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COVID-19 & Why We Are We Being Punished

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Tip number seven

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in the hamdulillah nahezu Monastery you know who want to sell Pharaoh. What are the villa Himanshu roti and fusina woman says Dr. Medina mejor de la who Fernando de la la woman you've been hufa de la

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either in La la la la sharika what a shadow Mohammed Abu who are pseudo? Yeah you hola Xena moto turbo la helper to quality to tune in to Muslim moon. Yeah Johan na suta hora de como la de hakomi nuptse wa Haider wahala caminhar Xhosa. verbascum in Houma de Jalan Cafiero manisa what choco la Khaled levitas Luna v one or ham in no la her karna hai de como Kiba yeah you hola Dena Amano, taco La La pulu Colin city de la cama como para la comida Rubicam woman in LA however Sula who foccacia faza foes and Al vema. About

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dear Muslims,

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we are witnessing a tragedy at a global scale, the likes of which we could never have imagined even a week ago, much less than a month ago or a year ago, around the globe, what we are seeing, of shutting down of cities of shutting down of masajid of the fear of the great trepidation that is afflicting all of us. If this is not going to cause us to stop in our tracks if this is not going to cause us to reflect and to ponder and to think then what is ever going to cause us to change dear Muslims, today's holdover that I'm going to give and it is a symbolic Hold up, I have never in my life given a hold but to an audience and an msgid that is this empty, it is a symbolic hotaka it is

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being given to remind ourselves to remind the oma that there is a reason why this is happening. Do Muslims we need to understand what Allah xojo tells us in the Quran? So that's an unfair verse 53 radica be ANOVA hallum yomo urinary Nate Merton an AMA hada pohlmann Hector yo yo ma B unfussy him What a no la has sent me or Nadeem, that is because Allah subhanho wa Taala will never take away a blessing that he has gifted to a people, Allah will never lift up a blessing that he has gifted to the people unless and until they change something in themselves, the blessing of peace, the blessing of security, the blessing of going about wherever we want it to go the blessing of society. All of

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this has been lifted up and it has been replaced with a fear with an uncertainty it has been replaced with death being close to us. And a lot as the word general does not change the status of a people until they change what is in themselves in the law. Hello yo yo ma Bo Coleman Hector Yoga euroma be enforcing him. Allah does not change the status of a home until they have changed themselves. What you thought Oh, well, he'll be home in soon and find Amara data. And when Allah wills to inflict a punishment upon the people, no one can come between a law and the laws punishment when the home men do any human while and they have no one to turn to for protection other than Allah

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subhana wa tada nothing will protect me and you nothing will save me and you other than Allah subhanho wa Taala now was the time to ask ourselves why is this happening? Why are photos being given an empty masajid? Why are messages being shut down? Why is Commerce and Industry coming to an end when we thought we had reached our Pinnacle when we thought we had come to the top of civilization? In an instance big hits in World War haha between a morning and an afternoon everything changed upon us and the LA Zoo just sent upon us a plague a disease that no one could have predicted and no one even knows how to protect themselves against Why is this happening? Allah

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subhana wa tada reminds us in the Koran verhaal fossa do feel better he will Buhari be maka sabot ad nasi lluvia kavon balgowlah Do me do well I love him your God. Allah has caused facade which is fitna which is a type of evil which is a type of trial and tribulation. Allah has caused chaos to spread

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In this earth, Why be my cursor but aiding us because of what we ourselves have done? It is the effects of our own selves. This is something that we don't hear too many people say it is something that is politically incorrect to say it is something that hardly any preacher of any religion says and when they say they are mocked and made fun of that does not change the reality. Why is this happening to us? A lot does not send upon people plagues and diseases unless there is something that they have collectively done. I sent a bursary the famous Dabiri he commented on this verse, and he said because of their own sins, Allah sends fitna and facade down because of what they have done a

