Haitham al-Haddad – Philosophy of Fasting #03

Haitham al-Haddad
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the aim of Islam, which is to pursue human rights and strengthen the body while avoiding the split between life and death. The main focus is on the importance of following the ACA and reading the Quran, with a emphasis on the importance of reading and following the rules. The segment also touches on the split between life and death, with a discussion of the importance of achieving success in life after death through Islam.
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oh one who sleeps, stand up and do

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the one service

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Salaam Alaikum and welcome to the philosophy of fasting Bismillah

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Alhamdulillah Allah blah mean All praise is due to Allah and all praises is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala peace and blessings be upon Muhammad is less Prophet and Messenger of Allah. As usual we have Dr. Latham lol dad joining us in the studio today, slowly conducted by the consult.

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Thank you for joining us in the studio today.

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Well, as you know, Dr. We're talking about the philosophy of fasting, and in the previous episodes, we've been talking about the facts behind fasting, the hedger calendar, all sorts things like this. However, last episode, we left at a crucial point, which I must pick up on very quickly before we continue on our other journey.

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Do we agree with the scientific facts of fasting? What is science? What is the key to science in the fasting

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Okay, Malema Haman hamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam, wa salam ala nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira

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allegedly Allah told us in the Quran what is the wisdom behind fasting Okay, yeah, you Halina Amano quotevalet como si mo kamakoti Valentina. mencoba de la la quinta taco, Allah Allah Allah is addressing believers, Latina and an O you who believe siyam fasting was prescribed upon you,

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as it was prescribed upon previous nations. So you may attain taqwa, right. So, here this is this is statement even from an Arabic prospective law law context, which can be translated as so you may attend taqwa shows that the main wisdom, the main reason even you can say, the main Illa right in a very accurate

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Terminology The main ala, the main foundation upon fast upon which fasting was based. The main reason behind the legislation of fasting is what? To attain taqwa. To increase your taqwa to first of all to get taqwa to increase your taqwa to maintain your taqwa that is the the main wisdom behind fasting. And see, from a Sharia perspective, we have to understand that the main reason behind all acts of worship is to what is to establish the oneness of Allah de la full stop is to establish the oneness of a larger Nevada and to increase our oneness, our belief in the oneness of Allah, Allah Allah, okay to hit the center of the whole universe. And, you know, in those

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in the art of fasting, by the way, fasting was mentioned in one place in the Quran in Surah Al Baqarah. And this is a meeting.

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Why is this what is the wisdom behind that? We find that the cow was mentioned a number of times Salah was mentioned a number of times in the Quran. Normally, salah and Zakah are mentioned together in the Quran. Had Hajj pilgrimage was mentioned the number of times numerous times in numerous verses in the Quran, but fasting was mentioned only in Surah Al Baqarah, right.

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So in those Ayat of fasting, Allah Allah Allah after that said

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while he took me to a data ready to Kabir Allahu Allah, Allah Allah come Quran. This is another wisdom behind fasting which is similar to taqwa. You know, in those Ayah De La Jolla, Allah says, Sharona bond and lady on z Hill, who deadliness you have a 90 minute huddle for financial freedom in comitia. Fairly awesome. Woman Karen and Maria one hour at SFR. In fact

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To meet a young man oh Have you read Allahu be como usera wala you read ob como Shara when he took me to a data Valley to Kabira la Helena. Well Allah Quran. This is another wisdom that Allah Allah Allah mentioned in the ayah to fasting which is what to make take B roll for La Jolla.

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So well it took a bit to LA to make that beer and to be thankful to Allah Allah Allah for the guidance that Allah Allah Allah has provided you with what with the Quran, because the Shahada Ramadan Allah De Anza Quran was mentioned that the Quran was mentioned that it has been revealed in this month, which is a matter that we will discuss inshallah shortly, as well as the taqwa that has been mentioned in the first ayah. What does that mean? It means that the main purpose of fasting is to increase the attachment between you and Allah, Allah,

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to establish the heat in its reality, as as a way of life not as a theoretical concept that we believe in, no, to make our life based on the heat our actions based on the heat, and the heat is what the heat is to establish that there is no God, but a lot the lower and the only God to be worshipped is Elijah, lo Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah has certain unique names and attributes, perfect names and attributes, then no one in the world has or in the globe has those names and attributes of Guadalajara. This is the main benefit of fasting and it is, by the way, the main benefit as we said the main benefit of other data look, for example, had okay had

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a login Oh Allah says in when he mentioned I actually had to install it.

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One time, he said, then ecoman you have them automatically. And in the other ayah, Allah Allah Allah says, There Lika woman you have Lim Shia Illa. In the meantime, welcome to the one who glorifies the symbols of Allah, Allah Allah, which is what which is the head and as well as the places that we go and visit in the head, the one who with respect to that glorifies that is what it means that he has taqwa.

