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A woman named May Islam talks about her daughter's rare disease and her desire to be transferred to another country. She mentions a previous case where the hospital refused to do so, but the court is now allowing the hospital to remove the drug treatment machine. She appels for her immediate cure and support for her daughter's case.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala It was Sunday at 9am recording this message regarding the this young daughter to feed. As you know, the feeder had a very rare disease. And she has been hospitalized. I visited her and her family confirm that she is still living being because she is moving her hands her lips and her

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her eyes and from an Islamic perspective, she is considered to be a living being. Now, this rare disease, they do not find they did not find any kind of treatment for it here in the UK, but her parents found a treatment for her in another country and they want to transfer her to another country, which the hospital is refusing to allow them to do so they are taking the case to the court. And there has been previous case where the Court Judge inveigh in favor of the doctors in favor of the hospital, where they allowed the hospital to remove the life supporting equipment because they said that these cases are helpless hopeless cases. So let them dot and family they say

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first of all, she is a living being which we agree with it from an Islamic perspective. As we have mentioned it clearly in the fatwa that we have issued

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two months ago. Also they said that they are willing to pay for transferring her to another country and to pay for the treatment so they should have the freedom to do so. I think they have a very fair case. From an Islamic perspective as we have mentioned in the fatwa Allah Allah Allah Allah says mean odd Delica termini Lebanese raw ILA normal cotton and absent behind enough so you know, for certain things for Canada and Fidel and Macedonia. As far as the person is classified as a living being, this is considered to be killing. And there's a lot of yellow Allah said in the verse that we have mentioned killing one soul is like, killing the entire humanity. And if the person is

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suffering, this suffering is in this dunya, which is a test which will be better for him and for his family or for her family and for all their people around them. This suffer is not going to be

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wasted, Allah, Allah, Allah will really compensate for it in the dunya and in the alpha to the level that the people who used to suffer in the dunya they will be so happy of that test in the alpha and they wish as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam mentioned, they wish if they were tested, more and more, because of all of these reasons are appealed to the Muslim community to support the case of tafisa. I appeal to all the Imams, the scholars, the activists to speak about this case to raise awareness about her case, and to support her to support her family. We don't want this to be a precedent, where the court judges in favor of the hospital to remove the large supporting machine from such

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children and to prevent their parents from exercising their natural,

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natural right, I appeal to all of you my dear respected brothers and sisters, to support this case. In all, by all means, may Allah Allah Allah, help the family may Allah Allah Allah help feeder May Allah give her immediate cure May Allah Allah Allah help all of us who

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all of our patients may Allah Allah Allah give them immediate cure and really deserve from Aloha. This is Haytham had Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah