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AI: Summary © The importance of testing one's actions and deeds to determine whether one is a praising or responsible person is emphasized in the Islam-themed process. Personal and professional struggles are also discussed, including losing money and experiencing difficult situations. The tests of life can be handled in a graceful way, and personal and professional struggles can be addressed through personal and professional struggles. The importance of following the Prophet's statement, following the way of the world, and following the light of the beast is emphasized.
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smilla Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum Peace be with you. This is a greeting of all the messages of God, including Abraham, Noah Moses, Jesus Christ and the last and final messenger sent to mankind the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon the greeting Dear Followers, and we're greeting you with the same greeting peace be unto you. We're going to be talking. Continuing talking to Sheikh Ibrahim Sudan we cover this topic for the test of life. It's such a vast topic, we're going to dwell into it some more. The test of life from the womb to the tomb is a big Testament we, we want to pass a test because we want genda we want paradise

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Forever, ever. And we want to avoid the hellfire. We don't want to spend a second there. So we want to pass the test. Sit tight. We'll be talking about the test of life when we come back here on the deen show, right back.

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please be on to you. Salaam Alaikum.

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Shake when I opened the show did I lie? I mean, we know that as Muslims ones who have submitted entirely to the one God, we know that Jesus was a Muslim. Abraham was the most they were all Muslims and my line. That's good. And they agree to their followers with this reading a piece. Yes, Salaam Alaikum. Salam o Alaikum in Hebrew. So I mean, we're doing we're just continuing the legacy. I don't think it's the same thing. And that's what when we say Islam, we don't say just word of means of nothing, does not refer to a tribe or anything it means to the state, that a human being should be in there is to submit yourself to the Creator of the heavens, and who would reject us. That's why we

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all have to submit themselves to the one that created and you hear peace being associated with Islam. I mean, do are we people who want peace? Of course, actually the word Islam it means submission does not mean peace, but it has the same root as far as the word with the word peace. So that means you would get the real peace if you submit yourself to the Creator. So is it safe to say peace acquired by submitting your will yourself to the Creator of the heavens on Earth, the One God right and when we say salaam, salaam alaikum, we are making supplication to the Most High that when I say to them to you that I'm making direct to Allah, that you are safe from all harm in this life

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and in the Hereafter. And this is what every human being wants. So we want good we want we want to and I think the best gift that we can give to humanity is Islam. That's right. Better than a Ferrari, Rolls Royce big house is this message of, of calling one to have peace with their Creator, right? Because then you can truly have peace with yourself and the rest of humanity. Isn't that true? And that wood stays forever? It is connected in this life would be not something that is a metal that will vanish after some time. Exactly, exactly. And we're talking about in this episode, people go to the deen show.com you have your own section there we've done over the years, we've done

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many shows, all praise and thanks to a law was given us life. We're here again. And seems like yesterday, Rahim de la we're here today. And we're talking about the tests of life. So in the last program

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that we covered, we talked about that the creator some verses that we mentioned and you commented on is that a law says in the noble Glorious Qur'an that I have not created life and death, except to test which of you are best in action. And then you notice man think that he'll be left alone, I just say I believe that he'll not be tested. And you also talked about what tests you would fear hunger, this that the other? Can you kind of recap and these verses and comment on them. And before I ask you some more questions, that this life this whole entire life is an anything in it is for a great wisdom. And that's why people need to be tested for them to be shown who is the truth for once and

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who is not truthful, and the qualities of the human beings and the goodness and the human beings. Allah subhanaw taala made it in such a way that we have to be faced with some tests, so that the real qualities of the human being must be shown and the attributes of Allah that is the most wise that is the most forgiving will be in place and practice when people are in doing patients even in relationships and so on. So it's basically any word we say and the action we do any state that we are in any relationship

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It's basically a test this is not necessarily something bad, but can be something even good. And but we will be tested with what is good and what has been. Now when you go from, you know, our brother won't graduate, he just got his master's degree, you know, a brother in law he got tested, right? He has read a lot of books, and he had to, you know, study a lot, Mashallah. And, you know, people have to go from from one degree to the next, you know, you got to get tested isn't a true, and that's not a bad thing. It's a good thing, because all that study and all that commitment, you know, at the end, it pays off. And you know, what's amazing, which is another act of worship, to be constantly

