Muhammad West – Qiyamah and the End Times #10

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The upcoming JAL Na Vi and JAL Na Vi events include the rise of the Hahid, return of thesaif, and return of the beast. The devastation caused by the pandemic, including major earthquakes, floods, and nuclear weapons, is discussed, including the return of the beast in the sky, the signing of the peace agreement, and the signing of the Trumpet. The return of the beast in the sky and the return of the beast in the earth are also mentioned. The signing of the peace agreement is also mentioned, with a warning that the Earth will be blown and the sky will be torn apart.
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out there we live in a shutdown rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu.

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Hope you all well Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. This evening we're gonna conclude with the 10 major signs of piano. And last night we spoke about Yeah, Georgia, Georgia. And just to recap quickly, the coming of Imam mahadi would trigger the unification of the Ummah under him. And when the OMA is behind him Ahmadi we're living in a time obviously, where there is no leader there is no Khalifa he will read, bring about the age of the caliphate once again, then there will be the malema, this great world war between Islam and other forces, which will result in the conquest of Constantinople for the Muslims, the conquest, if you will, and then the jail will emerge. And for two years, you

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would reign over the world. And Mr. Mundy and the armies of Islam would be completely overpowered by him, because you can't fight the jungle. And there'll be in hiding until Allah He, since maybe SRA CERAM, the Messiah to come down from Damascus. And his first order of business would be to, to exterminate the gel. And once the Agile is, is defeated,

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there will be just a very, very short period of time when the ISA would look at the people and look at the last few years of complete catastrophe, the third world war, that job all these things are happening, and mankind is just about to recover. When you do, Jim George will be released upon the earth. And we spoke about what they are who they are, we have many, many theories about the huge amount of George and Allah, Allah, Allah knows best, they would be an army of immense number, whether they are people, whether the extraterrestrial whether they are within the ground, Allah Allah knows best. But this will be such a massive army. And the abilities and technology will be so

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advanced, that even the ISA messiah will not be able to the system. And so Allah would inspire in every isa take what you can of the believers and hide in Mount tool. And a period of time would go by with the believers would be held out in the mountains trying to avoid Yeah, George and George, yeah, Judah modules will overwhelm the entire world, they would conquer the world, and then they will try to invade the Sahara. And that's quite interesting, because the Hadith says that once they rule the conquer the world, they will say, now we would like to fight with those that live in the summer, and who lives in the summer of the angels, Allah Anna, but they would then try to fight in

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the summer. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala will send a plague upon them, and they would all die, then the survivors and their ISA is still alive, the Messiah is still alive, you will come out of the cave, where the survivors and then the what we call the Messianic age, the age of the Messiah would begin for a number of years where there'll be absolutely no war, no fighting, even between animals, the world will be prosperous, the plantations would grow, the animals will be fed, and this will be a number of years of complete peace and tranquility on the earth. And then Nabi SallAllahu, Dai and hodgen Omar will continue the religion will continue, generation will come in on one after

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the other. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala would send what is referred to in the Bible, we call it the wind in the Bible, it's called the rapture. It's not one of the signs of piano. So it's one of the 10 major signs that you'd find within the Bible. They call it the rapture. And in Hadith literature, the responses after the demise of NaVi ISA and generations have come and gone, Allah will then send a breeze, a wind that would go and cover the earth. And any single person who has Iman, even the slightest bit of Eman, when they inhale this breeze, they will pass away. And so every single believer will die. Why? Because the the end of the world and the last remaining signs

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of karma is going to be catastrophic. And that will not happen upon believers. So every single person with the slightest bit of iman with slight goodness in them, they will die when Allah subhanho wa Taala in a hadith.

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In authentic hadith, the Quran would disappear overnight, there'll be no one that is reciting the Quran, and even the mishaps would go blank and the carrabba will be destroyed. So Islam comes to an end on earth, and the people that are they, they would not even Hadith says even La Ilaha illa Allah will be forgotten. And so, it is well known that Allah subhanho wa Taala will not allow the world to come to an end with is a single person still seeing the Kalama and so when there is nobody left to say the Kanima the last remaining signs and basically this is the end of the world will now come to pass. We spoke about the three signs of the JAL NaVi ISA and judge the last seven signs will now

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come and they will come very quickly. The first of them is the smoke and again we assume the order Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, in fact it's called the surah of the smoke. Allah says further tacky buhoma The semi bihani Mubin so wait for the day when the sky will become visibly. Oh

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overcast with a haze with a smoke reaction pneus overwhelming the people had the other one. I mean, the whole of the whole world will be covered in this dark smoke. Side note, this is an academic now.

