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The speakers discuss the importance of following strict guidelines for Islam, particularly in regards to the hedger calendar. They emphasize the cultural identity of Islam and the need for an official calendar. They stress the importance of the hedger calendar for the hedger war and the importance of promoting Sharia teachings to children. They also emphasize the need for individuals to use the digital calendar to inform about upcoming events and emphasize the importance of diversity in Islam.

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Assalamualaikum and a very warm welcome to the philosophy of fasting Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen All praise is due to a lost battle what Allah, all praises, go to Allah subhanho wa Taala. May Allah be pleased with Mohammed, his last Servant and Messenger. Today we have joining visit Dr. Owl dad, slowly calm. Dr. Riley consider I want to thank you for joining us in the studio today.

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Well, Dr. Haven't we talking about the philosophy of fasting? Obviously, as you know, today, I want to talk a little bit about why we choose a lunar calendar and the hedger calendar, what's so important of the hedger calendar? Why not just go with the standard calendar of the world now? And just go

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2012 or 1433? What's the difference? Okay, we nerd out on him and ham de la salatu salam ala rasulillah. Brother, Rafi, the discussion with you is pretty challenging because you are coming from another non Islamic background, obviously, you converted to Islam. recently, in the last three years, I think you'd be a Muslim.

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And it is good to have this discussion because for you as a new Muslim, or for maybe people who are living in the West and exposed to Western ideas, or people living in non Muslim Muslim countries, and they are exposed to non Muslim ideas, non Islamic ideas, they should be aware of such discussion. That's why this program is talking about philosophy of fasting from all angles. Exactly. And by the way, I think I don't think that it is, this is something unique for us in the West, or Muslims living in non Muslim countries. Now, because of globalization, as you are aware of people are exposed to all different ideas. And if they do not know, the philosophy of Sharia or the

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philosophy of Islam, then they might be confused. And some of them I have seen some people who start to be liberal, and they don't want to be as they say, orthodox Muslims, okay, because they don't think that they are doing something wrong. They think that this is the true philosophy of Islam. This is the true philosophy of Sharia. I i understand shake, I just must pick up on that point. I heard you say, orthodox, and liberal. These are your words I'm used to previously before being a Muslim. I just wanted to stop and, you know, verify you're saying orthodox? Do we not just follow the Sunnah. And

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is there something like strict or liberal? What is there in Islam? That is true? This is exactly the point that we follow the Quran and Sunnah. Yes. And we follow the consensus of scholars. Okay, follow stop, but people label those who follow Quran and Sunnah. And people, and and follow the consensus of all the scholars, for they label them as orthodox, right. And they because you know, in the West, as you just said,

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they they don't have guidelines for the interpretation of the Bible, or the interpretation, even of the law. Yes. But from an Islamic perspective, one very unique characteristic of Islam. And really, a very important feature of Islam is what is the guidelines for interpretation. So you cannot interpret the text as you like, right? And then we will have liberal people and all physics people. If you interpret the text, according to the guidelines that have been set by the professor Center and the companions, then you will end up with one interpretation, right. There are some variations but within a certain framework, but when you try to go against those guidelines, then you will end

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up with an interpretation that is alien to Islam.

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Because, because of this, again, globalization and the background of non Muslims, non Muslims, they started to say that those who are following the strict guidelines there are orthodox, and those who are calling for the new interpretation of Islam, they are liberal. Otherwise, all of us should be following, as you said, or an and

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as simple as this. Definitely, definitely shaker them. I just want to add my personal experience there. When I first came to Islam, you know, I went into the mosque and all I saw was was random with big beards thinking Oh, and with these people that you know, I hated why I'm here. But Subhanallah when you get to the beauty and the sweetness and the, the reward from Allah, there's no strictness in Islam. It's all beauty soft. And we nobody understands coming from if you say to a Muslim who was born a Muslim, however, we all born Muslim. However, if we if you revert or convert to being a Muslim,

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you can never explain that feeling. I agree. I agree, totally agree. sweetness that we, for example, born as Muslims and raised up in Muslim environments, we do not see that big shift, of course, and you people you feel that sweetness Subhana Allah, this is maybe we are jumping into another. Yes, definitely. Which is the sweetness of fasting the sweetness of submission to unlock the level Yes, and no one else finds that sweetness except the person who submits to Elijah Nevada Of course, but okay, as we are discussing this, let us just go to the issue of the Hadler connector, if you don't mind, you know,

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see, each when when when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam migrated to

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Medina okay. And Muslims he started generally speaking to count after his right they the good to have sort of calendar and official.

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Based on the time of the Hadith of the prophets Arsenal was just an official arbitrary something like this. But when the things developed, and the time of death came and the time of Mr. Kane and Mr. Manohar Pavarotti, Allah tala Han, who

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was a hobby for for almost 10 years, or more than 10 years, and he wanted to establish a new development for the Muslim estate because the Muslim estate flourished and became so big and he started even to give the child benefits and so on. So he needs to have an official calendar. Right? Okay. Now because the Muslims are not anymore Just a small state, it is the biggest state so and the city that you can say the civilization of Islam has started to crystallize more, okay, with the expansion of the Islamic State. So I'm I don't know how pop wanted to have an official calendar. So he consulted the Sahaba How can we have an official calendar and from an Islamic perspective, Islam

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has its own identity, Islam doesn't want the Islamic identity to melt down or to accumulate in other identities, especially the Islamic identity is

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focused on towhid Okay, the oneness of Allah, Allah Allah,

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you can say that the center of the Islamic identity is what is the towhead, the oneness of Allah gelada The problem is,

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other identities do not have that central focus right, which is the heat. In fact, you can say that other identities are centered on shift, okay, or this belief, or associating someone besides Allah, Allah Allah. So it is natural to have two different identities, the Islamic identity and then an Islamic identity. If we allow the Islamic identity to be assimilated or to melt down in the other identity, what will happen to eat itself will be assimilated in disbelief or in shirk. And it will not be the the identity that we are calling people to a totally agreed on the standard. So let me just get this clear, just to make it clear in my head and hopefully for the viewers at home. What

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you're saying too, was basically if we melt down the oneness of Allah

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This is why we stick to the lunar calendar because this is part of it. So what I'm saying is that

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we have as Muslims, we have to have our own identity course. And the hedgerow calendar is part of our identity as Muslims. Yes. That's why when Mr. Malhotra the second Caliph, consulted the companions to have an official calendar for the Islamic State.

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They discussed all possible options, and then you that they Muslim civilization or the Islamic country or the Islamic State or the oma. They have to have their own identity. So they said that Allah gave victory to Islam when the prophets Allah said a migrated from Mecca to Medina and the Islamic State. The Islamic civilization is started by establishing the first Islamic state which is what, which was Almudena element or the Islamic State in Al Medina and Nagoya. So they said, let us use the date of the hegira of the prophets, I send them the date when the processor migrated as the reference point. Okay, so that was the beginning of what the hegira calendars. And that's why many

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scholars consider referring to the digital calendar as one of the Islamic guidelines that we need to stick to it, and we need to follow. So it is a matter of identity that we need to follow the hegira calendar, and we don't want this identity to be dissolved. That's why you see in the West, it is good to resurrect this calendar. Yes, and Ramadan. Subhan. Allah is a very deep philosophy, Ramadan, and had and other Islamic events.

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You can say force Muslims compel Muslims to work to resurrect the hegira calendar. I definitely agree. Well, we are a bit pushed on time to be coming up for a short break. So what you're saying to us, actually, Doctor, is we've just must be united as Muslims. And the digital calendar keeps us united and to remember Allah as one. Yes, absolutely.

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Thanks so much for joining us, doctor. Well, that's all we have time for right now. We're just taking a short break. Stay tuned. Assalamualaikum when

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you on an omen.

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Assalamualaikum and a very warm welcome back to the philosophy of fasting. As usual, we have Dr. Mel dad joining us in the studio slowly come down.

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Well, before the break doctor, we're talking about the hedger calendar, why it's important to follow this and the oneness of Allah. So let's take a bit further now. We've discovered the Hijri calendar. What is the benefits of using the hedger calendar foros Bismillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah.

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as we say that following the hegira calendar is part of the Islamic identity Okay. Now if we follow the other calendar, our identity will be slowly slowly stripped from us, okay. Okay. And eventually, the other calendars are linked to non Islamic symbols, because all other calendars the solar calendar is linked to the solar system. And it started mainly by the people who started to worship the sun. The Gregorian calendar is the link to the birth of the alleged Birth of a salesianum of Jesus, and so on. So each oma has its own calendar, of course, and we have our own calendar, as Muslims, this is the hedger calendar and also the hegira calendar is linking us is linking us to the

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as well as some other natural

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phenomena you can say in order for us not to be dis attached as a human beings are from the creation the rest of the creation of Allah Allah. But unlike those who started to worship the sun, we are not worshiping the moon. We are just using the moon as an indication for

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for the beginning of the month and the end of the month.

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And in the Quran, we see that in various verses a lot gender Allah commanded us to, to look at the stars definitely. And he said in the Quran, where Allah Martin will be named Jimmy whom he has to do, we have created for them signs and they use the stars in order to navigate in order to know the dates in order to show the timing and so on. So, this is basically the wisdom or you can say the philosophy behind it. But the other point that I would like to mention is that Imagine if there is no Ramadan or as you said in the beginning that we are following the Gregorian calendar in Ramadan and we are all in Zakah you know, we give our Zakat based on the Gregorian year 2012 2011 etc. If we

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continue doing this, believe me after some time, we will forget about the heyedrate calendars yes and we will be started we will we will start to be disattached from our legacy and the from the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. But now see younger children when they ask when Ramadan is coming and the Ramadan might come like might come beginning of January okay or then the next year or Ramadan might come 13th or 12th of January and so on. So, there is no fixed date for Ramadan from the according to the Gregorian calendar. Yes. So people will start what it chasing and remembering the hegira calendar, of course, and they will not be they will not forget about it. And you know, in

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the UK, in many lectures, I asked people, what is the date today? And they give me the Gregorian calendar, they rarely Give me the digital calendar. And this is wrong, we need to redirect to this. Yes, that, that the header calendar? Definitely I definitely agree with you, doctor, because one of the things I learned was the importance of using the hedger calendar to remember like, you know, handle a very knowledgeable on giving us this information. So it is important for the young children in our society to remember the hedger calendar, why do you not think it is compulsory for them, the masjids and the UK to inform that the children? Look, this is the hinge of calendar. Why do you do

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not let's not say enforce, let's say advice with a good idea brother roughing This is a very good idea. And we

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Yeah, we can advise as you said, the mosques For example, when they put the calendar or when they put the date, yes. In the masjid, at least the other that the massage or the Islamic organizations close to put the hegira calendar in front of in the main hall in front of everyone, and they can put to the Gregorian calendar, we are not saying that we should not use it at all, but we should put our digital calendar and you know, for example, fasting the three why today's Yes, 13 1415. You know, the prophets I seldom used to fast these three days. In fact, had he been abuzz about the law and the prophets I said I'm used to fast them even if he was traveling, okay. So, how do we know about

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13 1415? If we are not following the lunar calendar, definitely. And on the other side, the person who wants to fast he will be what observing that lunar calendar, of course, and this will encourage everyone to know about the lunar calendars show, let alone some other virtues for some other lunar months. Okay.

