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hamdulillah Hamden, Katie along for even more Bella Kathy was shadow Allah, Allah, Allahu la sharika, wash, Medina Mohammedan, Abu rasuluh, my dear respected brothers and sisters, in the previous episode of this show, while we are talking about the virtues of the first 10 days of the ledger, we spoke about the concept of the bad and we say that that ibadah is divided into two types or can be seen as two types. First, is the listed about that, or the first thought includes the listed about that or what we call it as the specific about that. And the second type is the non listed about that or the general about that. Now, what is the difference between both? The first

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type is those activities that were heavily regulated by Sharia, such as what are what are they we said, Salah, zakka cm and height and some of the liquor of Allah, Allah Allah and some of the other activities that are similar to these account which is like the sidecar the voluntary sidecar.

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And on the other side, we say that the non listed that are the activities, the normal activities that any of the human beings do, but if they were done for the right motivation, the main thing is the why, while in the specific event that all the seven questions or the main questions that define the activity, are heavily regulated, or are specified by Sharia. So, why do we pray, is specified by Sharia, where do we pray is specified by Sharia, when do we pray is specified by Sharia, how do we pray is specified by Sharia,

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where to pray, is is specified by Sharia, and so on. But for other activities, such as our we eat, we drink, we go to bed, we work for seven, eight hours, we play we have fun and so on. These activities are generally speaking, not heavily regulated by Sharia, they are left open for human beings to to act upon them and maybe to develop them as they need. There are general guidelines, that's why we call them general activities there, there are general guidelines, very general guidelines, they are not heavily regulated. And moreover, the key question in order to transfer those activities to become a bar that is the why, why do we eat? Why do we drink? Why do we sleep?

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Why do we go to work? Why do we go and have fun? Why do we

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do other activities in our life? Why? The question is, why what is the motivation behind those activities that we do? If the motivation is pleasing to Allah, Allah, Allah, then those general activities will become what will become act of a bad and then this leads us to the right understanding of the principal of a vida wa salam regional insha Allah via Abu Omar O'Meara, il le de la Hamas, La Cienega who did they were commanded to do one thing which is what? To worship Allah jell O Allah alone, they were commanded to do one thing only, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said lillah Allahu Allah, Allah said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to sell them

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to say, political Buddha, Melissa Houdini fat Buddha to mean do any I was commanded to say that I am worshiping a law, gentle Allah, law and purely and so on so forth. There are many evidence that confirm this meaning that we have nothing to do in our life except to what

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Worship Allah, Allah Allah. But as we said that we do many other activities other than worshiping Allah, Allah Allah. We said that if we understand it like this, then this is the wrong understanding of the concept of the right understanding of the concept of a ladder, is to imagine that we have a specific API that that were heavily regulated by Sharia. And we have general Ada that those general Ada that are the general activities that any human being will do, if they are,

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if they are governed by the general guidelines of Sharia. And the key thing if the motivation behind them is the right motivation is to please Allah, Allah Allah, then those general activities will become what will become act of a bad and hence our life at all of our life as a whole will become what will become a bad and then what Allah Allah Allah has said while Mahalo to dinner instead Ilia budan will be what will be established.

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Okay, my dear brothers and sisters, I hope that this concept is clear. And and it should be really crystal clear. Why because some people misunderstood this concept, the concept of a bada and they thought that they have to spend their time just doing liquor for La Jolla, and spending their time in the masjid doing nothing other than that, and this is not what Islam wants. On the other side, some people they just they were spending their time in doing all other activities, but when it comes to the listed a bar that the specific event that they are not giving them they do right. Okay.

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As we said, both went wrong, both misunderstood the right concept of a bad underlying concept of data is as we said, that the bad that can be seen can be seen of two types, the specific listed a bidat and the general activities that can be made as a bad that due to the intention or the motivation behind them.