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done, the things that people do physically, and the things that are physical signs of a lawn, the face of it, it has to be related to what Allah wants from us religiously. So you can do that. That's right. People are tested. People, they love justice, people, they love mercy. You know, people like to be forgiving if they do something bad. And all of these meanings is the same thing when it comes to our relationship with the Creator of the heavens and the earth. He is testing us because we have to be tested to see who's deserves to be a doctor and who's not. Right, people have just claimed a doctor should go ahead and do the surgery. No, people have to be proven to be up to that level. So

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if a person say I believe, I love Allah, the most perfect love, I I follow the messenger sallallahu deism it's all words, how truthful the person is with the words that we say, then here's the test. That's why las panatela give a very important and heavy test, calling quantum to a boon Allah, factor Iranian people from Allah, say, Mohammed Salah Sir, if you claim that you love Allah, and I believe every human being other viewers, nobody would say I don't like Allah, everybody loves Allah, love the Creator of the heavens in yours. say if you truly saying that you love Allah, and follow the Prophet sallallahu sallam, Allah would love you because he sent him. So how can he sent him and

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you don't follow him, that means you're not truly loving the Creator of the heavens and the earth. So the truthfulness is for a person's words, to be according to our actions, our deeds, our hearts, everything in the same stem very, in conformity with one another. Now, it's interesting, I like what you said, we can relate it back to our daily dealings, and are we testing each other here and there, you know, the man has tested his wife, the wife tests, and, you know, the husband and the kids, you know, to see like, you know, to separate to see does does does he really love me? Does she really loved me. So you have person do certain things. And, you know, if they get through these, even the

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the the worker for the boss, and only after so many years, do you develop the trust? Do you develop some kind of relationship after all these tests? Right? Is that fair to say? It's, it's fair to say and that's what it doesn't have to be that people would test one another in such a waiting anticipating for love it. But people are test for one another, they bring out from your heart, what you are truly is. So for example, if you are someone that gets angry quickly, you might not do that with me sitting here because you don't see me much. But that quality in you, if it's there, it will be very clear with your wife, because you live with her, she sees you all the time. So there is no

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formalities anymore. So the real qualities will come this by itself is a test. So the wife becomes a test for her husband. Because the real qualities, the bad qualities will come out and you need to work on himself, to control himself and to be a righteous person and so on the same thing from the other side and so on. Let's take a break. We'll be right back with more hannity show. No problem. You can take my daughter to dinner, you and my daughter and me

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tell you something, it's natural. Just the idea. God created it. And He created us to have a good time, we should have a good time. With our wives though.

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Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. And most of the converts are women, not men, they see that the rules of Islam instead of constraining them the rules set them free.

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Back here on the deen show, we're talking about the tests of life

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handling these tests that come and you mentioned one Heidi from the last and final message said the man kind of problem Hama peace be upon him. So at that moment, patience is at the time of calamity. Right? Right. And you'll see for instance, is this the right way the wrong way? You know, there was a story one individuals talking about a he went to the hospital to visit someone there and two individuals on different floors. And the one individuals very sick and he went to visit him how you do he was kind of like anticipating how when he walks in he was he felt very sad, sad at what happened to the person so you know, you're kind of like how do I you know, approach the person you

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know? You know, am I gonna say the right things but as soon as he came in, the person was sick.

