The Role of the Muslim Woman as a Servant of Allah

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Shifting from our role as wife as spouses we're going to shift to our role as servants which is something that is universal for all of us with Allah subhanaw taala and we have Dr. Shiva Hey, fat Yunus who will be

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leading that part who is our resident female scholar at icoi It's for everyone online just in case.

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Can you all hear me? A shout out? Do we have more people in the afternoon? Are you just better? My shot lotta Baraka loves Mila Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Manuela Loma Linda myInfo now on foreigner Bhima alum tena Inaka Samia when would you would do our la manera Oh, they'll be coming and William Farwell Colby la Ayesha whenever sin letter shower dwelling lines SMA or Benalla to SuperLumiNova is the Heidi Tara well Hublin Hamilton Kurama Nico internal hub will be strictly Sodre us sudley Omri, what load up that Emily Sandy of coho, holy. Before I get into the subject. I want you to know Allah is the best planner. This conference was

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planned from June

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SubhanAllah. And we chose the time and Yukawa law plans, simply because where is Sheikh Hasina? She said, this is the only time the only weekend I can travel. I said hellos.

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Actually, even before June, I remember it's after Ramadan, if she can remind me.

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And then we had a lot of debate, should we cancel it or we shouldn't?

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Are we having a conference and we are very insensitive? Is it the time now to talk about the role of the woman or it is the time

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and get closer to Allah? So we change and we serve and we had literally debates about the humbler Bill Alameen Allah who made it happen.

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And now look at all of you.

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Yes, we talked about why yes, at Hamdulillah. We had fun. We talked about the mother we talked about the professional at the end of the day is and I'm going to be buddy here and I want to see hands, who are you?

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And I don't want to name I don't want to hear mother. I want to hear physician who are you in the sight of Allah?

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Just a second before you claim.

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I want you really to think of this. And don't answer me May Allah make me

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we have another one, yes.

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So when a loss punted handler much better. So when Allah subhanaw taala is looking at each one of you now, and of course looking at me,

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what is he saying about you?

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What definition

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he will define you.

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Mother, Wife, professional servant of Allah. Really.

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So the first thing is I need to know who am I? Where am I in the journey with Allah subhanaw taala what I'm going to add a question.

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Do you have a journey with Allah subhanaw taala

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or we are so immersed in our as I call it daily, or arteries.

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Meaning when I go to bed, because we need practical when I go to bed, and the night exhausted.

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And everything you did is Hello Al Hamdulillah I'm not talking about anything not pleasing to Allah. But have you put your head when you put your head on that pillow? And says your Allah Allah can

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you helped me to be a good wife? A good mother? I would did well a job and my job. I prayed for the people of Azusa.

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Is Allah in your daily life? When you say I'm the servant of Allah Kula and I but Allah, of course we are. But are we really the servant of Allah?

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Meaning and I asked this myself before anyone, when I'm walking in that street? Yes, I'm wearing my hijab and hamdulillah I'm an obvious Muslim. Am I really internally different than this person next to me in line in the grocery shop? Who doesn't know anything about Islam?

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She knows there is God but doesn't know anything about Islam. Are you all with me? So the servant of Allah is not a word

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is not a claim. I use this word all the time with me. Because it's so easy to claim.

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If I do a survey right now, between the mothers without names, every one of you will say it

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did my best with my children.

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Only Allah knows. And the result is not the test, or the result of the test. So what is a servant of Allah?

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true servant of Allah, which means if I know at this moment and Allah is my witness, if I know next to my name, he put the servant of Allah I'm going to tell him take me right away before things change.

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Because then that's it. That's it near my lab, in the whole lab, water so servant He is Allah describes a net Yobe what a servant he is to uninstall Allah all the way.

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So I'm going to take you back to the Sierra. And I'm going to tell you how Allah described in the Quran, the real servant of Allah, it's seven criteria.

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Seven, all of us are either the seventh one, the last one is every woman in this room, because there is option, it's the first six. So it is the verse in surah. It's a Taleem. But before I tell you the verse, I'm going to take you through the reason.

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You always have to know Why did Allah say this? And I'm not questioning his wisdom. I'm asking What are you teaching me Allah? So the story short?

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The wives of Rasul Allah salatu salam, what a woman like you and me. They had emotions. They love their Swati Serrato Sana and do you blame them? And they were very jealous

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from each other. So there is many so many narration who was who the most agreed or the most probably Allahu Allah? I'm correct. It was a cedar Aisha and the cedar Hafsa. together against a cedar Xena been Josh.

