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Haitham al-Haddad
AI: Summary © The importance of Surah Al Fatiha in Islam is discussed, emphasizing the significance of reading and not giving up on one's thoughts. The speaker also highlights the use of Surah Al Fatiha as a symbol of pride and success in life. The history of traveling in desert and receiving help from companions is discussed, as well as the importance of verifying Islam with the statement ofDA. The speaker also touches on the history of a group traveling in desert and receiving help from their companions, who were not given anything.
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My dear brothers,

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my dear sisters, let us live with Quran in these days.

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If we want to speak about Oregon, then we must start by talking about Surah Al Fatiha. Surah

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Surah Fatiha the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa you also have your seldom said to one of the companions,

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he made an oath

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by the One in whom my soul is in his hands, that nothing was revealed like it.

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Nothing was revealed like it in the Torah, in the NG in the furqan. In all the previous books, it is one of their unique

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speech of Allah, Allah Allah for this ummah, Allah Allah Allah Allah my dear brothers and sisters, on this OMA will show that in fact, yeah, this is one of our qualities. This is one of our owners Surah In fact, yeah Subhan Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that it is the essence of the book omole kita

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and he also said that it is Al Quran and Avi, these are among the names of the of Surah In fact omole Kitab, the essence of the book as of now km Rahim Allah Allah said, their entire Quran is summarized in Surah Fatiha

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that's why we really need to love Surah Al Fatiha,

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read it as much as we can and use it as a Shiva.

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Sometimes we use it as a Shiva, but we don't attach to attach ourselves to it in all times.

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And when we say that, it is the essence of the book, or the entire Quran was summarized in Surah Fatiha this shows us the status of Surah Fatiha and the value of Surah Al Fatiha that's why it is the only chapter in the Quran that we read it almost in every single Raka and some scholars as you know consider the dissertation of Surah Fatiha as a pillar of the Salah some of them, they go beyond that to say that it is a pillar of each raka you cannot have one raka without the citation of Surah

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Al Fatiha

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among the names of Surah Al Fatiha it is a several Muthoni as several Muthoni what is a several Masonic the seven verses that are often repeated, often repeated. This is one of the main meanings of several matinee

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And subhanAllah brothers and sisters ask yourself or ask a person who reached the age of 80 years.

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How long have you been reading Surah Al Fatiha for the past 65 or 70 years. And every single time you repeat Surah every single day, you will repeat Surah Al Fatiha or you listen to it 17 times roughly speaking, and there might be some different opinions. But in average something like this every single day. In fact in salatu, salam, Tarawa we do 20 raka Yes, every single raka we stand up Alhamdulillah here of the Iranian abominable Hey Maliki on with Dean

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Have You Ever Have you ever thought that we been reading solar convert Hadees frequently, we were bored of solar confetti

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Have you ever thought of this?

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Do people feel bored of Surah Fatiha anything other than the Quran? If you keep reading it to read, engage reading it, it will become obsolete. After some time you will become bored of it except what Subhanallah Al Quran and in particular, what Surah Al Fatiha

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and that's why brothers and sisters before we talk about its power as she felt it

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It is good for us to be attached to this Surah it will not take you a minute to read surah In fact, yeah.

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Does it take a minute to read surah Al Fatiha?

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It doesn't? How many? How many letters are there in Surah Fatiha handwritten 30 Every single time you read it, the minimum you get is 1100. Hasina.

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How much

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1100 has an you get 1100 it has an in what?

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Less than a minute.

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Can you imagine that brothers and sisters

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and that's why I always say to my friends, to the brothers, to my children to ever, don't ever close your mouth.

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If you have troubles and facing the challenges of this life, it is sort of confetti.

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If you feel Ill read surah Al Fatiha. If you want the right man the Mercy of Allah Allah Allah to be bestowed upon you. Read Surah Al Fatiha if you are worried waiting for something and waiting for an important decision. Read Surah Fatiha

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read it with the intention to get closer to Allah to glorify Allah because as we said, Now I am said that the essence of it is because the Prophet SAW Selim said it is the essence of the Quran. It is a summary of the Quran. Why? Because mainly it is glorifying Allah, Allah Allah number one. Number two asking Allah, Allah Allah for guidance, and the Quran was revealed as what? As guidance. So first of all glorification of Allah, Allah, Allah Allah. Secondly, asking Allah, Allah Allah for guidance.

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And thirdly, speaking about that guidance, what is it? Idina? Sarah, I'm stalking Surat Alladhina and I'm telling him right in Mongolia him well a ball name. So it has glorification. It has also dua, the first dua in the Quran is where is in Surah Fatiha, what is it? In a Surat I'm struggling and it is essential, my dear brothers and sisters that once we hear the Fatiha to give it attention, and not only that to intended,

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what do we mean by intended when you listen to it? What, listen to it attentively and listen to it as if you are reading it, listen to it as you want it.

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So when the Imam says in Surat, Amsterdam, as if you are also asking Allah, Allah Allah to guide you to the straight path. The final thing I would like to mention is, you know, the hadith of arbitrary coordinate that a group of people, a group of the companions of the Prophet SAW Selim, they were traveling, and they, at that time, you know, they travel in the desert, they are no restaurants on the highways. So they stopped at a place, and there were some people living in that place. So the

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Companions want to them, asking for food, help, et cetera. Those people refused

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to give them anything. Anyway, they didn't do anything. After some time the chief of that tribe was stung by a scorpion.

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So they came to those companions, which means that the Companions showed them a good attitude. That's why they went to them for help. They said, we have our chief and this would happen. He was stung by a scorpion, or maybe a snake but But corbion Can you help? So one of the companions he said, Yeah, I can help and he went and he walked, recited to rattle Fatiha.

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So Subhan Allah, that chief of the tribe was what cured?

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So that tribe gave them some food, good amount of food, so they ate from it Subhanallah look at this end there are many stories to be taken from this half Tawakkol Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah will bring you food from out of nowhere.

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Yes, when Allah Jalla wa

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I want to provide you something Allah, Allah Allah Santa that is called scorpion or the snake to who to that tribe that refuse to give you food

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will lay amazing breathless, warming ethical Allah Allah He, for her husband anyway. It is really overwhelming. And Allah, Allah Allah will bring the food to you with what? With honor?

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Yes, anyway, so they gave them food so they had food. And then they said, Oh, we had the food and exchange of what? Of the dissertation of Quran maybe this is problematic. So they, when they arrive to the Prophet when they arrive to Medina, they immediately want to the prophets of Allah, they send them and say, Dr. Rasool Allah, this and that what

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has happened. So the prophets I send them ask the companion, who told you that it is a cure

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Surah Al Fatiha is a cure in one of the generations. It is a cure from everything. Brothers and sisters, I advise you,

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when you have headache, immediately we think of what

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immediately think of Surah Fatiha

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get used to Surah Al Fatiha Surah Fatiha will become very close to you. So, when you need it, you find it. What does that mean? It means that Subhanallah there is a miracle. Yeah, the Quran is a miracle but there is also some extra miracles here and there. Which is what when you read Surah Fatiha and Surah Fatiha. No nose you

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yes, yeah brothers Surah Al Fatiha, what knows you and Surah Al Fatiha knows that your heart is very close to the surah then what Surah Fatiha will give you immediate cure.

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Some people read Surah Fatiha but they don't see any difference. No get used to it read read read read read one time 100 times after some time it will know you and then it will give you a cure.

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As I said there are so many other merits of Surah Fatiha but we need to try to control any ourselves in order not to take much time. May Allah Allah Allah give us the love of the Quran. And may Allah Allah Allah give us the love of Surah Khilafat

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