Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P15 149C Tafsir Al-Kahf 4-8

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Quran is a teaching about belief in God and the need for children to be worshiped. The importance of having children for guidance and a creation of them is emphasized, along with the need for guidance and a neediness to have children. The discussion touches on the seriousness of statements made by people, including false statements and cutting raw meat. The importance of Grind and "Griff" in the context of current crisis and loss of people's lives is emphasized, along with the importance of understanding the quality of actions and staying true to oneself. The segment also touches on the return of the loan to the owner and the importance of time being passed on.
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While you're in the Euro, and the Quran is also here to warn who Alladhina Kalu those people who say it da, Allahu Allah, Allah has taken a child. Those who say that Allah has a child, the Quran is specially warns them. Why? Because imagine they believe in Allah, they worship Allah. They believe in the angels. They believe in the hereafter. They believe in the prophets of Allah. They believe in the books. But they believe that Allah has a child, and this belief renders everything they're doing in vain. it invalidates everything else that they're doing everything good about them, is crossed out. Why? Because of this lie, that they say because of this falsehood that they abide by, that they

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adhere to, and what is this falsehood? That they say that Allah has a child, Allah has a Willard, and one that can refer to male or female. And there are many people who say that Allah has a child. They believe in God, but they also believe that God has a child, whether they call him Jesus, or they call him someone else. Or, for instance, the Mushrikeen of maca. What would they say about the angels that the angels are? Allah's daughters? So the Quran is here to correct the beliefs of people. Because the Quran is the Quran is a yam. Remember, the Quran is time it sets right it fixes, fixes your beliefs, fixes your character fixes your thinking fixes your actions, fixes your habits.

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So if you want to fix yourself, study the Quran, read it, reflect on it implemented, the more you will implement the Quran, the better you will become. So when you and there are Ludhiana, Karnataka, the Allahu wa ala

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and saying that Allah has a child, what is this essentially schicke. This is associating partners with Allah, a person might wonder how is associating partners with Allah, a child is not a partner.

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A child is not a partner. And they give a very good reasoning that, oh, if God has a child, and you know, his only child he's sending to people, and his only child is dying for the sins of people. And that sounds so noble and so loving. Right? But what's the problem with this belief?

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How is it associating partners with Allah, I want the answers from you? Yes.

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Okay, very good. That believing in Allah means believing that He is God. And if he is God, that means he should be perfect, and he should be unique, above the creation better than the creation better than everyone else.

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And if a person were to say that God has a child, that means that God is not unique. There is someone else who is like him.

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There is someone else who is like him, because when a human being has a child, he has a human child, right? And that human child resembles the parent. There's resemblance, there sharing of characteristics. So saying that God has a child means saying that God has a partner, that he's not unique anymore.

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Okay, this is one reason. Any other? Yes.

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Okay, that if you say that God is deserving of worship, and if God has a child, and that child should also be worshipped. So now there is no one God there are two gods. And that's a problem. It's shook. Okay.

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Okay, that having a child, what does that mean that you need the child, you want the child

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it's a weakness. You know, it's, for example, a human weakness. And this weakness is not just found in human beings, but also in other creatures, this need to have children, it's a neediness to have children. And Allah is above that need. He's above that need. I remember I watched a documentary about chickens. Okay. And this one woman had this chicken in a very interesting kind of chicken looked like a rabbit almost because it was so fluffy and white. Okay. And this chicken basically didn't have any chicks for the longest time. And she felt, you know, by the way that this chicken would look at, or it was a man actually not a woman who had this chicken. So anyway, he felt that by

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the way, that chicken would look at other chicks. You know, she wanted chicks of her own. So anyway, with great difficulty, found a mate, and then the poor thing laid eggs. And then, you know, she was happy. She looked busy, she looked fine. She wouldn't end up in fights with others. She was fine. It's the need of a creation of the creation, to have children and God is above this weakness.

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If a chick died, then the mother would get into fights with other mothers to try and

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Subhanallah I mean, you see this in animals, how they fight with each other, if their baby dies, you know, they'll fight with another to take over their eggs to take over their chick to take over their babies. So Allah subhanaw taala, he's above this need. So the Quran is here to warn people when they're Alladhina Carlota Ha, Allahu Allah. And you see out of all different types of people who is mentioned, those who say, Allah has a child, the Quran especially warns them, who's going to take this warning to them? Are they going to come and open the Quran themselves and read, who is supposed to take the Quran, this message to them, those who have the Quran in their hands, because it is so

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sad. They love Allah.

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And sometimes you see this in people how, with so much passion with so much love, they're talking about God, how much you know, they're sacrificing for God's word. They'll go for 18 months, you know, to a country like Mongolia even why in service of the church, they will go to Africa, they will go to so many parts of the world in service of the church to take God's word to others, how much effort they're putting, how much money they're spending, how much time they're investing youth, its young people, many young people will go out and who take this message God has a child but even him and you'll be fine. But the Quran says the exact opposite where you only are Latina, Carlota,

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when Allahu Allah, may Allah whom behave in or ill, they do not have about it any knowledge, those who say that Allah has a child, are they saying this based on some fact? Based on some evidence? No, they have no knowledge about it. Where did they get this from? That Allah has a child, they got this from their forefathers, Allah says well early about him, and nor for their forefathers, even they did not have any knowledge about this. So where did this idea come from?

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It was their own desires, it was their own thinking. Or it was their getting influenced by others, wanting to become like others or wanting to make their religion you know more acceptable to others. They changed the religion they added to the religion. They came up with fascinating stories that appeal to the masses.

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But they have no knowledge for this no evidence for this man. I won't be human or Inman, one only about him. Couple that it is great from calf Balraj. It is very serious. Kelly Martin, a word as a statement it is very serious which statement, the whole regimen of where he him that is coming out of their mouths? What statement are they saying with their mouths, that Allah has a child, Allah says this statement is very serious. In your coluna Illa katiba. They are not saying except a lie. What they're uttering is pure falsehood, what they're saying is a lie. Because it doesn't have any reality to it, who told them that Allah has a child, and saying that Allah has a child would

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definitely mean that he also has a partner.

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And then that child should also have a child and that that child should also have a family. So you see how if you say that Allah has a child, you are instantly, you know, associating so many partners with him. What's the evidence for this? Is it any facts? Not at all, it's only WIMS. But they don't realize how serious the statement is cobertura to Kalamata and Tahoe German of Wareham in your colonna, Illa Canada, and this should make us think many times we say things just because we have heard them,

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or just because they sounded good. So we also set it what are we saying? Do we even know?

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Is it a true statement? Or is it a false statement? Does it have any reality to it? Does it have any basis Cabul rot Kalamata antihero, German for him, in your coluna Illa candybar. And you'll see this matter of the tongue is very serious, because it's possible that a person said something without even thinking and that one statement can become the cause of his eternal failure. Think about what you say. This statement Allah has a child you know how serious the statement is? Allah subhanaw taala become so upset and the skies in the earth they become so fearful when a person says that Allah has a child that insulates money and we learned that Canada Samoa to yet have autonomy in who

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the heavens the skies, they would burst. They would burst because of the seriousness of the statement, what unshackled are due and the Earth would also break apart what the Herald Ubaldo had the and the mountains would crumble there

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Don't the mountains imagine they would fall down they will crumble. Why? Under I will refer anyone other because they say that the Most Merciful Has a child, whereas he does not have a child. So it's a serious statement. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam who received this book, he was given the responsibility, first and foremost to convey this book the message of this book to others. Did he convey? Yes, he did. How? Fela laka bell here on Neff Secor, then perhaps you would kill yourself on a 30 him over there traces what are their traces Ilam you may know that they are not believing we had a hadith in this speech which speech the Quran Asafa out of grief meaning you would kill

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yourself out of grief because of these people. In other words, the prophets that a lot Islam is being told Take it easy.

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Because if you don't take it easy, then Fela laka bell here on Nef cerca la laka perhaps you back here on one who would kill nerf seca yourself,

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you would end up killing yourself you would die if you don't take this a little easy on yourself. Because the profits of a lot of fun we'll take it very, very hard upon Himself that Ilam you may know that people are not believing we had a hadith in this speech. He would feel extreme sadness as if he would be extremely sad over their disbelief, because he knew if people don't believe what are the consequences, what are they? But some shed even severe punishment?

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What does this tell us about the Prophet sallallahu sallam was he not the best servant?

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Did he not fulfill his duty in the best way?

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Did he not try his best? So much so that Allah is telling him Take it easy?

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what is Allah subhanaw taala one from us. XN What does he want from us? Jihad, strive utmost, do your best. Do what you do at the level of excellence. And what is the Prophet salallahu Salam being told? Take it easy. If you're doing too much.

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Further, I look a burglar enough set. What does it show that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam really he was the best of the best? The way he fulfilled his duty. Now this word bell here on very interesting. It's from the route Bihar, Bihar,

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Bihar or the beha. What is the beha

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slaughter the animal that is being slaughtered? The Hara the beha is that when a person slaughters the animal with extraordinary effectiveness with a lot of energy, so much so that he reaches the back of the neck, I imagine how big is the neck of the animal, okay, now a person is, you know, generally when the neck has been cut, you just cut it a little bit, just give a big slit, and you know, cut the main, you know, stuff and the animal will bleed and die. All right. But behind the behind is to slaughter to cut all the way through to the back of the neck to reach the Bihar and what is Bihar, the bone of the neck?

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So you understand. Have you ever tried to cut raw meat?

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You don't touch it.

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Why am I giving you this example? Of course girls don't touch the raw meat.

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But have you ever seen your mom doing it? Cutting raw meat or maybe you've seen a video, right of an animal or something being slaughtered or something really hard that is being cut? Now what does that require a lot of effort behind the beer humming he did it, you know with extraordinary effectiveness, he did it with so much energy that an instant he reached from one side to the other from top to the bottom, he reached the Bihar he reached the neck

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This is what Bukhara is and it denotes the doing of anything to a great extent in a great degree with much or extraordinary effectiveness to do something in the best way with a lot of effectiveness very, very effectively. You know properly. Bihar enough. So who? Bihar enough so what does it mean? That he killed himself with grief? He's at the verge of choking himself to death. Why out of extreme grief because he's taking the matter very, very seriously.

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He took it to heart

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you know many

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things when you're dealing with them. You don't need to take them to heart.

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Because if you let them reach your heart and settle there, then they're going to disturb you. They're going to disturb you. So, for example, you're talking to someone and they say something that's really, really inappropriate. Alright? They don't know about your situation and they pass a common which is extremely disrespectful, very inappropriate. Now, if you take that to heart if you let it come through, you know, like a person slaughtering an animal and reach the back of the neck. So if you let it reach your heart, those thoughts, those feelings, or that conversation is going to disturb you. It's going to kill you.

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It's going to kill your heart. It's going to make you feel horrible. You're going to sit with that grief. So Bahar enough so is when a person killed himself with grief or with anger with being upset me and he really took that matter to heart. Likewise, it is said Bihar to Lucky enough See, Bihar to laka Nef See, many parents say this to their children.

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I've killed myself over you. I've done the best that I could. I've exerted myself for you. I've done my best. You know, look at my hands. Look at my back. Look at my bank. You know, everything I've given you. But hard to like enough? See? Did you honestly, I was just thinking how much of a wellwisher the process that I'm was, you know, regardless of everything that the people did, or regardless of who it was all the way up to like the last people that will be here. He was a lonely shift for them. Exactly. So Phil, I like a bell here enough soccer. Perhaps you would kill yourself. You would harm yourself you're taking this matter to personally do seriously. You're doing too much.

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You're taking this matter very seriously. You're eager beyond measure for these people. You're eager beyond measure for these people. And how are we disinterested beyond measure? You know, someone's dying, someone's thirsty, someone's hungry, what do I care? Let them be my life? Why do I care about others? And the prophets have a lot of Salem was all really concerned about people about their dunya as well as their ACA, so much that Allah is telling him Take it easy. You are at the verge of dying from a surf, what is a surf, worry, grief? What kind of grief? What kind of grief that causes you to be restless that disturbs you. You know the word SF is used in several ways. Sometimes it gives the

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meaning of grief. Sometimes it gives meaning of being impatient, showing restlessness. Sometimes it shows the meaning of anger and sometimes regret. Because when a person is very concerned, this is exactly what he goes through.

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Grief, worry, restlessness, sometimes anger, being upset, and then being regretful. So the prophets of Allah is an uninstall. Take it easy.

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The prophets had a lot of time did not grieve because the people rejected him. He did not grieve because they mocked him. He wasn't sad and upset because the people called him names. He wasn't upset because of himself over himself. He wasn't worried for himself. He was worried for who, for people, that if they don't believe they're going to suffer, if they don't accept this Quran, their lives are going to be in danger. This reminds me of Jaco bodyslam when he said, Yeah, I suffer when you suffer the sun and Binyamin were, like lost and his older son. So he said, Yeah, SFR Allah use of extreme sadness. And that's also with anger because he was also angry at the rest of the sun that

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What have you been doing all these years? You're bringing problem after problem? And then regret also, why did I let use of Go? Why did I let Binyamin go. So you see all of these feelings are together. And the Prophet saw a lot of Saddam was experiencing this, not because he felt that his reputation was getting damaged, or because he was losing friends, or because people were not going to like him anymore. No, he was worried for the people if they don't believe they're going to get but since Shadi, then, what's the reason? Why do people not believe? What are they so lost in? In the dunya? Allah says in Niger, Allah indeed we have made man of the whatever that is on the earth.

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What's on the earth? Let's go on to things because Allah subhanaw taala is telling us

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at least let's list the categories.

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What what's on the earth? People then

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The things that they've made. Okay, what else? Okay, material wealth, animals, birds, plants, vegetation, deserts, forests, rivers, lakes, glaciers.

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Meadows, hills. I mean, there's so much beauty.

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Allah says that in La Jolla, Marilyn, Marilyn out includes everything, every little and big thing.

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Whatever is on the earth, we have made it Zenith Allah, Xena, for it for what for the Earth. Whatever is on the earth is an adornment for the earth, meaning it's just something that's decorating the Earth.

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It's making the earth look nice. It's making this world look wonderful. You know, for example, your house, empty walls, empty floor, when you first walk in. It's all empty. What do you do? You decorate it. How? By placing something on the ceiling by placing something on the wall by putting something on the floor, isn't it? So likewise, this earth is decorated, how there's something on in the sky clouds, birds. There's something that we see, you know, in mid air birds and then we see things tall, like mountains and trees and their stuff on the ground. And then their stuff beneath the ground. Xena, all of this is just something that's decorating the earth. Now told me something

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when you put some decoration on your wall, is it part of the house? Is it part of the house? No, come on. It's temporary. It's temporary.

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Every Xena is temporary, it's not there forever.

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Which is a reason why you put some artwork and then you replace it.

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You move into house and then when you're moving out what do you do? You take everything with you. Even you know it's amazing how sometimes people will also take the light fixtures

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right? Why? Because I installed it i bought it i put it myself so you go in the living room and you're like well there's no light here because the previous owners they took everything with them because it was a Xena. They don't take the walls with them. Right Why? Because that staying

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so this earth is here. However whatever is on it is here temporarily just a decoration. Why Lina beluga home so that we may test them We may test people through what through the Xena.

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People are being tested through the Xena that how much lost? Do they become in the Xena? And how much do they remember? Allah subhanaw taala Lena beluga home, a you home? Which of them complete the Ayah

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said who is best I'm Allah in action in deeds. Allah is testing us that living in this adornment that covers us that's around us that beneath us that's on us. Which person does a son Amel. Which person is best when it comes to his actions? You see the things of this world they're a part of our lives. Right? Children, family, even they are Xena. Almelo well Bernal Z never had to do dunya wealth and children are just an adornment, a decoration of this life. Right? Likewise, we use means of transportation we learned earlier and sort of the natural well hailer will Behala little Kabuga was Xena. These animals what are they, Xena and adornment. It's part of our life. And Allah is

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checking the quality of our actions than what's the quality of our actions. When we are living in the midst of the Xena when the Xena is a big part of our lives. We think we can only do good if we leave everything. No, that's unnatural. That's not according to fitrah that's not what we are meant to do. We think zoo hood is what zoo what basically refraining from the dunya and not detaching yourself from the dunya we think zoo is that there should be nothing in your hand. No dunya in your hand. That is not true. The hood, drizzle what is that there is no dunya in your heart while there is dunya in your hand.

