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Let me share a few ideas with you.

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A few days ago or maybe two weeks ago when I was in Saudi Arabia.

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I was in my hometown. I was born in Taiwan. And I followed the son of my father, my father used to pray in a Masjid called Abdullah bass. Yeah. Abdullah bin Ibis. He left Mecca to die in Thai. And to live in Thailand, he died and type and there is a message that big message the main message and five is called Abdullah bass, or sometimes they call it a bass. And in that message, it is as it is the main message. And next to it is the graveyards. And they normally carry on the general processes or the genetic players there, and that message it and normally we have three, four janazah or sometimes one then as my father, one of his habits is Allah Helen is to walk all the way to the masjid every

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Lahore and to pray generosity and to attend the janaza prayer. I had a sister who passed away 30 years ago, and she was buried, buried in one of those graveyards there. So

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I prayed before there. And then

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there were maybe five desert. So we followed the digenova.

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to be valid.

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And to handle I was reflecting on my sister's situation. I was remembering her she died when she was 1819,

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almost 30 years ago. And I said that to Hannah law. That was a very, very long time ago, when she passed away. And I said, I wonder what situation or how she is living now in one of those grapes. I was thinking about this, how is she living? Is she suffering now? May Allah dillo Allah forgive her and forgive all the disease people that she's suffering now. But when we suffer here, we had the chance to end this several orthorectified our problems. But if she is suffering, she had no chance to improve her situation.

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And or I said, Will she be enjoying maybe she is pot, she is in the grave, and the grave is part of the agenda.

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And if she is enjoying Alhamdulillah, but she had no choice to increase

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her enjoyment, because her deeds came to an end. And she had no chance, no chance to improve her situation whatsoever. And I was reflecting upon this. And then I was looking to the other graves. And they said Subhanallah all of them are like this. And I said she'd been she died 30 years ago, 30 years ago, and we are still living and waiting for the day of resurrection. How long are we going to wait for the Day of Resurrection, and how long she is going to wait for the Day of Resurrection for us. 30 years is a very, very long period of time. But I'm sure for her is just a very short period of time.

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And she lost the chance.

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And so how about that left that had an impact on me. And they say it's Rihanna la de la jolla, Allah is giving us these two chances. He's giving us a chance after a chance to reflect and to improve our situation. And a lot of the low Allah, that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, visit a lot the grapes, because it reminds you with the reality with death. So I said in this life, we are just struggling, and we are trying to win the battle between ourselves and the shaper. And in order to what to get into the agenda. In order to be when we are in that situation, which is the grave, we will be successful, we will not be suffering in the grave. And then I was reflecting if a

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person had

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a big house, and this dunya and that big house and this dunya will be very happy of that big house, but that the house will come to an end everything in this unit will come to an end. But I said if this person, if this person had that house, in the agenda, this house will remain with him or with her forever, forever. So any wise person, he will try to make that house bigger and more luxury house and he will make put an effort to the maximum effort in order to make that house as luxurious as possible.

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And we have the chance to do that. We have the chance to do that. And then again I was reflecting upon the people of the Hellfire

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Kula arado I mean how are

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They want to leave the Hellfire, Allah Allah Allah will send them back to the Hellfire imagine and they said if a person as we always say, if a person has a headache, and he knows that this headache will be continuous with him, it will not come to an end means tomorrow or you will have the same headache and then it will have the same headache and I will wake up with the same headache. Imagine if this person is living in an oven and the hell fire is burning him from all sides and he will vanish and double jello Allah will rebuild his body in order for him to taste that adapt as a light yellow Allah said in the Quran, Quran Allah did you know him? But

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Leo will adapt, so they will taste the other. And any person who is suffering from any kind of punishment he will his hope is what is that this punishment will come to an end. But the people of the Hellfire they have no hope for this punishment to come to an end. So panel I mean, this is something very severe, this is something horrible.

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So I said this dunya is really worth nothing, in reality is worth nothing. That's why Allah Allah Allah said, as that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the moldy or salty, it confused Jenna Hi, Amina Daniel Murphy, just the place of the soul, the whip, okay, which is that that area in the agenda is better than the whole dunya the whole dunya and that's why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the least in terms of adapt at the Day of Resurrection is a person who is what was having shoes of Hellfire or burned burning coal. And as a result of that his brain is what is boiling out of that. And this is who this is the least in terms of adapt at the Day of

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Resurrection. And when is this adapt going to come to an end, it will never come to an end. And that's why we need to remember these brothers. Okay, we need to remember and always reflect upon these things. And that's why the main purpose of us have any individual brothers and take it as an advice, please. Okay, from myself, that he works for the Acura, forget about this dunya. Okay, this dunya is going to finish like this. But to work for the asset, I'll put the camera in front of your eyes, let us all help each other to put the camera in front of our eyes. And listen, we will be the teacher or the shareholder, the organizers of any event we will be cheating you. If we do not help

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each other if we don't help you to go to the alpha and you will be successful in the alpha. Any event you attend any lecture you attend. If that lecture or that event doesn't help you to be more successful in the era, then that is worthless. And maybe me I like shareholders or whatever. If I don't push you force you okay? To go to the alpha with the maximum number of deeds at the Day of Resurrection, as a lot below Allah mentioned in the Quran, you will be against me. And he will say that we were following him and he was not telling us that the reality of the situation is like this. We wouldn't imagine he was not teaching us this. And you will blame but at that point, as Allah

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Allah, Allah mentioned in Surah, it has about a shape and he will say I was just misleading them and they followed me. Well mcanally Allah, him and Sultan Illa and out on festivali Fela telone Allah Don't blame me blame yourselves. But okay, we are all together in order to help each other to go to Jenna, with the maximum number of deeds. So instead of having just let us think of it, brothers, voila, he really please please. And that's why I advise every single one of us whenever we have time individually, just to reflect upon this individually and reflection individually and reflection is one of the very successful things powerful things in terms of the self discipline and self care be.

