Experienced Reconciler gives crash course on #1 Rule for Reconciliation

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of "hastag" and how it can be used to address differences between people. They mention the history of the concept and how it has been used to address issues with disagreements. They also discuss the importance of managing these differences and using it as a source of diversity.
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or Allah you know Allah introduced a new principle that your people will be divided. Then Allah, Allah Allah gave us rule number one to what? To deal with our differences which is what?

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Which is what?

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No not sure come on Allah Heiko Ye, what is it? First of all Allah Allah Allah introduced it work identical hyena Anika Quran and Allah dear this is one then Allah Allah Allah made it explicit one telephone fee him in Cheyenne for how como el Hola.

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Whenever you disagree or in whatsoever you disagree even if it is a minor thing and anything related to dunya or deed, if the separation is correct, yeah, refer it to Allah and you will find the answer with Allah jello Allah Tohoku Illa Allah, why he'll como Illa Allah, because He is my Lord. So as if this is a rational proof, I refer everything. Take everything to Allah, Allah Allah and I take Allah Allah Allah as my judge. Yeah, why interest atom fishy and Ferodo Allah Allahu wa rasuluh Okay, he is my judge, okay. Why? Because definitely, because he is what He is my Lord. So, if He is my Lord, definitely I will take him as my judge, okay. And we said that this proves that whether we say that

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there is a type called to Hyderabad media, or we don't call that there is a separate type called towhid Rubia. And there is a separate tab called Taheebo. Lulu here to hadal How can you sorry, at the end of the day, it is a matter of classification, but the key thing is believing in the Oneness of Allah, Allah Allah means that you need to what take our word Allah Allah as the Hukam in all matters as the judge as the one who gives decisions sovereignity belongs to him alone. And this is what this is terms or this is part of what believing in him as what as what as no as what as the rub as the Lord. Okay. So whether we say that there is a separate Tawheed called the hadal How can you

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hear and a separate hate call to hate the robo via letters? Not just sometimes we like to argue, yeah, by as we mentioned the last time no need to argue but the principle is that whether we call it a separator or not, okay, so Allah Allah, Allah says, if you have disagreements, refer these disagreements to Allah, Allah Allah, okay. Judgment belongs to Allah, Allah Allah and then we introduced Okay, another issue. We said that or another principle, we said that Allah, Allah Allah, although he created those differences, he allowed these differences to happen yet Allah de la Anna, okay, Allah, Allah Allah told us how to deal with these differences, if we deal with them, if the if

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we deal with them in the right way, then we will control these differences. We will manage them we will manage them in a way that they become what become a source of richness, a source of diversity, okay. And this diversity is meant by Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah created differently human beings different abilities different colors as Allah Allah Allah confirmed in Surah tratar Wamena devalue Judah Dumbledore homeroom of telephone Alvin ha ha Robbie was soo Amin a naughty dog well and Annika daddy all are different Allah Allah Allah wanted them to have different abilities to have different intellectual faculties and so on this is diversity, it is not a fluff it

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is diversity now, okay, Allah, Allah Allah wanted it to be like that if we fail to manage these differences, okay in the correct way in order to make them as a matter of diversity, then they will be what sorts of fighting and canasa between us and we spoke a lot about this evil. Okay even think that is what Tannersville this unity between between the OMA okay and law it is other of Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah did not guarantee that he will not let us this agree and

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and fight among ourselves. Allah Allah Allah Allah did not guaranteed that he will not allow this to happen. However unlike Allah Allah commanded us to be what commanded us to be united. Okay? That's why Allah Allah Allah says why testing will be heavily there hear me on wala from Roku and Allah Allah Allah Allah says well Atlanta's alphatech shallow waters have very hokum and so on so forth. Okay. As we said that I concluded that Allah Allah Allah, Allah says to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam referred everything to Allah, why because He is my Lord. The conclusion of this is or the I ended by La hit our culto I have put my trust in Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah I relied on Allah, Allah

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Allah, I had my Tawakkol on Allah, Allah Allah wa Alayhi on him and to him, I what we need I go back in repentance or I go back to Allah, Allah Allah, if you notice in this area, that our culto came in the

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past tense and only is coming what

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in the present tense okay, why?

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Because that our call that our call, as if no time put it and many others is a requirement for for so many things in in and that's why Allah Allah Allah says well Allah He felt Curlew in control meaning if you are believers, then put your trust in Allah. Allah Allah