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Now, why are we discussing this, my dear, respected brothers and sisters, while we are discussing the virtues of the 10 days of the

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sea, my dear respected brothers and sisters,

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if we take the general activities, as we said, eating, drinking, enjoying your time having found maybe going for a holiday, or maybe sleeping for five, six hours or whatever, going for work for 789 hours, may be collecting money and if we look at them, and then we say that if they are done for the right motivation, they become x of A Bada, then we're lucky this is very great. This is really

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marvelous. This is really

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very virtuous Subhanallah

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but the question is, is it easy to transfer six or seven hours of sleep of sleeping to transfer it to become a better so for the six hours for the whole six hours, the angels are writing for us that we are doing a better we are doing better and we are just enjoying our time in going to bed? Or is it easy that we eat and we enjoy our time we have a good meal and we are enjoying it and the angels are writing it down that we are doing what a bad activities. Or look at this. Maybe I am having fun with with my family, with my wife with my children. Maybe I took them for a holiday. Yes, I took them for a holiday. Or you went to Turkey or Morocco or I went for a holiday. Yes. And we are doing

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sightseeing or to Spain to underdose and we are enjoying our time. I'm laughing with my wife. I'm laughing with my children and I am earning good deeds and that is considered to be good deeds. Or I am working for six, seven hours. It is true that I am being tired in that job but I'm earning money. Yes. And I am saying that I am also an NG has an ad for 678 hours. Yes, the

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can happen, my dear respected brothers and sisters that can happens, in fact that what Allah, Allah Allah wants from us, as we said, he said, Well my follow up to dinner and inside lately I've been doing all human beings you have one job which is to worship me, this is what Allah Allah Allah said this what it means. So, how can we achieve this? Is it easy to transfer six or seven hours of sleep into a bladder

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or not he This is if we can do this, then as we said, This is great. The question is how and how how?

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My dear brothers and sisters to be honest with you, it is not easy, it is not easy. I know that many speakers today say yes do it for the right reason and it will become a bother for you. But how how what is the right reason? And do I have control over my heart in order to transfer these activities that I'm enjoying to make them as a bat? And if we say that if we if we if we say that it is easy, then everyone will be doing it? Yes everyone will be doing it as easy as this. And many people those who may be neglect the listed Ada that they will be focusing on the other activities they will go and having fun with their children they will collect money, they will be sleeping for long hours and

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they will say that yes we are doing it for the sake of Allah Allah Allah we are doing it for the right motivation and they are considered to be acts of a god No my dear respect to the brothers and sisters. It is not as easy as this.

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So how how? Okay, see, the listed Eva dot mighty respected brothers and sisters are the most important that that?

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Yes. And they are the most virtuous about that?

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We will talk about some of the virtues of the listed about that. But before we move before we go to the second or the next episode, I'll just mention that or I will

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adjust just

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put the seed Yeah, in order to move smoothly to the next episode. My dear respected brothers and sisters, as we said, that these listed about that are the most virtuous activities, the most important activities of a bad But why? Why Allah Allah Allah made them as such. For two reasons. First of all, they are his right. Yes. When we say Allahu Akbar, glorifying him when we pray, we are not benefiting in the dunya we are doing it for the sake of Allah. Allah Allah only when we fast Yes, there are some side benefits. But the main reason we do it for a la jolla Allah, Allah dynamin quotevalet camassia coo coo coo ballerina public hula Come on, oh you who believe fasting was

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prescribed upon you as it was prescribed upon previous nations. So you mean you may attend taco Hajj for example, doing had going for Hajj, it is the right of Allah, Allah Allah that's why Allah Jalla Allah says daddy Coleman your, your wife in min topwell Kuru, those who

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glorify the symbols of Allah, Allah Allah, this is a sign that they have Taqwa in their hearts and so on. So, those are the specific activities are more important than the general activities. Why because they are those activities that help you to transfer the general activities to become acts of bad if the specific activities the listed activities are weak. Yes, if they are weak, then for sure, you will be weak in transferring those general activities to be pleasing for Allah Allah Allah, you will be weak and transferring them to become act of a bad

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that is a very important concept. Please do remember this and inshallah we will clarify this concept more in the next episode. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.