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Think about yourself, think about that. Think about what you have achieved in the day or in the agenda. What you have achieved, how many palaces in general do you have? And then instead of having 100 pallets, why don't you have 1000 pallets because 1000 pallets imagine let's just serve halala one, once you think about it, the whole perception of life changes. Imagine that if you have one palace, it will remain with you. 1000 years 100,000 year, 1 million years, 200 years it would remain for this

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with you. So if that's it, that's it, you cannot improve it. And that's why they said that Allah Allah, Allah deprived people or stopped people from grief. Otherwise people in general will continue to grieve. Why? Because once they enjoy something, they will say, Oh, we missed the chance. If we had we know that Subhan Allah will give us that plant that big plant in Jannah. planet in Ghana, we wouldn't have, we wouldn't stop it from saying she panela Subhana Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah because every second I say, Okay, another big tree is what is put in Ghana is planted in Ghana for us. Once I say

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10 times, a big palace will be built for me in Ghana. So if I knew that, or how they knew that I would leave anything except what except increase my rewards to get these things that would remain with me forever.

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And then instead of me, seeing other people having these types of luxury things in general, I would have also these luxury luxuries and things in general. So they said, a larger level out of his mercy stopped people from grieving in general otherwise, all what they do in general is what

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to grieve, for what for whatever they have lost or the chances that they had lost. And but Allah, Allah, Allah put the grief and sorrow Okay, on the people of the hellfire. Why? Just to increase the other to increase the punishment on them. Why? Because they will see Oh, how do we say La, La La, we will see, we will be one of those gentlemen that who punished burned and the hellfire. And then at the end of that, they will leave the Hellfire and they will go to Jenna, hadn't we say that La ilaha illAllah, Muhammad Rasulullah. And hadn't we left all these enjoyments we would be at least one of those. But they will grieve because they are not going to be one of those and the other will be

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increasing and that will be increasing and it has no end.

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So and as one of the self said, Man, and he said that I thought about the situation. And I thought I imagined myself and the agenda. And my I imagined later on I imagined myself in the hellfire. And I said if you are in Ghana, what do you want to do? So you would say, oh Subhana Allah Alhamdulillah what you would do everything in order to what to get more to get more to get more. And if I am in the Hellfire, I will do everything in order to save myself from the fire or to decrease the other. He said to himself, now you are having that chance. Now you have that chance, which is what you are just before the agenda and before then our and you can increase your wealth in the agenda, and you

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can decrease your punishment or your chance to go to the hellfire. So the chance has been given to you. So do it or make use of it. That is the whole purpose of this life, bro. That's okay. That is the whole purpose and anything we do, believe me anything we do, that don't lead us that doesn't lead us to this is a waste of time

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is a waste of time. And out of the Russia of Allah, Allah Allah. And this is the mercy of Allah Allah. Although he gave he he made it clear for us that this is the reality of this dunya. Yet Allah, Allah Allah allowed us to enjoy it allowed us to get mad it allowed us to eat and drink allow us to have fun in order to what this is the point in order to encourage ourselves and to recharge our batteries. So we can do more for the general. Not only that, but the minute we enjoy our time in order to have that ability to maximize our reward, the enjoyment itself will be what will be considered as a good deed as among the good deeds and we will be rewarded for the enjoyment. This is

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out of the law of Allah Allah. But the main point brothers really is the heart. Yeah, the heart should be attached to a la jolla and we should not forget about a la jolla at any point of our time. Our hearts should be as if we see a mandala

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as if we are linked to the lower Allah all of the time. And once our hearts are linked to Allah, Allah Allah, we will enjoy this life and we will be maximizing our reward. And once we live with that spirit, we will really know our reality and the reality of the whole life.

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And we will be further on down.

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So, that is the point and and that is the whole purpose of this life. So, let us encourage each other. Frankly speaking forget about any, any arrangement, forget about any logistics, forget about anything, once you put the alcohol in you as your ultimate goal and once you look at it and you are working for that, believe me you will be a big person, you will not look at these silly silly things, you will not at least that these things that distract you and take you from that goal that you would like to achieve.

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So, let us help each other to achieve the maximum or in Ghana. And let us help ourselves to save ourselves from the Hellfire and brothers. Out of the rationale of Allah. Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah made the good deeds wide enough for all of us to contribute to these good deeds to have part and these good deeds, not only Vicar Subhana Allah Al Hamdulillah Otherwise, the person who will just focus on the reward of the vicar Yeah. The purpose of see some of the Sophie's in originally speaking, they are righteous people, and they are sincere people. Just if you read the rewards that Allah Allah gave for Vicar Yeah, the anahola Subhana Allah will have the LA LA

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LA Mata La La Haitians, okay, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, just to say Subhana Allah, Allah Allahu Akbar is better than what the whole world hieromartyr allocations, okay, so the person who will say, Why do I need to get married? Why do I need to talk with people? Why do I need to eat?

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Because eating will will have maybe I will spend 1020 minutes in eating and in this 10 minutes or 1020 minutes, maybe it will say from Panama Al Hamdulillah, Allahu Akbar, maybe I can say that 100 of time and 100 of the time or you will have that big amount of maybe luxurious things in in the agenda so I don't need to eat and I will fast every single day. But because Allah Allah Allah made the good deeds wide enough for all of us to contribute