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Then when Allah Allah Allah spoke about sacrifice, Allah Allah Allah says, La Nina La la la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la La, Taka, Allah, Allah, Allah is not interested in the flesh of the sacrifice, or the meat of the sacrifice. Allah Allah Allah wants to see what the taqwa from the people. So this is an example which is the head and you can see that the whole Quran whenever Allah Allah, Allah commands us to do something in the Quran, Allah, Allah Allah links that thing that action to his glorification, his taqwa his fear, his love being attached to to him. Yes, of course, there are some other benefits, as you said, For fasting, for example, health benefits, okay? Or some

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maybe side benefits, maybe economical benefits or social benefits. These are side benefits, but they are not the main benefits, right? don't have it. I totally agree with you. And you know, I really appreciate that feedback and the comments. However, there's just one thing that I want to pick up on here, about the scientific point. Why is it important for a Muslim? To follow the scientific route to fast as it's important for Muslim to observe the scientific facts.

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Observing scientific facts behind any burger is a side issue

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is a side issue. We fast we do head we pray, because of what because we want to establish the oneness of a larger law. Yes, because we want to show a lot of Allah that we are His slaves, and the main reason behind Sharia in general. And this is, this is something important in fact, is is is a key point when we discuss the philosophy of fasting because we are discussing the philosophy of Sharia. See brother, Rafi, many people know

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started to talk about the philosophy of Sharia as as well as philosophy of some act, and they link the philosophy of those acts to the dunya. Yes,

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To this life, and they neglected the ARCA from the picture at all, they neglected the right of a larger lo Allah from the picture in general, definitely. For example, I have seen a number of books that have said that the main aim of Sharia is to establish the rights of human people, human rights. Man, I was surprised that you read the whole book, the whole book is full of verses from the Quran, verses from the prophetic traditions, okay, and none of those.

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Sorry, this book, all of it, despite the fact is full of art and a Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim is talking about the right of Allah, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala. So they may carry out for the junior purpose. Dhoni while Sharia Islam, Quran and Sunnah is what mainly for the right of Allah, Allah, Allah because Allah is the Creator. Of course Allah has the highest right over us, of course, to be pushed on time right now. So you know, let's just clear the scientific facts up in this part of the program. So what we're saying here is we were pointing out that Allah as the right of everyone, and our as the ultimate and we must submit to Allah. That's absolutely right. Yes. And the

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right of Allah, Allah, Allah overwrites the right of any of his creation. Great. Yes. Well, thanks very much for joining us in the studio today. That's all we have time for right now in this part. Stay tuned. We're just going to take a short break. Salaam Alaikum. Welcome.

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Assalamu alaikum. everyone. Welcome back to the philosophy of fasting. As usual, we have Dr. Arthur Mel dad joining us in the studio, slowly come

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to Lahore Baraka, thanks for joining us, we're so honored to have you. So Dr. We're talking about the philosophy of fasting. And you know, what, what's quite shocking to hear that you're saying they are all idea, the philosophy of fasting, of the point of Sharia is about human rights, benefits for humans.

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And, you know, you described in the first part, it's all for Allah. So I want to know, and I'm sure the viewers at home want to know, why is it that it's focusing on human rights? What's this all about? Doctor? Okay, it was from LAO salatu salam ala rasulillah. You're right. And, unfortunately, the discourse, the Islamic discourse now

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in the whole world, and especially in the West, and by the way, by the way, we are not talking to Western people. No, we are talking about it. We are talking to Western and non Western people, because I'm sure this program is being watched and viewed by people in Africa, in South Asia, etc. But the discussion about charity and the philosophy of Sharia all over the world.

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It started to be focusing on the Rights of People human rights, and they neglected the right to follow gelada they mentioned it, but they just mentioned it quickly, while if you read the whole urn, and you will see that the main aim behind revelation is to glorify a larger ladder is for people to establish the oneness of Allah de la vida. To to show a larger, lower Allah The due respect, yes. And having said that, we have to be clear, it doesn't mean that the Sharia is not in favor of the interests of people. No, that doesn't mean this. Sharia in the beginning is revealed for people to glorify Allah gelada. to fear Allah, Allah, Allah to show a bada to manifest their

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obedience to Allah, Allah Allah. However, once we show and establish the oneness of Allah, Allah, Allah and the glorify Allah, Allah, Allah, anything related to our dunya will be established and will be

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will be established and the welfare of ourselves Okay, in persons and in societies will be improved. So there is no contradiction, no contradiction between the rights of Allah, Allah, Allah and the rights of people. In fact, Allah Allah

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He said, established my oneness and you will live peacefully in this dunya and in the ark Allah, Allah Allah Allah says in the Quran

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when he commanded Adam and Eve to go down to the earth all the time in her journey Arthur Emirati and NACA mini Hoda. fermentable yahuda, Salah biloela Yasha woman Allah and decree in nella Houma, Isha and banca when Shu Yeoman Tamati Allah, so there is no separation between the dunya and they are Pharaoh, Allah, Allah Allah commanded Adam, Adam and Eve when he sent it down when he sent them down from the paradise because follow my guidance a bit, Amina Jamia and if my guidance come to you, then you have to follow my guidance. And be careful. The one who turns away from my guidance, woman Alba and decree he will have a life full of misery, of course, and he will be resurrected at the