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But he was excited. He said, hum de la come in, he was praising God, everything was good. And it worked out right? He went to see someone else. And the other person was like, complaining, why would God I've been worshipping God all these years? Why do you put this on me? Why is this happening to me? Can we can we comment on these, which is the right way, which is the wrong ways. The one that complains, is basically does not know God with his names and attributes, because God is the most twice. And this life is nothing but 2030 5060 years, and it's all over. And God wants from us to do certain acts of worship that would never be there. As we mentioned before, unless the person would

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face some form of calamities and hardship and so on, because of the goodness that comes as a result of that. The other person, of course, you see, the man, this is the result, or the reward to him, as the result of his sincerity before he was sick. And we have to watch this a person, if he said that I was, I've been worshipping Allah and so on. He was not worshiping Allah subhanaw taala in the correct way, he was not sincerely worshiping along the correct way. If he was sincerely doing that, he would definitely be rewarded at times of calamity, that he would have the proper attitude. Remember, a brother must panatela Have mercy on him. He was amazing. He was someone that was totally

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paralyzed except his face, and the muscles of his face. He has to have somebody to feed him. This person was full of life and joy. Anytime you feel upset, you go to him, you ask him, how are you brother, he would say and hamdulillah. He's also happy that he's a Muslim. The concept that he's that our last panel, Dallas saved him and made him a Muslim. For him that covered everything and all calamities and pain in his life. He would have cancers and pains and so on and so forth. But he would never quit saying that hamdulillah and I have a little story with this brother. Yes. But I don't know if we have the time. Yeah, go ahead. What time I was, he always come to the masjid. Cold

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weather doesn't matter. He comes to the masjid. And he left one time after he prays, and the lecture was finished. And I went home. And it was in a place where I usually don't leave the house after nighttime. But I had to do that one particular night, because the child needed the medicine. And I went and I drove my car going to 24 hours pharmacy. And I see this brother, this is like something like two, three hours after Isha prayer in the wintertime in the cold in the snow. And he is on the sidewalk with his wheelchair sitting like this, and not moving. And the street is totally empty. And it's not a good neighborhood. I stopped the car and I was I was worried about him and went to him. I

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said, Brother 34 How are you? He said Alhamdulillah. He did not say Where are you? And he was not panicking or anything. So that hamdulillah the bounty of Islam is so great that this is the best bounty that I have. He's so relaxed, and so much tranquility and peace in such a situation where I'm not sure if I was in this state. But what I do, so it was so amazing that God sent me basically to go out to take the brother home, because he said the better one that all his battery in the wheelchair. Oh, that's why when it happened, he just said they're waiting. This brother he would constantly have people embracing Islam, when they see his character, he would give direct down to

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people and when people see this is not someone that has given up on life wants to commit suicide. He is full of hope and joy and he's happy witnessing the wisdom of Allah. And people die. And when a person when he died, things finished. Things will finish. Yes. So why would a person panic so much on the face of earth when we need to take advantage of the time that we live in and see the wisdom of online everything that happens to us. There's also another brother that we did a show with his he's a young man, he's

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also from his he's in a wheelchair. And his name is Chanel like this is a shout out to Sano. He's also very excited when you see him, you know, he's going through a lot. And people can go to the show to see Chanel's story. And he's kind of in a similar situation in the wheelchair, but he's very buoyant when you see him, you know, he's smiling and very cheerful. But you might see someone opposite who had let's say $10 million. And you hear about someone like this. And then in the stocks market, he lost let's say half of it 5 million, he's still got 5 million left this other person in the wheelchair, he don't even have anything close to that money. But he's still thank god, he's

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still content. He's still satisfied. This person just lost 5 million has another five minute but he jumps out the window. What's going on here? What's going on here? It's chose the mercy of Allah. that happiness is never by something external from outside. Happiness is within and that's the justice of the Creator.

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The heavens in the earth doesn't matter. If you're poor or rich, you can be the most happiest person on the face of Earth. If you are someone that is following the orders of Allah subhanaw taala. And that's why it's in here. And this is the justice of Allah, it does not go by how much wealth a person has. So this is a great wisdom, and something that again and again, we as human beings, people are not thinking, people are not analyzing what's happening. People are just busy with fun work, wealth, this and that. And they're not stopping and thinking, why this has happened in a good way. What's what are the most high ones for me? What are we going to face? What is this life is all

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about? We as Muslims, since Islam, respect the mind of the human being, if we can get a person to think this is the best thing that you can you can have? Think, what's the purpose of our life? What is the the Creator of the heavens and the earth and his relationship with the creation? What is the most noble thing to live for? If we think like this, and what's coming ahead, I think with sincerity and truthfulness, people would find the truth in the religion of Islam, this ease that fits the nature of the human being, that there is all answers to all questions. The happiest individual on the face of Earth, is someone that submits himself to the most wise the Most High, Allah subhanaw