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lot sends down plagues and calamities in a famous Hadith reported in the tsunami bin Marja Abdullah live near the Allahu taala and says that he heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say, yeah, I'm not sure on Mahajan. Hanson is actually tone behind what our rules rely on to do cohoon or groups of the muhajir own. There are five things this is the process of speaking, there are five things that it is possible you will be tested with, and I seek refuge in Allah that you're ever tested with them five calamities I seek Allah's refuge that you're ever tested with, but you might be tested with them. The first of them this hadith is an urban magnetism authentic ID listen to a

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dear Muslims do you not believe in the words of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he said as in this heavy lumps of hot alpha heisha to feel calm and hot, hotter your behalf never does lewdness never does nudity. Never does fat hush up lie sensuousness Xena sensual pleasures never does factitious spread in a group of people and it becomes public amongst them except that Allah subhana wa tada sends Barun he sends plagues upon them that they never heard of in their previous generations. They never heard of these things, and Allah subhana wa Taala will send plagues upon them, and never are they cheating in their business transactions, except that Allah will send upon

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them difficulties that will take the rain away, and they will have drought and never do they stop paying their charity and there's a God except that Allah stops the rain from falling and were it not for the animals all rain would stop. And never do they break the covenant of a law and the promise of the Messenger of Allah except that Allah will send enemies from outside of them that will conquer over them and never do they leave obeying the book of Allah subhana wa tada and judging by the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala except that Allah azza wa jal will send wars between them, they're going to be fighting one another. This is authentic, are they reported in the sooner Have you been Marja?

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And imagine how many of these are we guilty of and the first of these five, never does five Isha become public, amongst any community, amongst any group of people, except that Allah will send plagues the word used is Arabic Barun that is exactly what we are witnessing now that their ancestors never heard of. And that is the purpose of one of the wisdoms of what we are seeing, dear Muslims, we need to take account of ourselves before it is too late. We need to examine deep within Why is this happening to us when Allah subhana wa Taala has promised us in the Koran that nothing will change, no blessing will be taken away no near enough that he has blessed us with will be

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lifted up unless and until we change what is in ourselves, we need to ask ourselves, what have we done that is worthy of this calamity that we are seeing. And so much can be said, Dear Muslims, of the things that collectively The world is guilty of collectively, is the sense of arrogance that comes by leaving religiosity by leaving today young by leaving worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Never in human history. Never in human history has agnosticism and atheism been such a predominant group of mankind. Well, religion itself is becoming something that is abandoned the churches, the synagogues, the mosques all over the world, places where Allah mentions in the Quran, youth Gaddafi

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has small and by the way, Allah says in the Quran, even the churches and the synagogues and the monasteries, Allah's name is mentioned in them, even if we as one group don't agree with the theology of the others, still, some worship of Allah is better than no worship of Allah. And what we are seeing now is that abandonment of the worship of Allah subhana wa Tada. It is an abandonment of religiosity. It is a sense of arrogance that we don't need God. And this is a collective arrogance that we are seeing to an unprecedented scale around the globe. And now we'll assume Hana which Allah has shown us that where is that arrogance now we don't even have protection against the smallest of

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Allah's creation and that is a virus

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We need Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. And the greatest sin in the eyes of Allah is the sin of beliefs, which is the sin of arrogance, there is no sin that is greater than the sin of arrogance. And collectively many people and civilizations around the globe have lost their connection with the higher power and they feel themselves to be self sufficient of the things that we also need to look at. Which is explicitly mentioned in the Hadith. One of the sins that is collected in the globe around is the sin of fine Misha and what is far harsher, far harsher, is to abandon decency to abandon pure nature to abandon the beauty of modesty and to live animalistic lives with sensual

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pleasures without any shame. Once again, this is something that is hardly ever said. And yet we see the the reality of this hadith dear Muslims far hisher never in the history of mankind has Fantasia become as global and as predominant as it is now nudity is embraced to engage in extramarital and premarital is not even given a second thought and even perversions beyond this have become the norm such that if anybody says something against them, they are the ones that are the backward and our Profit System said never does fight hisher become prevalent in a community except that Allah will send plagues upon them that they never heard of before. Dear Muslims do people of all faith

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traditions, modesty is a virtue being pure in your personal life, being pure in matters of sexuality, restricting sexuality to those that are married. This is a part of every mainstream religion and civilization, this neat notion of hedonism, of sensuality, of public nudity, this is not something that is desirable, nor does it bring about good results. And our tradition explicitly links plagues to this reality, as well, of the things that we are collectively guilty of, is that selfishness, this generation, especially this globe, in particular, the era that we live in, it is all about nuptse, Neff, see, it's all about myself, me, myself and I What do I want? What do I want

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to experience, we have lost respect for the elders, we have lost, compassionate for the poor and the weak, we have lost connection with other people. It's all about me, myself and I and that is not something that is healthy. And it is a collective sin that once again, large segments of humanity, including many of us here are guilty of we asked the last refuge of the things that we are collectively guilty of as well is the callousness to global issues. The callousness to what is happening around the world, millions of people around the world are refugees. Millions of people are victims of our own evils, our own greed, our own wars, how many are the people that are locked up

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without any charge without any issue? What is happening to the weekers? In China? What is happening to the Syrian refugees? What is happening to the Muslims of Burma, the hunger that so many segments of the world is seeing now, and most of us, many of us live lives that are disconnected from that reality do Muslims For how long? Will the drama of them of loom go unanswered? For how long will the women and children who are crying to Allah subhana wa tada for a solution? For how long when they're invoking Allah's wrath the monster on him? For how long will they not be answered? Until when do you think that Allah will ignore the plea of the woman who is being harmed of the child that is being

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abandoned? For how long will this happen? What we see of these plagues, it is the collective result of our own in humanity and we need to come to terms with this and repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala as well dear Muslims as well Allah subhana wa tada mentions that he has placed us in charge of this creation. And while we do not give right to this creation, when we ignore the look of those around us, even the look of the animals and the book of nature, Allah azza wa jal has made us those in charge. It is our responsibility to take care of the other creations of animals and nature. And when we turn away, and when we cause so much evil, then what is going to happen vahana Alpha Sol de fille

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de rivel Buhari de la casa but Aiden, it is because what your own hands have done luthy aka hongbao Balaji de Emmylou so that they can taste a little bit of the sins that they have collectively done. Now, dear Muslims, somebody might say that, hey, I didn't do anything. I didn't cause any harm to the weekers or to the Syrians or to the Palestinians. I didn't do anything to nature. Why am I being punished? And here we respond. There are two types of punishment. There is a collective punishment and there is an individual punishment do not conflate the two the collective punishment.

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ment does not mean that every individual is guilty, but it does mean that a majority of individuals were guilty. And so the punishment comes down, which is a punishment of this world, the punishment of this world is a collective one, it does not necessarily translate to the punishment of the hero, the punishment of the hero is an individual one, and that is what we have the potential to save ourselves from, even if we cannot save ourselves from the collective punishment of this dunya Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us in the Quran, what to fit in attend LA to see when the lady Nevada woman come hasa beware of the trials that will afflict not just those of you who have done wrong,

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even the innocence are going to suffer from these trials, when the majority of people start committing crimes and doing evil than the majority of people and all the people will set will taste the punishment, even if they are not guilty, and then they will be saved of the punishment in the hue after I showed you a lot of reports that you heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say either the horseshoe fell out under a law that said we'll be a little odd. When evil becomes rampant in this earth, Allah will send punishments upon the people of the earth. Isha says, or messenger of Allah, we're in kind of he who saw your own, even if there are righteous people amongst them, and

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our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Now we're in canopy him saw their own yes, even if there are righteous people amongst them to see Bahama sabanas they will be afflicted, like everybody else will be afflicted, and then when they go to the ark era, they will see a lot more Pharaoh and Alyssa Rama had it reported in the Muslim Imam Muhammad memorize this hadith are Isha herself a single messenger of Allah, what if there's good people what's going to happen and our Prophet system said either raha Su, when evil is prevalent, prevalent in this world, when there's everywhere you see collective callousness and evil and arrogance and sensuality, then when a punishment comes, it