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Listen, because this is a big lesson to every one of us. Don't let us go to the superficial superficial is an incident is like when you leave today. It's a conference how many conferences we have been?

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Well, what did the conference do to

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next year your say, oh, that conference I attended. And it changed my mind changed my life. So this story is as simple as this Roswaal to Hisar they were jealous of a soiree sotto Sena. They both of them say to have sat and said Aisha, they said he stayed too long in the house of say designup. So if he's going to come when he comes out if whoever he is going to go to first tell him that you smell a bad smell from his mouth.

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It turned to be say that the most probably say to have saw that daughter of say Norma

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Salama to a woman. This is how they describe her. You know what's a woman always fasting, a woman always up and not in the night. So he came to her. And he was greeting her. He says, Oh, I smell something not good. Maha here, they call it in Nairobi, which is not a good smell. What did you eat?

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He said, I just had the honey in the house of sadism. He says Nah, maybe that honey was not the best.

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Wait, wait, because if you're going to, again, if you're going to look superficial, you're not going to get there. The message that we all need to leave today with

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so she and then he went to say that it's a seed I chose the second and she said exactly the same.

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He told the seed a half so don't tell anyone that I ate honey in the house of Zainab she went and told the seed Aisha

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now Roswaal risotto Sam was unhappy.

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He decided to divorce them.

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And there is a story he probably did not. And you're talking about who? The daughter of say not and what and say to her he said the daughter of Satan Abu Bakr.

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So Allah subhanaw taala revealed this

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when he decided he was contemplating on default, divorcing them. Allah who was telling him it's your choice.

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He didn't tell him don't. He said I saw a boom in a lacuna. A huge deal.

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If he decided to divorce you, Allah will replace them. You're talking about whom? Say to Aisha and see to have sight not you and me. If he decide the he wants to divorce them, Allah will replace him with Hiang min Kuna better than you, you're Allah.

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Better than the Mothers of the Believers.

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And now he described

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The following is the servant of Allah.

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And you did a whole as well John Hiram Lincoln Muslimah Tim Minuten Ani tatton

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Ivatan hobby doubting, sir, you're hurting

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thebarton will have Cara

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I'll translate.

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You don't want them. Leave them.

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I will I Allah will replace them or replace you with the following. This is the criteria.

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Mostly Matt, you're gonna say well, that's me. I'll come to it in a second. I may go a little bit over if your alarm. Musty Matt? Okay, fine. I know. I'll come to it more minute believer. We are all right. Sure. Okay, two checks, Hamden law.

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Point pani tatton.

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Now I have to say obedient

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because that's obedient to Allah. Allah carnita or upon it is the person who's obedient to Allah. But listen to this obedient to Allah without if and buts

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without I don't like it, it's not fair. I live in the States is 2023 I am not ready yet all the list the laundry list of excuses, or any tattoos. Tie you biting is the one that really hits me. Those who repent. What does that mean?

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What does that mean?

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Come on. I'm here. I'm asking you. That's mean they sin.

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No one is perfect.

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When do you return? When do you return to a loss? pantalla What do you ask for forgive Toba is returned to Allah. When do you do that? When you are away, or when you disobeyed Him, tap a button. Now you follow it? The sequence is not just because you return to Allah and then I'll be doubting you are in constant worship.

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The only one that we don't have a choice and each one of us in this room can be one of them is thinking about him what a bichara. And there is a beautiful Arabi beauty, I'll share it in a second. They can be virgin or they can have been married before. So Allah Steininger Rasul Allah saw to self doesn't matter Crusader Aisha was virgin.

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And she used always to say I'm the only one that he married. That I was ALLAH says fine will replace you with a virgin. Thank you about meaning she has been married before but he say to have some.

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Now audio the audio of those. Do you have the six? How many of you say yes show me hands

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what is a Muslim?

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Muslim is not the one in this context. And most of the meaning of Islam in the Quran is not the or the Islam in the Hadith Jibreel the five pillars of Islam. The five pillars will qualify you to be buried in a Muslim cemetery and they will prey on you and me. But in the sight of Allah, it's the beginning.

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A Muslim woman Asad Adina medmen s lemma or Jehol Allah, wa Who am I sin? Whatever, ami Lata Ibrahima Hanifa, the real Muslim, the person who submit to Allah.

