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The transcript discusses various topics related to Islam, including false statements, pride, and arrogance. The discussion touches on the importance of accepting and submitting the message of the Quran and the importance of fasting during Easter. The importance of fasting during Easter is emphasized, with a focus on driving people to fast. The segment also highlights the potential benefits of Islam, including driving people to fast during the month of Easter and the potential for law enforcement.

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You are listening to lesson 22 of the CF sutra till Ackoff bisha Dr. Hasan al Haddad happy the hula brought to you by Islam 21 c.com

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articulating Islam in the 21st century

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah this is Sora Tara

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inshallah we are coming towards the end of the surah. Either we can finish it today, or maybe maximum next week in sha Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah. We said that Sora Tila Hoff is

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a mosquito.

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And it is one of the how I mean, it is one of the halloumi and the how I mean, we said that they were revealed in Makkah, consecutively,

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yes, six years or seven years.

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they deal with similar topics. So rockoff deals with those who rejected the dour after showing them the proofs, and many of those proofs are rational proofs. Anyone who would like to accept the healthy will accept that. Yes, but and that shows that those who reject that they deserve to be punished.

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Because they did not just rejected that revelation, but they just reject common sense. We mentioned that the surah went through a journey with us right from the beginning when downloaded know Allah spoke about

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Allah, Allah Allah in the beginning, he sets certain foundations, certain rules, and those foundations anyone would accept to them, which is called our automatic Amendola hirani Maha akumina.

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Mr. T to Nikita, our 30 minute meaning quantum sadati in

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a very rational proof. Have you seen those whom you worship besides Allah dalada, whom you make dua beside them, Lord, Allah, Allah, show me what power do they

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show me? What power do they have? Do they own anything? Do they control anything? Can they give you anything? Have they do they own anything from and these heavens and earth?

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Show me Have they created anything? Nothing, nothing, nothing? Nothing? Then why do you worship them? Besides the light Allah Allah? Why do you make dua to them?

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Just make dua to the one who created them, the one who creates everything, the one who controls everything, the one who can give and who can take a lot a lot, that either. Then this whole went through some of the qualities and characteristics of the machine of courage that they have rejected that Allah and Allah Allah became so angry with them, and they even rejected rational proofs. And also they have some similarities with the people of Moosa and Allah Allah Allah mentioned a little bit about Moosa in the beginning of the solar wind allegedly, Radha says

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me up una Terra, when Allah

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says Allah come to be Domino's idioma de may become inactive Yamaha LA, WA, Ilana De Niro movie, and the ayat after that item can I mean Angela walks up to me with shahida he don't mean Bernie is Sarah Isla. I mean, he was stuck back to

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this again shows that listen, even from Venezuela, he from the people of Moosa, someone might testify that this is the truth that this message is the truth yet for me and I was stuck bottom. And you have rejected that our and we said that it might this might refer to Abdullah hibino salam, according to any one opinion he was from Bani Israel and then he accepted it.

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He accepted the hug because the Quran is the simple rational message. Then we say that

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yes, and Allah Allah Allah

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mentioned about them and how out of guns they were when he was talking about the story of Musa wirkkala Latina Kapha Lena Lena Ave lo Carnahan en una la

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They don't have to do bfsi Oh Luna

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if Cody, Wyoming COVID Nikita boo Musa Emma Mama, the disbelievers, they will say to the believers, listen Allah He, yeah, they might even swear by Allah that if that was what you are calling for or what Mohammed is calling for or what Islam is calling for, while he we will be the first people to follow it.

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Yeah. Which they they want to say that Listen, you are following it and definitely it is not the truth. Definitely it is not the truth and there is no higher on it. Okay. And they will say that these are gasps old or old

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trail or old lies. Then Allah Allah Allah said, same thing, some people or the people of Malaysia did to Musa alayhis salam, then as we said, in this ocean of rejection

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of the truth, Allah, Allah Allah shows us what causes of those who follow the truth in Medina Kaduna law. So Mr. Feller for

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those who have said that a lot is our Lord. Yes, these people, they will have no fear in this dunya and they will not have also fear in the Day of Resurrection, Halas once they die, they will have eternal peace because those people have followed the message of Allah have followed the truth. Okay? And then the sutra goes on and on talking about moving Yes, from one angle to another angle. And then all of a sudden, the surah mentioned about another form of arrogance. Now this arrogance is not the arrogance of the societies but the organs of the individuals. Yes. And this surah is showing those who show our organs towards those who looked after them, those who gave them nourishment when

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they were children, those who

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helped them while they were helpless, their parents.

