Haitham al-Haddad – Ruling on Protests Exposing Political Deceit, Stern Message to Scholars

Haitham al-Haddad
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the need for effective communication and political power in achieving Islam, with physical presence and political power being crucial. They emphasize the importance of political power and empowerment of individuals to participate in media campaigns and protests. The need for guidance and leaders to address issues related to the crisis is also emphasized. The conversation touches on upcoming political party events and the dangerous behavior of some groups, including being "less than a person" and causing harm. The speakers stress the importance of strong leadership and strong communication.
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May Allah bless you in your family,

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you delivered a hot bath. Just now we spoke about hodza and Palestine. A lot of Muslims are feeling very intensely about this issue. It breaks our hearts, the scenes that we see. And there's a real sense of helplessness to an extent that Muslims are feeling. So I wanted to talk about things that Muslims can do and how utilizing the Islamic worldview, we can reflect and respond to specific instances and situations that are taking place in seven.

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The first question I actually wanted to ask is that we've seen people who have made this proclamation that boycotting is not permissible. It's not allowed, you can only be done by the state, it doesn't have any influence or power. And at the same time, similar people saying that protests are not working, they're not useful. And they actually don't do anything. And some even making the argument that is a haram for whatever reasons they detail. And I just wanted to start

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with that in Sharla. In terms of boycotting and protests, what is the Islamic stance should return? Should we take part or not? Yeah, okay. Just without her human hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah, to be honest with you, because you asked me, and that's why I'm answering it. Otherwise, to be honest with you, I don't give those people any weight. Yeah, and I don't like to speak about these issues, because these issues for me now, they are in from the past. And there are just some

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brothers and sisters who are just creating noise, and they their noise might be a bit loud. And we should not be influenced by their rhetoric. And we should not give them to be honest with you any attention. Yep.

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The other thing, unfortunately, those brothers and sisters who speak about these things, they are of two types, some of them they have

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a bad agenda, this the minimum to say. And they are they are influenced somehow, by some agendas by some intelligent surfaces here and there, especially those people who are talking about these things in the Arab world, in the Muslim world, they are influenced by these

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intelligence agendas, okay, in their countries, and the other people, there are some nsmt Brothers and sisters who are just repeating what the other people are saying. Yeah, that's why I don't believe is worth discussing it.

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The other thing is see in these matters, I don't like to discuss those matters from a micro perspective, because once you discuss these matters from the micro perspective, you lose the focus and you lose understand understanding the bigger picture and if you keep discussing these, these points from a micro perspective, you will lose and you will end up in a state of confusion. And then you will keep arguing over these my new things while the world is moving away. And what the

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atrocities are taking place the massacres are taking place and you will be stuck in just arguing attending demonstrations Is it allowed or is not allowed and then attending demonstrations, there is free mixing there are there is no free mixing the the boycott it has to be by the

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by the permission of the state or the way your honor or not okay, they will get stuck in these things leave them

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seriously seriously. And

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they will not understand they will not understand our point of view because they are discussing getting from a very micro perspective. And later on as we said that some of them are influenced by the intelligence services in some countries. See, the Muslim from a macro perspective. The Muslim is an effective person.

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Allah Allah Allah called the this Omaha quantum Hydra matino Who digitally nurse what maroon a bill now roofie what and how not and monka. If we are not effective, we are not the best of nations. If we are effective, then we will be the best of nations. Allah, Allah Allah says, Allah, Allah Hina said that long without the hoodie Mazzone Obiang masala mama Sergio COVID off yes, malai cathedra Allah Allah, Allah Allah also says in the other eye, Oh Allah, Allah, Allah, he has a ba ba, ba ba

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lymphocytic. So if there is no Mudaraba Okay, pushing and

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what is it

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pushing and reacting to that? Okay, pull and push, then, okay, the Muslim ummah will lose. Yep, so we need to to do this Madatha push

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Putting the bar up, okay?