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He wants me to be in a difficult marriage. I am not going to argue, but you're going to take me through it. Or you're going to guide me to get divorce. Did you see the way

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you're not going to live in misery because he doesn't want that. But I'm not going to do it unless he tells me.

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I am not going to apply to this college or that college although I qualify forever unless he tells me. Somebody one day asked me this question. Straightforward. How do you know?

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And my answer was when you beg Him He will tell you.

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If you are really connected, he will tell you how many muscular and this

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did you see my point is you submit to His will.

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Exactly as Takahashi and you may dislike something and there's a lot of goodness in it. Then you are a Muslim. The moment you start arguing, and we are especially unfortunately in this day and age, everything is why I'm not convinced why me show me the only word I take these days is why me I turned an other letter to why not me? A woman of Azusa

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why you and me living in this comfort now and they are bombs on their head. And they are the real Muslim

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As we shared in the morning, and you show us the beautiful picture, she said one and two and three, all for Palestine. That's the last

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minute, minute and you say what is the difference? Huge, huge. Not I'm not talking about the six pillars of a man, of course, otherwise I'm not. You really believe you really believe with not a single doubt that he already have decreed. You're sitting here and three to 32 in Irvine because he had decreed it upon you. Not because you went and bought a ticket, or you called somebody.

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You believe your cane. That's what we are seeing in the woman of Azusa.

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When I look at them, I see the real faith.

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The real faith because the real faith comes in the first time when you're hit in the first time or something happens to you not later on. Your immediate reaction tells you who you are with Allah. If you say under Allah, Masha, Allah decree and whatever Allah decree will happen. You're a believer. If I have to remind you you're a believer, but you're a second not a first musty Martin. What mean it so I submit to Allah I believe in him than I am fully obedient

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and pay attention he didn't say or

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he didn't say or when he talked about virgin versus not he said or, but this one is not or this is all the criteria. You cannot pick and choose.

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Today I'm almost in May because I'm in the masjid tomorrow. I am not because I'm going to college or I'm at work. My husband got me upset. I'm not a Muslim. While he gave me a gift and now I'm a Muslim. It doesn't work this way. 24 hours must be Martin Minato. Connie tatton

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Learn to be obedient to Allah.

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It is so hard for us specially woman true or false? We by nature, and I am not I'm not feminist or against feminist. I'm feminist when it comes to pleases Allah and I'm against feminist if it doesn't please Allah. But by nature, we are resilient. Actually scholars say this is one of the reasons that hadith Allah have said it about the intimate relationship.

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Because woman by nature, like a woman, by nature are givers. By nature, you get up at 3am and the baby is crying, and the husband doesn't not because you're better. That's how we put it in you. And by nature, we are resilient. That's why the ANI tat were more in the Quran about women than men.

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The only men was described on the tours

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in the Quran,

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say you didn't even know he

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on it.

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And who are the woman

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so you don't marry him?

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Are you on it? You know when you say about somebody upon it, you're at 4am in the morning, in your coordinate facing Allah subhanaw taala sobbing and crying, standing up praying for the people of Azusa praying for your children. But praying for your relationship with Allah.

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Your love love me. Your Allah make me the one that you look at her and says, what a servant of Mine

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are you?

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Doesn't matter your wife, doesn't matter. You're a daughter. Doesn't matter. You're professional. Doesn't matter. You're single doesn't matter if it doesn't you don't have children. It doesn't matter. He didn't say anything about children. Do you see the words? Nothing about husband? Nothing about career.

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It's all about you and him.

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Ta Ebert in how many of you did not wake up for Fajr or Mr. Sada and sobbed and cried and says your law please forgive me versus okay. We're all Masada.

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And then when you sin and turn to Allah, show me the butter it by see and Hassan Taha follow sins by good deeds. Then the sins will be raised as hadith of Roswaal Esau to Sir Halton NAS, behold in Hassan and treat people with good manners.

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And then Salah hurting. So interesting how they had that when you read it. There is a long lead in it. So hurting many assays.

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In the Arabic language those of you who know Arabic You think it's the traveler, right? See, AHA is you travel A to C

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The woman is in constant state of fasting.

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Fasting, and you really need to take a break and looking back and says Why did he say sir hat?

00:20:14--> 00:20:22

And why didn't he say something else? Why didn't he say you wear hijab? Why didn't you say more time Iran why sad you had

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she's in constant state of fasting why?

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How much you know your Quran ladies? Huh?

