Finding Peace #05 – Enter Jannah in Peace

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As we are hoping to achieve peace in this dunya we also wanted to enter Jannah with complete peace and tranquility. There are two narrations that I want to share with you in this episode insha Allah tala the first one, the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim upon entering the city of Medina. He said yeah yohannes or people at Shu Salaam what a time of bomb was Cyril or Han or some lobi lately when Nason Iam that the hollow Elgin netta bisola lamb all people f show Salaam spread peace. If you want to attend these you must spread it You must share it around and spreading peace here could mean to greet people with the Islamic greeting as salaam alaikum wa whenever you pass by group of Muslims

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whenever you enter your homes and so on. you greet the people with the greeting of peace to this home. Everyone it's a displace Pamela that you are not intending to harm anyone you're offering them peace and the process of elimination is that you offer Salaam upon people that you know and people that you don't know not necessarily to greet those who you know, so panela so Abu salam wa optimally plan and one of the qualities that will inshallah bring us closer to Jenna in peace is to feed others to invite people and provide them with food. So as Shu Salaam or tymal plan you spread these and feed others was a little our hand and strengthen the ties of your kinship of your family

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members. Check on one another call each other WhatsApp one another. To strengthen that ties to to increase the love between yourselves. This is yet another quality that will bring us closer to Jenna in peace in sha Allah Allah. We're solving that belay leonesse with em and pray at night when others are asleep. Get up and perform the huddle even to Raka to the best of your ability pray at night, while others are asleep to the Hulu Elgin netta be Salaam you will surely intelligence with complete peace and tranquility Allahu Akbar May Allah Subhana Allah make us among those people. I mean, there is another similar narration with the process I'm said or Buddha Rockman he began with worship or

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run and worship Allah Subhana Allah the Most Merciful Lord, he began with establishing or calling to establish the the main purpose of our existence and that is to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala what our primal plan and feed others were f Xu Salaam and spread peace whether the greeting of peace or peace itself to prevent harms of violence in the world by becoming a role model and by educating others about loving each other for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala the whole agenda to be Salaam if you establish these three things worshiping Allah part Allah, feeding others and spreading peace, you will intergender also in peace May Allah subhanaw taala grant us this peaceful entry into Jannah

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Ameen and in an in a Salah mala Kumar