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So I just want to ask you very quickly, you know, Hamdulillah, I am aware of fasting the 13th 14th and 15th of the hedger calendar. However, if the calendar calendar falls on a Saturday, 13th 14th and 15th, can you fast on this Saturday? That is not a problem at all. There's no problem, no problem at all. Maybe later on, we'll discuss this point. Yes, that you know, there is a hadith about the prohibition of fasting on Saturday, but that is not the very authentic, it's not authentic, and and the scholars did not act upon it. So you can fast 13 1415 there is no problem with that at all. That's great. Dr. Adam, you know, being you know, a new Muslim. I'm still learning

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every day until I die. I'll be learning Islam.

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And on facade learning Subhanallah No, I can never tell you the benefits of Allah subhana wa Taala gives anyone let alone myself. However, you're nervous you're you stumble and you don't know where to turn what to do. The hedger kalindi, as you've just described to me, my hearts filled out because you've told me that education is to get close to remember a law. And this is important. So why has it become in the West? Okay to forget the edge of calendar. Why? Why is it that Okay, now we're in the West, we don't need this. Because even if I was in the West, I want this calling to know. Yeah. Because see, it is our shortcomings as Muslims, we are not holding fast, firmly on our guidelines

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and principles. And unfortunately, now we have so many Muslims who started to what to say that we as Muslims living in the West, we have to how to have our own version of Islam

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and European Islam, or British Islam, okay. And this is another important philosophy of fasting. Because imagine, imagine that we

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started fasting based on a calendar that is unique for the West, okay? Muslims will fast on another day and the east. And the sense of oma will be lost. Yes.

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And this is what some non Muslims, the enemies of Islam are trying to do is to have different identities for different Muslims in different places, different versions of Islam, in different places, we have people are calling for European Islam, people calling for Chinese Islam, and it will be an endless discussion. And we will be will we will not be united as that's why they just started, let us take this platform as what is the goal for all Muslims to go back to court and sooner? And to go back to the consensus of Muslim scholars who have understood the Quran and Sunnah and declassified them to all of us? Definitely, if your heart sincere to Allah. And you you really

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believe in the oneness of Allah? And you've said the Shahada. Why is it okay for the people in the non Muslim countries or the Western European to accept this? How? You know, you made me feel so sad, just when you were saying people want European Islam? There's no European Islamic one Islam? Exactly, why why do people want to accept this? And see, this is of course, this will take us out of the remit of this of this program, yes, but mainly because people are accepting pressures from outside. And sometimes they do not understand the wisdom, or philosophy you can say, behind so many Sharia related rulings. They do not understand that wisdom. And that's why it is very vital, very

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important for us to spread the knowledge about Islam, about Sharia, the wisdom, the philosophy, the miracles behind Sharia, and also teach our children. And see, as you mentioned, this, brother Rafi, I remember, I don't know how much time do we have we just a bit short on time there. But you know, the Some people think that Islam is against science, especially in the West, of course, and they say that, see if you are calling for just watching the moon sighting, and you do not want us to follow the calculation or the observatory, it means that you do not want science, or Islam reject science. You understand? And this is a big problem in the West. And I have been in a few conferences where

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some people including some Muslims, by the way,

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they think that Islam is against science. And we say that Islam is not against science at all. In fact, we just said that Allah Allah Allah says sunnery him i atina filosofi unfussy him has yet to be an additional help. We will show them the science in the creation of a lotta lohana and in themselves until they admit that it is either the urn or Islam is the ultimate truth. So Allah levada wants us to explore his creation because Allah Allah Allah confirm this in the Quran, that it will lead to the oneness.

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Allah, Allah Allah, if we reflect upon the creation in an open heart. However, I think

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you are pointing to me that we are running out of time that there is a very interesting point related to the relationship between science and Sharia. Maybe we can discuss it. And yeah, definitely, definitely. Thank you so much for joining us in the studio today. Dr. Latham. So I guess we've learned today the importance of using the digital calendar. Both Dr. Adam and I strongly advise you to actually go to the masjid and find out all about the Hebrew calendar. Until next time, we're going to think about the science behind the philosophy of fasting. Until next time, I'll leave you in safe care of Allah subhanho wa Taala Assalamualaikum welcome

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you on an omen

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