Message on Grenfell Tower tragedy

Haitham al-Haddad


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The speaker discusses the recent tragedy in West London where a man was supposed to receive sympathy for victims of the fire. They acknowledge that the event was a horrible event and that there may be complications in preventing it from happening. The speaker also talks about the role of Muslims in the community and the media's portrayal of them.

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I am here.

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Today is Friday.

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I came here

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last night. But I came to show solidarity to the victims of this horrible fire in West London. And I ask Allah Allah to forgive those who was actually passed away, and also lost their families to give them someone to give them patience is that it is a very horrible event. To be honest with you, as many people have been saying, shame on pick up on shame on the authorities taking the proper steps to prevent something like this to happen. Unfortunately, as I am talking about the word revenge, they are talking about preventing was only to prevent, they call them terrorists in order to prevent them from holding on to them. While incidents like this, that can be repeated, they don't do

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anything, really to prevent you. And everyone is a child is a child. I have been listening to stories of people, relatives and people, it is very shocking, but I still use them now.

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Step 20. and above, they said that they didn't reach to the people

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passed away. And we kind of violence is the last

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the non Muslims, although it might have just confirmed to me that he said that he has been living in that period for the past one two years. They said most of the people who were in that building, they were Muslims. He said what can we consider his the police and the other authorities were stopping people. He said sheltering expense that was intended to stop people to help those people in order to kill more people that was this intended.

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Many questions have to be answered by the government, the authorities have to provide answers for

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those questions. Otherwise, they will remain Subhan Allah, you know, they were trying to divide the communities, but the communities were remained intact together. And now more people are understanding the role of Muslims.

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The stuff that Muslims they want to put in his for the country for the people of this country they feed off in this country. It is not my what the media and some governments and outlets or bodies trying to portray Muslims.

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