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All the scholars and all the Sahaba have said the smoke is one of the signs of the day. FTM the only person that said it's not even Mr. Old, the great Sahabi who said that? No, the smoke already occurred. What's he talking about all the time, we're going to be so solemn. The Prophet Salam predicted five things to happen on the Kurdish the Qureshi, we're gonna go through five things you would be the five things will occur, the Romans would be defeated. And this happened in the time that the whole Liberty room the Romans would be defeated. Then number two, the Muslims would defeat the Quraysh. At better, the moon will be split. The smoke would come upon the Quraysh and they will

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go through a punishment. And so even Abbas even mass route said in the time of the visa Salam, one of the punishments Allah had seemed upon the Qureshi is they had a year of famine. And when everybody was starving and they weren't able to eat, when they looked up, they couldn't see the sky, it became blurry. It was like the smoke. Now this happen in the Sierra, so even my throat says the smoke refers to that. But everyone disagrees with him Allah Allah knows best, the smoke that is referred to you. And if you look at the Surasak de Haan, it is about piano. So the smoke is a different smoke about piano. So the smoke would emerge and the entire world we covered in a black

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cloud. Then there would be major earthquakes as the earth begins to crumble and begins to break apart three major earthquakes. Allah Subhanallah says

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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Yeah, are you oneness O Mankind. Itakura Baku fear Allah in NWSL, SATA, SATA, che Nadeem, that visually the earthquake of Kiama of the End of Times is something extremely severe. I mean, nothing that we can imagine the whole world will begin to fall apart in the East in the West, meaning the entire world will be overcome with major major earthquakes. Then, and these things happen almost one after the other.

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We spoke about the jail we spoke about mercy even Imodium we spoke about the Abuja merge the smoke, and then three earthquakes, they all three signs 1237, we've got three more to go. Then there'll be some says two signs will occur on the same day. He doesn't know which one will come first, then responses, the first of the signs to appeal will be the rising of the sun from the west. And the emergence of a creature out of the earth a creature a beast will arise out of the earth, whichever of them comes first. The other one will happen immediately afterwards. So the rising of the sun from the west and the emergence of the beast are these mentioned and we don't know anything much about

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them. They are inferred in the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, Hollyanne guna Illa and to melodica to the wait until the mullah Iike comes to them. Oh yeah. Tiara Buka or Allah Himself comes to them. Oh, yeah, it abajo it Rebecca Yama, all some of the signs of Kiama will appear up you only at the bar do it Rebecca la Yun for an Epson. Emmanuel lampoon American in Kabul. When some of the signs occur, it will have no bearing on you if you become a believer after that, if you did not believe before the sign, it's too late. And we know from the Hadith literature, then everything says that when the sun rises from the waist, there will be no motobike accepted. Now it's

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too late. It's too clear. That is, you know, there's no more discussion, no more dispute. So when the sun rises from the waist, the doors of October is closed. And then this beast of the earth, Allah mentions in the Quran will either lock articolo Allah in Raja Nalanda, bottom middle earth, and when the decree of the hour comes to pass against them, we will bring forth from them a creature out of the earth, what is this Allah Allah, a creature, some living creature will come out of the earth and will speak to them to call him a nurse cannot be Ayatollah you can, and the people that will He will speak to will Obi disbelievers. Now again, it could be that if you want to link as some

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people have mentioned, is this a sign that inside the Earth is hollow Earth, there's the juja module living in there, these earthquakes happen and these creatures are going to come up a lot. And um, we don't know there is no Hadith that explains what the beasts look like, what it what its features would be what we would say, All we know is Allah mentions that a creature will come out of the earth. And the last of the signs will then occur, which is a fire than the resources the last of them will be the emergence of a fire that will start from Yemen, or from hijas basically all over the world a fire will come and it will lock in it will become smaller and smaller and smaller,

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causing the people to drive into Jerusalem or a certain land and that's where humanity will become extinct than the resources how can I fear feel? That's when the Hour will establish and then the last group of people to survive, there will be no Islam no email and upon them and then everything says Now at this point, the end of the world will commence the template will be blown to the provinces and cities. So those are the 10 signs that the ESA sorry the JAL the ESA yeah Gemma judge the smoke

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The three earthquakes, the beasts of the earth, the sun rising from the waist, and in the fire that will gather all of mankind in one place, when all of them are in one area, then the Trumpet will be blown. The trumpet, the edge of it will signal the end of the world. Then everything says, How can I feel at ease when the angel of the trumpet

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has put his lips on the trumpet, and he's waiting for the order to blow he's already put the trumpet on. He's already inhaled. And he's about to blow. And he's only waiting for the command. In another Hadith is Rafi with the name of the angel of the trumpet is looking towards the Arusha Allah waiting for the command. Everything is ready. He's just waiting to blow the trumpet, and he does not blink, out of fear, he might miss the command. And so his eyes are like stars, he doesn't blink, just waiting for the command. And then he will blow it a second time. And of course that will be the the resurrection. Allah says about the blowing of the trumpet, wonderful coffee super. This is of course

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confirmed in the Quran. And the Trumpet will be blown fossa common for some our tea woman filled out and then every living creature on earth and in the heavens, every creature everyone that's alive in the universe will fall dead everyone will die Ilam insha Allah except a group of creatures Allah has exempted from dying through Manaphy, coffee okra and then a second blowing will happen for either whom the Amazonian guru and then all of a sudden, everyone will be resurrected, looking at Allah looking and staring at the resurrection. And so we'll talk Inshallah, about the resurrection, about the blowing of the trumpet when we get to piano. But as we can see from the IEA, ALLAH SubhanA, WA

