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The hosts of various radio shows and books give practical advice on practicing praying during the pandemic, emphasizing the benefits of practicing praying and reciting the material. They also discuss the use of memorization and the importance of sharing faith during online discussions. The speakers stress the importance of protecting oneself and not being surprised by statement from a Prophet, as well as upcoming events and online projects. They also mention the use of language and the importance of sharing faith in online learning.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Allah, you're tuning in to this live Ramadan special daily q&a part of the online Masjid campaign. I'm your host Amanda and we have with us today Alhamdulillah che Dr. hyphema had that shakes just stepped out he's going to be joining us in a minute or so inshallah so I'll just take this opportunity to remind you guys how to send in your questions so questions you know, it's a free for all. Ask any question you want inshallah we'll put it to show Haytham

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how to get your questions asked, we have people monitoring all the social media feeds. So if you are watching this on YouTube, or watching this on Facebook, just write a comment in the comment box below or write your question there. If you have a question that you don't want other people to see maybe it's a bit of a sensitive one, you can email it and that email address is daily QA at Islam should be on the screen throughout the throughout the program today. That's the email address again, daily QA and Islam Let's see some of you any any questions that you've had from yesterday we've

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we've saved them as well. And I'll just take this opportunity to direct your attention to all the stuff we have coming up on assumption too and see for Ramadan.

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How is Ramadan going for you? Let us know in the comments below. If you're watching this on Facebook or YouTube

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many people have said many people have gotten in touch saying you know Hamdulillah this Ramadan has been probably the best number that they've had so far. In spite of the lockdown in spite of the Coronavirus pandemic Subhan Allah Allah Subhana Allah has given us so many opportunities, the Masjid may be closed, the the local mosque may be closed but the doors of paradise are flung open Subhan Allah so there's so much Baraka so much free time people saying, you know, they're not they're working from home, they're not spending so much time commuting, they're spending that time reciting Quran and engaging tickets and so forth. So we we've, we've had a lot of questions about that as

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well how to put it Prater Are we sure fatum released an article just before Ramadan began detailing how to pray to Norway, for example, saying that, you know, most scholars aloud that you have a must have either in your hand on a on a platform or something in front of you. And you can actually buy these on an Amazon or whatever they call it, lyric stands, or, you know, stands for, that they use in kind of orchestras for people for musicians, you know, music, sheets and so forth.

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And yeah, they're very cheap, or you can just put something on, you know, a chair or a few pillows or something, and you can put the most have there or a tablet or something. And you can recite, you know, while you're the scholar said, while you're standing in the prayer for the non obligatory president, so taraweeh right, so many people have gotten in touch and sent pictures as well of their home prayer spaces. And we encourage you to do this as well just if you're tweeting at assumption, truancy, or on our Facebook pages, or even if you just send us a message on our social media platforms, we'll get those pictures and stuff like that shared as well, to encourage people to

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encourage others to give good ideas of how to

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make most of this lockdown period in terms of our our,

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our worship. So that was

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that was the throwaway many people have gotten in touch about today we and you know, talking about

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you know how to pray Taraweeh and so forth.

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Last night as well in the comments what else you've been doing, how you've been keeping your children busy in, for example, in particular, during Ramadan, during the lockdown period, many people have, you know, kind of become forced home schoolers, even though the homeschooling community will take offense to you know, being locked up in house being called homeschooling, whereas you know, they homeschool children, they do lots of activities outside the house as well but handlers a lot there's been a lot of guidance that our Musharraf had been giving on assumption to and see in form of articles and videos and podcasts. And just a final reminder, check out online Masjid dot

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Islam to 123 dot com. We've got a special announcement about that coming at the end of the show inshallah. So let's

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hamdulillah Shia Haitham is here, he's going to just give us a few

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words of encouragement inshallah and then we'll jump into your questions as they are coming in as salaam alaikum, salaam alaikum, salaam alaikum. July what I got my salah brothers, sister. Hello. Hi, Ron, sorry for the delay, actually, any very busy as you might expect. So how are these Ramadan is one of the best Ramadan that I have experienced so far.

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I just want to mention one thing, brothers and sisters because so many people are complaining that they are unable to do their Tavi, they don't memorize the Quran. So what are they going to do? Let me just give you this piece of practical advice. Yeah, and again, if you can record it and share it with others, Allah He is a very practical advice. And actually, this pandemic is giving us a great opportunity. Now, let us imagine that you brother, your sister you just had which is sort of a template that you have been happy with. And I know Malou America serves as Allah and Allah that 1102 ML that'll help a Fiji they are blooming method, three and a half lines on leap

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for your entire day, read from the Quran and repeat that. Now if you say that I can't read it, there are so many websites, applications that help you to listen to it, and even memorize it. Let us say that you don't know of any of those websites. Just listen to it, YouTube, go to YouTube Surah TABBERT. Yeah, and listen to it. And repeat after repeat after Yeah, keep repeating until you can't correct it. And for in your entire day your read your Quran and just keep repeating this until it goes into your memory when it comes to tarawih. Okay, now you have three, the three holes plus this chapter, Tabitha Avila happy, whatever. Yeah. Read all of them in your Tarawa keep repeating them.

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For example, in every workout, they read four of them, go to sujood. Come back from Studio, read them again. loudly, as loud as possible. Yeah, as loud as possible. And if you need someone that will be even better. So when you read do when you do that, for that one tear occurs Subhanallah This is Chapter Tabata, that

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will be part of your long term memory.

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The next day?

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Yeah, what you need to do. Take one more chapter, either Janice Rolla, he will

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keep repeating it until you memorize it. And you're thoroughly relieved. Now you have what? You have five? Yeah, you have five?

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I'm not sure. But yeah, Debbie, love your tip. And the three polls. Again, read them and every raka for one tearjerkers Yeah, all for even 10 Whatever.

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Now, they will be part of your long term, especially Surah topbet. Because now you were reading it yesterday, and now you are reading it today. So it will be part of your memory.

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And keep doing that. I am sure that if you are really committed, that memorization of Quran will be easier for you and you will be able to read or to memorize every day more than just the three lines. Yeah, I can maybe optimistic or optimistically say to you that by the end of Ramadan by the end of Ramadan, maybe you have memorized or you will be memorizing the last part of the Quran that was 30 Okay user of the Quran or para number 30. Allah, you will have never thought of this without this pandemic. Not only that, brothers and sisters, believe me, even if you memorize half of it. Now your tongue is more fluent in recitation of Quran. Therefore, you can start the journey of memorizing the

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entire Quran immediately after Ramadan. And now not only that, you have the mechanism to memorize the Quran. Yeah, and

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Well Allah He, if you are committed, you will be able to complete the memorization of the Quran in five years. Yeah, even if you say, Oh no, this is too young. What is that we're too optimistic. Yeah, you better say 10 years die while you are planning to memorize the Quran that is far better than you die without that intention. Remember the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam said that on the day in Ghana, it will be said to the person who memorized part of the Quran or the entire Quran, read and ascend, read and ascend, read and ascend and heal his istation in Jannah, his degree in Jannah, will be equal to the number of verses that he memorized. And as if no, im said that the

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grades in Ghana are equal in number two, the verses of the Quran. So the highest degree in Ghana will be given to the person who memorized the Quran entirely, provided that he was acting upon that as well. Subhan Allah, what a great blessing. Not only that, but the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, The one who reads the Quran. Yeah, and he is happy with it. So he's reciting it fluently. He will be with the angels assefa and caramel Bharara the best angles. Yeah, and the one who needs the Quran, but he is struggling with it, because he's not half of so he doesn't read fluently, he will still have a reward. Actually, you will have double that you want the reward of struggling and the reward

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of recitation? Yes, this is my just any quick advice. Please do ask any question. If you respond, there's o'clock. I'll share Just on that point. If I may ask, would you encourage them for people to spend

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equal times and not during Ramadan reciting from the most have and memorizing or more time memorizing or more time reciting depends? It depends on the person. But I don't think brothers, I don't think that there is conflict. Yeah, let us not say well, either this or this. I think we have plenty of time to do both. But it depends on the person. Yeah. If you can't

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read from your must have it fluently. Okay, maybe just focus on more research station. But some people have you say to them focus on more resuscitation, they will just read one paragraph, or two or three maximum. Yeah, maybe even if you do three is still you have a lot of time to memorize those short chapters, three lines, four lines?