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taala. So the point is, if you want to be happy on the face of earth, and in the Hereafter, the only way is to submit yourself to the Creator of the heavens in you. Now, can this also these tests and trials? If you pass it, do you get like in school? Will you get raised in rank in your degree? If you pass it with patience and perseverance? Are you having a bigger level in paradise also, of course, not just a bigger level, it's rewards without an account without limits, you know, things in the Quran and the Sunnah, for example, if you do an act of worship, you will get them rewards, you will get this reward so on. But when it comes to sub to patience, the reward mentioned in the Quran,

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in my work for Sadhguru nigera, homeboy, he said, which means the saburo, the patient ones, they would be given in full the rewards without an account without limit. So imagine that you do a certain work, and it's not going to be in the contract 10,000 million? No, you can just get unlimited. Now it jumps to a million a billion, whatever something that is, our mind cannot even comprehend as a result of this patience. Because of this test, you know, the most wise has given it to you. So he's not going to put something on you that's going to break you. Is that right? That's right. So and with every difficulty, there is coming relief. Is that right? This is what the prophet

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sallallahu Sallam said, as one of the ways of Allah, the more get tight, that means it's going to get spacious and ease. So wait, is another act of worship that makes things easy, that many people are not aware of. It's the worship of waiting for the help from Allah. This by itself is meant for the human being to practice, that we are instead of waiting for the help from Allah, Allah subhanaw taala said about that into the messengers, that they would wait for the victory of Allah. And also when a person is hit by a calamity and his patients and so on. One of the acts of worship to do that Allah wants from us, wait for the ease, the ease will come, don't worry, it has to come. It won't

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stay miserable forever, it has to come, the ease has to come. The words that it can happen, a person will die if he dies on the state of despair. This is the real spaciousness, he won't want to come back to this world anymore, because he would given the glad tidings. So the profits are seldom said to a number and the Quran says in the city usila. With tightness and difficulties comes the ease and the spaciousness. So wait for the ease it will come. Let's be patient. Take a break. We'll be right back. More candidates shall

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be born about 60 years ago in former Yugoslavia. Today's bosnia at the Second World War and imagine today you have one child killed too much. It's important that we realize that Islam is a gift. So we believe that in the teachings of Jesus, what is left there is truth and

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he is the result the truth has been mixed up with paganism and with nature worship and so Islam has given you a pure straightforward way of approaching monotheism from hunger.

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Back here on the deen show, we're talking about the tests of life from the womb. I said, from when you're born to when you die, it's a big test in between and want to pass the test. We want to get to paradise. We want to avoid the hellfire. May God Almighty Allah protect us from that. Now, there's also a verse in the Quran. Can you comment on this? Can these trials and calamities also be away for expiating? The sins that we quit? We commit daily. We're allowed the almighty insane by your hands. This is what you produce. Can you comment on this

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This is an extra more than one verse would give this meaning that nothing would happen to you. Except it's because of what your hands have earned. For me, my customer ID Kumar quantities, that no calamity would afflict you unless it's because of what your hands earned. And he pardons a lot. Actually, if a lot the most just deals with us with justice, we won't be existing now, because we do so many bad things. But it's some of the bad things would affect us in this life before the after, so that it'll be a way to wake us up. And a lot of the Most High forgives and forgives a lot of the things and many of the things that we do bad, we're not being punished for it in this life, to give

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us time and respect so that we would repent to our last panel. But the the most biggest test ever,

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is as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said, that God had revealed to me that you will be tested

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the same or closer to the test of a digital antichrist, which is one of the major signs in life. When you are in your graves, you will be asked three questions. This is the final test if it's correct to say that, that if a person according to our life and how a person pass this test in his life, he will be able to answer these questions. Basically, our life is to answer these questions practically, who is your job? Who's your Lord? Who is your messenger? And what is the book? Or what is your book? The answers is for the believers would say, My Lord is Allah, those who do they used to turn to Allah alone in this life times of calamities, times of ease, their answer will come from