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Because the one who hasn't experienced dunya in his hand, what does he know about leaving it?

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You understand? A person who hasn't experienced? You know enjoyment. He hasn't experienced interaction. He hasn't experienced different pleasures of this dunya What does he know about Epstein?

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getting from them. So true piety is in not letting this world enter your heart. Because if you let it enter your heart you're going to fail in this test, then your actions cannot be of the best quality. And Allah is observing the quality of our deeds are sent or armella

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an action for example, Salah,

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what is the quality of that? Sauna? Is it Essen? Is it hasn't? Is it? So?

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Is it excellent? Is it good? Is it bad? What's the quality? That's what Allah subhanaw taala is checking. He's I'm tracking how much we are accumulating because he already created all of this. He's the one who gave the stuff to us. It doesn't matter how much money we make, how many things we have, how many icecaps we can drink, that doesn't matter. What matters is what we do.

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It doesn't matter how much stuff we can buy on Black Friday, how much stuff we can buy, in Christmas season, how many sales we can take benefit from? No, that doesn't matter. Because what is meant for you will reach you because it's written for you. What matters is our

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actions. So for example, Salah is an action, but what happens to its quality, why does it become bad? Why does it go from good to bad? Why does the quality deteriorate? What's the reason?

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It's the Xena.

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It's this adornment. So living in the Xena, Allah is checking which person is good in his deeds. We're in there and indeed we ledger eluna Charlie wants to make meaning we are going to make ma i lay whatever is on it, meaning whatever is on the surface of the Earth, we're going to turn it into sorry, then into ground that is Judah's that is barren. Sorry, we learned this word earlier also when doing Tamil, take from sorry, done by human put your hand that your hand on sorry, don't play you been sorry, this basically the top layer of the soil of the ground, meaning what you see with your eyes. So this entire Xena is going to be turned into a ground which is Judas, Judas is barren,

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empty, that is bereft of any vegetation that is incapable of producing anything, nothing grows on it.

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This earth is going to turn into a plain ground

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which will lose its potential to grow anything

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flat, white like bread. So after having adorn this dunya Allah who will destroy it, and make everything on it bare and dry into a QA, I 105 We learn where's the Luna candle GBL they ask you about mountains for Cali and sifu ha Rabina sfor say My Lord will blow them away with a blast. Fire that will have con soft software. And he will leave the earth a level plane lithography her religion, wala AMTA and you will not see there in any depression, or any elevation, flat, smooth. This is the reality of this earth. The things that we accumulate the things that we adorn ourselves with what's going to become of them, they're going to be flattened the things that we take care of

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so much. We look at them when we dust them and we clean them when we put them back. And then we take them out very carefully. And if a child dare touch it, God save that child.

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Think about it. If a glass breaks, if a dish breaks, was it meant to break? What does this tell us? It was meant to break. If the child didn't break it, you know what, sooner or later it's going to break. But you know what matters? What you did at that time, what you said, how you reacted what you did to that child that matters. Allah does not look at how much we preserve the worldly things that we are given how long we can keep them and how good we can maintain them. It doesn't matter. What matters is our words, our behavior, our actions.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these

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Alhamdulillah Lelli

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100 The Hill kita.

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share the

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more you must share on maybe

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While you must share meaning

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a gentleman has Macky Fein FET

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while you're on the ball

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Gabor montgenevre

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boardroom in

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de Luna.

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In you may be hiding easy

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son Muhammad Allah,

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the Prophet salallahu Salam once said, this world is sweet and green, what does it mean?

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It's attractive, it's delicious, it's fun.

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That's what this world is very tempting, very attractive. And Allah makes you generations succeeding one another. One generation comes, enjoys this dunya. And then goes, and another takes its place. Allah makes you generation succeeding one another. And he is watching what you will do.

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Your time here, it's temporary. The things here, you will leave them, they will break in your life, or they will break after your life. However, what is Allah watching

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what you will do, what you will accomplish, not the things you will accumulate. But the actions that you do, the legacy that you live, the good things that you begin the examples that you set, that is what matters.

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There's a court in which first set that in the life of this world, everyone is a guest. What does that mean? A guest, by definition means you're here for some time, you came from somewhere, you're here for some time, and then you're on your way to your destination. In the life of this world. Everyone is a guest and his wealth is alone. It's alone, whatever stuff you have, no matter how expensive it is Xena, no matter how good it is, it's alone,

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the guest will depart, and the loan will be returned.

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Like when you go to a guesthouse. When you go to a hotel, whatever is there for you is alone. You can't take those hangers with you to your house. Can you? Can you take the bed with you?

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Can you take the sheets with you? Can you take the pillows with you? Even if you like that? No, it's alone. You can use it temporarily.

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And then you have to leave and the loan will be returned to the owner.

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So my Neko reminds me of all the righteous companions or those especially like even 10 years, even kid they're avoided or the Law No, they're dead with the amount of work that they have left behind. And just like you said, they're we're going to be generation after generation. So I only limit time what we only have is what footsteps are we going to leave behind. And now that I see my own daughter, like just yesterday, I remember giving birth to him today, like she's almost three years old. And only then I realize how time flies time will never wait for you. Exactly. We watch children grow up. And we are amazed that how quickly time has passed. But we don't realize that yes, they

00:34:07 --> 00:34:33

have grown up and we have also aged Yes. Even during our own lifetimes, we see examples of things being taken away from us. Either we lose something that we hold really close to ourselves, or something gets broken or destroyed. And every time a natural disaster hits is sort of an example for not only the people there and for everyone around but you know what all of this is going to end for you someday, someday this will actually happen and you will have to leave it all behind. You can't restart It'll be finished.

00:34:35 --> 00:34:50

And especially in autumn, fall season, what do you see? I mean, you want to stop the leafs from falling. Right? You don't want them to die. You don't want that beauty to go away. But can you stop it? No.

00:34:51 --> 00:34:59

You cannot. Time will continue to move on. It's not going to wait for you. So do something before your time is up.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:16

And you know, when all trees after the whole season, I mean and fall as your leaves are falling. There's so much beauty in that also. And this year, this is something that I kept wishing for every time I saw those beautiful trees that, you know, you're going to live this life and you're going to end

00:35:18 --> 00:35:30

we're going to go through this life, and we're going to die. And we hope that inshallah our life is good. And our death is also good, that is also beautiful, just as these trees are also dying in a beautiful way.

00:35:31 --> 00:35:33

Because that's what matters.

00:35:35 --> 00:35:45

I was thinking that, there's a quote that the best gift you can give to someone is time, because that's one thing that's never going to come back from them. So the time that we're actually giving to Allah, that's going to be one of the assets that we're going to have.

00:35:46 --> 00:36:18

Exactly. And especially this person or man, this is something that we need to focus on. Because many times we're doing good, but we don't care about the quality. We don't care about the quality of our actions. You know, for example, we'll just pray slaughter for the sake of praying. We'll just read Quran for the sake of reading it. We'll just listen to our parents for the sake of listening to them. But what's the quality? You know, one is that okay, I did it. And the other is that I did it well, also, both things matter, doing it and doing it well.

00:36:20 --> 00:36:40

We related to the beginning of the sutra, last time that I was telling us that he deserves praise, because he has given us the Quran. We think about it we can make our lives meaningful by following the Quran by living through what it has commanded us to do. And by also following the example of a solo solo artist and it was mentioned in the previous verse. So if we take both of these into account, our lives become meaningful.

00:36:42 --> 00:36:43


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so pranic Allahumma We have Nick Nisha de la ilaha. Illa. Anta Mr. Furukawa to Blue Lake Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Thank you.

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