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The largest conference in North America features the largest conference in the world, Anna, and the story of the collapse of the world. A woman who lost her job and found out she was pregnant while traveling to cities in the Middle East. She eventually found out she was pregnant and lost her job. She goes back to her mother and gets her job, leading her to become a successful woman.

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allowed him to do all sorts of summer. So that's Sara Madecassoside out of the castle. First of all, I'd like to really pray for these youth Zama said,

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these are the future carriers of the flag of la ilaha illa. We have passed on the torch on to them. They're doing such an amazing job. You don't know a lot of you may not know that this center was the hub for love leaders that we may you know, or don't know, that actually were raised from this community, especially from this message. What is the largest?

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A lot of you win? The largest biggest conference in North America

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all right, yes, right. The biggest in North America. The hub it started actually from some youth who were raised here in this region, a lot of you don't know so Hamdulillah this is why you and I need to support the endeavors of of this magic. May Allah bless the youth and parents who struggle to highlight the chef just finished third chakra which we covered yesterday. So I'm going to cover only two flows from Rotella quickly solid and then these are very not short but heavy heavy salts enable us to solve those which I'm going to cover today about Anna. Both souls are Mickey souls. And Neville is and the and Neville and then on Casas. Casas is the stories they start with me first

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Allah subhana wa Tada starts talking about the story of Musa Ali Salaam.

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And then he moved on to Solomon and to the Lord, Allah subhanho wa Taala as to the dua of Sullivan or Islam when he asked Allah azza wa jal to bestow upon him a dominion which He has not bestowed on anyone before he moved away. And today man used to have this huge kingdom all over the world, he used to rule it, he said, Not only that, Allah subhanho wa taala, subdue the

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animals to serve Him, only. The wind was to serve him the jinn they used to serve so many men and he said, and then came that story. That's a very interesting story, because today man used to understand the language of animals. This is why the source code and never there was this dialogue happening between they know this novel, this leader green, and who told her followers to be careful to go back into their homes. Why not forcing a man and his soldiers to maybe to crush them at the cinema, he had heard her talking and he smiled. No, and attributing that that NEMA that he can understand the language of animals to Allah subhanho wa Taala or B. He says, you know, to us

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thanking Allah subhanho wa Taala for this Nana, it really happened something really interesting what Hadith about saw a man at least sit up he spoke to a nematode an earth and told her

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how many how much food you need. That should suffice you for the whole year. The nebula said three grains,

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this hadith an alpha other three grains. So so they Eman put her in a box and then put with her three grains, and then left some open for her to breed.

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And then he came back a year later. And then he found that he only or she could she only consumed two grains. And she just won. He told her you told me you need three grades that should suffice for the whole year. She said yes, that's when I put my trust in Allah who feeds me. But when I put my personnel in you, you're the human being you may forget so I kept one just in case

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you may forget this is the name of Allah somehow upon the Sunni Mandela he set up and then it's very well known interesting story, but so the man and the diode the the good,

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the good the good. What is called the English Hoopoe Hoopoe

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tweeter would with cracker

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wood hacker

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with backer

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he's woodpecker. Okay, so this one backer Okay.

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Can you see what you see Arabic is beautiful language. Wood Packer. Good, good.

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I love you.

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So so they met and the pilot so they man he was you know, he had this huge freedom as I mentioned. And every day he meets with his with all his soldiers from gym from from animals. And then he realized that the wood Wood was not there. Dude who was taking a scavenger trip going around going around and then he happened to be by this by this in Yemen, you know, she by the Queen of Sheba, finding that these people were worshipping the sun other than Allah subhana wa Tada, the Hood Hood came back to Jerusalem and so the man was angry was the good dude. Why is the wood cracker? How come? He's not in our meeting today? This is one of the traits of a leader, a leader who knows who's

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there who's not there as a father as a mom, who is your kid where

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Who is he hanging out with you and he doesn't just let go. So Damon I Sam had these traits of a good leader. And then the Hood Hood came and told them that they found these people they were worshipping the sun, you know other than Allah subhanho wa taala. So they have an called this lady to come and then eventually she embraced Islam, you know, just to cut the story short, the story of the end the story of the end. Now the story of an amazing story brothers and sisters, amazing story about now Allah azza wa jal again one more time talks about Musa by the way, the prophet who's mentioned the most in the Quran,

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Musa alayhis, salam, by name by name is Musa alayhis salam. So that talks about Musa but this time from his birth, from His birth, growing up in Egypt, traveling from Egypt to Medina in Jordan, coming back and then his acquaintance with the with the fit out and so on. So, so the full entire story of Musa alayhis salam when his mom became pregnant,

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and then she was scared because of this order that came from Freetown that he was to kill, you know, the children of Venezuela. So the mother was pregnant. And she made that Allah has already inspired to work as a lesson houses hyena either only Musa

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sisters, every woman when she's pregnant, what would she want to know? She would wish what as soon as her baby is born? What you know she would Every sister every woman who's who's pregnant, so she gave us a baby. What do they do? They put the baby on,

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on the chest of the mom, because the baby can feel those vibes. And then the mom would she do then she breastfeed her baby every woman she would she This is the end the wish of every mother so Allah Now the mother of Musa she's pregnant, she's gonna deliver the baby, they're gonna take the baby, they're gonna kill the baby Allah especially if it's to a mimosa well Hanaa either only Musa have a 5050 failure to happen

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spite of the mother of Musa Yes, you want to breastfeed your baby, we're gonna give you your baby, you're gonna breastfeed your baby, but then what are you going to do to save your baby? Throw him into the well throw him into the sea? How can I see my baby I want to see my baby but you tell me to throw my name into the sea. This is what she did. But Allah has promised her something says when after healthy, why one that has any. Don't be sad, and don't be afraid we shall bring him back to you. The theme of the solar is trust the, the Promise of Allah when Allah makes a promise he fulfills it Subhana Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala Adam, and indeed she got back her son, she

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breastfed her son because when he was born, she threw him into the into the sea. Allah subhanho wa Taala took over. Allah spoke to the sea, Allah spoke to the fish of the sea or the fish or had a Musa Don't touch him don't harm him. Where does he go? He goes into the paddock round I want to save him for now he goes into the palace of Crown like sometimes you your sister may when she gets fired, what's going on here and father gets his spirit and then they arrest him and claim that he was a terrorist or whatnot. Musa Musa I trust me Allah you told me you're going to save my baby because yes, he goes to fill out there he's gonna grow up there he's going to earn the name of Prince Lucia

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you know that they used to call him please Musa he will grew up in the in the palace of Fidel, he will eat the food of the of a of a prince he will learn from the Egyptians. This is there's a purpose as to why he had to go up in the banks. But then what happens is reason brothers, he went back to his mother, you know when he was a kid to be breastfed to be breastfed because Allah Subhana Allah have one that he will not accept to be separate from any woman except his mother, Allah subhanho wa Taala brought him back to his mom. And he fulfilled his promise, but then also had to be trial, I'm going to add here to download the Hydra. Because when Allah has to try the Allah has to

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test you. Now Musa is been put into a situation, he goes to us to go and visit his mother. One day, he saw two men fighting one from his tribe, and one from the Egyptians, one from the one from Venezuela, and one from the people of fear. So now he has to side with who I need to study with somebody.

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If I were to side with the straight out guy, I'm going to keep my status pretty small. I'm going to keep living in the person. But if I were to side with this ad, I'm going to lose my title. I'm going to lose my my bed, my gold mine, I'm going to lose everything. What am I going to do? He started with the truth. Yes, he loves the title. Yes, he got kicked out. But then he came back later on after 10 years when he went to Jordan he came back not as Prince Musa he came back as

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Prophet Musa which is it

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I think sometimes we make the wrong decisions.

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Musa made the right decision. And then around he was the winner he came back as Prophet Musa so Rizzolatti castles there's so much beauty about the tower called the truth they were called on Allah subhana wa Tada an ayah that will change your life. I am number 62 from salt enamel 62 from Allah subhanho Dallas's mejor de Bordeaux motagua EDA.

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Why actually for so our gyro components?

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Ma Ma Long Adila matter that

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I'm a YouTuber? Who's the one who answers the call of the needy? Who is the one who answers the call the needy, who is the one who alleviate your pain and stress and distress who is the one who takes care of you. And Allah says, Allah isn't anybody other than Allah, you may go to a person when you go through some hardship, you may come to me, I may not be able to help you. He may not be able to help you go to Allah azza wa jal, Allah, Allah, Allah, He didn't matter that come. So sometimes we know when we make in that Doha and my usual mode, when you make that Doha concentrate on your Doha, and let alone or rest assured that the only one who can truly truly help you is

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Allah, He is the only one who can answer the call of the needy and will either die and is the one who is truly in need of Allah subhanho wa taala. So again, when you meet that to see in your heart that I am, I have no one all of those have been locked, but the love of Allah is always open. He is the only one who can save me in sha Allah who died. Please go back and read this verse number 62 from Neville, it's an amazing verse. Baraka Luffy comes like Lula fan said MIT conference like