Haitham al-Haddad – Tafsīr Sūrah Ahqāf #21

Haitham al-Haddad
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of showing one's weight in the face of others, as it is crucial to show that one is showing up. They also touch on the origins of the statement that Islam is a Christian religion and the importance of listening to the comprehensive message of the Prophet sallam. The speakers stress the importance of disclosing one's identity to avoid confusion and anger and emphasize the need to revise the Quran and reexamine it to avoid confusion and anger. They also mention the use of words like "has" and "has been" to assert their claim and discuss the legal framework for killing and fasting during May.
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You are listening to lesson 21 of the CF sutra till bisha Dr. Hasan al Haddad happy the hula brought to you by Islam 21 c.com

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articulating Islam in the 21st century,

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Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala nabina Muhammad, Ali wasabi again, this is sort of off and we are toward the end of surah tala.

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And we mentioned that in Surah Allah, Allah Allah Allah mentioned different topics but they are linked to one topic which is what, which is that a word Allah Allah becomes angry

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towards those who refuse to accept that that will often help the truth

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and inside the surah Allah Allah Allah showed that the call for Islam is simple. Is it straightforward? is rational.

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Yes, is rational. In the beginning our gelada said it methadone I mean la medalla communists Mr.

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Rooney nada hola como la lucha confess Mr. Ito Nikita them in our element in quantum sidedly all rational and so on to this euro, Allah Allah Allah also use some rational arguments. Also, Allah Allah Allah call them to look around them. Yes. To think about the creation, all of this guy to one fact that there is a creator for this universe, and this creator has

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has a duty or or we have a duty towards this creator, creator. Yes, we have a duty towards him. He has rights over us. What are his rights to worship Him? jell O Allah. And the surah is saying, no matter how strong you are, yes, you will not be stronger than the people who have had Yes, a Latino Muslim community will have been Beloved.

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You will not be stronger than them. Allah Allah Allah finished them with what Subhana Allah himadri hounsell Salafi Amina, he said, or very answers are in it. Yeah, Allah Allah Allah kill them by re, to the miracle machine in the amarilla. Bear. As Allah Allah, Allah said in the surah, yes, it destroys everything, by the commandment of Allah. Allah Allah. Allah Allah, Allah Misaki. No, you go, yeah, you see only the buildings that dwellings but you don't see them. Yeah. And we said that in between the surah Allah Allah Allah mentioned also another form of arrogance, which is the person who was arrogant to his parents. And of course, there are the people, the person who what, who was

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showing submission, so showing kindness to his parents, and he is making to them towards the end of the surah Allah Allah Allah mentioned the people of Act, yeah. Which is Yeah, and you can say a symbol of they symbolize arrogance.

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Then Yeah, sorry, by the end of the surah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah

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to change the subject, all the way with the word what if serafina la cannot follow me and Denise and fellow Mahabharata Allah to all of a sudden

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Yes, all of a sudden, what is sort of not a kind of Roman engine? This is part of the LT fat in defatted, changing whom you are addressing? Yeah, when you are, there is people you are talking to these people, all of a sudden you're talking to someone else. This is in fact, Allah, Allah here was not talking about Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah, Allah, Allah, before this ayah Allah Allah Allah talked about that. He has what's called Aha, adding it under, off and then whether for the mecanim female mechanic

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either format, all annual, yeah, so

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even the woman Yeah, look at that the beauty of the forum and the power of language, the power of language. See, well Academy can now home team a mechanic comfy with the

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auto feeder format.

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And whom some of whom will absorb whom? To whom means whom whom?

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Yeah. And then all of a sudden, what is the sort of near ilica?

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Now phenomenal genius.

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And as we said, it goes in a very smooth

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Subhanallah very smooth way, where if seraphina ilica nefa million, Allah Allah Allah wants to say to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam this is, this is Janya contemplation that yes, there will be people who will reject the help Allah Allah also want to, as we said, he wants to say to Mohammed Salah man he wants to say to every single person who calls for Islam, that there will be people who will reject the health. All of a sudden, Allah Allah, Allah will send to you some people who will work who will accept Islam.

