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Haitham al-Haddad
AI: Summary © The importance of fasting during the month of December is emphasized, along with the need to practice reciting the Quran and reciting the Prophet's words during prayer. The success of fasting in the month of centers is also discussed, including the use of alcohol and reciting the Prophet's words. The importance of focusing on specific areas during prayer and recitation is emphasized, rather than general topics.
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And that is can you

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advise us to have a what routine would you advise us to have to make the most out of Ramadan a daily routine? Yeah Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah first of all, the month of Ramadan is the greatest month of the year.

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And it is a very golden opportunity for every single Muslim to get the maximum reward and to get closer to Allah and Allah Allah and it is an opportunity for the Muslim to wipe all his previous sins or her previous since the prophets Allah Allah do Selim give us three consecutive opportunities and those opportunities will help us to understand

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the main activities that we need to focus on during the month of Ramadan. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said, in Hadith hubiera again in

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Mustafa Canary agreed upon in terms of authenticity, the highest level of authenticity. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, However, the first month of Ramadan believing in Allah, Allah, Allah and seeking the reward behind fasting, of course, he will have all his previous sins forgiven, all owed her previous sins forgiven. So this shows us that the main activity that we should do during the month of Ramadan is fasting. Now let me just this might be seen as given. But let me just add to it two important points. First of all, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, gave us two conditions to get that maximum reward, which is to have all the previous sins forgiven, believing that Allah Allah

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Allah obliged us to fast and the second condition is seeking that what what does that mean? Many people fast because they have no option but to fast. Many people fast because all Muslims around them are fasting. They don't think of it as an obligation, Allah, Allah, Allah oblige them to do and they don't look forward positively for the reward that will work they will achieve because of fasting the month of Ramadan. So these two conditions are very, very important. I remind myself and the brothers to witness those conditions paralysis from becoming robotic. Exactly and it becomes just

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a routine, routine, habitual activity. And as it's called, as used to say that the habits of the righteous people tend to be a Baghdad to be acts of worship. However, the actual worship of heedless people will tend to be what normal habitual activities we don't want this to happen. So this is one thing

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the other thing I wanted to mention about this hadith is that

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the when the Prophet SAW Allah and Islam said mon sama Ramadan Iman and ratty Saba, it means that fasting during the month of Ramadan is highly rewarded many people when they have any, any simple execuse they just say oh Allah Allah Allah says for men Kelemen commerial ah no other seven in fact that to me I am an AHA so we make can make it up later no brothers sisters fasting in Ramadan is the most virtuous thing that you can do. So is that just you became little bit

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when you travel short distance you don't need to break your fast you don't? If there is a real difficulty then yes. If you become little bit ill Oh yeah. I can break my fast No, the priority is given too fast. We have a lot of questions about the details about Yeah, so we will not get in.

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So this is this is one thing which is fasting the month of Ramadan. Now, Allah Allah Allah Allah mentioned in Surah Al Baqarah. And it is the only chapter in the Quran that talks about fasting Ramadan, surprisingly, yeah you Alladhina amanu quotevalet camassia mahkamah kuchibhotla Latina macabre Kamala, come on. So it is done. We spoke about it. Then Allah Allah Allah Allah after one single ayah Allah Allah Allah says, Allah the unzila fee Hill Quran who then Inacio Vienna community who they will focus on in the month of Ramadan, the Quran was revealed Allah Allah Allah also says in nuns and now vileda of culture, we revealed the month of Ramadan in Laila Hanuman keytab will

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move in.

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Jaime will Kitab and women in the Angela houfy Leila Tim McGraw, 13 in Khanum when they didn't, we revealed the Quran in Leila Mubaraka which is later toccata.

