Musleh Khan – Why We Need Salah

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the challenges faced by men and boys in society, including the lack of parenting and the negative impact on society. They emphasize the importance of establishing a legacy and not letting anyone know about it, and offer advice on protecting one's privacy and praying with their own heart. They also encourage parents to practice these values and offer resources for students to learn how to pray.
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Neither one is sorry one is self

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insuring fusina women's safety advocate, Nina Media TV love and fidelity when they don't play together, why should you know that you will love them will actually kind of wash little ending up in

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the water soil, solid love already if you are about learning he was having on it so far I do wonder send me some nifty either you're dealing

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for tough love.

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This kind of water energy density, even as

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political party he was

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My brothers and sisters, we begin by praising Allah subhanho wa Taala sending Peace and blessings to this messenger it

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was time to sleep. And all this blessing data was blessing our ability to learn. As we gather once again, seeking a loves forgiveness, seeking a loves acceptance. Traditionally, at least for myself, I don't usually start with that this way.

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But I want to take a moment and pray for our brothers and sisters around the world. Kashmir, China, in all the countries places where our brothers and sisters incent brothers and sisters, who suffer day after day, night after night.

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And there is no weird turn for help for guidance for strength.

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We want to take a moment and offer the greatest strength that we know. That is our dwelling, and prayer to learn. So

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we ask

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them to ease their pain and suffering.

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Whereas the learners

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all those whose lives have been taken,

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that their lives are not taken in vain. Right normal learners, so it doesn't accept all of them from amongst

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a lot of you. I want to pray for our students, the last Friday that we may have a chance to gather like this. Many of you will have tomorrow in other places. So wherever you go after this week, as you return back to your studies, as you return back to a routine. And for some of you, students, you're starting a brand new routine. It's a brand new chapter and phase in your life. Some of you are graduating from a particular face, some of you have completed and you're starting a new job or career, whatever it is, we want to take the moment on this lesson today and pray for you. That male must title the title and protect your event

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in your hearts and in your lives. For the parents, I know that you never stop working.

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Even though kids will have a summer break. Parents don't get those.

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You constantly have to worry, think.

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And there are parents here today, that the back of their minds, they're also scared.

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They're also scared. You have your child, then you groom them and protect and love.

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Even if a mosquito comes around, you don't want anything to harm your child. But then when this time of the year approaches, you have to kind of let it go.

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And especially those of you who have never experienced that before with your kids, it's one of the most nerve wracking feelings you cannot describe unless you're a parent, you don't know how to describe this feeling. You go home and drop your kids off to school, and you can't stop thinking about them until you see them physically in front of you. And so for mom and dad out here today, metal learners will give you the best in this world and in the hereafter. May Allah

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give you strength, knowledge and wisdom to cope with and overcome the challenges that you face. Not just yourself, but with your children. And all of the pressures and problems that they confront. Day after day. They're gonna bring

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those problems to you. And even if they don't relate to you, when you're a parent, you just know something's not right. And when those moments happen, and a lot, so much will give you strength to get through it alone.

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These days, lots of students and parents are asking for advice. And they're asking for advice, especially for their kids.

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Because the number one thing that aside from peace and security and so on, but the most important thing in our hearts is that at the end of the day, despite whatever the climate is out there, I want my kids

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to be proud of their religion.

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I want my children to hold on to that.

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Give me something tell us something that would help us and especially our kids, hold on.

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Today, shovel love and Karina brothers and sisters, I have only two things that I want to share with all of us, especially our students. So it sounds like I might be talking to you in Shell a long time. And I pray that you still find this message of lifting and beneficial in some capacity.

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students, students, there are a lot of common questions that you asked when you get out there in school and work in other places. You asked about gender relations a lot.

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You asked about the interaction, the laws of interaction, you asked about friends,

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you asked about the challenges of crane and boyfriend juwan. When those timings are conflicting with your schedules, you ask a lot of these things.

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And sometimes you get good answers. And then there are other times you you're left stuck in the middle, you don't know what to do. So unfortunately, some of those students, you know, what they do is

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they don't do it at all.

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It's just, you know, I have school, I've got test about so much.

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I'll bring it over tonight when I get home.

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And so parents now see this stuff. But they also feel trapped. Because what are they supposed to do?

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When your kid comes home, and you can tell him or he or she their actions, their attitude, gives you an insight clue that something isn't right. And when you dig deeper, you find them. They have a girlfriend,

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that she's got a boyfriend,

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or they've been on social media. And they're going through stuff and looking at pictures and what have you. But they're doing this with an account that you don't know anything about. Here you are thinking you've had them on social media and mom, dad and the role communicated on here she's got a secret account that you don't know about.

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So what do you do to get through the storm? And this storm, it seems like it never ends a year? Well, I thought

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if I really truly want to tell you something from my heart, and pray little luggages be successive two feet, wish to say to you

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that experience has taught us and parents that you know what I'm talking about. experience has taught us that these problems and these struggles are not going away.

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gender relations, how you feel and your attraction to the opposite gender is never going to extinguish

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You and I have to figure out how to keep those feelings under control. You can't get rid of them. It's our nature. It's how a lot of creatives we have an attraction to the opposite gender.

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You can be married, you have children, you can be an elderly, whatever it is, there's always something there.

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So the first issue is how do you cope with that?

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So when you look at all these problems, there's only two things I want to share with you. Here's number one.

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For the pilgrims and projects that I've just come back

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there's a chapter in the poor and just for you. So

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in that sort of a tell

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You have everything that you need to have. And then think about when you're preparing for how much when you're going through how much and when you can graduate and finish your hedge.

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Now pay attention to the last verse, a student to hedge, the last verse

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that super started off with the Day of Judgment.

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It started off with a day of witnessing

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a lesson. All Mankind, not yet anyone who judge. He's not just talking so kind of without into the pilgrims. It's really amazing.

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This first opening, adding over sentence captured what hedge was all about, which is various people coming

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from every corner of the earth, and they're going to gather, so it almost feels like there's another planet within a planet. So Allah has given us all of humankind, watch out, be conscious, because the Day of Judgment, there's gonna be an earthquake. In other words, student be frightening, excluding the terrifying day, that's your opening introduction to hedge. That's what you have to think about the Day of Judgment. When all of a sudden knife manufactured here, we pray that a lot accepts your reaction. A lot of them mean, a lot of concludes, listen to what he tells you.

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people sign up, what ad to center, or policy will be done.

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How long so it tells us, especially those pilgrims, established your prayers.

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Now, when you go for Hajj, what's the one act of worship you're doing the most is prayer. When you're not praying,

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you're praying some kind of sweetened soda or nothing, or something.

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Nice percent of your efforts is all installed. So

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when all is said and done, a line tells you Oh, by the way, now that you're done, you're making sure that you keep prayers, you keep that consistent that discipline, never let go.

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This is what appeal is. Now. We say that appeal literally means that establishes this correct as having described the word appeals.

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I want you to think about something about this particular word.

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When I tell you, if I tell you, you need to establish a legacy.

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And then I tell someone else, Brother, you gotta establish the legacy.

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Both of these sentences are talking about the same thing.

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But which one sounds more serious? Which one sounds more urgent? Which one sounds more important? The first one, when I say to establish,

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really put your mind on what kind of legacy you want to leave. Now, here's the beautiful thing about this. Saw that isn't the only act of worship that starts of its command with

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everything else that we do is either told it's recommended. It's encouraged or it is legislated through different terms or when it comes to solid unless that appeal poly appeal.

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So the first thing is, when you hear the word appealing to establish,

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it really captures your attention. This is serious.

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What do I establish a lot of

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scholars they say that Allah is the one thing

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that gives you the solutions in life, that nothing in life can give you the solution for

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nothing in this world can solve a particular problem or issue at whatever magnitude whether it be at a global level or the intimate level.

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So that the only thing that you and I have done could solve it.

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how that process works. It's not our territory, a legend tell us them. That's this territory. What is the low want you to do? If there is one thing that you never ever let go

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if you don't know who it is

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If you don't know anything about zen, if you don't know how to read, so for me, if you're not memorizing, if you're not doing that stuff, okay? You know that stuff is important. But before you get there, get your lifestyle change in to a routine, you know, for me,

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is really one of the most remarkable disciplines for any human being in the history of mankind.

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Five times a day that beliefs, we stop our lives.

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Just let that resonate for a minute, five times a day, your life stops. You can't talk to anyone, you can eat, you can, you can socialize, you. And then the next thing is you've got to distance yourself away from distractions

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are focused on the one thing, you know, when non Muslims hear this, they're amazed. You do that five times, and one of them is sleeping in the morning you do that?

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It's remarkable. How we treated saw that. And if we've gotten the lessons from it, it's a whole nother subject. We're just talking about the command and how this command is introduced to you and I.

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So for five times a day, we put our lives in the state of spiritual emergency.

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Establish nothing's going to change, whether we're at a park, whether we're at a parking lot outside, in the rain in the snow, when it's time to pray, what do you do, you must pray.

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No one will ever truly appreciate this theme. And truly understanding who Allah is, unless we pray,

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not three times, not four times, it must be this.

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now, let's turn it on.

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And look what happens next. When you're done with

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us the last day of

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people. So our

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next tour is what?

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How did it start?

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Success is given to who was the most motivated people that he met.

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After that, you need to understand this word, if you don't understand what those words really say. In the English translation, it's translated a success.

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That's about 2% of what it really is.