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comes on everyone, even those that were not guilty, and they might even be afflicted in this dunya they might even die as a result of that punishment. But then in the era, they will not be punished, they will be forgiven, they will be shown mercy, even if we cannot reflect the collective punishment of this dunya every one of us has the potential to protect ourselves from the individual punishment of the hero and that is our ultimate goal. Yes, we want to also be protected from the punishment of this dunya but the real punishment is the punishment of the archaea and that is on an individual level. or Miss Emma radi Allahu Allah have asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Hadith in

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Bukhari and Muslim. El rasulillah. a novella cofina solea own will we be destroyed even when there are good people amongst us and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam responded nom either cathodal haba Yes, if filth is predominant, if evil is prevalent everywhere, then yes, even if there are righteous people, then Allah punishment will come down. Dear Muslims, this is the time for us collectively, and especially individually to examine ourselves. Yes, indeed, the collective punishment has come we don't want the collective punishment. We want it to be lifted above away from us. But what is much more important, what is much more necessary is that we save ourselves from the

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individual Wrath of Allah subhanho wa Taala even if we are not able to save ourselves from the collective Wrath of this dunya because the wrath of this dunya comes and goes, the wrath of this dunya will not be taken to the next life. It is the wrath of the next life that we really need to be careful of Allah subhana wa Taala reminds us in the Quran, and this is a verse in the Quran. Think about it when I knew the unknown mineral, Adana, Dune and Isobel acaba de la la homeotic your own, we will taste them, we will cause them to taste the punishment that is near and easier so that they are saved and come back and don't taste the punishment. That is the bigger one, one into the unknown

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minute I'd have been at dinner, we're gonna cause them to taste the lesser punishment, the closer punishment, do not Akbar, not the big punishment, why law I love whom you're on your own, so that possibly they can come back and return to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah is sending the collective communal punishment of this world so that individually we turn back to Allah subhana wa Taala. And if a majority of us, if many of us turn back to Allah subhanho wa Taala, then the collective punishment will be lifted up even if the majority Do not turn back, but we individually turn back then we ourselves will protect ourselves from the bigger punishment, which is really the one that is

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much more terrible.

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Find the punishment of this world. Dear Muslims the purpose of these punishments are mentioned in the Koran. They are explicit in the Quran in this verse that I just quoted you live in the home You're on your own so that they can come back to Allah subhana wa tada instead of that and five fellow batswana thornborough when our punishments came down, why did they not humble themselves? tabouleh means to lower yourself so in submission to humble yourself in terms of Allah subhana wa tada to remove arrogance from the heart. A lot is asking a rhetorical question when our punishments came down. Why didn't they come to us in a humble manner? Why didn't they beg to us to plead to us?

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Why not can cost at Punahou home instead their hearts became hard was they you know who shaped onuma Korea maroon and shape on made their previous actions pleasing to them shape on caused them to blind their eyes to dole their senses, and they continue living in a false sense of arrogance that they and they themselves can solve this problem. This is not a problem that can be solved by our mortal hands. This is a problem that Allah azza wa jal has sent down and only Allah can solve. Allah says in the Quran, women are a center for your inner being.

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Ba ba ba, ba, ba, ba ba de la from your own, we have never sent to any nation a prophet, except that we will also test the people of that nation with trials and with tribulations with trials and tribulations so that they will return back to us the same word is used yo Baba Yaga own yo g O ye to bone. All of these are mentioned in the Quran. Dear Muslims, it is it is never too late to return to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. The last thing that we need now is the sin of arrogance, the sinner feeling we don't need Allah subhana wa tada if we want this solved problem to be solved and all of us do collectively, Muslims and people of other faith traditions, they need to rediscover

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religiosity, they need to collectively turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala they need to beg and plead and understand this life has a higher purpose than just living like animals. We need Allah subhana wa to Allah and Allah does not need us to conclude our first hope but let us remind ourselves of that beautiful drop of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he was expelled by the people of a thought if when he was at perhaps one of the lowest of the lows of his life when he Chateau de la Juana asked him on messenger of Allah, which was the worst time of your life. What was the most difficult time that you faced from your people? And he mentioned this day of thought if he himself

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said this was the lowest of the low that he felt in his entire life. What did he say that beautiful drop? That is reported in the spirit of urbanization that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he sat under a tree, his face was bleeding, his shoes were wet with his own blood, he had been pelted with stones, he felt all alone and he raised his hands up to Allah subhana wa tada and he said, Allahu la escuela Saku Watashi wa killed at a healer t well Hawaii either nurse or a lot to you alone. I complain a lot to you alone I complain Oh Allah subhanho wa Taala of how weak I am Allah how weak we are Allah subhanho wa Taala to you alone I complain a lot that I have no solution

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other than you I cannot do anything other than you are allowed or allowed to you allow my complaint how weak I am in front of the people. Nobody can protect me other than you are law. Your other hammer raw honey, I'm terrible. Masada Athene oh one who is the Most Merciful of all those who show mercy or one who is the Lord over those who are weak. Out of the overflow You are our Lord You are my Lord. Oh Allah, lm and tacky Looney Who are you going to hand this over to you are the creator You are the falter You are the rub You are the moolah Who are you handing me over to to Allah either either. Natasha Harmonix Oh either I do when molucca who MD Are you going to hand me over to an

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enemy? Are you going to hand me over to somebody who doesn't care about me? You are out hammer Rahimi. I want to be with you Oh Allah, Islam. Allah Allah Allah. Allah if you're not angry with me then I don't care my my main worry is that you're angry with me if you're not angry with me then I don't care well I can fear attacker here Oh sir ob but yet still love Even if my ultimate goal is your pleasure. This trial that you have put me in. If I don't have it, it is better if you protect me even from this trial from this bleeding from this terror from this fear from this humiliation it is easier for me even though what I'm really worried about our law is your hope and your anger. But

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if you can protect me from your elbow, and you can protect me from the problems of this world then that is definitely better for me. Oh Allah. Ooh be newlywed chicken lady ash rocklahoma. I turned to a wife and I seek refuge in her beautiful face and your majestic face, the face that enlightens all that is dark.

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This whole world is dependent on a double love I seek refuge in You Oh Allah that your anger comes down upon me or that your wrath and verbosely Oh Allah local roots bah bah you have the right to do as you please over law, you have the right to criticize you have the right to send punishment, you are the one who is the ROB none can ask what you do. And we are going to be asked about what we do local route bah, bah, bah, you have the right to do as you please until you are satisfied with how would our La quwata illa big and nothing can change your life and there is no power to affect change except with you and through you. And by you this beautiful app, please read it, please memorize it,

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please use it. It really demonstrates the a man that we should have in this trial, we need to turn to Allah subhana wa Taala we want to be saved from a loss. And even in this dunya we'd rather not be tested in this manner about ecological footprint. Now we want to find out what your company Murphy him when he was declared Hakeem Apolo Mateus marone was the federal law has anybody welcome What is it in Muslim in America the manifesto of Pharaoh who in the hall over for him?

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hamdulillah helwa I had a Samad a lady lamb Yella Willem you that William Yoku kufan ahead What do I do? There is so much to say dear Muslims about the calamities and trials ahead. We are simply beginning this is our first our first week into this tragedy. And we do not know how long it will last. A number of points first and foremost. First and foremost, we need to spiritually reorganize ourselves, reorient ourselves, each and every one of us needs to rediscover that connection with Allah subhana wa tada individually, families, communities, societies, nations, the globe, there is no solution other than what Allah will send down upon us. Secondly, dear Muslims in particular,

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there is never a time to be lazy in your rituals, especially now when the other is very clearly surrounding us. Never in human history have so many massage had been closed? Never has there been so much panic the globe over since many generations. If this is not going to wake us up from our heedlessness, then what is going to wake us up individually, families communities all of us should rediscover the man that we have strengthened the man that we have preserved our rituals, pray Our Salah on time, open up the book of Allah read the Koran do thicker make do our humble ourselves in front of a lot collectively and individually remind one another to be more religious. Thirdly, take