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They are showing our organs to them. And those people, the one who is not grateful to Allah, Allah Allah, He will not be grateful to the people, the one who is not grateful to people, he doesn't know how to show gratefulness to others as well. That's why Allah Allah Allah mentioned the dat example. Then, as we know that

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Allah Allah Allah mentioned also that there will be that person who will be obedient to his parents, and he will make the art to his parents, and then he will make your art to himself. Yeah, there are both examples, those who are obedient, and those who were laid

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off c'est la cama aka Danny and

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those who are showing our guns towards their parents, and despite the fact that they were calling him for the help, yes, anyway, this hoorah goes on and on. And then the surah is spoke about,

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spoke about the people of ad and we said that the people of ad were among the very strong people and they were dwelling in an off which is what the name or the title of this hoorah it seems Allahu Allah that Allah Allah Allah wants to show to say that look at the people of

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the people of off they should Oregon's they were very strong. Yes. And Latinos love to have it be that. Yes.

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The people of

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Allah, Allah Allah destroyed them despite the power that they use to have our Santa lamb de hung Sora Saba v Amina, he said, or sub Sahara Holla Holla him sub La La Anita yameen who Suma the people who fight they were destroyed by what the the wind? Yes, though. Okay.

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Then after that we said

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after that journey, moving from one topic to another topic, Allah, Allah, Allah concluded this surah by a passage where he sort of he cannot follow me.

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Jean yes them you know,

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so behind Allah, this end. First of all it is consoling the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa sallam that yes, there will be people who will be rejecting that our there will be people who are arrogant there are people who are as alleged Allah. Allah described them in the beginning of the surah when they said we're in Atlanta, yemaya to Nava uniting caldina Kovalchuk dilemma Jia whom

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Allah Allah Dena cafaro did have a major home home movie about what about the Quran? And then they said amico Luna Farah, yes. Or do they say that they have he produced this or an from himself? Yeah. So you saw that the beginning of the surah talks about those who rejected the Quran, those who will not listen to the Quran, those who say that, Oh, these are just ancient flies, then, okay, that's what I went through that journey by the end of the surah. Allah, Allah Allah gave the other image, the image of who of those who will listen to the Quran and what they will accept the message of the Quran Subhan Allah, and Allah Allah, as if he said, All human beings, you don't want to listen.

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Yeah, I can create millions and trillions of created beings who will listen to the Quran and who will submit to the Quran. You don't want it is up to you. Yeah. So that's why Allah Allah Allah said, haha, whatever sort of remember Mohammed, you haven't DDoS yet come when law he you need to give this weakness and confidence and any positive feeling.

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Remember that Muhammad, whatever seraphina la Cana forum in Elgin yestermorrow now, we sent them to you to listen to the Quran.

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Fela helldorado when they attended the Koran, what did they say all see two out of respect for the Quran? By as we always say, these Jin they were disbelievers. Yeah. Did they know what the Quran is? As I said yesterday, last time that it seems that Therefore, by nature, it has it has a different nature. Yeah, it is a column but it is not our kilometers Colombo from La Jolla Allah that's why it has a different nature. So when the person listens to it, he will say that this column is different. Yeah, I told you about the experiment checker if he had but there again is a proof for this fella Hello, hello.

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This is column a Jeep? This is a strange Yeah, this is a strange they say to themselves, listen, listen. We are listening to something that is different. Okay. Say to fella for the they did not leave even except when the professor send them finished a dissertation. So

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out of respect for the Quran, it was mentioned that the early scholars, if they were reading they and someone knocked on the door or someone may be called the mobile phone or someone done something. Yeah. They will not leave the Koran until what? They finish the surah

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Yeah, until they finish the surah or some scholars said until they would complete the ayah

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yes out of what respect for the Quran battilana.com there were no mobile phones. But anyway, okay. So wake up. So when when they Yani are reading and they are disturbed. They will not just leave the leaves and stop the dissertation. Out of what respect for the Koran. Okay.

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unsubtle Phelim cobia.

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Once the dissertation came to an end, the prophet Allah Allah, Allah is, as we said, Yes, he met the jinn at least twice. And whether this refers to his journey when he was coming from pif, or this refers to the another incident. When Abdullah said, we were in Makkah, and the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam one somewhere, he disappeared, so we were worried about him. Yes. And then when he came, he said, Attorney Wolf, do Elgin

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Yes, the delegates have generally they came to me and I want to solve a problem between them. And then they listened to the Quran and they accepted Islam. It is it looks like that this incidence refers to what? To the first one when the Prophet Salah Salem went to five is that what was rejected, he came back, he was young he the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was in a difficult situation. Yes, after rejecting his, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was leading his companions a little further, and the jinn heard that Allah Allah Allah brought to them to listen to the dissertation of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and because of that, they accepted that they accepted Islam. Okay, okay.

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This is a clip we mentioned it. Allah, Allah says, what sort of any kind of Armenian genius or an alum falana Hello,

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Saito, Salama codea Well, allow me him only.

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Once immediately, once they finish listening to the Quran, they want as people calling their people to Denver, Colorado manna, oh, our people listen, well, I we came to you with something that will bring you honor in the dunya and in the alpha. and this should be the language of the day that listen, well, I am. I'm not interested in any materialistic thing. I am going to bring you something that benefits you in the dunya before the alpha

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something that it is the truth from

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God we are phenomena in semi kita been owned by the Moosa we have heard a book that was revealed after the Torah after the time of Moses, and we mentioned why did why didn't they say that this book was revealed after a PSA? Yeah. Whether they were followers of Mossad, a serum or because the book of Moosa

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the book of Isa is just another confirmation of the message of Musa alayhis salam. So they refer to the original one Hello lm this or that Okay. Hi and we are common in SME Nikita van

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de Moosa de la isla de Missa. Tee it guys to the truth.

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Yeah, what era what

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was stopping and it guides to a straight path. So panela brothers to handle any whatever even if they heard certain factor because we said how much they heard from the Quran. When you know, it is unlikely that the prophet SAW Selim would lead their companions. And so that infringer with one Judo suddenly maybe they heard my salon, two pages, three pages, five pages, even if I didn't care, he would say that the professor I send them sometimes would lead the lead would lead selected failure and he would make it light and he would read what our soft fat five pages Yeah. But if an Imam reads a surfactant out Yeah, he will be reported to the charity commission

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that is ultra extremist

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by Yeah. Now this is what you have if this is the light Salah This is the lighter by so Yanni, how much the Prophet sallallahu Sallam read

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two pages, three pages, four pages, and again what accepted the truth. They realize that this is the message of Allah, Allah Allah and they realize that this book guides to what in and help

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you know help Subhana Allah, this is the power of the Quran. And no one My dear brothers, no one would read the Koran or listens to the Quran. Would Jani a clean heart, a clean heart except he will accept and submit to the message of the Quran? photostock Yeah. And those who read the Quran who listens to the Quran, they and they do not submit to the Quran they don't want. Yeah, that's why Allah Allah Allah described this book as what houden

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then we're talking

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not guidance for those who do not want to be guided by Subhana Allah Look at this, the jinn here. What

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Have them with the team.

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They were so far so

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bad. They were so far not rejecting them internally. internally. They were pure people.

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internally. That's why when they listened within listen to the Quran, they submitted to it immediately. Yes, so we can say that this Jani. This explains how the Quran is guidance for mcdata in what in the houden were a little Idina be him. He took a look at his guidance for those who will submit those who are going to accept the help those who are moved up in either now or eventually they will become mythical. And this is an example by

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Moreover, brothers. Yeah, they said yesterday that was ella periurban was starting, they realized that the are our guides to a straight path.

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How come?

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What did they hear? Did they hear the different guidance of the Quran? Did they hear

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word for answers about Hadoop about punishments? Did they hear what Koran says about Jihad? Did they hear about what Quran says about women? Yeah. Did they hear that the Quran? Matheran says

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I am tempted to decorate the home and by Yeah.

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About that witnesses of women. Yeah, that sometimes we need in certain cases we need two women. Yes. And one man and instead of having two men. Okay. Did they hear about this? Did they hear about all these controversial issues? Definitely. They had some. Yeah, but that is not. That is not the issue. If you hear the Koran part of it, you will realize that this book, this book, is

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this book is the truth. So definitely those things that can be seen as controversial. They are the truth.

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I don't need to have an answer for every single controversial issue mention in the Quran. It is enough to submit to the Quran to say that, oh, this guy's to the truth. Even those things that I'm not aware of it is what it is. They are mentioned in the Quran. They are what the truth as well. Yeah, yeah. da da, da da da da most of them. Then they say to our mana. Yeah, please. As if they are saying please. Yes. Amina aji. Buddha yo la. Movie.

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Yeah, look at the the rationale. dimensioned by okay. In the beginning pouya kamina. They put forward what the evidence? Yeah. almoner in SME anakee tabin. On the Messiah DE LA County. Well in our mo stuff they mentioned about the Quran that it is the hub therefore, what Yakama ijebu diala therefore, we need to submit to it. Yeah. Is it to clear the logic of data, you have to present a proof that what you are calling for is what

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is the truth? Yeah. And then you say to people, because it is the truth, then submit to it, accept it. And this is what the Jen has done and Subhana Allah This is your any almost Yanni the method of the hour that is mentioned

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in the Quran.

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Look in Surah telegin. What the devil Allah says, Allah and who's the manna from Elgin? pipe football in Santa Ana for an algebra again. We heard what an amazing

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Yeah, similar, very similar. And then what? Yeah, the

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follow in semana en n.

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de la voz de

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Bie Whelan new Shira cabbie rabina hada

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Yeah, the erosion. And here the book. Yeah. De Seine. Yeah. And it is an amazing book. We have heard that amazing book by. Okay. Kalia from Anna Anna Jaco mana aji Buddha Allah um you know be as that as out if you submit to Allah Allah Allah and accepted the truth what will happen?

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You have a fiddler comin lubicon why you did come in

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He will forgive your sins or you can say he will forgive from your sins because young fair lakum men they know become can be understood as what men legions Yeah, yeah and yeah for lack of novacom or lichten a young fella can mean little B come from your sins by both can be any they have honkala Kava can have some interpretation if we say that he will forgive all your sins because you have accepted the truth. And when you accept Islam, every every sin that you have committed before Islam, it will be what wiped out young fella coming to become by a young fella comienza Rubicon Yes, he will forgive what

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the sense that you committed before Islam but the sense that welcome

00:26:37--> 00:26:43

after Islamic law there will be what you will be held accountable for them. Is it clear?

00:26:44--> 00:26:57

Yeah, is it clear? So both interpretations are acceptable young fella coming derbycon means you have all of your sins and that was mentioned in a few if by

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that when we people accept Islam they all their sins will be forgiven or when it says young fella come in the room become as it was mentioned in Sora for example, no. Yes.

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In our salon Oh honey LA County and under Obama came to

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me in a lacuna Iran movie

00:27:23--> 00:27:27

by Fatah ha What are they? What

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men do

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when officer Camila Jamison again young fella Commando. And there are some other examples of from the Quran. So if we say young Filipino men know Islam wipes out all previous sense, but why he said men, because maybe you will commit other sins in the future that is not included in this. Okay. And if we say it means young fella robocon. Yes, because Islam wipes all previous sense. Why you didn't come in at 730. Yeah. And that confirms that, okay, all your previous sins will be forgiven. And as a result of this, where you did come, he will protect you from a very severe punishment. Look at this pipe. They did not mention to them, as we said that you will be granted Jana and Indiana you

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will get in and you will get this and that and this and that. Yes, that can be mentioned. But the key thing is what?

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To be what? Yeah, save the from the punishment of the hangfire. This is the most worrying thing. Yeah. And if we read, as we mentioned, if we read in the life of the companions, and the early people, the most worrying thing for them was what?

00:28:58--> 00:29:19

Ghana, Ghana and it should be the most worrying thing for us brothers. But I mentioned to some handler a few days. There was an incident so I mentioned to the brothers that once I was traveling in Saudi Arabia from one city to another city, then in front of us there was a truck. Yeah, fuel truck.

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And we saw that

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flame started, fire started. Then the truck pulled,

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pulled up. And then the driver he started to run. Yes. And it was in front of us. Then the fire started what? In the whole truck. Yeah, the whole truck. It was SubhanAllah. So huge fire.

00:29:48--> 00:29:59

We want to because we need to catch an appointment. So I said to I was with my brother. Yeah. We were driving. I said, Listen, you drive by the car.

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We can't both of us the drive behind the car, if something happened, the only then both of us will be he will be gone. You drive and it will walk behind you or the opposite. So he was driving it quickly and I was running behind him we just want to cross because if the police came and yes, then we will be stopping for a long time. We're like brothers that the fire was I was trying to run as much as they can from the side of the fire as much as I can. As much as they can. And you feel by just looking to the fire. Yeah, looking at it and it was maybe what 2030 meters high. Yeah, that enough. That is enough to create fear and and and hollow in your mind in your and it still is still

00:30:53--> 00:31:27

until now. I remember that. Yes. And this is what the fire of the dounia imagine the fire of acid and you can feel the heat. I was maybe what 3040 meters away from it. Yes. And you feel the heat coming to you imagine imagine from Hannah law that you will be just be burned inside the data truck. Imagine that poor person, the driver. He was in the truck and got stuck there. And he was burned there.

00:31:29--> 00:32:22

Unbelievable. That's why one of the setup he said when I go to bed I remember the fire of hell. I wake up I can't. Yeah, I can't I can't disagree. Yeah. And this is because of their level of fear of Allah. Allah Allah. This is the most worrying thing Murray Muhammad said. Listen, if helaas we are saved him from the fire of him has done the job is done. Alhamdulillah Wherever we go, it is easy. By Yeah, the key thing is not to what not to go to the fire of hell. Yeah, that's why the hour of the prophets were focusing on this. We will save you from the punishment. Yes, listen, listen, listen, this dunya is going to come to an end wake up wake up is not worth it. Yes. Whether even if

00:32:22--> 00:32:31

you How long are you going to live in this? dunya 70 years? 80 years? 90 years? 100 years? 100 whatever. Then you will die.

00:32:32--> 00:32:52

And once you die, yes. helaas That's it. No room for you even to repent to Allah Allah. Yes. When we are not equal. Nora book, the people in the fire of health. They say Malik, please, please finish us. Ask your Lord to destroy us finished.

00:32:54--> 00:32:57

On an inner calm maketo

00:32:58--> 00:32:59


00:33:00--> 00:33:10

or no? Not at all. You will never die You will never die. Yes. And I'm talkin iottie tequila at a con for con Tomba to get the

00:33:11--> 00:33:15

word recited. And you were either to get the one artist as you

00:33:17--> 00:33:24

just rejected that. So have a law same thing, same thing. Same thing Yakama at Buddha law.

00:33:26--> 00:33:32

Just be irrational by this person is not guiding you to anything grand.

00:33:35--> 00:33:44

Therefore you're calling it Buddha Liu amin ob that's all Yeah, listen to the color of Allah Allah Allah to sell and submit to Him.

00:33:46--> 00:34:14

Young Pharaoh la komenda rubycon he will wipe all your previous sense why you get caminhada in LA and then they said one Allah YouTube de La La Casa de marketing and fill out and those who do not want to answer the call from La Jolla. Where are they going to go? He will not escape from Allah, Allah Allah. This is the earth. Is he going to escape somewhere?

00:34:15--> 00:34:38

Yes, is he going to hide somewhere in this earth? So Allah Allah Allah cannot see him. The other cannot sees him impossible. Felisa be more engaging. While a Salah hoomin dooney earlier and he will not have any protectors. Any friends. Yes, any close companions who will protect him from Ebola.

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What he said a woman like Elijah, the magician fell out when he said a human doing he Odia Oda ecoffee what are the mobian they are those people are they went as today they are really in manifest error.

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this is as we said it is similar to subrata.

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As Jen over here in a

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minute, in Santa Ana de de la voz

00:35:16--> 00:35:21

de Waal a new city Kabira Bina had one who did Don't be no metacoda so he the

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one who can a oluseyi What can you afford one oh can I Oh Sophie una Allah Maha Papa Van Allen de la fille de

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de de who we were thinking oh sorry that that came whenever none

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that came but after that one How can Appaloosa funeral Alicia Papa Nirvana Nana tabula virgin well I can do that after a few I at one Nirvana Elon does a lot of a lot of deja vu Harada we were believing that we will not run away from Allah de la Where are we going to run? Yes, where are we going to run? Okay, then Allah Allah Allah says, After that, look, this is lt fact. The story of the gene and the gene is giving the power to their people. I want to Mira la la de la Santa YT when Allah when me I'll be helping him because he didn't

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bad because they didn't yell nota Bella in Allah

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Subhana Allah our rational argument again? Yeah, in a very smooth way. Come the testing.

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Look, our Lamoureux having said having they seen that the one who created heavens, lm er en la la la de la Casa La wa T was our bar. Yes, created heavens and earth.

00:37:11--> 00:37:32

Elijah Allah Allah says in the other Ayah the helper sumati while our borromean healthiness it is greater than creating people by and as maybe we have said this a number of times Allah Allah Allah uses the Hulk to what to challenge anyone.

00:37:33--> 00:37:45

Yeah, to challenge anyone after mania Phu Kham Allah flow of errata the Quran is the one who creates like the one who does not create Think, think Allah.

00:37:46--> 00:37:54

Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah persona what you will not only he created heavens and earth Subhana Allah will me

00:37:58--> 00:37:59


00:38:00--> 00:38:19

when I'm here if you have a N means he did not put that effort yet to create them in mo da da da da da Whoa, con fair Kuhn. His command is just to say Can anything can be just by say can Yeah, it will be

00:38:20--> 00:38:36

our de la Allah did not put an effort and a la de la la la la mia here Yeah, I mean, I I imagine as well. Yanni I means Mara, tap Yanni. He did not become what tired.

00:38:38--> 00:39:06

Yeah, what am Yeah, yeah, Annie, Allah Jalla. Allah wants to say that it does not cost Allah Allah and anything. Yes, Allah Allah did not put any effort to create heavens and earth. So Allah Allah Allah so great, so great, so great, is the supreme being, just by thinking of him like this, this is more than enough to submit to Him.

00:39:07--> 00:39:13

LLM euro and Allah if Allah Allah, Allah, Allah to Allah well me,

00:39:14--> 00:39:15


00:39:17--> 00:39:17


00:39:19--> 00:39:20

can he

00:39:23--> 00:39:40

can he creates or give life to those who died? If he has created the heavens and earth and as we said, the whole process of creating heavens on earth is more. Yani

00:39:41--> 00:39:55

aquadome unhealthiness is greater than creating human beings. So definitely a la de la locka region react to human beings, easily, easily. Yes.

00:39:57--> 00:39:59

They are dating Allah and you Hale Mota Bella

00:40:00--> 00:40:16

Ah yes, he can do it in a condition for the he overpowers everything. This is like the ayah when Elijah Nevada says our Amira in Santa Ana Filipina hoomin noble fit into either hoo ha see mama beam?

00:40:18--> 00:40:24

Well hello banana salon one as you call me You wanna hear me pull your tea lady?

00:40:26--> 00:40:34

This is again another example of the human being. Yeah, he took the, the, the, the,

00:40:35--> 00:41:24

the bones. Look, do you think that you have a lot can redirect to this again by okay you haven't seen the earth the heavens who created all of this, who created all of this Allah created it from nothing. So it is much easier for Allah, Allah Allah, it is solid, it is much easier that you will be created and the mandala has nothing that is difficult, and something more difficult for Allah and something easier for Allah. No, no, Allah Allah Allah is be careful. Allah Allah Allah is putting this as what as an example for us. Nothing is saying that this is yonni easier for me because nothing is difficult for Allah, Allah Allah but he is saying that just look, you if you compare it

00:41:24--> 00:41:39

by your rationale, you will say well, this is easier than this. And hence, the one who done this definitely will be able to do this. Just rational argument. And we said that the Koran uses rational arguments in many places.

00:41:40--> 00:42:03

Yeah, in fact, the beginning of this, this surah is what Allah Allah Allah uses the rational arguments. When Allah Allah, Allah says, Our item again, our item, method olamine do nivola Hourani modified akumina Have you seen those who knew what should be Sal de la jolla Allah? What did they create beside Allah Allah Allah, Okay, bye.

00:42:06--> 00:42:20

Bella in no other condition coded Okay, we'll leave the last two is inshallah for next next week in sha Allah and it will be the end of surah and a half. Maybe this is Yanni today for for

00:42:21--> 00:42:23

this is enough for today inshallah.

00:42:24--> 00:42:24


00:42:32--> 00:42:35

Jim, Jim, give the power to what?

00:42:36--> 00:42:36


00:42:40--> 00:42:41

Yes. Yes.

00:42:49--> 00:42:50


00:42:56--> 00:43:08

Yeah. Okay. That's a good question. By first of all those people by they were followers of akkad. A book because they knew Moosa.

00:43:11--> 00:43:18

Yeah. So they knew that there is something called a prophet that our agenda and

00:43:21--> 00:43:27

yeah, they know this by and it was reconfirmed in the forum.

00:43:28--> 00:43:41

Yeah. But the key thing is, they realized just by listening to the Quran, that that it is what the truth and it confirms the message of Musa alayhis salam.

00:43:43--> 00:43:44

Yeah, yes.

00:43:48--> 00:43:51

Okay, yes. Yes. Okay. Yes.

00:43:58--> 00:43:59


00:44:02--> 00:44:07

Yeah. If we say that, men here linnet have a

00:44:08--> 00:44:09

Yanni from

00:44:12--> 00:44:12


00:44:14--> 00:44:16

You Yes.

00:44:17--> 00:44:18

And similarly with

00:44:19--> 00:44:19


00:44:20--> 00:44:21


00:44:22--> 00:44:24

singing the eye again and soft, soft.

00:44:30--> 00:44:31

But just the scenes Why?

00:44:35--> 00:44:50

Yeah, this is what we said. Men here, okay. Men can be interpreted in two ways, either mentally, so allowing for give the sense that you have committed up till until now.

00:44:52--> 00:44:59

And the sins that you will commit later after Islam. This is another accountability. So this is if we say what

00:45:00--> 00:45:06

Military if we say that men legions young young fella come lubricant

00:45:07--> 00:45:10

Yeah, it means you have a fella come old your previous sense

00:45:12--> 00:45:27

why in some places it was used men and some places men was not used any this needs that you said they when it was used with men and when it was not used with the men

00:45:46--> 00:45:46


00:45:48--> 00:46:05

I can't say on top of my head just something like this It needs any that as I said we need to survey it when Allah Allah Allah used min and when Allah Allah Allah did not use it yeah I don't know nothing on top of my head now

00:46:07--> 00:46:08


00:46:13--> 00:46:22

created again and you know similar verses Yeah, we've all heard it many times just is realize now that you know

00:46:23--> 00:46:32

what? logically thinking as human beings the first time we create something is really hard. Yeah, we do the first time Yeah, the second time is easier. Third time's easier. Yeah.

00:46:33--> 00:46:36

created human beings and millions and millions of times over and over. Yeah.

00:46:38--> 00:46:38


00:46:40--> 00:46:59

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That is Yeah. Yeah, that is the proof. And the Quran mentioned this a lot. Yeah, I chose this a lot. That's why the Quran always mentions help in terms of the Heidi Yeah. Or in terms of any.

00:47:01--> 00:47:04

Any he is the only one to be worshipped by

00:47:06--> 00:47:08

an interactive Allah.

00:47:09--> 00:47:10

Allah Allah Allah.

00:47:12--> 00:47:14

Allah, Allah, when Allah Allah Allah says

00:47:17--> 00:47:19

in Allah the national Bumblebee Rama

00:47:20--> 00:47:30

Rama Rubina, in that moment, Holla Holla Holla de de la cama de Lune, Fung Shui Morocco kulu rescue, they want you

00:47:32--> 00:47:34

to become a data

00:47:35--> 00:47:50

center. All of these are rational arguments to see this god how much he creates. Yeah, so how come you do not glorify Him as He should be glorified

00:47:52--> 00:48:02

by Okay, I wanted to say brothers Yeah, you know how to handle handle Oh salatu salam ala rasulillah. I want to say regarding Ashura

00:48:03--> 00:48:05

yeah Alhamdulillah

00:48:06--> 00:48:52

today was actually according to the the most popular calendar and Alhamdulillah we fasted that or most of us, fasted that and it is a great blessing from Allah, Allah, Allah that Allah Allah, Allah enabled us to this day, I've been apostle of the law and who said I have not seen the Prophet sallallahu Sallam seeking to fast a day because of its blessings. As I saw the prophets, Allah said, seeking to finance the day of Ashura, and when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came to Medina, in the beginning, he was commanding people to fast and he will, he was sending people to the villages of Ensenada to encourage them or to commanded them to fast and to encourage their children to fast and

00:48:52--> 00:49:17

they were encouraging their children to foster the day of Ashura because of its blessings. And we know that in that today, yeah, Allah, Allah saved Moosa from drowning. Some other scholars say that on that today 10 prophets were also blessed with some of the blessings of Allah, Allah, Allah all of this is clear on hamdulillah Anna my point or the reminder is

00:49:18--> 00:49:19

so handler

00:49:20--> 00:49:21

and all of us have

00:49:22--> 00:49:59

any received this message that okay, eight days too fast? Yeah, eight days too fast. Starting Monday, because it is the day of Monday yesterday. Yeah. So, Monday, it will be the eighth of the ninth of Muharram and it will be what Monday or and it is what it is Monday. So we first Monday, and then we fast algebra Tuesday, and we fast when is day, okay? The day after Ashura. According to some scholars, it is recommended to fast it as well and according to some other scholars

00:50:00--> 00:50:09

It is recommended to foster it in order to make sure that you foster the actual law without any without any doubt. Then after one is there we have what?

00:50:10--> 00:50:53

Thursday, which is a blessed day to fast. And then after Thursday, we have what? Friday, which is 30 then Saturday 40. Then Sunday 15 the three why tonight, which is very good, too fast. And then after that, what? Monday, which is a blessed day too fast. So they say eight consecutive days too fast. This is a great opportunity. So we had a lot I found that people are this message was appealing to people more than the message of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam when he said you have one consecutive month to fast

00:50:54--> 00:50:56

which is what the month of May.

00:50:59--> 00:51:09

Yeah. Why? And most of all, most of our attention is what? On fasting the day of algebra

00:51:10--> 00:51:25

to the level that we might feel and this is the human being nature once they do something that is quite big. They said hello, the job is done. So we fasted the day of Ashura. Forget about fasting until the end of Muharram

00:51:26--> 00:51:39

no brothers Don't miss the remaining of Mahatma Don't miss the remaining of Mahatma the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the best of fasting after fasting the month of Ramadan is fasting word

00:51:40--> 00:52:21

fasting during the month of Muharram. Ashura Allah tala and has spoke that the prophets I seldom use too fast in the month of Shabbat. So the scholar said the highest month to fast in or the best month to fast in is someone variable in Ramadan. The second best month to fast is the month of what have Mahatma the third best month to fast is chabanne Some scholars say that is it better than the first 10 days of the hedger or not better, but definitely the first the second best month to fast in is what this month the month of May Allah Subhana Allah brothers

00:52:23--> 00:52:59

Allah Allah Allah gives for the Hasina Kim has an ad Mandeville has energy fella who? assurance Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah out of his generosity doesn't give one reward one has center for the good deeds that you do. know this is not Allah Allah is greater than this. Allah is more generous than this. This is the minimum. So if you say Subhana Allah Allah will reward you as if you said Subhana Allah 10 times. Yeah, you give one pound of southern Colorado Allah Allah would reward you as if you have given it what 10 times this is minimum.