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Tada will cause the world to end and everyone to die. He believes Jean, everyone will die, but the blowing of the trumpet, except a few creatures who are exempted, and we don't know exactly who they are, it's assumed that creatures like Gibreel would be exempted. Although there is a Hadith that mentions even the angels will die, and Allah knows best. And we end up with the ayat about the end of the world and Surah Taquile Allah subhanaw taala says, is a sham. So who will act when the sun is extinguished and put out and the stars fall down in ruin, and the mountains are blown basically into dust, and when the pregnant camels all the wealth will be left unattended, and the wild beasts will

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be gathered Kiama is not only people engine even the animals will be brought together. And when the seas are on fire, and the souls and the bodies are put back together. And when the baby girl who was buried alive will be asked to be either mean kuti that why will you buried alive and when the records were either super Felicia and when your records will be placed open, why the summer will push it out and when the sky is torn apart, and when that will either Johanna rock and when Jana is stoked to be fiercely hot, what is whatever Jana to sleep at and when Jana is brought near, on that day, Andy McNab sama after that every person will know the deeds that they would have been decreed

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everything of your life will be presented. So and then Allah Subhan so there's a period just to conclude the section about the 10 signs of karma will occur, the Trumpet will be blown and everybody will die, the Earth will come to an end and Subhanallah not only the Earth, the entire universe, Allah says in the Quran, yo may not be sama PATA, ECG lineal. Kutub on there will be a time when Allah will fold up all of creation like a scroll being fooled Allah will uncreate Allah would collapse all of creation into one like a scroll. Come up. I don't know what a Halloween night there as it was done in the we will recreate it a second time. Wilden Elena in couldn't fit in a promise

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that we will do. Wama Allah says mama cadoola haka Kadri he that you have not given Allah to estimation of his power, while Argo Jamia that all of creation, He will grab hold of it in a manner which he fits his manager see covered do Yeoman ki Amity was similar to moto we I mean, he He will gather all of creation and hold it in his right hand, all of creation will be put together and he will hold it in his right hand. Subhana Allah Shama you should Glory be to Allah, to what they have would have come into check against him. I end up with this very famous Hadith, even though there is some kind of

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weakness in it. But it's something that we've all heard and it's something which we will remember that when the trumpet is blown, and the world falls apart and everyone that he is it dies, he believes and the devil is all of them die, the angel of death will come to Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah will ask the angel of monocle Mote, who remains in in creation and Allah knows who remains. And the angel of this molecule most will say to Allah, O Allah, everybody is dead. The only ones that remain is Gibreel mica eel is seraphim. The angels will carry your throne they are still alive, the angels your angels carry the Throne of Allah. So that Allah subhanaw taala will say to

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the angel of this village, Gibreel die and mica eel and he sort of feel and the angels are carrying my throne, bring them to die also cause them to die.

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And molecule note will pull their souls as well. Then Allah subhanaw taala will ask molecule modes and who is left and molecule Medusa hola everyone is the only one that is alive is you and me and there's no one else that's alive. And Allah will say to do to molecule most UI creation and your time has been basically you've you've done what your purpose, you will also die and molecule mode will die. And then Allah subhanaw taala in a manner in which we fix his Majesty, you will fold up all of creation, collapse it unto itself and grab hold of it, and he will raise his voice in a in a manner which reflects his majesty and will say Where are My partners now? We are the kings and the

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tyrants in the career they now and no one will be there to respond. It is only Allah, Allah wa Heydo Samad, the one the only the Supreme, I mean Allah subhanho wa Taala will recreate the creation a second time Allah Allah as you said, this appears to be some weakness because some creations will still live. But this is a well known Hadith. And as Allah says, We have not given Allah through estimation of his power. May Allah forgive us and grant His prediction. And when this comes, then in the signs of the AMA, we will start a new chapter tomorrow inshallah the bodies of the real Kiama will all face on the day that we die. Our loved ones is a good day. I mean, I mean, it's our last

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last question. Yeah, Juju emoji which they will be killed by an insect a worm, a worm will infect them in the in the next and all of them will die through an some kind of infection. And let's see.

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And Azeema Phoebus he was

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the most is Yachi is one price on Hamdulillah.

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For the boy, I mean, Mohammed Hanif. Sorry.

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Yeah, it's bunking today okay.

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Israel subsidy.

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Israel subsidy. Oh, good to know Nokia.

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Rayyan Sally. Okay, the answer. Okay. So hamdullah the Saudis are winning a lot this system does. And in our question for tomorrow, which two signs will occur on the same day, there are two signs I mentioned. I'm gonna be some on the same day two signs will occur on the very same day. Which sign is it?

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We'd also like to thank everybody who contributes our often program program today we had 70 orphans from different organizations, took them out and they had a wonderful day Alhamdulillah JazakAllah heat for your generosity, and we'll look at all blessings. Amin or Salah seen them hammered Mohammed or Salam with saline will have Nairobi datamine so don't Forget

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