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So don't worry, don't be so what depressed and Subhana Allah, you know, when the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam wanted that journey to five

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to five to call up DLL and the people of five to Islam, and they were so rude

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to him and even they send their their their slaves to throw stones at him. And he was in a very Yani

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come to use the word, terrible situation about the province I sent him because he is always he is always a strong he is a leader sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but he suffered a lot. He suffered a lot, and they annoyed him. So much sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to sell them. And that situation, not him. The situation was so horrible, was so terrible. And he was tired, he does not have anyone to endorse him. Imagine he has no house, no one to go to, etc, etc. in a terrible situation. And maybe someone will say if he goes for a mission for the hour, and then his route that was rejected, not only rejected, but the people who started to walk in and started to throw stones. Yes, in order

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instead of just hosting him providing at least something to eat and then just send him away. No, no, no, this nothing has happened. Allah, Allah Allah sent to him that he does. Yes, that does. Celine was a slave for AB de la.

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Okay, and in an icy story.

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The prophesied Salim said Bismillah that does the slave he said, What is this? Who is Allah? And then he started Oh, you are a prophet. You are a hoe. Eunice la salam, yes, I recognize that you are a prophet Subhana Allah, that puts what so much happiness in the heart of that person who calls for his love. And this Subhanallah brothers, this is the Rihanna of Allah, Allah Allah Allah knows our weakness as a human beings and he knows that. See, look, this is who Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam is mamasan cannot be from our perspective. Yeah, we cannot say that he was weak out of respect for him sallallahu sallam, but at that situation, the prophets of Allah La Silla as if Allah

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Allah Allah knew that he wanted what someone to console him.

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Although he is the Prophet but he needed that. And Allah Allah Allah so merciful, Allah Jalla Allah is so gentle, that he sent him this positive sign and this difficult time.

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Said same thing after that again, Allah Allah Allah sent to him What? gentleness CB Yes, he was the some of the Sahaba came and he was leading further. And then Allah Allah Allah sent to him, some Jin to listen to the Quran. And as we said, that here, the Iowa in South Africa in a Cana forum in Elgin I that it refers to this incident, or it refers to the other incident when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was in Mecca, and Abdullah. He said, we miss the Prophet sallallahu Sallam once, and then he came back. Yes, tonight and he said Jin Jin came to me and they had an argument and then I gave them down to Islam. This, this is another incident either this incident or that incident, Allahu Allah.

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Okay. The point behind it is, is oh Mohammed, remember when we send to you some of the jinn Yeah, we sent

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them to you in order to what to listen to the Koran and look for alumna Puglia. Look at the agenda. The agenda did not leave before what before the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and did his dissertation

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they did nothing fellow ma cobia.

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Yeah. Okay, when the dissertation of the Quran ended immediately well lo elomi him, lady. What was the first reaction? What was the first thing? They did? Yeah.

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That they called people to what? to Islam? They call their people. Yeah, they called one lawyer upon him. When did he first of all? Why they did this? First of all, this shows the power of the Quran.

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And once the Quran penetrates the heart, it leaves no space but you wish that or an penetrates the heart of the entire the humanity.

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This is what you want. Yes. And you can't, you can't just live

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standing is still that calling people to that book that enlightens your heart that to that book that is the absolute truth.

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So what did they did immediately one low in our army him.

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Okay, as we mentioned last time

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Have they listened to the entire or?

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Yeah, if we say that the prophets Allah wa sallam was leading failure, yeah, and the maximum hated What? Half an hour

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of or an was enough for them to be guided to Islam. Even as you said, him, they they must have listened to something comprehensive. Maybe, maybe allow them maybe allow them something comprehensive like Surah Al Fatiha or Surah palolo maybe maybe just listening to Surat Al Fatiha suta Ratan Tata is enough because it is a separate Masonic word or an alum. Yeah, it is the greatest plant and as they say that it summarizes what

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everything in the Quran

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everything in the Quran is summarized in Surah. And

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yeah, or it talks about the main ends of the Quran. Maybe imagine whatever the case either they heard Surat Al Fatiha or they heard Sharapova Allah had just one surah is enough to influence them to become Muslims. Yes. And this is to handle the power of the Quran. This is the power of the Quran. We spoke about that okay. A lot Alhamdulillah

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just because of time those Jim they immediately want to their people will allow a law upon me him what phenom to do well upon him what what is that I after that What does it say?