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logistical measures dear Muslims, we are not a religion of foolish people. We are not to religion and mythology and tales. We are religion of Sense and Sensibility. We are a religion that takes precaution and then puts his trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala all that we are doing, of shutting down the massage and of declaring quarantine and of doing all that our scholars are saying all of this is within the goals of the Sharia. And all of this is something that we are required to do, be reasonable and do not be foolish. Allah says in the Quran, while our total can be a de comida taluka don't cause your destruction by your own hands. Don't be foolish in what you do. And then bring

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about your own destructions listen to the medical experts. They are the people who know what to do listen to those who understand epidemics and diseases and listen to them when they tell you what to do what not to do. And listen to those scholars that are in agreement with what the experts say and you will always find such scholars lastly for today's hold Nigerian Muslims remind myself and all of you of some of us that we should be memorizing and saying the first drop is the drop of the noon the drop of the noon. The two out of the known when he said when he was in the will La ilaha illa Anta su Hanukkah in economy Nevada mean, this is why we should all memorize and it should be on our

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tongues all the time. Allah says in the Quran when he said this throughout festa Jebin Allah who we answered him when Ajay now hoomin alum we saved him from his distress what goes on the congealed meaning this is how we will save the believers from distress as well memorize this de la ilaha illa antas of Hanukkah in new countrymen of volume in and the second to remind myself and all of you is the Hadith in Sahih Bukhari that our Prophet sallallahu I said have told someone to say when he woke up in the morning, Ruby Kelly Mattila hit Mati Mencia, Rima holla he should say this every single morning when he wakes up, I seek refuge in this speech of a law that is a perfect speech from all

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the evil it has created. Ruby Kelly Mattila hit, Mati Mencia, mahalo and the third one that I will remind myself all all

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Have you is the famous hadith of arithmetic and I found all the Allahu tada and who said that he heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say, whoever says three times in the morning and three times in the evening this drop, then no sudden calamity will overtake him. This drop no sudden calamity will overtake him. What is the drop? Bismillah Hilaire de la yo Roma Azmi. He fell out of the water for summer. Well, who was Samuel Adam Bismillah Hilaire de la buruma asked me Hey Shay, on fill out the office, Mr. Wahoo has sent me with a name and the name of a law in whose name nothing in the heavens and earth will ever be harmed if we seek refuge in that name. And he is the semir and

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the alien memorize these three de la ilaha illa panikkar in new continent Avada mean Ruby Kalamata la he Tamati, Manchuria, Mahara and Bismillah. Hilary lobotomized me he shaved off and all the water for sama well who was sent neodymium and these are some of the precautions that we take along with the logistical precaution that we have been told to do. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect me and you and my loved ones and your loved ones from all evil and calamities. May Allah subhanho wa Taala lift from us the weather and our own May Allah subhanho wa Taala lift from us the plague May Allah subhana wa tada protect us from his mother or a low return to you in you from you to seek protection

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from you Oh Allah, there is no protection from you other than in you. Oh Allah, we turn to you to protect ourselves from you. Oh Allah La ilaha illa Anta Subhana Allah in condemning Nevada mean, aloha malata Rafi how they don't be them. medela Fatah Illa for Raja What are they in an illogical waiter whether Maria on inertia fighter whether I see her on Elijah SATA Obama fildena what is one in the Latina sub acuna been a man what a treasure I feel proven as a Latina Amano robina in Nakuru for Rahim Allah Miranda wobba wobba

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wobba well burn up a Warhammer Fantasy.

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Bella was that as it was on our hamara he mean, Roberto la in no la hija

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de bien FC was Santa Monica Potosi was lsap come

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insane for color as an accordion Halima in no law Hamada equitorial soluna Allah nebby

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amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam with a steamer Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik one of the karasuma Mohammedan de was a big marine rebels a law in the law to motivate lively with a sunny Korba fracture it will moon kariba

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Kowloon Kuru Kuru Kuru

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Akbar we're optimists

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in a feed dounia Salah

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