it for almost 20 years, 20 plus years, along with some brothers, we did not come up with this just like this very profound, and it is the most practical histologically Okay. Circular fracture. Similar time for one more question. Shala.

00:42:57--> 00:42:59

This is from

00:43:01--> 00:43:08

trans turns out whether it's a brother or not, is it fun? Or wajib to get married? Yeah, okay.

00:43:09--> 00:43:18

And this could have discussed this intensively. Okay. And they said marriage can take one of the five

00:43:19--> 00:43:27

can camera technique via the legislative rules, okay. legislative rules, we translated this or

00:43:28--> 00:43:39

rules. Accountability. Yeah, okay. Either it is wajib or it is recommended or it is MOBA or it is disliked or it is haram.

00:43:40--> 00:43:41


00:43:42--> 00:43:48

This is hypothetical, but mainly, any of them. Ah, yes.

00:43:50--> 00:44:46

Mainly it is either Why do you or recommend it? Okay. This caller said that the original ruling of marriage that it is something that is encouraged. The Prophet SAW Selim says Jana shadow Shabbat minister. Affiliate is a word who ever afford to get married, then he should get married. So this is the general ruling that it is what it is highly recommended. Yeah. And the Allah, Allah Allah mentioned about the Prophet. Yeah, that as one was Ria, Allah appointed for the prophets as what was the read, okay. As of now, I am said that Allah Allah, Allah, Allah made Musa His Prophet to work for 10 years as a shepherd in order to pay that as a dowry in order to get married. Even Abbas said

00:44:46--> 00:44:59

to his student Mujahid, get married, the if you don't get married, you are going against the gender of the province. I sent him because the best of this nation who is the Prophet SAW Selim, he has

00:45:00--> 00:45:56

have the biggest number of wives because which means that it is Sunnah the prophets I seldom said the stick to my sunnah. The one who doesn't get married he is away from my sunnah and we have so many statements like is so definitely it is either recommended or watch in very few cases it might be haram very, very few or dislike or even neutral MOBA. Yeah. Now if you aren't afraid that you might commit haram there it is word for upon you. If you are not going to commit to that, yeah, then it is still highly recommended brother or sister SubhanAllah. When you get married, you will finance your spouse, you will preserve your chastity you will help her to all help him to

00:45:58--> 00:46:21

preserve his chastity Yeah, you will build a family you will have a children you will have a children and amagno Hapa it was reported that he did not like this sexual intimacy but he was going for it in order to have the children who are going to glorify Allah.

00:46:22--> 00:46:50

So anything your children will be doing in terms of good deeds, not the bad deeds, the good deeds, you will work you will earn similar oh not your children but you're the children of your children and the children of your children until the day of visualization and that you are telling me that you don't want to get married brother Elia go and get married. Yeah, go get my money back laugh so

00:46:52--> 00:46:58

it's important to remember all of those different intentions even before inshallah so you get rewarded for this

00:47:01--> 00:47:42

but I'd love to continue but we need to make the most of this time before the end break with a fast so we can engage in our evening as Gordon McDonald so forth. Zack McCarron to you brother and sister watching at home. Tune in tomorrow we'll have another show. Another day another set of questions inshallah for you. And Jack McFadden for free to use your faith woman her dad and and your parent as well for for gaining you entertaining. Get why they care. They could have Allah subhanaw taala I've been your host Salman but until tomorrow. That's it for us. Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh