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I'm delighted that Alameen wa salatu salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi

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first of all, brothers,

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if I may say and advice

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the time of

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yeah I need the time of the whole which is the second part of the night, or the third part of the night

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is the time where Allah Allah Allah

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descends to the lowest heaven.

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dissents Allah, Allah Allah descends to the lowest heaven. And Allah, Allah Allah

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is that anyone who is making the

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many of the Oni fails to develop many as a loony for are there. Many Estelle Fulani fow fella who is asking me

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for anything, who is making dua, who is making is still far.

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So Allah, Allah, Allah is talking to us.

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So it is part of the Adam, that we need to

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try to observe.

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Yes, especially in these 10 Nights.

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Try not to busy yourself with anything other than the Degroof Allah, Allah, Allah and so far.

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Yeah. And the try also,

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when you have to speak with someone

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to speak with a lower voice

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and don't

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laugh and

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act as if there is no Lord above you, who is telling you who is making

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who is seeking forgiveness and you act as if you are heedless or careless about him. He is telling you, he is telling us who is making the art and we are

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not even not making this up. We are careless about him.