Divorced after 20 years of separation! Does she have ‘Iddah

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Yeah, if the husband leaves her for more than 20 years without divorce

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without divorce, can she re marry another person?

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Yeah. And the answer is no.

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Unless she is officially divorced, or she goes to a well known reputable court if there is no Islamic court, well, reputable court or Muslim tribunal or Sharia council to those to dissolve marriage.

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Yes. Okay. Imagine, imagine

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her marriage was dissolved

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by an Islamic court.

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The marriage was dissolved on Saturday.

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Yeah, Saturday,

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have suffered the month of suffer. Because we calculate things according to what the heater calendar not according to the Gregorian calendar.

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how can how long she can stay before remaining? Shall we say that she has been away from her husband for 20 years? So she doesn't need to wait for it.

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Is the question clear?

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Shall we say that she doesn't need to wait for it because she has been already

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left abandoned by the husband for 20 years?

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Shall we say this?

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And the answer is no.

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The answer is

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no. She should wait at the proper rate the period after the divorce not after separation from the husband. Once she is legally divorced by her husband for legally her marriage was dissolved. Yes. Or she received or

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even if she has left her husband or she has been away from her husband for 100 years. Still she has to what? Wait for the duck period.

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Okay, so what is the point behind the ADA?

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What is the law?

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If we say that she should wait in order to make sure that she's not pregnant?

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Yeah, definitely. This lady who has been away from her husband for 20 years. She is not pregnant.

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Yes. So why she needs to wait

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for the IDA.

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Because Allah Allah Allah said so

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Okay, if we now we have pregnancy test.

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She was divorced. She wanted the doctor. She had the best than the most accurate test for tests. And it was confirmed that she is not pregnant.

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Should she wait for the door? Not

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a lot. It is clear now. She should wait for the

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period. Okay. If her husband said to her, that listen. Listen down. Linda. I divorced you. And you've been away for 20 years from me. Hello. Okay. I divorced you. I am 454 go my Ada right.

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Can he drop that?

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He can't. Because there it is. There I have who have Allah.

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No one can drop it. Clear.

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Is it clear? Okay.

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Long solution tomato soup.

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She got married during the period.

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Then what do we say? If it is after the first divorce or the second divorce,

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then we say to her that as if you are married. When you are married?

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Will the second so called marriage be valid?

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It will not be valid. So if you got married

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during the period, then that marriage is invalid. Okay.

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Then inshallah, next time we will speak about

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what the law

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radionomy beauty na hora, Jenna Ilana Tina,

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Marina and sha Allah This is enough this will be enough inshallah for today discipline law Hello