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Bismillah Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah.

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As you know that we are doing the Tafseer of solid, a room. And we said that solar truly is a monkey. So Allah, mosquitoes are focusing on Al Qaeda. Yes. What is the real meaning of al Qaeda? The real meaning of VEDA, my dear brothers and sisters, is not to believe how we should deal with other sects of Islam, or how we should believe in the names of and the names and the attributes of Allah, Allah, Allah, the real and the essence meaning of our data is to believe First of all, in the existence of from la de la vida and Daryl Budi of Allah, Allah, Allah, that Allah Allah, Allah has the quality of lordship, and then to believe that Allah Allah, Allah is the only one to be

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worshipped. And to believe, generally speaking, in the names and attributes of Allah, Allah Allah, it is true that part of the VEDA is to believe in the names and attributes of Allah, Allah, Allah. But this is part of the data. It is not the essence of that data is not the real meaning of the data. The real meaning of al Qaeda is to submit to Allah deliver Allah, in devotion, the real meaning of our data is to believe that the Lord Allah, Allah is the supreme being, and he's above everything. And that Allah, Allah, Allah is the controller of everything. Elijah, Lana is the Sustainer of everything. And one of the key qualities of or that you can say, the main quality of

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data is to believe that Allah, Allah is the master of everything. And one of his key Ruby qualities is that He is the creator of everything. This surah is talking about all of these things. And in particular, it focuses on the power of Allah, Allah, Allah and his ability to create whatever he wants that that's why the creation was mentioned the frequently in the sutra. And this surah one of the main themes of this aura, which is related to this is to send a powerful message that Allah, Allah, Allah is the only one who is, is the only Supreme Being and he is the only one he is above the entire humanity. And he is the one that it changed can never happen to him, let alone that our

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the law can be ever subject to any kind of shortcoming. Yes, that's why we said a la jolla started this surah by mentioning the Romans, and that they have been defeated, and they will defeat in order to establish the fact that no matter how nation was strong, the nation will be defeated one time, and the name this nation or other nations will defeat after they have been defeated, and the only one who remains above everyone, and that the one that who will never be defeated is who is allied alone.

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Yes, this is the essence of our data once the person My dear brothers and sisters, believe in a larger level Allah like this, then this empowers the person. And the reality of Islam is to empower the people in a way that they free themselves from slavery to any system, other than slavery to Allah, Allah. And not only that, my dear brothers and sisters, being the slave of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, if there were the slave is the correct translation, but you understand what I mean? If Yeah, the person feels that he is the slave of Allah and Allah, He will never be, he will never feel intimidated, belittled, he will never feel depressed, because he is now a slave, he will never feel

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that he is restricted, he will feel that he has the real freedom and obviously, obviously, this is an empowerment of humanity. So, this is the real empowerment of humanity is through what through the heat and definitely, definitely, this empowerment of a human beings because they are the human beings, they have to have some restrictions in their life, because human beings because first of all, this is life. This is the dunya It has many restrictions, why? Because this is the nature of this dunya it

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is not the agenda, it is not the eternal life, it is not the ultimate happiness of a human beings, it was created for a test. So this real empowerment, it doesn't mean that it is.

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It has no restrictions, no, there it has some restrictions, but those restrictions are meant to give the person the real empowerment and the real freedom. The philosophy is they have this My dear brothers and sisters that if you if you do not accept the restrictions of Allah, Allah, Allah please, we need to understand this point. If we do not accept the restrictions that Allah Allah, Allah have put upon us, then we will work we will free ourselves from them. But we will accept the restrictions of what of the creation of a larger Nevada, and hence we escaped from the restrictions of the holodeck and we put ourselves or we subject ourselves to the destruction of all of them a

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loop and which means that if we want to start federal law, runaway or flee from the being the slaves of Allah, Allah, Allah, we will be enslaved by human beings, yes, or by other systems. And this is the meaning of the powerful statement by one of the companions, who

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I met when he said, we came to bring people out of what of slavery for human beings, the systems of human beings, etc, etc, to bring them what to take them to the why that is, or or the real freedom, which is the freedom of Eva, that Allahu Allah Allah, when they are enslaved to what to Allah, Allah, Allah, and we came to take them from The what? The narrowness of the dunya to the vastness of the era. And one law here, my dear brothers and sisters, we need to understand this philosophy, this Islamic philosophy, if you see people who do not believe in Allah, Allah, Allah, you will definitely feel that they are slaves to something else.

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Okay, I challenge you, I challenge you to bring any person who claims that he is really free, you will see that this person is either being enslaved by human beings, or by systems or

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by certain desires, and think of the people who are obsessed by the dunya. Yeah, they are just Yanni buying into the dunya, you will feel you will see that from the way they conduct their life, that they are enslaved by what by the dunya look at for example, Doha, those who are obsessed to for food, yes, and they do not have restrictions. They eat, eat, eat until they become what slaves for the food and tell the food what because of the food, they will impose many restrictions for the upon themselves in order to survive, otherwise will they will what? They will die because of what obsession? Yes, or being obscene.

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Are you following this? Yeah, same thing, if you been obsessed by sexual desires, or another, either materialistic things you will be one time or one point, being enslaved by this materialistic life, and it will control you. And you will think of one thing which is, which is what how to fulfill your desires until you become what you become the slave of that. Maybe I don't know whether I have mentioned it just came to my mind now that maybe I mentioned it to you or not a friend of mine. He's a psychiatry and he was dealing with with the people who are dealing with drugs. And he said, I am person came to the hospital drunk hospital, and that was in Saudi Arabia. He was 2425. And he was

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addicted to drugs. We had Yanni The police have to chain him in order not to take drugs, and they were smuggling drugs. And one time, one time this person was found dead were in the toilet. Why? Because he smuggled drug injection and when did he injected the drug? Yes, in his private pot, and as a result of this, he died immediately. Why?

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Because he could not find in his body a place where he can What? injected the drugs. And the only free place that he found was his What? his private part or next to his private part. And that was one of the most sensitive areas and he took a dose and then he died. Imagine this kind of what? Of Death now, okay, freedom led to what? The worst kind of slavery, this kind of freedom led to the worst kind of what of slavery once people do not follow the law of Allah, Allah Allah, even if they call themselves Muslims by name because Islam as we always say, is a reality rather than what a name? Yeah. Okay, even if there were Muslims, but they are not acting upon their Islam, this what

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will happen to them. So, this surah is talking about what is talking about the real power of Allah, Allah, Allah, the real qualities of Allah, Allah, Allah and one of them is as we said, that he is your feeble alpha, he puts people down and he puts people up and he is the one who remains high up all the time jell O Allah, and voila, he My dear brothers and sisters, this gives the person love for Allah, Allah, Allah and this gives the person the need and the love to be next to Allah, Allah, Allah before because he feels that he is empowered by Allah, Allah, Allah, He is what he is being protected by the one who protects everything, the one who controls everything, it gives a sense of

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security and happiness to the person who loves Allah, Allah, Allah and who you who views Allah, Allah like this. And this is, as we said, is the essence of al Qaeda, my dear brothers and sisters, anyway, Allah Allah, Allah in this surah mentioned so many of his signs, and his attributes, and his qualities, jello Allah, he started to talk about some of those qualities woman,

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woman, iottie woman and among His Signs among his sons, and we said that in this in this in this part of the surah, Allah Allah Allah mentioned what six, yet among his great signs, and he started by the last that he started by explaining, he started by this idea that we have explained last time, woman i, t. And Hala coming to Robin Zuma until he wrote among his sons that he created you from dust, who created you, he created Adam and Adam He is our father and he gave Adam gave birth to all the older human beings. Yeah. And hence,

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we were created from what our family is Allah was created from and obviously okay and then Allah, Allah, Allah said to monitor and to measure on Iran, all of a sudden after the creation of Adam, you became what you became a human being discovered every word on this globe. Yeah. And and of course, this, this in this ayah My dear brothers, there is a delille that refutes the principle or the refutes the theory of evolution, let us not discuss it now. I want to move to the second Ayah after that Allah Allah Allah says woman iottie and among His Signs that he created for created from your own selves and Haleakala coming on fusi comm he created from your own selves. Yeah, as Raja

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as well as mates or spouses

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that you may find reposts in them, or you might find a tranquility in them. Lita, schooner, Anya, you might find the repose or a tranquility in them or with them, and he has put between you affection and say, indeed there are or indeed there are, there are in this yard signs for those who think or reflect this ayah My dear brothers and sisters is always quoted when people get married. Yeah. And it is also quoted when we talk about marriage and how we can maintain healthy marriages. First of all, if we look at those six is that the word Allah Allah mentioned they focus on what the hell yes, that he is.

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a harlot he is the only one who created and he is the only one who creates and the first I was talking about the creation of them and then the creation of the entire humanity okay and then there was more details how the entire humanity was created. Mm hmm. Allah Allah Allah mentioned that the entire humanity created it through what a through this as watch that he created from among your from yourselves as well as your spouses or mates. So you might find repose or tranquility with them or in them.

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This ayah My dear brothers and sisters, it has Subhanallah many medicals First of all, the meaning the general meaning is clear, is it clear or not? Yeah, the general meaning. Now, in this ayah as some scholar said, that Allah Allah Allah said woman iottie I'm halaqa lakum min. unfussy come he said he created what haha for you For you ha la la comme min. unfussy come as wotja he created for you. This is the biggest number or sorry this is one of the big dramas that Allah Allah Allah created for us for you. Yes, so you might have some benefits. So you need to be thankful to Allah Allah Allah for this. This is one and then the second one holla perilaku min. unfussy calm. So our

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maids or the spouses, yes, they were created from what from among ourselves? And as they said, this was more a This was illustrated mod when Allah Allah Allah says, yep, yeah, you are not suitable Rebecca malaria, Allah pacu minassian wahida wahala Pamina de Wanda and amin Houma region and kathira one is

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he fear Allah The one who created

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sorry Holla

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Holla caminada Weber seminoma, Jalan kathira when he saw

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me when He created you from one single what soul? Yeah. And it from that soul itself? He created what? The spouse or the mate? Yes, that's out of it. So hannula Why is this? As if awaji Allah Allah say the couple, the couple originally they are one soul? Yeah. And this is the typical form of what of our family? Yes, or a typical form of azote or Jane, that you as the human being? Yes, your zote okay with a male or a female? Is it from yourself, so you should be acting and living as one soul? This is one thing. And the other thing in order to feel that your spouse is not a stranger from you. The origin of this power of the origin zone is what was created from the soul itself. And as you

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know, that Allah Allah Allah created even from the rip of Adam, Allah Islam, so from Adam, she was created Allah Allah, Allah created even from what, from dusk as he created the other, and then he could have married the name together, but there is a huge wisdom behind that, behind that.

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So this is another NEMA pipe and as some scholar said, that it is part of the nema datawatch Allah Allah did not create for ourselves the xojo from Jin holla pelaku min unphysical. Yes, or maybe other creatures? Yeah. No, he created from ourselves. So they are what human beings like us. And even they said that this is a little This is an evidence that it is impossible that a man can marry again or again, a female Jin can marry a male or a male Jim can marry a female and so our alum This is Jani, one of their Adela but they said that it happened that there was a marriage between incentive Allahu Allah. Yeah, one of the scholars by the way. He is one of the hambly greatest

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scholars, they said kinda about he had to avoid any one of his parents was a genie. Hello. I don't know if that is true or not. But they said this idea if it is understood

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like this it means that the genie yeah cannot marry an NC alum, but it is definitely that

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the, the unit, the unit between the husband and wife or between the male and female can function properly and can be the source of tranquility, happiness, stability,

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remorse Rama, mercy, affection when it happens like it is that a male is marrying female

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so that's why Allah Allah Allah said hello Paula comin on fujichrome as Raja yeah they also said that that part of the Rama of Allah Allah Allah that He made Xs with breeding, yes, so we can breed the human beings can only go into this breeding goal or year in order to make the next generation and the generation after that. Yes, Leah Baba. That Allah Allah Allah made it in a way that a male has to marry a female. Yeah, rather than a male to marry a male yes or a female to marry a female or as Allah Allah Allah created plants where my many plants can produce from the planet plant itself. It doesn't need a female plant with a male plant in some plants. Yes, there is a female and male but

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in many other plants, just that they can Yanni continue and grow and produce the second generation from the plant itself. As we can see, yeah.

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In palm trees and in many others, yeah, that the plant itself produce its I don't know what's called fussa in Arabic the children Yeah, and so on. So but Allah Allah, Allah wanted human beings who are the main creation on this earth to what to have opposite genders or opposite sexes, whereby the female gets married to male is Aquila Farah Baraka Luffy ceremony.