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And as you know, as we mentioned in in Surah Al Mulk halacha Nauta well Hyouta what? Nia BeWelcome Yes, enough Allah Kanalen son I mean not 14 I'm Sheldon Nabi tele he de Bella testing is one of the main aims of the creation or it is the main aim of the creation. And that

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this villa testing people differs from one situation to another situation Allah, Allah Allah says one or below can be shared very well Heidi, what fitna what the law now home bill has to say along your route,

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we have tested them by Hassan Hassan that means what by good things that we have given them and say, by bad things that we have given them. So they may reflect when we look when we share we will hide if we test you by shirt, we test you by higher and that's why I read a statement

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from say you're part of Rahima hula when he was talking about how people are tested, so some people

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they find it very hard to be tested by next minute and while you will unfussy with

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less money less food, okay or poverty or difficult difficulties in these physical things and some people

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the your hammock Allah the test for other people is what wealth wealth is a test for other people. He said say a couple you might find many people stand the tests by what by difficulties, but you rarely find people stand against their what test by wealth and fame and relaxed life

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and this is true. You will find that when people are tested okay by difficulties, what will happen they go back to Allah jello Allah is that true or not? Yeah, but when they find abundance of wealth and so on, what will happen? They forget about Allah Allah Allah Allah Yes, that's why it was mentioned that don't wish to be a wealthy person because to be a wealthy person is not always good. This might be a test you and you might not be able to work

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to pass that test or stand against these trials.

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Okay, so Allah Allah Allah Allah says in her but on our home camera, but I'm gonna have an agenda.

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It upper Sermo layer settimana most behind