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The speaker discusses the upcoming two days of the year, which are the most important days in their life. They stress the importance of fasting during the day of alpha, and the need to avoid missing the opportunity of the day of chute. They also discuss the importance of not missing any important day and the need to avoid missing the opportunity of the day of naught.

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Bismillah him Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. Brothers and sisters, the coming two days are the most important days in our life. Allah Allah Allah Allah is giving us a great opportunity that may be cannot be repeated. And this particular year 1441 2020 The opportunity even is bigger as if Allah, Allah, Allah is compensating those who wanted to go for HUD for not being able to go for Hajj. Tomorrow is the day of Arafah Yeah, and the day after tomorrow is the day of no help the scholars, they were discussing whether the day of alpha is better than the day of NASA or the day of NASA is better than the Day of Arafah which means that these two days are the most

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important days in our life. If we have missed out in the last few days, we should not miss those coming two days. And my dear respected brothers and sisters this year is different. Why? Because the day off now, which is the day after tomorrow, which is the day of Eid is the day of Juma SubhanAllah. So the day of alpha, we need to fast and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that fasting the day of alpha will wipe the sins of two years, one year before the day of alpha, and one year after the day of Arafah. Yeah, and the best dua as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says is that they have heard of that is the dua of the day of alpha. And many of the early scholars used to keep

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up things prepared the DUA that they want to ask Allah, Allah Allah for on the day of arrival. And imagine if we are fasting, then as the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that dua is likely to be accepted when the person is fasting. So we are fasting, and it is the day of Arafah. And the best dA is the dua of alpha. And some scholars said that Allah, Allah, Allah answers the door during those 10 days of the Elijah, So brothers and sisters, no one should miss the opportunity of tomorrow. Fasting is one thing, many people deceive themselves, and they think that if they fast, then they don't do other things. No, fast and just dedicate yourself as if you are doing decaf. Don't do

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anything except vicar of Allah. Allah, Allah recitation of Quran and do.

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Yeah, these three particular things, a lot of Da Yeah. A lot of leakproof Allah, Allah, Allah, a lot of a still far focus on all related activities related to the crew for Allah, Allah, Allah and DUA and the dissertation of Quran as well sending Salah and salam upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, maybe the only other exceptions that you need to do other than that, of course, please your parents in particular. And what sadaqa Yeah, so we should take those two days as an emergency situation. We should abandon anything and everything and just focus on those particular a Baghdad leakproof Allah, Allah Allah, a lot of dua a lot of is still far recitation of Quran among the

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scholars used to what used to recite the entire Quran in the day of artha only. And some people they wouldn't say anything, they wouldn't speak anything except saying La ilaha illallah wa Sharika, Hula, hula Mukalla hamdullah who are under conditioning. I don't want to make this long by talking about the virtues of liquor. They are known to all of us. Now, the day after the day of Arafah, which starts by the McRib of Arafa. Yeah, it starts by the Maghrib of Arafah. Tomorrow, we have another virtual day. Actually, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, The Day of the Day here refers to the day light the day off, no help is the greatest day in the sight of Allah Allah Allah

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Allah. And it is by the way brothers sisters, will you know that it is the last day of those 10 great days and this year 1441 2020 This day will be what

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will be Joomla so we have the two greatest day coming together for us as an offer as an opportunity, are we going to lose that My dear respected brothers and sisters, about the day of Joomla the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, The Greatest Day and the master of this is your woman jumbo jet awards. Yeah, even though claim says the day of tomorrow is a day of a bad day the word is multiplied on the day of tomorrow. So imagine that this year we will have Joomla and it will be what it will be the day of a novel.

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Do a lot And subhanAllah what can we do in those days? On this day, we will not be fasting so the matter will be easy for us brothers and sisters. So what to do, in particular vicar of Allah della leakproof, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah to Fistral far and sending a lot of Salah and salam upon the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam do that until the end of the day until March Yeah, and of course pray Eid prayer. Don't miss that. And pray June as well forget about the opinion that says if you pray one, you don't need to pray the other. Attend both of them. Yeah. And don't to stop your tongue from making Tasbeeh Yeah, making the honey La ilaha illallah wa The whole actually kind of hold on

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Hold call. Well, who are their coalition? Subhan Allah handy Subhan Allah Allah, Allah Subhan Allah handy and sending a lot of Salah and salam upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah, Allah Allah accept it from all of you. And sadaqa sadaqa Subhanallah there are so many countries that are that are really suffering. Now many Muslims in many countries are suffering. So give a lot of sadaqa and the best sadaqa on that today is the odd year, the sacrifice the Kobani do it on behalf of yourself do it on behalf of others do 123456 As much as you can, because it is sadaqa especially when you distribute the meat to the needy people abroad. Now Allah Allah Allah accepted

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from all of us again brothers and sisters, these two days our emergency situation stop anything except those listed a Baghdad Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh