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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi continues his lecture on the conquest of Mecca and he discusses some major conversions to Islam that took place in this time.

We begin with the conversion of the uncle of the Prophet ﷺ, Abbas. When did he convert to Islam? This is a topic of a lot of discussion and controversy. Some opinions have been brought to the fore by the Shaykh and deserve a fair listen.

The next conversions to be discussed are that of Abu Sufyan ibn Al Harith ibn Abdul Muttalib who was the first cousin of the Prophet ﷺ and another cousin of the Prophet ﷺ named Abdullah ibn Umayyah ibn Mughira. The Prophet ﷺ accepts their conversion after a lot of compelling and pleading as they had not supported or shared the ideas and beliefs of the Prophet ﷺ with him many a time in the past despite being cousins.

The next magnanimous story of conversion is that of  Abu Sufyan ibn Harb ibn Umayyah, the chieftain of the Quraysh. What a story this is! The sheer circumstances under which this magical and seemingly impossible event transpired is a lesson in itself that needs to be imbibed and inculcated. Please listen intently and be amazed by the Qadr of Allah.


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Haman hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad and whether it was like the as you might remember, in our last lesson we talked about the beginning of the conquest of Makkah and we went into a lot of detail with the story of how to live in a V. belt or how to build your tower we derived so many benefits from that story. Now we returned to our story where we had left off the Profit System departed maccha on what day quickly this is review

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what data the department

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no not you're getting confused with another battle, which month

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10th of ramadan ramadan conquest of bekas Ramadan he arrived in MK on the 17th he departed on the 10th or an auction on the night at 19. He departed MK on the 10th of Ramadan in the eighth year of the hijra, and he leaves one of the Sahaba in charge. And this Sahabi is not one of the famous people because the fact of the matter is every famous Sahabi participated in the battle in the conquest of Makkah, but still somebody has to manage the affairs of Medina. So we have a Sahabi, whom we have never heard of before, even after this incident of Buddha him consumed Ebner Hussein, which really shows us that the people who were left in Medina were not of the major players, there

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might have been a legitimate reason for this person to be left in Medina. The fact of the matter is everybody of the major Sahaba participated in the conquest of Mecca, the prophet system as soon as he reached the area called kool aid, and kool aid is literally just right outside of Medina. As soon as he reached Kool Aid, he broke his fast because it's Ramadan, they're all fasting. So he broke his fast at this place, and the Sahaba broke their fast as well. And this shows us a very simple and important fifth point, which is the position of the vast majority of scholars and that is travel does not begin from within the city, you are not allowed to break your fast or shorten your prayer

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while you are still in the city. So if you are going to Timbuktu you cannot shorten your Salah in your house before you leave. If your flights at 10 or

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let's say 3pm let's say you cannot shorten your Salah, inside Memphis airport or wherever your airport is, you cannot do poseur, because travel begins directly outside the city, not inside the city. Similarly, if you're it's Ramadan, your flight is that 4pm you are not allowed to break your fast and not fast that day, knowing that you're gonna do suffer, no, you have to begin to suffer that day, not suffer the fast that day. And you must remain fasting until you board your plane and the plane departs from Memphis or wherever your city is, and you are outside the city limits, then you may break the fast then you may start your posture and your agenda of the Salah. And this is

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clearly demonstrated in the serum. they proceed onwards and they're barely two days out of Medina. They're barely You know, they're still less than halfway. And they pass by the Valley of Georgia. and the value of Georgia

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is mentioned in the theater and other incidents. And lo and behold they find coming from Mecca to Medina. None other than the uncle of the Prophet so they send them a lot bus with his wives and children. And that bus is coming with his family as a muhajir. Our bus had no idea that because remember this was top secret. Remember how tubes letter have been intercepted? Nobody knows that the conquest is taking place. And lo and behold our bus have an abnormal thought it comes to do hegira and Allah had written for him, the honor the shut off that nobody else got after him. And that is the last human being ever to enter into the realm of the Maha Joon

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and Allah azza wa jal gave it to him just barely, because he didn't actually reach Medina, the process of them had left and they meet not even halfway, maybe one fourth or something of the way and our boss and his family comes. And he announces his Islam and the Prophet system rejoices immensely After all, this is his uncle. And he tells Ibis, go take care of your family, and then join us quickly. Go back, settle down, check them into whatever place you have, you know, no doubt they would have assigned somebody, you know, get your wives and kids settled in, and then come and join us. We're going to conquer Mecca. And so Ibis quickly does this. And because he's a single

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writer, when he drops his family off, he can catch up to the caravan, which is obviously proceeding at a much slower pace. Now very quickly.

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Remind me how many uncle's of the process and play a role in this era? How many uncle's have the processes in play a role in this era? Give me a number 344 At least I like this cautious and volakas cautious.

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Hamza abass. Hi, hmm.

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And I will, right. These are the four uncles that play a role in this era. Right As for the other uncles, they are not alive. When the dad will phase begins, ie they all have passed away before the process reaches the age of 40. There's only four uncles that live to see the processes and preach Islam. Two of them die is non Muslims, one of them the worst enemy and the other, the best non Muslim ever. And that's about it. Right? And this is the son of Allah. This is the father of Allah, the two Blood Brothers, that one of them is the worst and the other is the best amongst the non Muslims. And then of the two other brothers Hamza and an Ibis, once again there is a bit of a

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disparity because Hamza converts in the middle of McCann phase, and Hamza Hamza become Cejudo Shahada, so he reached reaches the highest rank. And then Ibis Allah blesses him to be the very last module. The very laughter there's there is no digital law, he dropped a burden for traders a famous Hadith mutawatir there is no hegira after the conquest law, he dropped a barrel for three. So our boss becomes the final person that Allah honored to be a Mahajan. And even this, as we said, is kind of three quarters of the way but still, it's accepted from him because his Nia was to make a juror and Allah basis things on nia. Now there is a huge controversy amongst the scholars of the Sierra,

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when did an Ibis except to stamp this is one of the big controversies that the scholars of the Sierra discuss in pages and pages. And it's an interesting question. There are many opinions. One opinion, which is very bizarre, in my opinion, is that he accepted Islam even before the Prophet systems, he wrote it in the mccunn phase. And this is bizarre To be honest, and there's not a shred of evidence for this. The second opinion is that he accepted Islam right before murder. And the evidence for this is that the Prophet says that and remember, at the Battle of butter, he had said, Do not kill three people. If you see them Don't kill them, because they have been forced to come.

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Number one on the list was an Ibis. So from this, there is an opinion that he accepted Islam right before but this is opinion number two, opinion. Number three, he accepted Islam at burden as a prisoner of war post, whether I should say not at better post burden. So al Abbas was taken a prisoner of war, along with his sons and his nephews. And Abbas had to ransom himself. And it is said that he accepted Islam at that point at the ransom. This is opinion number three, opinion number four, he accepted Islam before the Battle of Hebrew.

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And the evidence for this, if you remember, going back in your notes, that when the news falsely reached mcca, that the process may have been defeated at caliber, what happened to our bus? How did that bus react to the false news? This is a false news. If you remember the story, go back to your notes, that it was a tactic that one of the Muslims basically said that defeat has occurred and he intended the courage to basically it was a tactic we remember. And when the news spread, our boss became depressed. And abus became extremely grieved, until finally, this Sahabi visited him privately and said, Here our bus, this actually the biggest victory that Muslims have ever had. And

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he shouted Allahu Akbar, right. So for him to say Allahu Akbar, and to be happy that the Muslims have won at high bar shows what?

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That he's a Muslim. So this is opinion number four now, right? pinnae number five, that he converted right here and now which is right now we're talking about so these are five opinions. Okay. Now, Allah knows best. But

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so opinion number three, four, and five would say all of them would agree that he remained in Makkah, at the command of the Prophet system as

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basically a spy, right as an informant that an Ibis was an informant at the behest of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam. And this is something that if you follow the other positions, you will say that is why he remained in Makkah, except for the fifth opinion, the fifth opinion would say he converted and he immigrated at that point in time. The fact of the matter is that the evidence is somewhat ambiguous. And you cannot say for certain when did an Ibis accept Islam? Even Abdullah said that he accepted Islam right before hiber. Even hedger argues that he accepted Islam right now, which is that this incident we're talking about? Even Katia argues that he remained in Makkah at the

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command of the process and basically as a Muslim

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So we have three great scholars three great opinions. Allah knows best in my humble opinion, one thing is for sure, that we can say without a shadow of a doubt, and that is, after the Battle of butter, his heart, open to to Islam, whether he accepted or not, is ambiguous. But up until better, he was hesitant. After bother, he knows Islam is true, he might have accepted, and Allah knows best, maybe he did. But even if he didn't, he knew Islam to be true. And that is why he's helping the prophet SAW Selim. And that is why he's informing on the kurush. And that is why he was so happy at the conquest of hiber. And if you go back to your notes on the Bible of others, which I'm sure all

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of you have memorized inside out, and you know exactly what happened. What did the Prophet system when the process of them told that bus? What is your

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ransom, and it was an astronomical figure? I busted yada sutala He didn't say hello. So he said, Yeah, Mohammed, do you want me to become impoverished and poor? You want me to go back to people, I don't have this money.

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What did the process of them say? Oh, I boss what happened to the money that you buried at such and such a place the night before you left for butter? And you told your wife that I'm worried if something happens to me, and I never come back? So I'm going to hide the money here and there. And so what happened to that money? So an Ibis and and how did you know? Him? Because he's not saying I'm sort of how did you know for will law he nobody was there other than minimal father that I know my father is not going to tell you? It's not possible. So he said, Allah azza wa jal told me, and then I busted a shadow and Nicola Rasulullah, that there is no way you could have done this right.

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Now, this phrase has been interpreted to mean an acceptance of Islam.

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And it is possible, it is possible, and Allah knows best. So we leave this vague, even though Allahu item, my heart, honey, this is not an academic in my heart seems to me I feel comfortable saying that the Bible of butter opened an outburst to Islam. And he was a Muslim, but he didn't declare it. And he declared it at the right now this incident of meeting up with the process and right before the Congress, this is when he publicly declares, but his heart is the heart of Islam. And he was a believer in Islam. And that is why he helped the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Also, by the way, there's a hadith that is not authentic. It's actually a very weak Hadith in origin. But it

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could be the authority that the Prophet systems is reported to have said, it's not an authentic hadith, but there's no problem using weak Hadith in history. In this manner, that the process is set to advance You are the last of them will hide your own just like I am the last of the motorcycle. You're the last muhajir just like I'm the last nebby there's no nobody after me. There's no more hajat after you. And by the way, an Ibis was the the only uncle The only elder of the bundle Hashem to live after the Prophet systems demise.

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He lived for another 20 years. He died in 32 hedgerow and the hell off of Earth man, and the Sahaba respected abass an immense amount. I mean, after all, he is the brother of Abdullah. After all, he is the uncle

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of the Prophet system. And once when somebody irritated an Ibis, the prophet system give a whole Juba and he said that Omaha Julian and Assad verily the uncle of a man is like his father, do not irritate my uncle. The uncle of a man is like his father. And I'm allowed mostly to be the uncle is like the father and the other heads he said holla is like the mother. Right? So the uncle is like the father, so do not irritate me through a bus. And it is narrated that whenever a blue book and an omen or any of the seniors so how would they saw an Ibis? They would get off of their camel, they would get off of their horse as a token of respect to a bus and not ride on top of him. And in the

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famous hadith of Bahati when the Muslims were suffering the drought in the 18th year of the hedgerow the famous year of the drought is called amble Majora. There was a drought and there was a plague. And that year when omotola hottub gathered all of the Sahaba and they went out to perform Salah Tillis discount, and the people are dying from thirst. oma blah blah finish the hook by by saying oh man, yeah, Oh Allah. We used to go through you. We used to go through a solar system to get to you in akuna nanosilica been a big while and Natasha was slowly naked, Amina beak, and now we will do tawassul through the uncle of your prophet and tawassul here means we will ask somebody to make dua,

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we will ask him to make drought omya abass, federal Ghana standard or above and make dua for us. So this is a great honor when there are other young when there are also

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The early immigrants in the converse are still alive, who does the process who does not choose to make dua for the entire community, stand up on a bus and make dua for us that Allah causes rain to fall. And our bus lived a long life. He died after the age of 85 or so. And he had become blind towards the end of his life. And he is described as being very handsome, and very loud voice, he had the loudest voice, and we will come to this in the Battle of grenade. When the people began to flee. The Prophet system said to our boss, our boss called them and so my boss would have stood up on his mount and he called all of them back and is it said in the books of Sierra that our bus had a slave

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who would be a shepherd for him? And when the slave had was grazing the flock, and it was three miles outside of Makkah, when he wanted him to come back, you would just call him and his voice would go for three miles and the shepherd would come back and of course I mean, I'm going into a tangent here But will I bus and his Of course I bus so many things about him. The famous

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nokta or the the incident or the head question that somebody asked at a bus after the death of the process in our bus, and Akobo I'm Rasulullah solem. Who's bigger meaning older and

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Umbra solar system? Who your age wise right, so an Ibis smiled and he said rasuluh lysosome aka borromini what Ana ascend lumen who the process of them is bigger, more competent, I am don't use this word. Right? And I am more aged than him. I was born before him, right? About pseudoaneurysm Acrobat Mini, don't say antiqua amorosa Rasulullah Akbar mini and look at the intelligence and the other that Ibis has that he says Rasulullah which is his nephew and my boss was three years older than the Prophet so setup.

