Haitham al-Haddad – Sunnah way of Talaq Divorce and it’s wisdom

Haitham al-Haddad
AI: Summary © The Sunutes are discussing the idea of divorce as a way to avoid union. They suggest waiting until a woman is free from her union before divorce, as it may be confusing for some people. They also advise people to follow the Sunutes' way of divorce, which reduces divorce rates if they do not follow the rules.
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The Sunnah way of Allah should be divorced in the purity period

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provided that the man did not have full relation with his wife enduring that purity period.

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Is it clear? So if a person wants to divorce his wife, according to the Sunnah

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he should wait until his wife is what sees her menses.

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Then once she is

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she had wholesome

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and now she's clean.

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Okay? And instead of him going to his wife, as men do when they are waiting for their wives to be free from the idea, and instead of having intimacy with his wife, he will have a fight with his wife and he will divorce

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okay, this woman has not too far to have fight with her but just wait.

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Okay, she's free from her. She had also okay, no intimacy, but

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that is the

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so novella

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which means as some scholar said, This is not an option to have seven conditions we will not get into them because they might be confusing.

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Which means that don't divorce why G is N.

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Boy in head while she is in her menses.

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Moreover, don't give Paula coin chi is what in her period, if you had any intimacy or full relation sexual relation with her during that purity period.

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Is it clear?

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So if a person had a fight with his wife, look at the wisdom

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Okay, look at the wisdom. If a person had a fight or an argument or whatever, and he wanted to divorce his wife, he should follow the Sunnah. So, he should ask her Are you in your menses or not? Obviously a man will know this. Okay. But if he doesn't know he should ask if he is in her menses, he should not divorce her

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he should wait until the menses is what is over

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okay, she takes also and then if he wants to divorce, then he will divorce if you follow the Sunnah way of divorce, the divorce rate will be reduced so much because most of the divorces that take place are happening in the middle or immediately after an argument

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agree or not.

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Yeah. So, if a person had an argument and he wanted to divorce just hold on Hold on. Wait,

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okay, tomorrow things will change.

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I agree.

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Yeah, later on, if he wants to wait for 345 days. Moreover,

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if normally, the man will wait for his wife to finish her head up in order to any have the halal would have have any sexual intimacy with her.

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If the man look at this, if the husband insisted on divorce, even during that time, where he is eager to have intimacy with his wife, it means that he has taken a decision and he cannot even sleep with his wife which means that he hated her.

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Then yes, divorce

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okay, because if you really divorce her knowing that you can have intimacy with her now, is still you prefer to divorce her rather than having intimacy which means that you have hated your wife

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or you cannot bet her at all.

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Is it clear? This is their wisdom. And I wish if people follow this enough in divorce,

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okay, when divorcing their wives and the rate of divorce will be what will be reduced

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So, for

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that in a divorce them in the beginning of their A

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and we said that there is the offer divorcee

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who is not Harmon who is not pregnant and who sees her period is either three periods, four three Sorry 343 Hi, three menses or three purities.

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Okay. So we said that the Sunnah is to vote to divorce her, began in the beginning of the ADA which means when she is what

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pure after that, men says provided that you don't have you did not have any intimacy or sorry, you did not have full intimacy with her

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okay. Now, this scholars said, this means that the person who wants to follow this will not he will divorce her in the beginning of the to her period.

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Is that clear? In the beginning of the purity period, why, because if he does this, during the period will be long.

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And Sharia wanted to prolong during the period

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in a moderate way, of course, in order to give both husband and wife

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an opportunity or opportunities to think again and to reconsider the Pollak

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What is the need for divorce see, if we say

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