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their hearts, and their messenger, His Prophet, Mohammed, Salah Salem, the one that they followed in this life, and my book is the Quran. So we need to live our life based on these three things, turning to Allah subhanaw taala alone, following the way of the prophets of the lies, and the Quran is our guide to success a few more points before we come to an end and run out of time. Now for the person that sees someone else on the TV on the big screen, live in a nice luxurious life. And I'm over here you know, suffering and you know, I got a dime to make a phone call. Can you elaborate on one Hadith? I believe it is where the Prophet peace be upon him is talking about you know, the two

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individuals one that has everything, the other one that does it, and then this one at the end, he'll be shown the Hellfire and one at ransom it for what he's going to be in and then the believer a lot explaining all his sins. And he had such a hard time because he did some some some, you know, some sins here and there, but a lot loving him. He didn't want to spend a second in the hellfire. But then when he shown paradise, and then he was like asked, Did you see any hardship and he'll quickly forget? Can you talk about this idea, this hat is this idea if this is the thing, it's a beautiful Hadith that gives a very good note at the end. The Hadith is more or less the meaning that a person

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will come and the day of judgment that he was the most luxurious on the face of earth. And you can imagine and let your imagination go as far as it can. And he will be among the people of dolphins. He will be immersed in the Hellfire one dip like this. And then he will be asked Did you had any goodness before he would say no one law he by the name of Allah I never had any goodness before. But he enjoyed everything and he enjoyed everything he was a French cook for French food he had, you know Chinese cook for Chinese for everything, the most happiest person luxurious wise. The other hand, a person was lived a life of misery as if he was dragged on his face from the woman that he

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was going to die imagine this is the case of some and he will be among the people of Jenna paradise. If he's immersed, dipped in Jenna paradise, just one dip like this. And he will be as did yet any misery before. He would say no Allah He by the name of a light never had a misery before. The note is what the point is, this whole entire life that we live in that through so much immersed in it, you would forget it, all of it by just one dip, either in gender paradise, or May Allah forbid, a dip in the hellfire. So is it worth it, that we would live this life ignorantly that all will be forgotten by just one immerse one dip in the Hellfire origin. So this is we have to make decisions.

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And this is the the nature of the human being, that we can make decisions. Knowing this and looking ahead, we're not like dogs and cats, when they see the food and they jump on it to not knowing whether it's healthy for them or not. We have the ability to look ahead. And the law wants us to look ahead, this is the case and be steadfast and you will be happy. You're not live a life of misery. You would live a life of happiness, contentment, if you would turn to the Creator of the heavens and the earth alone and seek impatience from him. Not a man or a monkey, the sun of the moon but the creator of all these things. The one guy Let's wait and trust in him will be successful. So

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thank you very much. Thank you very much. My God Almighty credit rewards you Thank you, sir. And we got to get some more great advice from the Shea

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The test of life from the womb to the tomb and drama in between let's pass this test. And God Almighty, the creator is most merciful. He sent messengers through time. And the last and final messenger. Jesus was sent for his time Moses was sent for his time Abraham, ham was sent for his time and the list goes on. But your messenger if you're hearing this today, we don't worship Him. We don't pray to him. But we follow his teachings the same way you would follow Jesus's teachings, Abraham's teeth, they were the ones teaching you how to pray to God, how to worship God, how to pass the test, that God Almighty has sent for the human beings. And there is a way and God Almighty has

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said, Whoever chooses a way other than that complete devotion submission to the one God. And that's Islam summed up with one word, the same way of life, that all the messages of God live, whoever chooses the way other than this. It will not be accepted in the Hereafter, he'll be among the losers. Let's be among the winners, and do God's will not follow our desires and let's pass the test. Let's be successful, let's put our trust in the one who gave us life and I'll give us death and we'll see you next time. Until then peace be unto you.

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He created the universe.

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To Him alone the heavens and the earth.

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He is the

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He's the owner. He sent His messengers

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to his

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grave danger.

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There is nothing greater.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid to say

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid to say