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They the scholars unanimously agreed that the month of Ramadan is the month of Quran in terms of recitation of Quran. Many scholars used to stop all their other activities and use to focus on the dissertation of Quran

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Imam Shafi used to complete Quran 60 times during the month of Ramadan. Imam Abu Hanifa used to complete the Quran 60 times during the month of Ramadan. I myself I found many scholars who used to complete the Quran 30 times during the month of Rama, Rama about the completion of

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our Quran once and Allah Bong may gave you more than 30 million has over 30 million has no why because the Quran in the Quran there are over 300,000 letters and the Prophet sallallahu sallam said whoever reads any letter from the book of Allah, Allah Allah according to an interpretation he will get 10 has entered. The Prophet SAW Selim further explained this by saying I don't say Alif Lam Meem as one letter, but I say and if as one letter lamb as one letter, and we as one letter, so by reciting Alif Lam Meem, you are getting 30 has entered this is in normal circumstances, but during Ramadan that has entered on multiplied as the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Allah, Allah Allah

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said that he wrote has entered and say you're the one who makes a Hassan that will be multiplied by 10 up to 700. So in Ramadan, it is very likely that the Huseynov will be multiplied by Who knows 700 times 100 times who knows? Okay, so this is the dissertation of Quran. Then after recitation of Quran the Prophet Allah Allah Allah says in those ayah that talks about Ramadan, Allah Allah Allah Allah says what he does Allah carry though the I never would do without a daddy that doesn't do it during the month of Ramadan, do a lot of the way that you are fasting and there are some Hadith that the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, every fasting person has $1 that will not be rejected, or during

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the last part of the night, because it is the whole time and we know that Allah Allah, Allah, Allah descends every single night and in the third part of the night and he asks his slave who is making dua who is making he still far who is asking me for something I'll grant him that okay, so making dua, then towards the end of Ramadan, which Allah Allah Allah also mentioned,

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will advise you to Hoonah antibiotic if whenever the Messiah did during those ayat also so Allah Allah Allah mentioned decaf coffee is that very virtuous, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to observe the calf, every single Ramadan and when he missed it once, he made it up his wives used to do it, the righteous people used to do it.

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They many scholars said that Allah, Allah Allah did not specify any particular reward for it at carve. Why? Because the reward is unimaginable. Yeah, when Allah Allah Allah Allah doesn't mention that. As I mentioned the article I would like to encourage our brothers, in particular our brothers to stay in the masjid as much as they can come early to the masjid pray your Salah and Gemma, stay after you Gemma if you can also stay from one Salah waiting until the other salah the prophets Allah wa sallam said Daddy como robot daddy common robot Valley como robot means is standing in the battlefield, okay? Waiting for Salah

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waiting after the Salah waiting for the second Salah okay is this even outside of the last 10 days, this is outside the 10 days of course, but in particular during the 10 days,

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even outside Ramadan even you can do that with the intention of staying in domestic. Now, let us add one more thing to that it was mentioned indirectly in the on those verses sadaqa Yeah, the Prophet sallallahu sallam was more generous as an ibis described him than a blazing wind during the month of Ramadan. So these now we have seen them. So the

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fasting fasting charity and Quran reading edition of Quran and the article, and then an DUA and then the Yama late the Prophet sallallaahu, Selim says, Whoever observed the young lady during the month of Ramadan, again with two conditions, believing that Allah Allah Allah commanded him to do so and seeking that you want behind that he will have or she will have all her previous sins forgiven. Now, these a badass that we have mentioned, are the listed about that the specific API that we always say that there are specific API that and there are general API that yeah, Allah, Allah, Allah wants us to do specific about that in certain times. And they're specifically about that, as we said, prayer,

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fasting, recitation of Quran, vicar of Allah Jalla Anna sada at calf, night prayer dua These are specific about that. The man has specific API that you when you

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got to work this is a bad yes when you play with your children and this is a guy that when you spend time with your wife This is really bad, but during Ramadan yes, we need to focus more on the specific about that rather than the agenda about that during the last 10 nights if we can devote ourselves for the specific area that as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to do, then we should do that. Let me add one thing that is with that it is specific about the or general whether that is very important, which is

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mind your relationship with your relatives, and ACARA Guna.

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Acabo Yeah, Accra. Guna Allah means mind your relationship with your parents, brothers, sisters, be careful. Be careful. You cannot do the specific about that recitation of Purana and cm and, and your relationship is bad with your mother. Okay, it's negative with your father. No, fix that relationship. This is similar to him. Yeah.

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Maintaining the ties of kinship and then after that your own blood brothers, your own siblings, your own sisters. Okay. And then the other circle director on so the direct uncle's direct on this. Yeah. In particular that and then the other general that as we have mentioned,

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