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The speaker shares a message with their brothers and sisters to thank them for their father, who passed away recently. They also encourage them to take time to visit their parents' houses and receive advice on how to love their father. The message ends with a promise to keep in touch with their father and use their deeds to make use of their time.

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to sit on

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the distances cinematic,

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I am on my way to attend the agenda of my father

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who passed away just last night. Monday the 24th of our 1437 the 24th of January 2050. to Canada, I would like to share a few messages with you, my dearest brothers and sisters. Although it is not a time to lectures, this is not the time to give reminders but Adela sometimes it is good just to give the reminder that comes from the hospital personally.

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There are many lessons to be drawn out of any death. And we ask Allah to forgive my Father, forgive your parents who passed away to forgive all Muslims who passed away, whether in the East or in the West would have now or long time ago. We have margin Allah Allah shower all of them with his mercy. The first message I give respect to the brothers and sisters, that as Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah says

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that will not knock on your door to have to seek a permission before it jumps on you my dear respected and sisters in the morning, a brother called silent for a masjid be down. In barking in the morning he called me and he told me that his father passed away and that was expected because his father was was severely ill

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on him. And then I was speaking myself shock, but I was questioning myself will the person be so sad when he loses his father, and Subhanallah after Isha, my brother called me and told me that my father passed away, all of a sudden, after he was passed in one day, and he stayed between between between poverty and dementia,

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in diversity, and after he wanted to break his past, he ate something and then

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he passed away

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on him, and when I got this news, it was a shock for me and I started crying, subconsciously, until now, I feel that I really need to reply, it is not a small loss, mighty respect to the brothers and sisters, this the second message that whoever is leaving from your parents, spend time with them, take your opportunity, because Wallah, he will law he even if your relationship with your father was not that good, well, Allah you will regret that you will regret that you did not spend enough time with any of your parents. And when they pass away, then as they say, I adore to Jana was close for you. However, we also say that no Allah agenda out of His mercy opens other doors for the for Kenya

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to be kind to them after they're dead as the prophets Allah Allah

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said, to give her the power on their behalf, to make a step far for them. And so on. The other message I want to share with you my dear respected two brothers and sisters, to it is not to Allah, He to praise my father, but I want to benefit everyone, including myself, my father used to love fast, a lot, because he did not use to. Anyway, he used to, like fasting and he used to like going to pray Janaza in a particular Masjid in our guide, and Subhanallah even when, when he reached the age of eight, etc, he was fasting almost regularly Mondays and Thursdays and Subhan. Allah He died after fasting Monday. And this reminds us of what

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God has said that the one who loves something, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah will facilitate it for him. And Allah, Allah, Allah will let him die on that thing as well. Also Subhanallah de Janeiro, Allah facilitated for my father, a place a graveyard next to the house of my brothers when my father moved to gender. Again, my dear respected brothers and sisters, we I advise all of you to be connected to one of your good deeds to be connected to one of the deeds to love the deed. And Allah, Allah, Allah will facilitate it for you. And I will take your lie upon that, my dear respected brothers and sisters as the sample bodies and I've said make use of five before five and one of them

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is higher to popular higher tech, popular magic make use of of your life before death comes and jumps on you. And then you will be living in another place under the Mercy of Allah. Allah Allah. Allah, Allah. Please don't forget my father, in your heart and make dua for all disease people said amen.

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