00:20:35--> 00:20:38

It's not the only stay away from since fasting control you

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it's the only Ibadah that control you the knifes

00:20:46--> 00:21:00

you want this coffee, you want that tea? You want that water? You want that lunch? You want to go with your friends? No, I'm fasting. And specially when it is not Ramadan where you're the only one and no one knows.

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That's the servant of Allah. If you put 10

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in each one of this, or the one I just shared with you, what's your score will be?

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What's your score will be if you are a real Muslim, a real Momina out he'll Amanita Tao eva albida. Sir, you will be the best wife, you will be the best mother and you will be the best one in your profession, and you will be the best daughter. The problem is our relationship with Allah needs a lot of work.

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A lot of work and we think we're fine. Everybody thinks what's wrong with me to the Rila.

00:21:46--> 00:22:01

So let's change. Let's put the goal, put the goal to I really want to be the servant of Allah. If you see the high Isha and see the Hafsa Allah said there is better than you I have a long work.

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But let's start. Let him see the truthfulness in you. Each one of you young before the not very young, because the earlier you change, the life is much easier. And the struggle is much easier. Start the process today. Before tomorrow. Why did Allah make me or he's making you and me see this constant nonstop or eels and videos and shorts about the causes? Why? So I say Allah, I'm sad and I cry. Really? That's it?

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What does he want from me?

00:22:41--> 00:22:57

Change, exactly. Change, change. Start, step by step. One by one you will change your children change exactly what you said. Lead by example, walk the talk as we always say.

00:22:58--> 00:23:24

So Hazara boy and I always say Allah may come from among those the words that we started the, the today conference with is actually a verse where the men and woman exactly the same it was a question or set them almost probably asked Allah so Allah has sought to have sinner. So the Rasul Allah, everything in the Quran is for the woman fo for the men. What I'm going to where are we going to get

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she's not feminist. She is a woman focused on her akhira

00:23:31--> 00:24:06

she didn't say how much the Why do you pay them that much and you don't pay me? She said all the rewards in the Quran is for the men. What about us? Allah revealed this verse, And it's exactly almost the same sequence a little bit more detail. So be the Muslim the one who submit to Allah day and night that's what you want I'll do it. Show me I'm doing it I don't care I like it. I don't care I don't like it. I don't care everybody does it. I don't care nobody does it. More stream more Amina faith your teen the woman over has

00:24:09--> 00:24:42

that you know Allah will never let you down. That's you know, whatever comes to you is higher. may even if I'm not seeing that faith in you. That faith in you for everybody is making you scared Latina Cordilla homeowners in the NASA Kojima hola confessional quad husband Allah whenever murky. Don't be afraid from people. You're a believer. You're connected with the one who's strong, you're strong. That's the believer. Not the believer who comes here wear hijab prays Upstairs there and then leave and nothing changed.

00:24:43--> 00:24:48

hamdulillah I'm not belittling this. We're all are but there is way more.

00:24:49--> 00:25:00

Way more and we need to work on it before it is too late. Call our big German rally ama Lasallian Pima terecht Kenya

00:25:00--> 00:25:09

are in the How can you enlighten who are all Iroha? When we were all in Barcelona IOMMU battle, before a day, when I'm going to tell Allah that Allah please send me back.

00:25:11--> 00:25:12

I'm going to do good.

00:25:13--> 00:26:00

And he will say no. Nay, it's a word from the tip of the tongue. And you're not going to go back. You're going to stay in the bursa. Let's all make today, November 18, the day that ALLAH blessed this masjid, to have this beautiful company, company, this beautiful woman, no all this knowledge from the morning to evening, a day of change. May Allah subhanaw taala make everything that the woman of has going through is a reason not only for Megan to become a Muslim, but we become real Muslims. We become real Muslims that Allah is proud of us that the woman of Gaza who lost all her family when they tell her the woman in America, when they saw the video, they are all closer to

00:26:00--> 00:26:01

Allah, what do you think she'll say?

00:26:03--> 00:26:39

Right? So let's be the tool for the change. And the one that we start to change and may Allah subhanaw taala respond to all our dua. May Allah Spandana make us better? May Allah subhanaw taala make the path for getting better easy. May Allah lift to all of this atrocity and suffering that we are seeing in May Allah make us all Keys, keys for higher and keys for Jan neoral biani Rezac Mala Hyun, Subhana Colombo Behanding Asha shadow Allah either Haglund Furukawa to Bali SallAllahu ala Sayidina Muhammad while earlier he was hardly Tasneem and cathedra