Editing your Universe #1

Abdulfattah Adeyemi


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I want to ask us this question.

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And I want us to please try, let's use our wisdom to follow these discussions that we have listened to. And the ones we shall do subsequently. This is designed to let us have a change of life to let us have a change of heart. Everybody knows a bat, bat bat,

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I want to ask you now, you know, a bat is like a, like a rat and like a bird. Is the bat, actually a bird that was subsumed into a rat? Or is it a rat? That was subsumed into a bit?

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Does anybody know?

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Is it a bird that looks like a rat? Or is it a rat that looked like a bird? You have to think about it honestly.

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If you were a bat,

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which of them will you choose to become, will prefer to be a rat, or you prefer to be a bird? If you were to make a choice, many of us will prefer

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to be a bird, not a rat. I don't know for what reason you prefer to be a bird. But I think is because you don't want to be nibbling and crawling around and stealing things about like Iraq.

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Maybe you want to fly and saw in the sky and have a view of the beauties of Allah's creation, like a bird.

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If you are going to be a bird, you have to give up a lot of things.

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You have to give up living your lives upside down like a bat.

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You have to give up living in a cave. Like a bat.

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You have to come out into the open and proclaim your fifth lucky bird.

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You have to give up your snout and pick up a beak.

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You have to give up so many things. You have to give up making noise and shouting in your cave.

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You have to start opening your eyes to see

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you're going to become a bird.

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You have to begin to sing. Not to say

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you're going to become a bird. You should be ready to grow your wings and allow the winds of Allah to make you to soar.

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We are going to be a bird. You have to be ready to learn some lessons. How to fly.

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You have to give up living in holes in crevices in dirty places. You have to give up bad habits.

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Evil tendencies

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are the characters.

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You have to spread your wings. You also have to learn to lay eggs. But when you lay eggs, lay your eggs far away. up high in the mountains far away from the rich of frying pans.

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Take good care of your Eman. Take good care of your belief. Take good care of your characters. Let us turn a new page. Let's begin our lives all over. That was begin to fly. Islam is meant for the sky. Allah says Lina zero Allah de nikoli so that Allah mimic Islam to supersede every order we apply. Muslims are not to hide. Our characters should speak for us. Our visions, like those of Eagles should speak for us. Our resolve our determination to spread our wings should speak for us. Our belief in success and victory should be the winds under our wing. We can fly because so we can do it. It's our destiny. It's our gift from Almighty Allah. Allah has designed it like that give up

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in Iraq war still don't ever be a bat again. After you've left to displace the Allah make it easy for us. I thank you so very much for the attentions you've given to these shakes. And I thank myself for Thank you, a Solomonic warahmatullah