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It's always heartening to see the types of questions that we get when people are asking, you know, about the Ibadah that they engaged in. And it's very, it's encouraging as well to see so many people, such as this one, this sister, actually a brother he is from phase and someone called phase and he says, Is it possible for someone's wife to correct her husband? audibly in the prayer if he makes a mistake? Reading from the most half because as opposed to clapping or saying Subhanallah Yeah, it's only Muslims.

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Some scholars did allow that. Yeah, so insha Allah that is not a problem. Okay, exactly. We have question another question from Jaffa. This is came on YouTube. And just to remind if you have any questions, brothers and sisters, put them either in the YouTube comments below the Facebook comments below. Or you can also email daily QA at Islam 21 This question from Jack fell on YouTube. How should we make sujood when we see the idea of sujood and I have sujood in the Quran,

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whilst we are either both if you can say once you're just reciting from a normal and when you're reciting in prayer, yeah. So if you are reciting, yeah, if you are praying, and then you are reciting a verse that has

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sujood by the way, we record it, and it is now on air on imagine channel

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six episodes or seven episodes about why. Yeah, it was very brief. Actually, it was not a detailed explanation for the sujood of Tierra and why it came in that specific verse. I was gonna ask you actually as a follow up, you know, what's the spirit and the philosophy behind this? Yeah, well, I mean, yes, maybe watch the series. Yeah.

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watch the series. There are 15 According to humbleness and Chaffee is 12 According to Malik is 14 According to Hannity's verses where you do or sorry, yeah versus where you do sudo So imagine you were, for example, reading Surah says that there is sujood okay? And then the sujood came, so you say Allahu Akbar,

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Allahu Akbar. Either you can read,

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for example,

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you can read, in your schedule your normal day. So another day of Allah Subhan Allah, Allah Allah. Yeah. And then you say, Allahu Akbar and the stand up again, this is if you are praying, and after saying Allahu Akbar, you can read if you want to Jaffa unabomb and in Mount Juliet downhome Obama, you continue and or if you want to say Allahu Akbar to go for your record, like for example, if you are reading

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Yeah, so, this may not be calorie HELOC at the end first dude work tell him Yeah, so you got four sujood you say Allah Akbar come from sudo and then either you start the surah after that, or any other Surah or you go Allahu Akbar for record.

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If you memorize the DUA, that is better. Okay, so did the OG the lady Holika who was a person or whoever Sado Allahu MK to believe the Hydra wacko and maybe I was wrong with the cobalamin minicamp or belta mean apteka That would, yeah, this is the dua you can say. Yanni. If you are doing your thyroid, you can say that you are in English as well. Okay, that is not a problem. If you don't memorize that dua inshallah that is not a problem. So, this is how to perform sudo Tila in insula and we have explained this in the series that it will be on Islam on Iman channel actually from today. The Subhanallah This is a coincidence. The if you are reading

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you are sitting and you are reading

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Yeah, and then you pass by

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offsuit woman is a little wonder how two questions will come up let us do directions you are a little calmer was doula in the Halacha Okay, yeah, God we do and then you go for sujood you are sitting towards the Qibla if you are not sitting towards the toilet try to come towards the Cobra No need to say well what if you want to say aloha or that is not a problem but you can go you put the dumbest have aside Yeah, many people hold the must have no okay put it aside in a respected go for sujood again Say Subhan Allah Allah Allah three times if you know the Hadith say God Leticia for some lady, hello, our worship person who then say it that had mentioned otherwise. No need. Okay.

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But as we said, Try to memorize it is very easy. So just the word Haley lady halacha who worship person our sorrow, alarm Oktibbeha and very beautiful. Hola. Hola. Hola, Libya, you're our hope and maybe I was with a couple having me come at the bottom and abdicate that would very beautiful. Yeah.

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That will be better. And then we stand up in Saudi use it again and continue your recitation. Very simple. Yeah, exactly pressure. If someone wants to get some extra reward, they can find them. Copy and paste the text or write the text of the DUA in the comments below so people can ease the memorization inshallah. Yeah.

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Next question we have, it's from YouTube. Somebody's asking

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how do we know if somebody is possessed by gin? And how do we avoid it and protect ourselves? Okay, the second part how to protect yourself as car or the car or the car brands? Yeah, I don't know why so many people are worried about this while Allah Allah Allah gave us provided us with the best protection and protection is easy. Morning Africa. Evening, Africa. Brothers. Morning. Please, please, please. Yeah, please either record this while I am just begging you.

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Okay. Yeah, if you want to record it, please, please, please.

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in the morning, and in the evening,

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read this is the minimum and everyone knows this

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read called hula hoop three times follow the gerbil philosophy returns, Colorado verbenas, three dogs in the evening. Yeah. And do it. If you could see.

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In the evening, I gave all Allaha three times, three times Colorado Robin has three towns and add to it either. This is the basic, no Muslim should just live without this basic.

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Please. Now,

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that companion he was worried about the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam on the night, they said you only focus now rasool Allah the Prophet SAW Selim went in the nighttime, and they were worried. And then they said the others will Allah, where are you? Where are you? So the Prophet sallallahu sallam said to him, all who Allah who had the three times call out the verbal telepathy, Rita Robina, say three times Allah will protect you from anything against anything. Yes.

00:21:12--> 00:21:16

And I actually could see is the best protection

00:21:19--> 00:22:06

authority set. I don't see that it befits any Muslim to go to bed before reading Kohala sorry, I attend kursi and the last two or three verses of Surah Al Baqarah. Yeah. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, if you read it in Kersey, then you will be protected until the morning. Yeah, if you read it on your bed, you will be protected until the morning. I live in Avatar live. He said I read it and could see. Yeah, I think he said every night the three times minimum. Yeah. Okay, so this is very simple protection brothers. Okay, on top of that.

00:22:08--> 00:22:25

Who doesn't memorize Surah Fatiha Yeah. Read Surah Fatiha brothers when you have headache instead of Panadol Panadol Yeah. Let me go for Tramadol. This is the best Panadol read. Yeah, put your hand on your

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on your head and read I can could see and read Surah Fatiha and read the three apples. Okay if you if this is going to take long term, I don't know if that is going to take long time really. If you have had that you are you will do anything. You will go to the pharmacy to buy paracetamol by the time you go. You could have read all of these. The minimum thing is read. What Surah Fatiha, the best stick you're the less secure. Okay, we put we put a link to the app my daddy to us in the comments as well. One more thing here. Apart from disrupter for protection, brothers and sisters, Gil are weak.

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And please don't assume that you are possessed by Jin if you assume that you are possessed by Jen you will act as if you are really possessed. No, you will become weaker. And what is worse than that is what some rockers do. They you go to Iraq, they say yeah, you are possessed by jinn and then you will internalize this. That's why I don't like to go to rallies. Do it yourself. One time I saw a certificate from karate that this person is possessed by Jim. This is madness. Well, why are you so it Allah is my weakness? I don't like to you know to swear an oath. Yeah, I certificate that this person is possessed by Jim. Come on, man. Yeah. Is it to get sick pay at work or something? I don't

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know what. Yeah, you're a proper certificate. Is that just a letter? A proper certificate? I don't know. They are proud. That okay.

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We have this question is from Brother Hanif. He says I would like to ask whether share faith also holds a view where the student loans are permissible next year. I'm applying to university inshallah and I'm confused about what to do. Yeah, I still I hold it. Okay. No, these opinions, I don't take them easily. So, it is unlikely that I will change that opinion is not just an opinion, I see it as fact. So no, go for it, take it inshallah. It is permissible. Yeah. Exactly. And is there's an article on the Psalm 20 and see on that topic about chefs photo for more detail inshallah. This next question is, somebody saying I want to ask is alcohol nudges for example, the alcohol in

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moisturizers and face washes?

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And it contains ethanol. So yeah, in sha Allah

00:25:04--> 00:25:11

has been transformed. Yeah. So it is not just use it and don't have was was okay.

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Yeah. Okay about a color picture. Another question is from Brother Jaffa. He said Salam Alaikum to our beloved che pious my Salam so the chef and he said how can we do Dawa during Ramadan? And also in general I'm assuming he means in the lockdown period? Do you have any ideas? I think this is the best time to do that. If we start to this, I think this needs a lecture. But online of course this is the best way. Yeah, online, there are so many ways. And it try you know, the other day a brother told me that they go to certain YouTube channels, and they can send messages to certain people, okay, who follow certain lectures, etc, etc. So this is one way

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being active online. This is another way for Muslims and non Muslims. This is as I said, is the best time to give Dara again, if it happens that you go outside. Again, this is the best time to talk to people. Okay, you remind them we are going to publish in sha Allah soon, an open letter to the world inviting them to Islam. Yeah. And this letter has been signed by the most prominent there is and some scholars in the world. Yeah, it will be published in the coming two days. Anyone who wants to take part in helping in publishing this is we'll be good. Basically, that letter says, look at this lockdown, because of this tiny virus controls this virus. It is Allah, it is time for us to reflect