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And not to accept two cylinders. The minute we sit under the minute we lose, okay? Now, and also we all know that the Prophet salallahu, Salam and Hadith, he says overseas amonkar then he should stop it by hand if he cannot then by tongue if he cannot, then by what? By his heart. Now, if you look at all of these things together and add to them, your understanding of the the world now and what is effective and what is not effective, then you will clearly see that we need to do something as

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Muslim Ummah, we cannot just surrender. Okay. With all due respect to certain people just studying sahih al Bukhari, in your message, it will not help our brothers and sisters in Palestine. Some people say it might help them it might help them on a long run, but now, okay. It will not help them. And that's why our deen and Islam is it enough jihad? Not to just the idea of em.

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Here so no entrepreneur, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam participated in how many battles Yeah, by himself a 25 battles, okay. And, yeah, I need different views about certain battles. But okay, if you compare that to, to his life in Medina, okay, 11 years, yeah, so or 10 years? How much? How many times you are participating in battles every, every year? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was dynamic in his data. A man came to him and he said, I'm strong in wrestling. If you no one have

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won over me, if you win over me, I will accept Islam the Prophet SAW, Selim said, come on. Yeah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told one of the companions to learn Hebrew. Yeah. So, it is. So when you add this to the previous principles that we have mentioned, you will come up with a conclusion that yes, we need to boycott. Yeah, we need to exercise any pressure, any political pressure, any financial pressure, any pressure that they will listen to.

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And each period of time has its tools of effectiveness. And Allah Allah Allah says we're, I don't know Mr power to move over to American quite prepared for them, whatever you can, whatever you can. So, if political pressure is power, then we need to be we need to hold on this we need to have political power. If finance is a means of power, we need to be financially powerful.

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If media which is the case, yeah, is a tool for power is a means for power. We need to be powerful. So look, now the demonstrations that are taking place in the whole world. These definite ministrations woke up the Ummah, no one can deny that no one can deny that. So when Allah just says that they are brother he told me his daughter was not a practicing. Yeah, he took her to a demonstration she felt the belonging to the Ummah and she felt that she can do something. Those

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brothers and sisters I don't really like to discuss this maybe the first time I discussed this matter with you because you asked me, okay. Leave them alone. They don't want to do it. Let them sit, let them enjoy their life. Enjoy luxury. Okay, it is it is. This is what they want. Now, Miguel, oh Allah give them Sofia, they are sincere. Hamas let us move on. Yeah, boycotting is very effective.

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The brothers they were saying that in one of the Gulf cities, I don't want to mention the Gulf country because that country is really taking a very negative stance in one of the cities there. They used to sell almost in one of the branches from five to 6000 pounds a day. He said now Yeah, we don't sell in maybe less than 1000. This is for either McDonald's or Starbucks. Yeah. And they're doing special prices on Coca Cola. Exactly. Because of the boycott. See, even if it is not

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effective. Yeah, it moves you imagine.

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It moves the OMA. Yeah. And see, I always say brothers and sisters, some of you have

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I have a very narrow perspective of what can be done and different people we need to empower the Ummah different people want to do other things. Let them do other things. Look now, what is happening. We see actors. We see footballers, we see sports people, we see singers are all participating in this Malema in this campaign. Yeah, we shall tell them no single you are a sinful don't do it. Activists you are an actress or actor. Don't do it. No. Anyone wants to do something.

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All people want to go to Jana. Let them do something to save them. So they can they can they can go to John. Let them do it. Yeah. So this is my advice. Tell us leave those brothers. They don't want to listen up to them. Yeah. And we want to do it. And finally some brothers out of their narrow understanding of Islam they say what is the proof that this is allowed? No. You should bring a proof that this is not allowed because the acid in Sharia in these things.