00:53:00--> 00:53:03

This is what minimum and that's why in the Hadith,

00:53:04--> 00:53:19

the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Allah Allah Allah says, What in who are Amina hakuba, who has done very well has tended to be icdm Talia, Hassan will be multiplied by 10 and this is confirmed. However sometimes Allah Allah Allah rewards for the Hasina, what?

00:53:21--> 00:53:41

100 times 200 times 300 times 700 times yes by the prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Allah Allah Allah said about fasting in the month of Ramadan kolomela ademola who Ella song about trusting solely in Denver, Colorado,

00:53:42--> 00:54:07

Ella song for in who Li y, z in one direction, I'll have to be actually I'm fairly high Ella at birth. So there is a likelihood that fasting one day Yeah, will be multiplied by what by 700 times. Some scholars said that fasting one day and on average it will be multiplied by 1000

00:54:09--> 00:54:19

Yeah, that's why it is the best of fasting 1000 times. Some other super nomadic also said fasting in during the first 10 days of

00:54:21--> 00:54:29

fasting one day is like fasting 1000 day fasting in a day of Ashura is like fasting what 10,000 days

00:54:31--> 00:54:55

Okay, you can say that they they'll hit the first thing in the in the day of RFA is exceptional. So, we are talking if we are talking about a virtuous month, so it is we are talking about a Hashanah or one day that fasting it is equal to 1000 days.

00:54:56--> 00:54:59

This is the estimation if you look at last

00:55:00--> 00:55:27

Had it together. Yeah, you will say that. Okay It is likely that fasting one day of one is like fasting what 1000 days Subhan Allah Subhana Allah. So are we are going to miss that opportunity, my dear brothers and sisters, the days of hamdulillah are not that long even if they are not long we are paid for it.

00:55:28--> 00:55:30

So, we are paid for it.

00:55:31--> 00:56:01

We are doing brothers, we we, we mentioned this calculation, because Allah Allah Allah is the one who mentioned it to us, Allah Allah Allah wants to encourage us to do good deeds. Yeah, Mandela de la Carmen has an alpha hula hoop and kitty over here called means who is going to trade with Allah? Who wants to do business with Allah? Allah is saying do business with me? Yeah, in the other eye, Allah Allah Allah says masala Dena is a very like

00:56:04--> 00:56:05

to have

00:56:06--> 00:56:16

the example of those who are giving one pound of soda is like the example of what Yeah, the grain it has seven errors and each has worked

00:56:17--> 00:56:20

100 Okay, again.

00:56:21--> 00:57:00

So, which means that the one pound of soda, which is likely to be multiplied by what 700 times based on laws based on need based on other things. So these are days that are very likely that the day is given to us back as what? Yeah 1000 the alcohol we can't confirm, but just looking at this chart, this Hadith, we can conclude that we are talking about multiplication of what not of just 10 times, but of 1000 times.

00:57:01--> 00:57:30

So brothers by it is not that hamdulillah we fasted the day of Ashura yeah helaas finish hamdulillah the job is done. Yeah. Tomorrow inshallah We are ready for a healthy breakfast. By law continue fasting. Continue fasting brothers by lie fasting. Yanni is Yanni the prophet SAW Selim said to the to the Boma Melba Healy la Cava song for in hula

00:57:32--> 00:58:16

stick to fasting for nothing like fasting by Yes. And Subhana Allah even even to the level that Subhana Allah, the benefits of fasting, they said those who fasted frequently. Yeah. Scientifically those who fast two days, a month, two days, sorry, two days a week, this recent one not that not the the the previous book that was mentioned. They said that they they do not age quickly. There is some form that they discovered just a few days ago it was published the those who fast regularly. They their eyesight. Yeah, will last longer.

00:58:18--> 00:58:22

Yeah. Do we really need to mention those any worldly benefits?

00:58:23--> 00:58:30

Maybe we need to mention them in order to encourage people want them biggest encouragement is what

00:58:31--> 00:58:47

is that award the reward that we will get in the answer. So this is just a reminder for myself and my brothers, not to forget, fasting in this month that Allah Allah Allah attributed to him.

00:58:48--> 00:58:48


00:58:51--> 00:58:53

sha Allah, this is the month of Allah.

00:58:54--> 00:58:56

Allah Allah, second law, favor