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Well in a coma him what

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what is it

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movie or movie sharing?

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moves very well allow allow him Monday Warner's not mobile sharing. Yeah. So handle I am. As I mentioned, maybe I mentioned this. Before that

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it seems by Yeah. that most of the is that talk about briefing the devil of all prophets. They mentioned that in the hour before the beshara they mentioned warnings before what giving glad tidings in our Santa nano honey La Palma he and

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karma coming at

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me in a lacuna deal on movin hon de la

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se la komenda Rubicam while after Camila again a Muslim in

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a hollow lo que Quantum didymo.

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In the beginning, the warning. Yes, we said that we need to use both, but the focus should be on warnings more. Because if they were going to their people and they say, listen, listen, we want to give you the glad tidings that if you become Muslims, you will go to Ghana. Some arrogant people will say what

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We'll say what? Yeah, we don't want to go to them.

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Yeah. But if they went to their people and they said as they say Here we are our Mana ijebu de la amin ob Silla camino de con. Why would you recommend any one Allah? Allah fella he said the margin fell out of the office.

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Yeah, so warnings no one say no, no, no, no, I don't want this. No one would say no I I'm happy stop for Allah to be destroyed by Allah. I am happy to go to hellfire. No one will say this. Yes, everyone will listen carefully Subhana Allah and that we have to use this in our power, okay. wisely, but it should be used. It should be used. Now they always talk about just being positive being positive. Yes. Maybe in certain situations in certain other situations, we need to tell people the reality. Yeah, that if people do not submit to Allah, Allah Allah. Yeah. Then Allah de la and I will become angry at them. And our de la Allah will punish them. This is someone, yeah.

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Someone said that.

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So so you believe you believe you will believe that? If I do not submit to God, I will be punished. Yeah.

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I said yes. Okay. So, do you believe that you will go to Hellfire? I said, I don't know about you. Okay. I don't know about you. But generally speaking, anyone who does not submit to Allah, Allah Allah, God will be angry at him. Yeah. So he said that this is too much. This is really extreme. I said, but you do not believe in Allah

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in the first place. So why are you worried?

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You don't believe in Allah? If you believe in Him,

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then submit to Him. Yeah.

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Which means that internally, you feel that there is something wrong,

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that there is a possibility that it was it is what that it is true.

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Yeah, that it is true. Furthermore, Furthermore, if you say that, well, but I don't believe in your God. Yes. So I don't need to be worried.

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I don't need to be worried. This is my my point that even if you don't believe in Him, it doesn't mean that he is not there and he will become angry at you and you will need to take the matter seriously. You need to take the matter seriously. So the point is Subhanallah warning people

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is very effective, very effective, except for those who are showing what arrogance. And even for those who are showing arrogance is still they will think about it. When they go they will think about it. Okay, so Allah Jalla said that those jinn immediately because of the impact of the Quran on them, when lo Illa call me Monday, and we can say because of love for their people, they don't want them to go to hellfire.

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They don't want them to suffer the punishment of Allah Allah Allah. Yeah, that's why the first thing as we said, okay, maybe we mentioned it, if you know something that is good, the first thing you would like this good thing by to be given to be given to your children. Yes. And then your close people. So if you really love your children, if you live love your people, then obviously you will guide them to the truth that's why here they said

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we are our monopolies

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Yeah, as if they are saying please our people yeah, oh minute. By Yeah. And as we may be any most of the prophets when they are there, is there people on a omya Allah, Allah, Allah called me? Yeah, I am one of you. I am one of you guys. You know me, and I'm worried about you. Kalia Pomona. Yeah, we are worried about you listen carefully. Korea coma. We have heard keytab and onzie Lambada Moosa in SMS.

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Nikita can only remember the Musa we have heard Akita and this is a proof that the Quran is a Kitab Yeah, we'll talk about this later in the seminar ketevan that was on Zilla not created. Yeah, on Zilla the Quran is known as Allah in

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the role of the admin on zerah. And this Yeah, prove this proves that just by listening to the Quran you will admit that this was not something that was created this was something that was what? revealed.

