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Salam aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh, we'll come to you and your show, and the light on the pond, all phases due to Allah, we praise Him, we seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evils of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, none Canadian history, and whomsoever goes astray, then none will guide him other than Allah. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to send peace and blessings upon our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is your new show, in the light of the Quran. As the title suggests, we will try to see our lives, we'll try to see everything in this world, in a new light,

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which is the light of the plan. Now this wonderful book, that is the most precious gift Allah has ever given to mankind. It is the spoken word of light is the literal word of Allah, Allah spoken himself, and he sent it to mankind, to take them out from the darkness, to bring them into the light. This is the wisdom behind the whole and this wonderful book, that is the best book ever known in history. No book will ever match its glory, its beauty, its majesty, and the wisdom that we find in it. So in this series, inshallah, we will try to delve into these wisdoms that we find in the plan, this beauty that we find in the words of our Creator, the wisdom that Allah gave us as a gift,

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to show us the right direction, because mankind if they are left alone, they will take the way of their desires, their carnal desires and the whims of their desires, they will take away that their intellect suggests, and we know that our intellect as human beings is deficient, as our sight is deficient, as our hearing is deficient as our senses all are deficient. Likewise, our intellect is deficient, we cannot see around corners. This is why Allah from his mercy gave us this the wisdom of the Quran, so we can study it, learn it, and try to digest it and benefit from it. So that we can see everything as it really is without distortion, and without being blurred by the different

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attractions or distractions that we have in our souls as human beings. So inshallah we will try to take every day, a number of verses, see what are the wisdoms there, and we will try to understand them, as Allah wanted us to understand them, we will see what Prophet Mohammed said about these verses how he wanted us to understand them. And then we will see how we can benefit from these verses, and try to internalize the meaning, personalize the meaning identify with the wonderful meaning of these wonderful verses, and through that inshallah, we can change your lives through understanding these wisdoms. So everyday inshallah, we'll take one important wisdom and maybe there

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will be some, you know, details, some of the details that are necessary to talk about, that are related to this wisdom, but we every day, we will take one important wisdom will try to see the issue that we will talk about in the light of the Quran and new light, which is the real light, light of the Divine words of Allah subhanaw taala and with these words, inshallah, we can change your life what we will do after the show after this show, and this actually applies to myself and to all the viewers who watch us, we will try to take this wisdom and try to apply it in our lives. And through this, we can achieve the goal the main goal behind sending the hold on because Allah sent to

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to show them the way so they can introduce the positive change, the necessary change that will bring them back on track, through through understanding this Hold on. So we will try to apply this during the series. And we'll try to make it a real, a real application of the plan. So we will see how we can do that. And we will try to, you know, encourage ourselves encourage encouraging our brothers and our sisters, in order to understand this go on and apply this in our life so we can bring lights, divine light, the light of the Quran, into our lives. So inshallah This will be our main purpose and the main goal of this series. So I hope from today inshallah, we will open our minds and

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have the right attitude to start benefiting from this wonderful book and you will see inshallah, there has been so much wisdom in the end, but unfortunately, the Muslims, I say the vast majority of them have not really utilized the plan as they should. When the Muslims did that in history, they changed the course of history. They changed the direction of events.

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They did not stand on the margin looking at life from a distance, what they actually did. They wrote history themselves, they made it with their own hands. They made it with their own actions, wonderful, beautiful actions, that Allah has given us the ability and the potential, to introduce and to make all this should emanate from the wisdom of the clan. Without this wonderful wisdom, without this wonderful source, we cannot do anything, we will remain human, we cannot go beyond the limitations of human beings. But when we take the wisdom of the clan, and we apply it in our lives, and we live for that, and we live with it, and we become just like the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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was, we will stop being on the margin, will stop being right at the back of all nations. And then we will assume the position Allah gave us the leadership of mankind. And with that, we can make history, we can create history, we can bring justice to the world, and we can bring the lights to mankind to humanity as a whole. And this should be our main goal as Muslims who live in this age where darkness has become rampant and has pervaded the whole world. So we will try to free ourselves with this beautiful wisdom with the beautiful lessons of the Quran, and then help other people to free themselves from the grip of shaitaan and the grip of the carnal desires, we asked the last

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panatela to help us with that. Now we will see inshallah,

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how Allah Himself spoke about his book, how he spoke about his worth. So we will try to see the potential, the great treasures that we can find them and we can see them from the way Allah describes this book.