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Okay, political activism, social activism. Just do if there is a clear delille a clear belief that this is haram. Okay. Then it is haram. And moreover, I say you believe that it is haram hunters don't do it. You want to force your opinion on everyone? You don't do it. That's it. Yeah. Exactly. Love it. Sorry for ya. That's amazing. Honestly, Shere Khan, I think you're the point you made about effectiveness is if they didn't think boycotts was successful, and social media campaigns and

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protesting, they wouldn't be trying to stop it. Of course, and yeah, definitely wondering why. Yeah. Yeah. Why? You know, Facebook is removing, okay, and do shadow

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banning in order to restrict the message. They are horrified. Because our message our narrative now is the strongest narrative. Yeah. And they say, oh, Facebook is under our control. Twitter is our under control, Instagram, all social media, we produce them and now those social media is working against us. They are really terrified by this. And that's why Id I'm really proud of the OMA, don't miss doing really very well. Especially the Shabaab Wallah, he may Allah reward them, they are

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really doing a fantastic job. Yeah.

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You mentioned the Hadith, in Juma as well, Monroe I mean, c'mon, Quran Valeriya. One of the understandings of that is that the yet is for the politicians. The design is for the Alama. Yeah. So I want to take this conversation now to the politicians and your lemma. Yeah. Maybe we'll start with the politicians. Yeah. I don't know. I maybe I leave this open to you to answer how you want. But we have a lot of Muslim counselors. Yeah. A lot of them have resigned. Yeah, handling.

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But a lot of them are not resigning. They have been quiet. Yeah. And the political leaders of both parties with the opposition or the current government are complicit now, yeah, in everything that's happening. Yeah. Kier Starmer when he talked about collective punishment and hearing condemn. Yeah, he's trying to backtrack and things like that. Yeah. I had a brother asked me, Is it even permissible now to vote for these political parties knowing that they were complicit in the

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underside of my brother's answer? Yes. Yeah. So I want to ask on a local level, what is our view now on engaging in politics and voting for political parties? Do we now have to form independent bodies do we have to put forward independent candidates and then also, when it comes to the major political parties that exists now? Can we even vote for them? Even if it is permissible? Yeah, excellent. See,

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these things are related to to our community at large. Yeah, they are not related to me to you to some local people. So we are planning in sha Allah to discuss the issue of voting just after Inshallah, this crisis is over, we will start discussing it within the Muslim leadership, the leaders of the Muslims inshallah we will sit and discuss that, shall we? What shall we do? Shall we boycott? Shall we form our independent parties? Shall we continue supporting the labor? Knowing what

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is happening? Shall we do what? Yeah, so this I prefer that this to be a decision by the entire Muslim community? And I also, I always say, My dear brothers and sisters, be careful things related to the society leave them to the society. Yeah. To the society at large to the sorry, to the community. I mean, yeah, things related to the community at large. Leave them okay. at that scale. If we take individual opinions or local opinions

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Those may be stances might not be conducive. Okay, this is my advice regarding these things. And I always say, you brothers, you need to exercise pressure on your leaders in your local leaders in order to discuss the matter with the leaders of the Muslim community in the UK to coordinate and have a strategy rather than just reactions

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of individuals in a in local places. Yeah. Okay. So you're saying we need to leave this to the leaders of our communities? Yeah. There is guidance that will become yes inshallah. Inshallah. Inshallah, and your job is to exercise pressure. Okay, to get to that, inshallah. My final question, then we'll come to the Allama. Many orlimar have spoken on this issue. Now. They've really statements they've given they've, they've said things, some to the detriment of their own position,

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people have now come after them, especially the right wing lobby and the right wing prayer. Yeah. But at the same time, regardless, and this is not, I don't want to restrict this to a single Muslim community. And if I can say the names, this is not a Salafi Sufi thing. Yeah. across the spectrum in every community, certain scholars. Yeah. Maybe like you mentioned, they've been compromised because of their association with certain states and things who are not speaking out. Yeah. And the general

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public now is feeling very, very concerned about this. Yeah. They feel like their leadership has abandoned them. They haven't got their finger on the pulse of the community. They're talking about things that have nothing to do with the community where Muslims are being butchered. Yeah. In other places. Yeah. Well, yeah. And they're losing respect for them. Yes. It's very, very dangerous. Yes. Because shame is so important is the bedrock of our faith and our tradition and our communities.