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Yeah. And it is something from it is a miracle. Because it doesn't seem it doesn't seem that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam sat with them and told them that listen, by Listen, this is called what or an and this was revealed by Allah jello Allah and these are the words from what Allah Allah doesn't seem. Even some scholar said that, that they listen to the professor salon and the prophet SAW Selim did enough to know about them, except when they left.

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Yeah, so this is unlikely that it has happened but just by listening to the iron is enough as Okay, as if people are ready to know our story are ready to recognize that this is the word of Allah, Allah Allah, the nature of the Quran.

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Yes, the nature of the Quran. And as I have said maybe

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that it seems that the fifth a lot of people, yeah, which is on a man, that to recognize who Allah is to recognize Mohammed salatu salam, even if they don't know him, if the Maha if Mohammed sallallahu Sallam comes in front of people, Allah created in a human being something internally to tell them that this is Mohammed, Solomonic and also that when people human beings in general

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Yes, whether they know the Quran or they don't know the Quran, Allah created part on their fitrah that when they hear his Kalam they will admit that this is something different from the speech of human beings.

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Yeah, and it seems that this is the case. Okay, and this is like a proof immediately, they recognize that this is a book. Yeah, these are not the words of Mohammed on Zilla member the Musa.

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Yeah, these are not the words of this man. That's why when someone brothers, yeah, when someone is presenting any doubts about the doctrine, when lackey these doubts are not genuine doubt in his mind. No, he just want to ask rhetorical questions. Because just by listening to the poll and yeah is more than enough for a neutral person to say that these words are not normal words. These are difference they came from. They came from somewhere else they are not from created human beings.

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Yes, this is the power of the Quran. That's why don't worry too much about they say but the authenticity of the Quran and we need to revise it and we found the script in in Birmingham and but today that was forget about all of this. Yeah. And I did say to people were like, if it was proven that least words were written by the Sahaba themselves. It should not increase our Eman in the Quran by point point, point oh 1%.

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Our Eman in the Quran just by reading it by listening to it. This is more than enough. Yeah, to install a man that in our hearts that these are what the words of a law full stop. No more, no less.

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This should be the way we believe in the book of Allah Allah Allah. So these in realize Korea comma Nikita ban what only data member the most?

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Yeah. Why did they choose Moosa?

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Maybe a possibility that they were followers of Muslim by Yahoo, not by ethnicity by religion, maybe. Okay. I haven't seen any, any confirmation for that

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or as if

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As your said, which is maybe the likelihood, they said because the as you know Allah Allah Allah sent Moosa first and then after Moosa was who was sent Isa, yeah, and then Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So is an ISA then Moosa. So why did they skip Elisa? They did not say on gentlemen baddie, Raisa they said on gentlemen body moves Why? They said because the nature of the tower is

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it is a new book and there is just confirmed what is in the Torah? Yeah, the Bible just confirmed what is in the sorry not the Bible. That the Injeel yeah and of the Bible, the Injeel Yes, the ngl confirmed what is in the Torah

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Okay, they're in jail confirmed that is in the Torah. So that's why they want to refer to Torah not to the Injeel okay.

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Maybe this is a Jani the possibility that I read with a been assured by see again

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Kitab ananzi Lambada masa What does that Kitab do? ya da da,

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da ki Yanni. Okay.

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This is the nature of the book. This is the message of the book we can confirm that this is the message of this book within those five minutes or half an hour that we heard to this book, which means that this is another way of our pipe. Tell them read the entire Quran

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read the entire report. does it lead to facade corruption? Yes. killing innocent people. Yes. Killing people without justification.

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* people. Yeah. Doing facade. redo the entire plan by what does it guide to? It guides to all the best things? Yeah. Now some person because this is recorded might say Oh, come on. This is Yanni he is what you call trivalent trivializing the issue, or he's not mentioned mentioning the main criticism about the Quran that in the Koran what we see that there is killing in the Quran. By Yeah, there is Jihad and the Quran there is killing by Yeah, in the Quran. by Nina Amano party Lula Deena Luna communal confetti will add

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to the jihad, the ayah to forsake by Bala to Manila rasulillah de Lucia Qin faasil COVID of the Alba Tasha and those Ayah okay.