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In this book itself in the verses of the Quran itself, this one of the first verses at the beginning of the plan that we can read a lot of how to Allah says, and then Musa diverse

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Rubina Hina Shan shape on

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me, that he can Akita Buffy

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Alice's says, This is the book

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that he created, this is the book, not only the few, there is no doubt about it, you know, everything in our lives, and this is part of, you know, some of what they say a psychological kind of knowledge, or what they, you know, in character development and knowledge, all these disciplines, like the NLP and all that stuff, they always talk about the necessity to start to have doubt about anything so you can understand its reality. Now, to the word the matters, relatively This is true. But when it comes to matters that we find in the plan, this does not work. So every everything human, there is always some kind of doubt about it every human effort, every human achievement,

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every human development, there is some kind of doubt about it. Whereas when it comes to the whole, an Allah says there is no doubt about it. There's no doubt it is 100% sure, because it is from Allah, it's not a human thing. So this is the first description of logic to the plan. At any book in the world that you read, you will find the author right at the beginning saying that there will be some deficiency there will always be some different new findings, some new developments, but with an There is no doubt about that. Now this is a strong challenge, a strong statement that no human being does to say. This is why Allah subhanaw taala made it clear for us that this is the Quran, there is

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no doubt about it, to tell and to remind human beings that this one is from a divine sources from Allah, the Creator of the heavens and earth, and it's totally different from any other book. Whatever benefit you expect in any book in the Quran, he was able to find a greater benefit, you will find a better wisdom, a deeper insight. Now this is the first description Allah gives to the client. The second description Allah says about the Quran in solitude matita He says,

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God agent

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Mina la

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Makita boom ob ye de bien la.

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buena Salud.

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y una buena

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y ocurrido homie novo Luma Tina uno de de him ala

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Stephanie. Now Allah says that's

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Jericho, Manila, lucky to have a movie that has come to you, from your Lord from your Creator, a book a wonderful book, and a light from Allah. Now the Quran is described as light, nor,

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unlike any other book, or like any other human any any human effort to pull and contains life because it tells us the reality about things. It opens and widens our insight deepens our understanding of all matters. And the light describes and describes it as keytab and will be in a very clear book that clarifies all what you need, as human beings. Then he says, yesterday, the level monitor added one possible solution. Anyone who follows this guidance, Allah guides through this book, Allah guides him through this book, to the straight path, or the the ways of peace. So anyone who's looking for peace, peace with himself, peace with the people and human beings around

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him, peace with this universe, peace with our own understanding about ourselves and about the world, you can only find that

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because no human effort and a human attempt to explain the reality of this life, the reality of our existence will be deficient. But the Parang gives us the gist of it, the core and gives us the truth about which there is no doubt so we become at peace with ourselves, with the people around us, with the world around us, around us. And most importantly, with our Creator, yesterday been laminated out of one of the ones who follow the guidance of the Quran, Allah will guide them to the ways of peace and security. So this peace will lead us at the end to the real peace, the real security, on the Day of Judgment which is paradise, the mercy of Allah, the real manifestation of the mercy of Allah

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Subhana Allah to Allah.

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And Allah says those who follow guidance, Allah will take them from the darkness into the light to guide them to the light. So if you really want to get to see the reality of things, you want to understand the reality of everything. Most people are in darkness about this. They don't really understand the reality of this life, but you can only find it in the real light that is from Allah. Then I would conclude with this wonderful verse, Allah says in

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the lucky one, this one leads to the straight path The most straight of ways. So if we are really looking for the straight path, we will find it in the plan. Throughout the series inshallah, we will try to take the light from the Quran, take the wisdom, take the certainty about which there is no doubt and fake peace and real security and safety from this wonderful book, and we will take the most strict path. So be with us throughout the series, and try to improve ourselves and bring the lights of the Quran into our lives and live a new life, the life Allah wanted to give to us. Now until we meet next time, I leave you in peace. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.