Why are we commanded to make plenty of Thikr

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As I said to you, nothing disturbs a ship on more than they could have loads of header data. And this is why we find in the plan and in the sooner that there has been a great emphasis on reciting advocate. Yanni The only worship in the Quran in which allows or shall commanded us. The only worship in the Quran in which allows or shall commanded us to meet the most of is the color palette and nothing else. Any shelf in solid and unfed was good a lot of coffee. They didn't have a lot in abundance in there, but they can eat a lot of coffee or on those who make abundant that kind of allows origin, sort of finance MBA under the name of Buddha law has he gone coffee although there is

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no other worship in the plan, that you and I are told to make plenty and plenty of other than advocate Do you see the importance of ticket in controlling and waswas in your life 13 times mentioned in no one other than a suit which is mentioned in the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that journey for a person to make plenty of sujood meaning plenty of solid. But then even then, when you look at that Hadith, a suit is the highest form of Vicar. Why? Because the body is invigorate. The limbs are indicative, if made suit, the heart is in Vicar and the tongue is indicative when he says suppiler bl Allah.

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And what we mean by this is the morning Vicar, the afternoon Vicar, Ezekiel before you sleep when you wake up every movement, whatever you do in life advocate advocate is always going to keep you protected. And that's how you're going to earn hundreds ministry upon that's how you're going to keep him away and keep him small and keep him disappearing. Keep on disappearing in your life. Be Vickery Lackey, subhanho, wa Taala. So I mean, surely it was Swansea alumnus for even a show one is weak. That's the word hardness it highlights his weakness, a lot of Zoysia when he described the Chopin, he said in the K, the Shivani, Kana bifa. That the evil planning and plotting and the

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whispering of Chopin has always been weak. But you know,

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the what's worse of the Chopin is only weak. When you find it with a ticket and worship, otherwise, it's going to be strong. Yeah, imagine now if someone was fighting.

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If you just let him keep hitting you, that he's always going to be that you wouldn't move. But if you keep up a fight, and you double him back, right, and this one punch in, and eventually someone's going to go the battle stop and one will leave the same thing with our relationship with a show but he keeps hitting you with what's worse, what's worse, what's worse, the only way you're going to defend yourself and hit him back is biblically, biblically left with the worship. That's when his evil planning becomes weak. Otherwise, he'll think oh, he'll destroy you and he'll destroy this life in the hereafter for you. And that's why it's very important to understand that the most effective

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solution against the shale pond is that every time you fall into his trap, make a make a house on a straight after it getting if you fall into this trap by sinning or by missing an obligation, or by leaving out a sooner that you regularly performed makeup for the day often. If you backbite someone fast tomorrow if you miss an obligation pre

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workout the next day for every of the solid.

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Yeah, if you missed a lot in where you used to pray them, then make up for somewhere in the night prayers before you sleep after you wake up before so let them do something do has an after and you're fighting a Shabbat and you're fighting his wasa Allah Allah