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idea of resurrection as a blind person because he turned a blind eye to my remembers. So Alexander, Allah is telling us in this area, that following the guidance of Allah, Allah, Allah will lead people to what to peace and tranquility in this dunya but it doesn't mean that the ultimate aim of the guidance of Allah, Allah Allah that He has revealed to mankind is for people to live in peace and tranquility. Okay. The main aim is what is to worship Allah Jalla nawada. Of course, this is what Allah Allah Allah says, Sorry, mahalo octogenarian, INSA olalia, full stop, I have created in an ns for nothing but to worship me. So worshiping Allah, Allah, Allah, glorifying him exploring his

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magnificence. is the ultimate aim of Sharia. The dunya related aims are there, but they are side aims. Of course, don't say, you know, I just want to pick up on the point, you know, surely Allah subhanaw taala is the Most Merciful, the most the only one that can grind towards anything. So why is it people are focused upon their rights as humans? Why is it some people find it compulsory to leave a law and and focus on their rights? What rights do we have? See, this is this is a big point, it is true, this is what we need to ask people why? Why, you know, the main reason is people forget about death.

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People forget about death, or they ignore talking about death. Yes, handed the people knowing that life is divided into two parts. Part One, the first part is before death. And the second part is after death. And the second part is more important than the first part. Exactly. Then people wouldn't focus on this first part that they are living in.

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People will focus on the real success. The real success lies in the second part, even see non Muslims. We tell them, by the way, I'll summarize it with a story right? Yes, that that happened with me.

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I used to study in Sudan. There there my first ceria degree was from Sudan.

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And I remember I used to go to a hotel.

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And in the reception, I was living at that time in Saudi Arabia, right. So I was not exposed to Christians. Okay. A lot we know about Christianity, etc. But basic thing, right? And we are not that exposed to Christians and how to deal with them how to give them that right cetera. Okay. So, at that time, when I started to move to Sudan to do my exams, and etc, for Sharia degree,

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in the hotel,

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there was in the reception, there was a Christian guy, and he knew that I study Sharia, and he studied theology. Right. So we started to have a dialogue. He told me that, listen,

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there is no doubt that Islam is the truth.

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He said this, he said, because it is clear anything in Islam is clear. He said that he studied theology, and many answers provided by Christians and scholars in Christianity, etc. It doesn't make sense. Exactly. Okay. And he said, for example, surah Miriam just describes the story of Mary in a very simple way. It goes into the heart, it penetrates the

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Yes, and you do not find any contradiction, nothing.

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So I was shocked to hear this.

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So, in my mind, why does this person Why doesn't this person accept Islam?

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Okay, so the next day, you know, because he was the receptionist, we could not have a very long discussion at one point. So in the next day, I started to think, how can I, how can I address this person? How can I speak to him? Then I said, Oh, let me just make it simple as the Quran makes it simple. So I went to him, and I was leaving back to Saudi Arabia. So I said to him, why don't you accept Islam?

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So he said, If I accept Islam, if he accepted Islam, he will lose his position in that tribe, in the clan. He is the son of the achieve of that of a tribe, right? If a big tribe, and he said that if he becomes Muslim, he will lose his position as the son of the tribe as the next king of the tribe.

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I was shocked. I said,

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so this person, how can I talk to him now? Then I said, Okay, as I said, I'll make it simple, according to her, and

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I said to him, if your priority

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is life after death, then you must sacrifice everything in this dunya in order for you to be successful in your last life, which is the everlasting life, which is the eternal life. But if your priority is dunya, is this life, then you should sacrifice the other life?

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And he kept quiet.

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As I told you, I was leaving. So I left after that. I don't know what happened to Yes, this is the problem. Many people don't think of the algebra, of course, and that's why in our data, we must focus on the answer. And the philosophy of Sharia, all of it is based on what is based on believing in the Day of Resurrection and what will happen after that, of course, in the on the second life.

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Whenever Allah Allah, Allah speaks about anything, any legislation when Allah Allah mentioned, the rulings of Pollak divorce, yes, in the Quran, Allah, Allah Allah link to those rulings, to those who believe in the al-hurra to those who submit to Allah, Allah Allah. What is the relationship between Pollak legislation, divorce legislation, yes. And believing in the ACA, from our perspective as Muslims, there is no separation between law this life and the second life. In fact, we are living for the second life. Yes, shake, we're very pushed on time. I just want to pick up on the major points because as you're speaking to me, we've got everything written down. But, you know, I've got

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so many questions to ask you personally, because you're overwhelming me with, you know, the sense of Sharia and getting back to Allah. What message would you give to our viewers, if they are upon the wrong path, or they are closely guiding shake and they don't know which path to take? What would you say sincerely from your heart, to guide those people back to the oneness of all law? First of all, they should think of the second life. The second most important thing, they should read Quran and Ramadan is the month of Quran one time we'll have a long discussion about an inshallah. inshallah, thank you so much for your thoughts and changes in sudo. Today, Sheikh at formaldehyde, does Allah,

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Allah, Allah. Well, that's all we have time for right now. I'd like to thank shake FML dad until next time, I'll leave you in the safe care of Allah subhanho wa Taala Assalamualaikum when

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