00:27:01--> 00:27:38

and to leave this out of guns and to humble ourselves and to submit to the Lord that we find him in the league. Everyone believes in. Okay, in Allah, Allah, Allah or in a Supreme Being. Yeah, we do. Yes, the Filppula the natural disposition. Everyone needs to submit to that load and reflect upon His creation, His Majesty, and then submit to read about that Lord, read about Islam. And that will lead you to submit and believe in Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. Yes, exactly.

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We have another question. This is from brother called Assad. He said, You know, you mentioned about reciting from the most half during prayer during taraweeh. What about reading an English translation as well? Just know maybe quietly Yeah, no, reading the English translation in Salah. But it gets your Salah. Okay, because this is not the only part of the, the word Allah, Allah Allah made Salah for

00:28:12--> 00:28:16

Allah Allah Allah made Salah for the recitation of

00:28:17--> 00:28:23

certain ADKAR recitation of Quran once we say Quran in Angela who Quran and Allah via

00:28:25--> 00:28:41

but reading an English translation apart from the Institut Yeah, this is an act that is alien to the nature of Salah. So it will invalidate your Salah. Okay, exactly. So, about making dua using DWIs. Okay. In

00:28:43--> 00:28:52

prayer, yeah, in sujood, because it is time for the hour, then you can do the DUA in your language. Yeah.

00:28:54--> 00:29:33

This is quite an interesting question here. I think it might be from a convert or revert, however, whatever people prefer, his name is Bobby. He says, Where is Allah? Because he said, Some scholars say, you know, different things. And he and I can tell maybe it's, it's a bit of a source of confusion with so many passionate voices about this. How would you answer that question? Sure. Yeah, I see a brother. Okay. Leave this question. From a technical perspective. Yeah. I advise you not to get into that. But do you find that Allah is close to you or not?

00:29:35--> 00:29:59

Yeah, you find that Allah is close to? Yes. Do you feel that when you are talking about Allah, you just look up? Because Allah is above everything? Yeah. You feel that? That's more than enough. Yeah. More details. No need for you. Now to get into such technical

00:30:00--> 00:30:15

debate that is not useful. Look at the real meaning of our data do we feel that Allah Allah Allah is close to us Allah is Most more not the Most Merciful One when we want to invoke him when we want to make dua is with us.

00:30:16--> 00:30:27

Yeah. And when we feel when we talk about Allah, Allah, Allah, we feel that he is like, taking control of everything and he's above everything.

00:30:28--> 00:30:31

Okay, this is more than enough. Yeah.

00:30:35--> 00:31:19

We had a question on Hassim if one wears moisturizer on with alcohol and then eats, so they put moisturizer with their hand and then eat with the hand and the alcohol going on, you know, on into their mouth, and sometimes some people might taste you know, that taste. Does that nullify the deeds and so forth? Yeah, that is our that is not a problem. Okay. Brothers, sisters, you know, you use the sanitizers, some of them. Alcohol. Yeah. Okay, don't worry about that in sha Allah, this alcohol is not very low alcohol that will intoxicate you and is not considered to be

00:31:21--> 00:32:06

Jani. What is in common? Yeah, yeah, okay, Zach. I'm afraid that's all time all the time we have for today don't want to take too much time from the chef. We will be back here. Tomorrow same time inshallah I do with share faith and more with another one of our beloved church Jack Ma Phelan to share faith, and very much that no free lunch to all the brothers and sisters watching at home. I mentioned at the beginning that we've got an important announcement tonight we'll be launching the online Masjid project proper inshallah. So just head over to online Masjid dot Islam 21 That's online Masjid dot Islam 21 I heard somewhere along the grapevine is going to be 9:30pm but

00:32:06--> 00:32:14

stay tuned. If you go to that website, you will be able to sign up and get a notification for when it goes live properly inshallah.

00:32:15--> 00:32:30

Tomorrow we'll have a Sheikh was in Clemson inshallah with us at 7pm sharp so please do tune in and until then, that's from myself and from the whole Islam 21 C team as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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Stay tuned to Islam 21 See, to catch the front row for the online Masjid