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Also know there is a structural loss of * in the Quran because they are definitely Amina Latino. Chicano Latino,

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Latino millefolium happy one Illa Allah as Rajim alma mater Catalina home, so this is the what you call as the right hand possess. Anyway, I don't want to get into that. So have Allah I have a similar discussion with the person I said

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Is there a law is there a law of killing in the British legal system? They said no, I said what about war?

00:28:46 --> 00:29:04

That he said that is the law of war. So I said so so there is a law for war? I said no, forget about Britain is said the international law. The international law does it recognize killing the international law?

00:29:05 --> 00:29:21

Yeah, does it recognize killing? That's a he said this is killing in in justified killing in in Yani in wards. So I said, so there is a low one to kill.

00:29:22 --> 00:29:26

Just admit to that there is a low to kill.

00:29:28 --> 00:29:34

No, but that is different war SubhanAllah. The conclusion is what

00:29:35 --> 00:29:36

there is a law to kill.

00:29:40 --> 00:29:59

And let us not just okay. Why the whole every single country is manufacturing weapons to defend themselves. So defending and defending you might need to kill. Yes, Britain is killing others. Americans are killing others.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:02

Yeah, so everyone is killing each other.

00:30:04 --> 00:30:08

And when they want to justify they say we killed by law.

00:30:09 --> 00:30:10

I agree.

00:30:11 --> 00:30:24

Yeah. Recently America killed the 20 people in Somalia from the Somalian army. Have you heard of it? Three days ago, four days ago? Yeah. And then they said, Yeah, that was to defend ourselves.

00:30:26 --> 00:30:32

They because the Shabaab movement, they were about to attack the Somali troops. So we

00:30:33 --> 00:30:45

bombed them. And then we found that they were as simple as this. Yeah, only a few dogs that they were killed. It's not a big problem. Yeah, they killed 20 people, and they justify this.

00:30:46 --> 00:30:54

Yeah. And they and the spokesman. As far as I read, he said that within the legal framework,

00:30:55 --> 00:31:05

which means work killing so why it is justified for any legal system to talk about one to kill.

00:31:06 --> 00:32:04

And it is a justified killing, and it is a just killing. And when the Quran talks about killing, it is barbaric. Subhan Allah de xalapa en is another complete comprehensive legal system. It talks when you need to be engaged in killing it talks when you need to be engaged in in peace. It talks about everything. Yeah, like when you need to get married one to one once you need to get divorced. This is your any book anyway. It quickly most of the column avena Masada Kalima been a day yeah de la help it up it the time was 13 and if you are looking at the Quran from an objective perspective, you will see that it guides to what to the truth and to us the straight path then inshallah we can

00:32:04 --> 00:32:06

continue maybe next week inshallah.

00:32:08 --> 00:32:09

up by the Russia

00:32:10 --> 00:32:20

next week. Bye. Okay, inshallah. Next week, we will continue the dots in sha Allah. Yeah. Anyway, we have a few if before we

00:32:21 --> 00:32:27

ended this or next week. Yes, brothers, sisters. Yeah, don't forget what

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what is next week?

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00:32:32 --> 00:32:58

I forget even to next week inshallah. We'll be Ashura by the way brothers. Some people send this message they said, a great opportunity for us to fast Monday, yeah, is Monday, next week. And then after that, Tuesday is Ashura and Monday is what they ninth and Ashura is what then bye and there is a possibility that

00:33:00 --> 00:33:01

Wednesday is what

00:33:02 --> 00:33:10

according to other calculation is the 10th Yeah. So firstly, when is day and then after that we have what

00:33:12 --> 00:33:19

Thursday which is recommended to us then Juma is what 13th Yeah, serve day is what

00:33:21 --> 00:34:07

14 and Sunday is what 15 the three why tonight that we need to fast and then after that we have Monday, so eight consecutive days, which this reminder is good. But the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said you do not have just one week to fast. What did he say? Our follow cM badda cama Ramadan is Sha, Allah the best fasting isn't a week. The best fasting is the entire month of Mahatma so don't plan just too fast those eight days brothers plan to fast as much as you can in the month of May have one even if you can fast the entire month of one. Yeah. Do it.

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Do it or desert Milan Santa Monica

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