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I mean, again, so much can be said but one of the biggest blessings that Allah gave us even Abdulmutallab was that one of the most prestigious and longest ruling dynasties of Islam is called the Ibis It's from abass direct descendants, right? They ruled Islam from where the history buffs Who can tell me when did they rule Islam? Where are my students from my classes they should know this

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Mashallah, really good afternoon, my years and before the Ottomans Mashallah, this is this is this is what we expected from us if Mashallah perfect.

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that, from 750 BCE, up until the invasion of the Mongols, which is 1258, right. And then, when even the Mongols invaded, and then the Mamelukes defeated the Mongols. What did the Mamelukes do? They got one of the nephews of the halifa, they are busted halifa. And they installed him as a puppet halifa. So there was a puppet I busted Caliphate in Cairo. From birth dad, they transferred one of the nephews of the so he's still in our buses. And the buses therefore ruled up until

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Sunday, the first which is the the Ottoman guy in 1515 or so. So from 750 BCE, up until the 1500s, the descendants of our bus were at least nominal Hooda, the direct descendants and they're called their buses. They were the holder of Islam, how to negotiate all of these are direct descendants of an Ibis.

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And there that's why they're called the ibises. In any case, there was a whole tangent back to our story. So Ibis accepts Islam at this auspicious time, and he becomes the last of the Mahajan and Abbas then reaches the army and proceeds with them to Makkah.

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In today's entire lesson is about conversions before the conquest because very important conversions take place. We have now two more conversions. By buses marching with the army, the army is coming close to Mecca. And the news has now spread. You cannot stop the onslaught of 10,000 people a new spreading the news has reached MK that the process of them is coming but they don't know when they don't know when because the caravans are going back and forth. And of course, the news is going to reach there. So the mccanns were taken by surprise. However, two people out of panic and fear decided to exit Makkah and try to embrace before the process of them conquered Mecca. And this is

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yet another two famous conversion stories. But they weren't mohajir they didn't emigrate to Medina, they're simply converting outside of MCC. And they actually convert around 20 kilometres outside of Mecca, which is basically one day's journey outside of Mecca. They're waiting for the process of them outside of Mecca. And these two people, the first of them was Abu sufian, not the famous one. This is always people called people get confused, not Abu sufian even help, who is the father of Maui. We're going to talk

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about him right after this because he also converted the next conversion story. The first of them is Abu sufian ebenen Harith Ibn Abdul muttalib. So he is the first cousin of the prophet SAW Selim. And his father of Hadith is the eldest son of Abdul polyp. And how did the died even before the processor was born, most likely how death is the eldest son of optimal Punnett. And he was the only son that was there when Samson was discovered. And that was the time when a loved one will have said what a will if you ever give me 10 sons, I will sacrifice one of them for you. He only had an added that this is an added, well, this is the son of inhabits, right, so this is the first cousin, whose

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name is also Abu sufian yBnL Harris

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and another cousin of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that is Abdullah even Abby omiya ebenen mohila. Now where's Abdulmutallab here? So Abdullah bin bin mulero. His mother is Attica, and who is Attica?

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Attica is the aunt of the processor, which is the daughter of abdon motala. Right? So they are both first cousins, and they are first cousins to the prophet SAW Salem, the one of them from the Father side, the other from the well, the father's brother and the other from the Father sister. Clear, right? So the one from the father's brother and the other from the Father, sister, by the way article, was she alive when Islam came or not? Yes, how do we know this?

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She saw the dream.

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Which battle

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battle better what happened to her we don't know. And most likely She must have died in this timeframe. When the conquest takes place, she's no longer mentioned. So most likely she died in this timeframe. And whether she accepted Islam or not, is still amongst the scholars. Nonetheless, this is Atticus son, Exotica son over here, and his name is Abdullah ibn, of the Omega yBnL muslera. Now, the both of these are first cousins, but they are also of the most open markers of Islam, open enemies of Islam. And they had caused a lot of pain to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam. As for Abu sufian, ebenen, Hadith, Abu sufian, was known for his poetry. And he composed many poems in the

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Mexican stage, mocking the message of Islam and ridiculing the prophets of Allah. And this is in those days, this is the worst form of, you know, spreading PR campaigns, right? This is the worst type of slander,

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to write poetry against the prophet SAW Salem. And as for Abdullah bin Avi omiya, an incident had occurred in Makkah, in public, that Abdullah event of the oma year, had challenged the Prophet system in early Makkah in public in front of all of the leaders of the kurush that Mohammed slay Selim, your people have given you so many offers, and you've refused all of them. You understand the offers, right? Your people have given you so many offers, you have refused all of them. And they have asked you for wealth from your God. As the Quran says, turn this mountain into gold give us this give us that they have asked you from wealth for your God and you have not given us that. So I

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swear by Allah, I will never believe in you until you climb up to the skies in front of me with a divine ladder. And then you bring down a book a covenant, and this is by the way referenced in the Quran. Right? This mocking is referenced in the Quran. This exact phrase is mentioned in the Quran, right? I will talk office semma right, oh, you bring down the melodica. Or we see this, we see that right? So he says go back up to Allah show us climbing up to Allah, bring down the book, bring down a treaty from Allah that you are not a treaty. But yeah, they are covenant to Book from Allah. Show us the angels. Then he says, and even if you do, so, I still don't think i'll believe in you. Means

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the height of arrogance. And he's doing this in front of the Nadi or the the Parliament of the kurush. And there are other you know, incidents of these two as well. No doubt. Can you imagine these are cousins of the process of how we would have felt right, can you imagine? These are cousins and no doubt pre Islam. The cousins have comradery brotherhood, he's grown up with them. He's grown up with him. There are his cousins, both of them, and now they are mocking him publicly in such a vulgar manner. And it also so happened that Abdullah the second one, Abdullah his father,

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don't get confused now although this is lineage and junior genealogy. His father is the father of Oman.

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Miss oedema the mother of the believers, but the mothers are different. So they're half siblings. Right? So Abdullah, the cousin of the Prophet system now he's the cousin through his mother.

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Correct. He's the cousin through his mother, his father married another lady. And that union brought produced omnicell Mr. or Miss Emma is the wife of the professor, sir. Right. So Abdullah goes to his sister.

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Now you follow Him, we're interested, he goes to his sister, not to the process of him. And he begs her, can you go shefa to the Prophet system, I'm your brother, after all, you know, his elder brother, and that's his cousin. And the two of them are cousins to the process of can you go and intercede on our behalves in front of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam. So almost never feels pity after all their brothers, this his brother, it's her brother. He feels she feels pity for him. And she enters into the 10th of the profits of the laquanda. He was selling them. And she says Yasuda law, so and so and so and so your cousin and your cousin. Yeah. And even though I'm Makoto

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ametek, right, the end your maternal cousin, your paternal cousin, so and so and so on and so are here for halakha Minh Hagerty De Lima, which basically translates as Can you help them out? You know, can you do something for them? They're here now to express their any regret and remorse. The prophet SAW Selim said, la Hi, Jetta LiFi, Hema

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I have no need for any of them.

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I have no need for any of them. I don't need to see them. I don't want to see them. Now pause here before we move on. That when people hear these types of incidents for the first time, they it clashes with their perception of the Prophet of Islam.

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They say how could the process of not have wanted to see them? Wasn't the rock metal in it? I mean, wasn't he somebody who did what he did? I thought if Didn't he say and muck it Hubble Phantom told us that if evali communium didn t do the better one in this way. Didn't he didn't he didn't he? Right. So their perception of the Prophet system seems to clash with specific incidents that we have, by the way, by now all of you know, you know, from this era that we find these types of sometimes harsh side as well. Right. But for those who are not accustomed to the Syrah, they are shocked like what do you mean? He said we I don't want to see them that Hydra Devi Hema leafy Hema,

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which is a very frank and blunt way of basically saying, I don't have any need for them, quite literally, I don't have any need for them. You know, after all that they've done, I don't want to see them. Basically, he doesn't even allow them an audience to come into His presence. Now. The fact of the matter is that and I've said this so many times before, that Lakota Canada computers, hula hoops, sweat and Hashanah, you have in the example of the Prophet so saddam, the perfect methodology to follow yes will lie it is true, that he was Rahmatullahi I mean, how can you know when Allah says so? Yes, he forgave and he forgave and he forgave, but you cannot establish political rule, by

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always turning the other cheek.

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You cannot forgive and forgive and forgive and forgive without once in a while showing harshness and that is why any religion, the preachers turn the other cheek, they can never live up to it as a society, no society can ever live with this methodology. You cannot, because people will take advantage of and that is why we see in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the general rule is mercy. The general rule is forgiveness. But there is also a fear that when you cross the line, you are not going to be forgiven. And the both of these people clearly cross to the line. Also, we notice from the serum, and this is not new. I've said this before, that the profitsystem treated

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people according to who they are. So the Bedouin is not treated like the seniors who have are treated. The Bedouin is not treated like the senior. So how are treated the better one is shown

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mercy, whereas the seniors so how about a higher standard is raised. One more, recites a long prayer in Salah the Prophet system gets angry at him. Yeah, more either. fatahna an ant. Are you going to cause fitna to the people, when Osama bin Zayed kills the person who said that in a while Allah the Prophet system is furious at him. And he kept on Masada. You can read Oh, he kept on repeating of cartels, houbara and shahidullah in the law. What are you going to do with neither have a day of judgment until Osama said we're lucky I wished I was a brand new Muslim out of the anger of the process. And for me, I wished I had just accepted Islam, all of my blessings. I wish I would

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obliterate them for the forgiveness you would have shown me had been a new Muslim. That's what he's trying to say. Right? What is the sama saying on that date? We did this incident few months ago, right when he killed the person and the process of them kept on telling him what will you do? What did you open

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up his chest. Did you see why he accepted it? And what did someone say? I had wished that I was a brand new Muslim, meaning what? He would have been softer with me, I would have been a new Muslim, because of who I was, he was so harsh with me. So, if this is the case, and it is the case, then we understand these are cousins. They know better. They know better. How could they have done this to their own cousin? How could they have done this to somebody whom they grew up with loving camaraderie playing respecting each other, as cousins always do? How could they have betrayed him when he was the most in need of them? So yes, strictness should be demonstrated. And he says to

00:30:46--> 00:31:03

Osama la hija to defeat him, I have no need for them, basically, tell them to go back. I don't even want to see them after all that they have done. And there's another wisdom here as well. And that is that in this harshness, there is an empty hand for them.

00:31:04--> 00:31:14

There is a test for them. This is the test of their real sincerity. If they're not sincere, if they're half sincere, what's gonna happen when they hear the harshness

00:31:15--> 00:31:17

they will not just leave but

00:31:18--> 00:31:28

reject, become arrogant say, Okay, fine. You don't want us we don't want you. But if they understand what is Islam and who is a solar system, what's going to happen?

00:31:30--> 00:31:44

They will insist they will beg, they will plead. Right. All you need to do is look at Adam and Eve please. Look at Adam and at least after agenda, what happened? He believes is arrogant. And Adam says

00:31:45--> 00:32:25

Robin Avraham nanfu Center, welcome to filling out our hammer, lacuna in the middle ha city. This is sincerity. And that is given. So this harshness has wisdom, and the wisdom is to test. And so the Prophet system says basically, I really want to see them. And it was most likely a test or maybe he really did mean it. Allah knows best. We don't know what what does he intend to do either case, this was the correct decision, because as soon as almost sentiment comes out of the tent and tells them Sorry, no audience, right. And obviously the process of them had any volunteer bodyguards, he would not, nobody could just barge in, obviously, especially the conquest of MK caminos. Understood. So

00:32:25--> 00:33:05

the two of them are not even given an audience inside his Tesla to sell them immediately Abu sufian and he is the older of the two after all his father is on how did the eldest brother, I will soufiane begins raising his voice begins yelling and screaming, begging for an audience knowing that the process of can hear him. And Abu sufian has with him one of his younger sons whose name is Jafar Ibn Abu sufian. And he becomes famous Sahabi later on at the time, he's just a young child. And he raises his hand, and he says Yasuda law, if you don't let me come in, then I swear by Allah, my son and I will depart from here and go into the desert and die a miserable death, I'm not going back to

00:33:05--> 00:33:16

Macau, basically, right? Meet my son, and I will leave here if you don't have mercy, then I'm just gonna die like this. So even as Howard says, and other other

00:33:17--> 00:33:52

books have zero, say, for rah, rah, Rasulullah, sallallaahu, ma, the profitsystem felt softness for them. So pedal, and the end of the day, they are his cousins. This is his cousin and the son of his cousin, this is his nephew, the young child is his nephew, probably never seen him in his life, because he's a young child. But in the end of the day, his blood, it's his nephew. And when he hears his cousin, and no doubt, they have memories from the past know that they have grown up together, when he hears his cousin begging and pleading, being so desperate that I'm not going to go back to Makkah, I don't have any food and water, I'm just going to go into the desert, and I'm just going to

00:33:52--> 00:34:09

die miserable death, right? If you don't see me, this is like, you can call it emotional blackmail. But we've had a load worked, because our processes had a gentle heart, he had a soft heart. So he allowed the two of them to come in after this begging and pleading, and Abu sufian

00:34:10--> 00:34:25

had a poem prepared. And it's a beautiful, beautiful poem, which as usual, we simply have to gloss over. Well, I one of my biggest regrets of doing the sutra in English is these poems, because the Sierra is full of these profound poems that

00:34:26--> 00:34:59

we just have to gloss over. And frankly, even if we were doing it in Arabic, right, and I was to recite these poems to you, I would need a translator and you will need a translator. The Arabs I'm talking about because these poems there but Allah their facade had their, their tabea their words that they use is simply beyond modern Arabic. And no matter how good your your modern Arabic is, unless you are an expert in that era as Arabic which none of us really are, even I need a translator and you need a translator, but when you do

00:35:00--> 00:35:46

unlock these poems, they're very beautiful. So he recited a one page long poem, it is mentioned in his haften other books, and in that poetry he has had and he hadn't played enough see what the lanie ELO law he meant, Tara to man para to Kula mythology, which translates as a guide, other than myself guided me to Allah, a guide, meaning the process of them, other than myself guided me to Allah, meaning the Prophet Moses was Adam, a guide whom I myself repelled at every opportunity for us to call them authority. I kept on pushing him away, but he continued to guide me to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So he said, this long poetry and this was aligned in that poetry. When he came to this line,

00:35:47--> 00:35:50

our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he,

00:35:51--> 00:36:07

you know, hit him, like, you know, the brotherly hit, he hit him in the chest, and he said, he will lie, he you repelled me every time you could, meaning this is like the brotherly chastisement. You know, you did it every time. You could. You're absolutely correct. You kept on, you know,

00:36:08--> 00:36:47

you kept on pushing me away whenever you could. And Subhanallah it shows us the process of no doubt he, of course, he's a human, he's hurt his cousin has done this to him. He's hurt that, you know, he's been repelled in such a manner. So when I was a fan, says this so the Prophet system, you can you can imagine And now comes out now, right the grief that he felt and he said, Yes, well, lucky you repels me every time you could repel me and Abu sufian this Abu Sofia, not the famous one we're going to come to in a while, I will Sofia showed many brave stances after this, and especially in the Battle of cullinane, which takes place in a few months and a few weeks actually, and the Battle

00:36:47--> 00:37:05

of her name, we will see the man of Abu sufian, this Abu sufian, the cousin of the Prophet cism, we will see what he did and what he said and how he chastised the orange for fleeing. So Abu sufian clearly showed his Eman and the process of accepted their repentance and the two of them then became Muslim.

00:37:07--> 00:37:16

So this is three conversion stories. Now we have the fourth for conversion stories today. That is our episode for today before we break for next week.

00:37:17--> 00:37:58

So they continue proceeding onwards now they are less than one days distance to Mecca, and the orange are expecting some attack but they don't know exactly when they don't know how far the army of the Prophet system is. And the Prophet salallahu idea he will sell them camps around 20 kilometres outside of Mecca in a place called model of the neuron model of the neuron and model of the neuron is the final stopping steps station, you will wake up in the morning and march into Mecca. So this is the final station and the process and tells the Sahaba we will camp here and he tells them go ahead and light your fires, meaning we're not scared 10,000 people, what are they

00:37:58--> 00:38:40

going to do? Now? maca probably has less than one fifth one sixth of the inhabitants that used to be in it 15 years ago. Makkah is now almost desolate, that people have emigrated. The people have been killed. And the tribes and the allies of the aurash more than three quarters have accepted Islam. And the few that remain are not going to fight on their behalves. There is no question that helaas the table has turned and hamdulillah is it belongs to Allah and His messenger and now the process and tells us how to go lytro fires, no fear, no need to hide your quantity or anything. Go ahead and light your fires. Can you imagine 10,000 people lighting their fires at night? Can you imagine the

00:38:40--> 00:38:44

scene Can you imagine as far as the eye can see it is

00:38:45--> 00:39:27

a lit or set ablaze with the fire of the camps and above even the brand new convert the courage haven't yet discovered that he's converted an Ibis fields in his heart sympathy for the holidays. After all, he was with them yesterday, and he begs the process of him. Let me go and negotiate before you attack. Let me see if we can resolve this without an attack. So the profit system gives him his own meal, his own mule, he gives him his own ride, and he says Bismillah go and see what you can do. So in the middle of the night and late at night, and our bus goes to aurash begging and pleading, wondering what is to be done. And he narrates in the first person that this is recorded in

00:39:27--> 00:39:41

its entirety in in his house and other books that he's narrating exactly what happened in the first person that an Ibis said that I said to myself. Oh, what an evil morning. It is for the Porsche.

00:39:42--> 00:39:59

Johan qumola. Oh, what an evil morning it is for the Porsche if the Profit System enters Makkah by force and attacks macker before they come to him and submit it shall be the destruction of the aurash for all eternity, meaning humiliation.

00:40:00--> 00:40:44

Meaning, if the Prophet system conquers the kurush, in this manner with a bloody war, then that says there shall be no more courage after this. And he's worried what is going to happen. And as he's walking in the distance, he sees three people coming in his direction. So he becomes quiet. He figures out who these three people are. And he it's night. And he's listening, who these three people are. Turns out, these are three of the senior leaders of the kurush, Abu sufian, de Abu sufian, not the cousin Babu, Sophia, even how to be below my ear. This is the Abu Sofia, the father of Monrovia, Abu sufian, along with Buddha live and work. And Hakeem in his amp, all three are

00:40:44--> 00:41:26

senior members of the rush. And they have been on a nightly basis coming out to see where is the where is the army of the Muslims, they're their scouts coming and going, coming and going. And they doing this worried when are they going to attack and they come across, and they see this entire plane lit with 10,000 fires. And they're wondering what is happening? Because in their minds, they can never imagine the Muslims with this large, they cannot see the Muslims being 10,000. So I will defend and Buddhists began having a conversation. Who do you think these people are? It doesn't even occur to them as the Muslims, would they becomes happy. And he says this must be the Hosea. They've

00:41:26--> 00:41:42

heard of the war. They're coming to defend us. complete opposite, right? These are our side. This must be Hosea and Abu sufian response. They neither have the guts nor the quantity to be this.

00:41:43--> 00:41:57

And also fear knows tribes better than good elders. They neither have the courage and guts to support us. They'll abandon us and they did. And even if they came, they don't have 10,000 people. This can't be them. And while they're discussing

00:41:58--> 00:42:36

Ibis calls out here about Helm vida, and Humberto was the eldest son of Abu sufian. Yeah, but Humberto and Abu sufian recognizes Our Father which is the Kenya herbal abuzz about us because they all go by Kenya says, you know, and of course folded in our buses the older brother of Abdullah and Ibis father even at bus is the older brother of Abdullah in a bus. So I will soufiane recognizes the voice, he goes, I will Father, what are you doing here? They still haven't figured out he's a convert, he has converted, they still don't know what's going on. Now remember, in those days, people would travel for food, they would go hunting, they would get firewood. It's not. And if you

00:42:36--> 00:43:00

go missing for a day or two, it's not the end of the world. So what are you doing here? So Ibis says way hack woe to you. This is the army of Mohammed Ali Salam is not Hosea is not your helpers. This is the army of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and if he conquers you tomorrow, then know that you shall be executed.

00:43:01--> 00:43:27

Now, I don't need to tell you who Abu sufian is. By now. We all understand who is Abu sufian there is no leader that even competes with the seniority of Abu sufian. They've all died, but all of his friends and colleagues better than or they're all gone. The only senior leader that can claim to really represent all of Makkah, is Abu Sofia.

00:43:28--> 00:43:29


00:43:30--> 00:44:18

there is no way that according to an Ibis, you will be allowed to live. After all that you've done, he will be executed. And if we enter MCE, tomorrow, your head will be the first that she'll be executed. So Abu sufian says, What can I do? What do you advise me? And Abbas says, Come with me. Come with me. And I shall ask the Prophet system to forgive you to protect you. I shall intercede. And so if you're not seeing any other option, he cannot see any option. Now he's gonna die. He sees 10,000 people in front of him. He agrees. And ally boss puts him on his own camel, not his camel, his mule and it's not his mule, whose mule is it? The prophesy salams mule allowed us and Abu sufian

00:44:18--> 00:44:38

in the middle of the night, walk back into the army of 10,000 strong and every time somebody stops them Who is there? A lot bus says this is an Ibis on the middle of the profitsystem Dude, this is an Ibis, and I am and having the the middle of the process is a sign of what

00:44:39--> 00:44:48

not just protection but trust, like the process must have given you for some expedition. So no questions asked. Right? No questions asked.

00:44:50--> 00:45:00

Wondering directly in to 10,000 strong each one of whom would love to kill a boo Sofia but in front

00:45:00--> 00:45:17

To Him is an Ibis, the both of them are writing the most sacred animal that the Muslims know that belongs to the Prophet so so them so nobody dares to ask or stop or anything, and they get closer and closer and closer. And as they get closer the seniority of the Sahaba rises until they pass by aroma of no hot.

00:45:19--> 00:46:03

They pass by a mobile hot top and Omar. And again, it shows you their love for the process and they're guarding him. They're protecting him. And nobody can pass by except that everybody's wondering, it's whatever the time might be 2am three, we don't know what time it is right? But whatever the time might be. This is not a time where people return on camels and mules. So So Omar jumps up Who is there? And he doesn't need to ask any questions he recognizes from the eyes of all Sophia and I do Allah. He says, Alhamdulillah Allah has given you to me without any covenant or treaty. It's a gift. Let's celebrate Alhamdulillah there is no meaning what you're wandering in, do

00:46:03--> 00:46:48

you don't have any protection. This is the state of war and hamdulillah. Allah has blessed us. Ibis says, Omar, he's under my protection. Now pause you remember two lessons ago, we talked about the concept of a man and the process that said that all Muslims can give a man all Muslims can give a man, even the lowest of them can give a man and children can give a man according to majority of scholars, women and slay everybody can give a man all Muslims can give personal amen one on one. That's so and so is under my protection. And the rest of the Muslims have to basically LISTEN and OBEY that this is of course, in classical Islamic law. So Ibis says he's under my a man. So Roma is

00:46:48--> 00:47:10

not going to let this go. He accompanies armed guard, you're not going to leave my site or with Sophia. He accompanies him to the tent of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and no matter what time of the night it is, this is Abu sufian is a very major incident. Eventually, they are granted the audience and Omar obviously, what do you think he's gonna ask for?

00:47:12--> 00:47:54

execution? Right, says era pseudo law has to do with a law. This is the enemy of Allah. And Allah has given him to us without any treaty without any covenant. You know, there's no but you didn't promise them anything. And he deserves this. And I bust began arguing with him says no, he is under my protection. I told him, he can come here and insist and abus insists, and the processor is silent. And then my boss says, Stop it or Omar. Basically, it would be even more harsh than this center. You can say in English, you can use even something more harsher than this Be quiet type of stuff. You know, you understand what I'm saying here, just stop it oma for a while law he, if he

00:47:54--> 00:48:29

were from the bundle ID, the bundle ID is the tribe of Omar, he would never want to kill him. But because he's from the new abdomen if you're brave enough to do this, now the bundle abdomen off is the combination of the bundle Hashem and omega, right? The bundle abdomen AF combines the bundle Hashem and the bundle omega. And so the bundle omega and the bundle Hashem are kinda cousins, right? The kind of cousins, unlike the blue ID that are very distant cousins. So our boss brings in the tribal card. And this clearly shows that

00:48:31--> 00:48:53

he's a new Muslim. He's still thinking somewhat in those lines. Right. Omar if he was from your tribe, you wouldn't want to kill him. At this Omar stops completely because that's crossing the line. And he says careful yeah bus will lay listen to this statement will lie. Listen to this statement. This is

00:48:54--> 00:49:06

from Allah He your acceptance of Islam, the day that you accepted, it was more beloved to me than my own father hottub having accepted Islam had he been a life span Allah

00:49:07--> 00:49:50

had my own father accepted Islam it would not have been as joyful to me as you accepting Islam, only because the Prophet system was happier at your Islam than he would have been happier at the time of my father. SubhanAllah This is what you call love. And this is almost saying this will love He It reminds me exactly of what Abu Bakar said will lie It reminds me exactly what a workers will say tomorrow when the muck is actually concrete. And he brings his father even a vehicle hoffa and eventually he accepts Islam and a worker begins to cry and he says Yasuda law would give anything to see able bodied here and him accepting Islam at your hands rather than my own father. Subhan Allah

00:49:50--> 00:49:59

This is what you call helleborus. Also Salim that Roma wanted to execute Abu sufian then when our bus throws the tribal card then he

00:50:00--> 00:50:35

shows him No What are you talking about? Your Islam is more beloved to me than my own father had he been alive simply because it brought more joy to the process and how dare you play the tribal card on me. And this clearly shows us the amount of aroma Even though hottub rhodiola to Allah and when the process of saw these tensions, you know, rise up and whatnot and flare, he said, Let's basically call it an evening or a bus take also failing to attend Bring him to me tomorrow morning. Take him to your tent. He's not going to go home now and bring him to me tomorrow morning. And our bus took over soufiane to his tent.

00:50:37--> 00:51:04

And they spent the entire night going back and forth. Abu sufian and Abbas Abbas is trying to convert him I will soufiane is hesitant and not, you know, willing to accept until finally the next morning. Ibis brings Abu sufian to the profits of the law while he will send them and the Prophet so cinema says that Yeah, Baba sufian. Isn't it time for you to acknowledge Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah,

00:51:05--> 00:51:22

Allah and Allah is it the time, Allah and Allah come on? How long are you going to deny this? And Subhana Allah, what does Abu sufian say? I will soufiane says fadec Obi Wan me? May my mother and father be given in ransom for you? Ma?

00:51:23--> 00:52:07

Ma a chronica ma al sadaqa? How gentle are you? how merciful are you? How fulfilling? Are you to the ties of kinship, meaning I would never have done what you're doing to me. I would never have done this for you to allow me to live and treat me in this manner. And now call me to Islam. Abu soufiane says farydak Obi Wan Oh me, me my mother. And this is the highest of the I've said this before. But if you don't you know for those who forgot, this is the highest praise that you can give in Arabic. because anybody can sacrifice yourself. When you're willing to sacrifice your mother and father for something, then you're sacrificing and I will soufiane as a mushrik is so overwhelmed at the

00:52:07--> 00:52:10

kindness of the solar system. He says fadec

00:52:11--> 00:52:32

ma alfalfa cow how gentle and sweet Are you are hammock, Merle sodic. How and here means how much are you fulfilling the ties with me? Then he says that a man had asked for the Shahada, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah. Had there been any other gods besides a law, I would have seen them helped me by now.

00:52:33--> 00:52:35

SubhanAllah so it's amazing.

00:52:36--> 00:53:22

Had there been other gods besides a law by now we would have won something right for you to be in your place. And for me to be in mind clearly shows my Gods don't exist, basically. Right. So now what does this show us, by the way? Well, like it's really amazing. that deep down inside, many of these people genuinely believed in idolatry. And I keep on bringing this up, especially to our younger Muslim brothers and sisters who literally think naively, let me just talk to somebody five minutes and there'll be accept Islam instantaneously. Here we have the leaders of the kurush. Seeing the prophets are seldom interacting with him for 23 years. And they still believe that a Latin is

00:53:22--> 00:53:23

our gods besides Allah.

00:53:24--> 00:54:15

Think about that. It's very difficult to change your theology that you have been raised. It's very difficult to abandon the culture that you consider dear. And Abu sufian is now finally the light bulb is clicking after 22 years. Basically, he is saying, you know, if my Gods really were true, then I wouldn't be here right now. Which means what add butter at offered at Azov. He genuinely believes in his gods. It was Abu sufian at the Battle of offered, what did he say? Or Didn't he say that? And this means he believed it. And Omar responded Allahu Akbar. Now look, where is where is Omar? And where is Abu sufian Look at the color of Allah how things change the panel. So I will

00:54:15--> 00:54:49

soufiane says, You know, I agree with you now. There should be no la ilaha illa Allah. So then the process that says, Wait, have you ever sufian Allah Allah unterscheiden Nero sudo la woe to you isn't a time you testify that I am Rasulullah How can you testify that Hello, notice the law and he says the same phrase feedback, we will O'Meara sudo if it occurred to me my mother and father be given as ransom, how merciful you are, how kind you are, how generous you are. As for this matter, Masada feel called Demeter pushy.

00:54:50--> 00:54:58

I'm still hesitant. So think about this now. Hmm. I agree. Laila. Hi, Lola. As for Mohammed rasulillah.

00:54:59--> 00:55:00

I'm not 100%

00:55:00--> 00:55:00


00:55:01--> 00:55:39

boss loses it. You can imagine with all women, they must have had a long discussion, short night's sleep you can imagine, right? a boss is very angry now. And he says, Yeah, about soufiane either accept or else you're going to kill tomorrow, whatever they do now. Now notice this is not the process of speaking. He because in Islam, we don't threaten people like this, right? But this is a new Muslim. And this is a luciferians friend, right? saint Come on Abu sufian, you have no choice. Now. I did all that I could. Now it's your turn, basically, you can imagine, right? I did all of this. Now you're in front of the process of them, you're going to have to. And so with reluctance,

00:55:39--> 00:56:29

Abu sufian said the Shahada. Subhan. Allah Subhana Allah, what a story. What a story after so many battles and years and incidents, after all the torture, after all the threats after this and that now, right before entering Makkah, the greatest chieftain of the Quraysh alive with difficulty and reluctance but Islam is Islam, and he accepts it and will lie he brothers and sisters just think about the perfect setup that Allah subhanho wa Taala had planned for this incident to occur. Lo un*ed a muffin out of the Jimmy and we could never have bought about this, this whole setup. If we had spent the entire money in the world we could not have brought about this perfect, perfect,

00:56:29--> 00:56:45

perfect setup. We'll get down to the minute detail. Who is Ibis? Where is he at the point in time, who meets him what time everything is absolutely perfect. Right. had any other Sahabi seen a boo Sofia, he would have killed him, or Abu sufian would not have trusted him.

00:56:46--> 00:57:32

Ibis happens to be on the middle of the profit center, right, wandering straight through the camps on the middle of the process of them with the disguise of Abu sufian, you know, covered up, you know, in the the shawl to call to protect him. So Hannah lobola he think about this, right? Truly, this is a loss aid coming, there is no way you can set this thing up. When a law one something he says could fail. And so eventually, after all of these years, Abu sufian finally accepts Islam. And of course, this also shows us that no doubt it is how long to threaten somebody to accept Islam, and the process of did not do it. But our boss is kind of being a little bit eager. And it shows us that

00:57:32--> 00:57:56

if somebody half heartedly accepts Islam, let it okay. Some of us have a very different idea. We say no, no, you must accept this. I'm fully from the heart. Well, you see, the fact of the matter is we believe Islam to be true. And therefore if somebody is half hearted, we will tell Okay, Bismillah accept. And when they accept we are certain that Islam will win them over.

00:57:57--> 00:58:38

Because we're confident Islam is true. And this is exactly what happened with with Sofia, that he's not quite fully convinced right now. But eventually he will be convinced. And this is our trust in Islam. That Yes, that's exactly what's going to happen. And of course, we talked about above starting the Ibis, a dynasty. Well, I was suffering this from the bundle Romania, Abu sufian starts the Omega dynasty. Here we have two converts abass and Abu sufian. Speaking with one another, look at the huddle of Allah. Little do they realize that between the two of them, they shall rule Islam for over 1000 years. Little do they realize when they're having this conversation and the 10th

00:58:38--> 00:58:55

throughout the entire night that my descendants your descendants put together we should rule the bulk of Islam for over almost 1000 years. So Pamela, look at the other of Allah subhana wa Tada. One final point here and that is that. So when one when Abu sufian converted.

00:58:57--> 00:59:41

Above said Yasuda, la you know that Abu sufian is a man of pride. Give him something to make him feel proud. Give him a gift to make him feel proud. And so the Prophet system said that famous statement that we are entering Mecca tomorrow. So manda held held on for Who am in woman, dalla beta for Who am in woman de la beta Avi soufiane, for whom we are going to enter Mecca tomorrow. Whoever is in the harem shall be safe, we won't, we're not going to touch whoever is in his own house shall be safe. And whoever is in the house of Abu sufian shall be safe. So this also shows us that you must humor people according to their massage according to their backgrounds, I've also found is a

00:59:41--> 00:59:59

man of pride. He's a leader. He doesn't want to be treated like everybody else. So the process of gives him an honor that your house is the only public house basically, your house will be well there might have been one or two more. We'll get to that next lesson. But the first public house mentioned whoever enters the house of Abu sufian

01:00:00--> 01:00:43

He is protected, we're not going to harm him I was a friend's house becomes a sacred place for us not to harm anybody. And the process of them told us that take Abu sufian to such and such a place at the neck of the valley, and let him see all of the army as it goes through. And it's March to Mecca. And so I bus took Abu sufian, to the top of the valley, and all of the Army's gonna pass through as they enter Mecca. And Abu sufian was amazed as far as the eye can see convoys and Calvary and, and and people are coming in, and assignments and groups. And each group has a different banner. And he's asking Who is this banner? And above says this is the tribal surname? Who is this

01:00:43--> 01:01:26

banner ad that says this is the tribe of mosaica? Who is this better? And my boss keeps on saying, because these are all converts, and I will soufiane cannot understand yet that Islam combines all of these tribes. And he was never expecting all of these tribes to come under the banner. And he kept on saying how can we fight against the Musina? How can you fight against as soon as they're each 700 1000? what not. Then right at the very end. Urbanus Hawk says, There came a law and uncut raw, that is the it's called the convoy of the prophet SAW Selim, and it was given the name of Allah and even in his house says, you could see nothing other than the brightness of the armors. This is the

01:01:26--> 01:02:14

prophecies and the final contingent coming. And all of them are hygiene and all of the unsolved and also found is amazed and he said, Who is this convoy, and I busted harder sudo lysosome one more How do you know what unsought This is? The process of them will hide you don't the unsolved and Abu sufian says, We have no manner of opposing all of them on a bus, the kingdom of your nephew has become very great. Maluku, even unmake the kingdom of your nephew has become very great. And an Ibis as way Heck, it is not to kingdom. It is Prophethood it is no Bulwark that has brought him this and I will Sofia answers for that even in letters beat Nobu with it meaning okay if that's what you say

01:02:14--> 01:03:01

it is. That is what it is. So panelo what a melodramatic site. Imagine if you will imagine now 10,000 Sahaba marching in and here is the leader of the kurush witnessing all of this. Three years ago, there were 10,000 outside the gates of Medina, three years ago, Arabia had combined to eliminate Islam. And now look at the color of Allah subhana wa Taala. from where to where yesterday. Our processor is expelled from Makkah and he is fleeing for his life. He only has a Boubacar after Allah subhana wa Tada. He only has a boubakeur. They have to hide in a cave and they're fleeing for their lives for three days. They hide in that cave. And now Subhanallah less than eight years have

01:03:01--> 01:03:31

gone by and our profit system is at the head of an army 10,000 strong and the kurush where are the orange? Where is there is the bottle and the Ria and the Kibriya of the orange only Allah azza wa jal what the law is to Jamia and inshallah we will continue where we left off from not next week there. We can take a break next week. inshallah we'll continue two weeks from now with the conquest of Makkah. Are there any quick questions about today's lesson before we conclude?

01:03:33--> 01:03:33


01:03:42--> 01:03:46

So the question is, can you do Gemma before you begin to travel

01:03:47--> 01:04:07

if you have no easy alternative, so you're going to be in the plane from 3pm to 9pm let's say or 6pm whatever and you're going to miss the time for also and is going to be inside the plane in this case, in my humble opinion, it is allowed to do Gemma but not also

01:04:09--> 01:04:18

you may do Gemma very exceptional circumstance but this Gemma has nothing to do with the suffer. This Gemma is allowed for a strong hajer

01:04:19--> 01:04:58

and you may only do Gemma avoid an ulcer or a mother who you cannot do German of acid and Muslim who can you do Gemma fraudulent All right. So Gemma, which is combination is allowed in extremely extenuating circumstances. Once in a very very blue moon for major event or a traveling is a type that you're not going to pray standing up for what not to tell you may do Gemma doctors have to have surgery to perform and you cannot leave for even five minutes. You may do Gemma, you know and you know what's going to happen. You may do Gemma but you cannot do a sir because it has to be done during traveling. Okay?