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Yeah, I agree. So what is our response? Then? What is your guidance? Yeah, especially with dynamite? Yeah, yeah. Exactly like that. First of all, the older man should be the leaders and they should be there in the front. And I always say to, this is me internally, I say to the scholars, if you are unable to stand up for your community for the truth, whenever the community is in need, I prefer that you don't come across as an animal or as an imam or as a scholar. Just sit at your home, maybe

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teach some people some people Jonnie small things and see teach some young people Quran in a limited capacity but don't come across as a scholar as a leader as an influential as an inner.

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Because Allah Allah Allah says in the Quran, Allah who missed out on the you know who told Kitab Let you be you know, now holiness you will have Dr. Mona number two who will booty watch there'll be terminal kalila in Medina,

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my name feminine Pauline and Hola. Hola.

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So the responsibility of escort as Allah, Allah, Allah took the covenant

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on the People of the Book here means the people have knowledge that they should clarify the * yeah. Otherwise, they Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah will curse them Allah and the people will also curse them. Ya know?

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And by the way, there are so many a hadith and that talks about this. Allah Allah Allah Allah told us about Bill

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what to Allah Who Never let the day now who know about Olivia Tina who francisella Hamid half about how shaitan

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Yeah, the material who cannot tell him Allah, Allah Allah gave us the example of a scholar from Bani Israel he did not speak the truth Allah Allah Allah told us about when Israel can relay it and a whole nother marketing value the base Am I can we have? Yeah, we don't want to become like Bani Israel and do not speak about the truth. Otherwise, we will lose our status as an OMA and when Allah Allah Allah, Allah says quantum medicine or collegiately NuSTAR

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monka maybe not everyone will be able to do that. Then who is going to do that? The scholars the people have knowledge

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okay, because if they don't people without knowledge will speak up on behalf exactly yes then and then they will work as the Prophet sallallahu sallam said either when when when the people of knowledge die, people will take what Johanne ignored and people as what as leaders and then those leaders will misgender them. Yeah. So and and it is a huge responsibility on our brothers who have some knowledge, even some sisters who have some knowledge they have, okay, but this is that have a

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different situation but our Imams there, they have a bigger responsibility. And I don't want to tell you that I

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He had really some serious discussions with some organizations that they claim that they represent the Muslim ummah. Okay in the Muslim community here, why don't you say something clearly, openly and you be with the community.

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So this is it is clear. Now, what do we need to do? I, I strongly advise that the Shabaab the young people, the people of the masjid the congregation, to exercise pressure on their Imams, speak out. Say something. Why is your hookbaits dog you are talking about?

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Yeah, yeah. You are talking about method and

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irrelevant topic. Yeah. And the Muslims are being butchered in in herself. They should come to the email. No, this is not acceptable. Yeah, tell us what to do. We are crying because of what we see. And we don't know we don't have any direction. You are our Imam, you should give us a direction. Why are we coming to hotbar? Many Muslims, they don't have access to Islamic knowledge. They don't have access to Islamic Guidance except the hotbar. Once a week, yeah. And then they go and the Imam is

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talking about some rulings related to Tahara. Or I remember one time there was Yanni there was a crisis in the museum I think in 2008. And the Imam was talking about madhhab Yeah, the issue of madhhab you should follow which madhhab and Subhan Allah, what is this man? Okay, so if the Imams are not

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relative, if the Imams are not doing what Allah Allah, Allah, Allah wants from them. Yeah. Then they are sinful. And subhanAllah as Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah says, Allah, Allah, well, anomala you know, even people

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will abandon them, people will curse them people. So

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that I was saying that if the Imams don't to do that, then the Ummah should exercise pressure on the Imams to do that. And then hamdulillah higher is their Wallahi the Ummah is waking up it is really amazing. Yeah, some people were not very close to Islam, and they are now starting to speak up. Yeah, even they might risk their position they might risk their jobs some of them Yeah, and insha Allah slowly slowly, inshallah higher is coming we need to be optimistic.

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