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Question size, that that person allowed for the non Muslim who's willing to convert to marry that person? Is that a lot?

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It is a lot for a person to convert. It's not to Islam because that person is in love with someone. And that will be the reason for that person to know about Islam, to accept Islam. People can arrive to Islam through many different channels on ways. And love could be one of them. We have the story of a Muslim, been to meet Han, Salah or Layla, when she told her, she said, You're the best man. But you're Catherine, a Muslim, I can marry you. She said, How can you worship too? How can you worship an idol that made from a tree that comes from the ground, and it's been shaved by so and so? person and Mecca the time basically make that statues from that piece of wood that is taken from a tree

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come from the ground, and it can be burned can be destroyed? How can you worship such thing? You know, it was the best man I would love when I'm in love with you. And I love you. And he was in love with her. And he asked for marriage. She said that. And she said if you accept Islam, that will be my son. That will be my mom, my dad, I need nothing from you other than that, and he accepted Islam and he became a one to three days he was thinking about it and he came back and he said, I will accept what you're offering me How can I became Muslim? And she said say line a llama, llama? And he did. So that's basically what I advise you to do to make sure that this will be the reason for that

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person to know about Islam. Here I would like to cite if the question coming from a sister. So that person must be a Muslim in order for you to marry him. But ever the one will ask the question is a man a man is allowed to marry

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Christian or a Jewish woman. But not other than that.

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But also it is recommended for the person to always marry someone that's compatible with him or her. And religion. Religious compatibility is important for a marriage to be successful. So it would be a great opportunity for you to invite your future partner to join your Islam and to deepen your religion and to be a Muslim and that will be one of the best gift that you can give the person that you love. final point in Ibiza Salaam said those who love one another, nothing better for them than marrying one another. So if you love with someone, marry that person. My advice to you. If that person you cannot marry because of the

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resistance to be a Muslim or doesn't want to be a Muslim or a person not allowed islamically to marry. For this reason. don't invest so much about love. Stop, take a step back. Take a deep breath. Because you don't want to put yourself in a fitna in a situation where you can resist and you end up doing something. How long May Allah Subhana Allah to bless you bless your life, and give all of us what we love to have in this dunya and after and to guide those whom we love. Someone last.

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