Mohamad Baajour – The Promise Of Allah

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The group discusses various Islam commitments, including a promise to allow women to make deeds, a promise to stop anyone from reporting actions of their parents, and a promise to change behavior. They express concern about the deification of Islam by the bankruptcy of the country and the importance of staying true to Islam. The segment ends with a call to action for action.
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And he's also the father in law of our dear brother Imran. So keeping your dry inshallah to Allah that Allah subhanaw taala will forgive his sins, granting His mercy and give him the highest place in Jannah Allah Allah for Allah we're happy. We're happy here. Welcome surah was Sam with Kira, Aloha, Mahalo, Jana, Aloha, mahalo Jana okay I have an offer here

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Somali Kumar

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love like button

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head on

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off oh

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how y'all

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how y'all

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how are you yeah

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in Alhamdulillah Hina meadow who want to stand

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on the will of Him in Cerulean fusina on say Dr Molina de la Fernando De La MaMa euglena lil fella heard yella where should you

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Allah wa the WHO lash any color where shadow no Mohammed and are the two who are solo and are bad. Guru subhanho wa Taala few Kitab al Karim yeah the lady in

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touch on Kati

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Morton in

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community Hello kakum In Hida Wakanda come in has Oh Jaha weather sending hola Regina, because he when he saw

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he was

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gonna be he will.

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In Allah haka. Alikum Marathi.

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Yeah, au Halina M no longer welcome on Oh Kamala said either you sleep come

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on over come wanting

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that Felco fellows and Alima Bakhtin Hadith Kitab Allah. Allah had you had you Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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We're short on memorial to her. We're calling them the 13th bidder. That in Walla Walla, Dona Ana Infinera. From ama that

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respected beloved brothers and sisters, I ask Allah azza wa jal,

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the Kadir

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the Avene the over the air here to make our last deeds, our best deeds, I mean

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if someone that

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you trust so much, he is very trustworthy, he's very honest, very truthful.

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If he gives you a promise,

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you will feel very confident that he will fulfill his promise.

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How about

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if Allah gave you a promise?

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Allah azza wa jal in many places in the Quran.

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Woman over the acidemia Allah in Allah Allah yokley fool me add in number two I do.

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In number two, I do another way.

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Many eight in the Quran. woman asked documenting Allah Hadith women as documented Allah He Akela many places in the Quran Allah confirmed that there is no way that he will not fulfill his promise.

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We should not have one speck of doubt in our heart that the Promise of Allah will definitely take place. What did he promise? Lend me your hearts please.

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And listen carefully.

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Why the lady in

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C'mon yellow Sani had

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the I started by saying what Allah Allah promised.

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Who did he promise

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the believers who do righteous deeds because the people who say

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Amen is right here brother. My heart is clean, pure white

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and they do not pray they do not fast they do not be kind to their parents. This is not true. Why? Because the Eman is translated to action to prove it to prove your Eman you have to put it into action. Otherwise just lip service this is not Islam. So the promise is for the people who have Iman and they are doing righteous deeds and you see them always combined the Quran am and who I am and who am you

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What did you promise you Allah why don't know you're a Latina woman. Oh, come on, you know slowly.

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Layer stuck lengthen homefield out of the camera stickler for leadin cobbly him

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whether you met Kenan Dean

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whether you But Dylan

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the philosophy him

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Yabu dune any lie you should eat Khun Avishai.

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Three promises. First promise Allah subhanaw taala said I will certainly grant them succession they will be the Khalifa on Earth.

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First promise they will be Khalifa on Earth. Second promise and they will have the authority to practice their Deen. Islam will be dominant

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third promise from Allah and I will change it. I will exchange their fear into security and safety and peace

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let's look at our situation.

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You're definitely not the Khalifa on Earth.

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Definitely Islam is not the authority. But even in Muslim countries. No Sharia practiced

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all of a name a country that has no fear

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for you.

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Allah promised

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Allah definitely would keep his promise

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and none of it is happening.

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What is the problem in the formula?

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Allah promised.

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Definitely, no doubt he will keep his promise. None of what

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As promised this taking place, where is the problem?

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and you,

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we are the problem.

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Why? Because listen to that word he said after all these promises.

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What do you want from from ASEA? Allah? One word.

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One word. Yeah budoni

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When we fulfill that a bad we will get the promise. We are the ones who are breaking the deal. Allah

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nobody here nobody's watching nobody has any doubts that Allah will never break his deal. We are the ones the last one. Please I beg you this is not just another kappa. Allah you know, always think Why did Allah make me come to Epic today in the second football? Not the first I missed it so I can hear these words. Nothing happened without his permission. You are here so you can hear these words. We have to do a change. Yes, one week. We are masters and PhD in complaining. Oh, it's not me. It's our presidents. It's our leader. It's this it's but me never know no one.

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No major change will happen. Without us making the change every single one of us go back to yourself Yaffe and check how's your salad? How's your relationship with the parents? How's your relationship with your with your zakat with his hygiene and he did not perform it yet. All these things sit down and hold yourself accountable before it's too late.

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Ask yourself the simple question because this promise is for the bad every single one of us have to ask himself this question Am I

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what does that mean? In general when you hear somebody is robbed of someone, what does that mean? That means whatever the master says that I would say I listen and I will be Samina what a foreigner. Right? This is a simple definition. Is this the case you don't deal with riba? Did you say I listen and obey? Don't drink alcohol? Did I see Did you say I listen and obey? Pray on time every single salaam including pleasure?

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Did you say listen and obey be great to your parents? Be generous. Be kind to your neighbor.

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It is us this is the problem. We're not fulfilling our part of the deal. Yeah, we're doing any when we become true slaves like the Sahaba Subhan Allah 313 Sahabi

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against 1000s of the people in the battlefield, the enemy 1000s And we all know the story of better because of the true

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a bad to Allah.

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Allah sent angels to fight with them.

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So we worry, we worry Oh, really Islam is gonna dominate. The minute you say that you have a problem. You have a major problem.

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The muscle is 100%

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Just like you're seeing me right now. Just like you're hearing me right now. This Deen will dominate.

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We ask Allah and we bet Allah to use us to be from the people who make this Deen dominant but will it dominate or not should not cross your mind

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this is the dean in Edina in the law Hill Islam Wilma yep TV where you will Islami Dean and fella yolk Berman well who have been here at

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Minahasa. Dean to Allah is one one Islam

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and also ever take other than Islam as his Deen. He will be the loser. It will not be accepted from him. And at the end, he will be she will be a loser.

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So be proud that you are a Muslim.

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Hadassah for Allah for stuff you don't know for right

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now salatu salam ala Mala via bada

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we have reduced our deen listen carefully. We have reduced our deen to Salatin, cm and Zakat and this is a slum

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five daily prayer in the masjid and he goes and cheats in his business cheats on his wife

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deals with Reba says haram buys haram but five daily prayers in the masjid mashallah first row

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donations. This is the main problem is that we reduced this huge constitution called Islam to fasting, praying, giving sadaqa going to Hajj once in a lifetime ombre every once in a while. And that's it. This is a slum. No no, no, no my brother, my sister

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at a drone, Emanuel mouthless

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How do you 100% authentic saya Muslim Rasulillah Salam. Do you know who's the bankrupt?

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We all know the Hadith.

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Who Yes Will Allah the Sahaba said obviously are a solo the bankrupt is the one who has no money. So no, no, no, no.

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The mirthless listen carefully is the one who comes from the day of judgment

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was solid.

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He prays five daily prayers,

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cm zakat, he fasts, he gives him charity, what can but

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he have cursed so and so. He had beaten so and so. He have killed so and so. He has abused so and so. So on the Day of Judgment, he will be very excited. I fasted for 50 years. I prayed 50 years.

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He will stand and excited. I'm going to Jana

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is the huge lie. Yes, habibi. Remember, you spread the rumor against me in the community.

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Remember, you lied. Remember, you cheated me in business? You said this and it was not true. It's Billa I'll give you the money. No, no, no money Habibi currency now is has an urgency.

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And then he says the line is growing. And his Hessonite are done. I'm just rephrasing the hadith of Islam

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when the Hassan Earth is done

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the next guy give me this and that Hola. Hey, I'm done. zero balance zero. Okay, no problem. I have 20,000 Say yeah, I'll give you five. He started taking from there. Say he had evil deeds and the Hadith ended and then he would be thrown in *. What did the Hadith start with?

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He prays. He fasts and he gives a cut. This is our problem. We think that this is the Dean

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this woman not only she fast and she prays she does the optional fast Monday Thursday three white days pm tahajjud everyday but yet hola Annie she backed by some neighbor here in our

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wake up my brothers and sisters that considered the dean of Salon cm.

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We have to wake up

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and come back to Allah so we can get the Promise of Allah azza wa jal? Yeah, you're a nurse

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in Nevada lie

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Filatov Aruna coming here to dunya Well, I have Rhonda Camilla and

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all mankind the Promise of Allah is true. So don't be deceived by the dunya.

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And don't be deceived by the shaytaan. My brothers and sisters

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living listen carefully. living for the sake of Allah is much harder than dying disobedient,

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when you die if you subpoena Allah. Once, when you live feasable Allah, you will die daily. When you see how the Muslim state is in

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May Allah make our last words La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, may Allah azza wa jal bless our children and keep them steadfast on this Deen. May Allah bless

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our RIA

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all our the RIA all our generations to come on this team keep them steadfast to Allah. Allah Allah for Allah the Nova Nova Serafina femenina without the duck diamond on some alikom will caffeine Allah Munsell Islam well Muslimeen well as is that Islam when Muslim in Ashoka when we should we can. Robin attina for dunya Hassan with an affinity Hassan walk in either now or Bella does have proven data. We have learned I'm alone Kurama in Naka Intel Wahab in Allahumma de Kado saloon and maybe you're looking at somebody he was selling with the slim Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim in Naka Homido Majeed were very kind of Muhammad Ali Muhammad

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Rahim while early Ibrahim in the home will.

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Long like bottom line

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I got

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a certain number hum, Madonna

00:20:10 --> 00:20:19

all Hayyan are solid they're Hayyan AlFalah

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to garden Palma de sala alogue

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Hola Hola como

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here have been on me in a row, you're rocking. Murli Kiyomi doing e konavle doing kind of styling you know see all stopping sit on Kalinina and let him or here in Dubai turning him on only when I mean

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work on

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the Leica DG tongxi And it

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occurred to summer 2000 I mean who shocked

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00:21:40 --> 00:21:41

who had the

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rough man you are the one I

00:21:49 --> 00:21:51

am he Tuffy though

00:21:52 --> 00:21:58

in Kelowna this summer Do you have the in in

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either the left or the

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right cool loom welcome.

00:22:11 --> 00:22:16

T A woman Kia and naughty Florida. Love it

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send me Allahu Lehmann Hamid

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hola hola como

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hola hola como

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el handling here of Bill al me in Ragna new Rafi. Maliki only Dean II can avoid any kind of stain.

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If you do not sit on top of stuffing sweet alternate Ina and lay him are you really doing him one off on clean? I mean

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Odin who Allah

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Allahu sala de la mia le do LMU ledger while Amir cola who Cusco and

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hola hola

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Sammy Hola halimun Hamidah

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Hola lankinen

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Another Quran

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Hola Hola como

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center only

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a center

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stuck in the last

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slide from Charlotte or just as usual please remain seated till your row turn comes and we will go one row at a time starting with the first row and rows from the back that could lead from the back and Charlotte Allah. And for the brothers we're still staying to the turn comes. Keep your tongue remembering Allah subhanaw taala Subhan Allah Al Hamdulillah now you know him Allah Muhammad what

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