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And by the way, there are many words in Arabic to describe success, or being a winner or a champion.

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That is the kind of success that you deserve.

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didn't just fall into your hands. You can watch a race or T two teams playing a sports basketball or what have you. And us look at one team and you know, that team is going to win this game. It's it's the balls, they've got the best players, the best athletes, they've got the amazing record, everything's the whole package. And they're going up against a team that has pretty much has the worst record in history. And to look at these two teams battling one another,

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and the team that has the worst record, ends up destroying this one, and they win everything.

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And they didn't do this by fluke. They've worked hard.

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They dedicated themselves, they believe, and the reaping the rewards. That's what it is.

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It's the kind of success that you get to can see it in front of you is hard.

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So the next time especially students, you come home when your mom and dad was okay, make sure you pray. Mom, Dad, I'm tired and bla bla bla bla,

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you got to stop doing that.

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there's no way around this.

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Why do I have to pray every day? It's crazy. This is stuff that students say all the time. It's crazy. Why do I do this?

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A lesson.

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You're gonna get success in a way that you deserve it.

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You're sweating now because of prayer. Who wants to wake up at 5am 3am in the morning and wetting their lips, especially in the winter? Who wants to do that? But to do that big Why? Because you want to be from

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Now I'm going to fast forward, because this is going to lead us down to the second point, that piece of advice, I'm going to fast forward to the middle to the

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And for them, these believers that have been given success, they need to guard their private What does this talking about? That's what I need to leave you with inshallah long term. And then the second part.

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So this first part of

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a sauna,

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a sauna, metal block, so we don't preserve prayer, you know, lives, those of us that have struggled to pray them a lot. So we will give you the strength as you walk out of here today for the rest of your life, that you are counted amongst

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a Latino culture

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for stopping

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by of our brothers and sisters, especially students, listen carefully, to the second and last piece of advice that I can create what uplifted me first, and it shocked all of us, a less second, and one of the qualities of a successful believer is that the garden the private, have your moon here will let you know only what

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it means that they guard themselves and protect themselves from this. So So what's the imagery here?

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You know, when you're talking to the opposite gender, this area is teaching you and I, as Muslims,

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stick to business.

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Don't get mushy, mushy stuff. Don't start complimenting each other about something that is totally irrelevant to the conversation, Get to the point.

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And silver, the students, you asked this question a lot, how do I get how to understand gender interaction? The answer is just don't do it. And if you have to stick to the conversation, stick to the subject. If you need help, if they're part of your project or group, if your teacher is the opposite gender slap is not telling you to put your eyes into your desk, don't look at the teacher. What is telling you is

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just keep things relevant. Stick to business, you're there to learn, just learn.

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And even if you have to inhale respectfully with a blunt manner, cut the conversation. Just do it.

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Because this is not going to stop. And it's a challenge, not just for students, we have to stop saying that. This is a challenge for all of us. Every one of us have this challenge. But a lot is what it says when we do this. When you protect yourself,

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you will find clarity in everything you do. Students, your homework will start to make sense. Your studies will become easier, your mind will be clear you'll be memorizing things, everything will start to make sense that you get this one thing under control, because scholars tell us if you can control what you see, then you will control what you do. So with that being said,

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two pieces of advice.

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Number one, never stop praying.

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It's urgent. When a lamentable set of

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firewood any

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victory lingering learning any level. Allah says there's no danger worthy of worship but to establish prayers, Yahoo said, Listen to the next day. We usually stop there. What was the next day in Asana, and the Day of Judgment is on its way as yet is in present tense. it's on its way. It's already on a journey. He's still moving closer to us.

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its tendency to know exactly when it arrives. But it's coming.

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People ask the questions when they hear about that job when they heard about the science of the Day of Judgment. What do we do? Oh my god, this is crazy. Like so many things are happening. The answer? Slow down, saw the

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That being said, mail was kind of withdrawn that except from us our prayers, mail narzo

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Just allow us to live our lives in prayer. Meaning that we establish prayers in our lives. We don't just do the routine, but to be we asked you to allow us to see and reap the benefits. The lessons of prayer, y'all know because us as a community and as an appointment, that we are elevated in this world and in the hereafter by accepting our prayers. You know, being on this blessing day, we asked you to protect our sons and daughters. You know, truly what they are about to embark on. Yo we can protect my son, protect his work for 10 years even you have to be protect my daughter, protect her IJA protect her sanctity for synchronous, her honor her beauty. Yeah, let me protect my children.

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From one on one. Yeah, we'll be our mothers and fathers here. Give them the strength that they need to wake up each and every day to serve you to obey you. Give them the strength that they need to continue overcoming the challenges that they face they have today with themselves and their children below.

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Peace and blessings to our

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forum they comment on us

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to see that local Civil

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War 11. jostling farther

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along in the city No.

00:26:49 --> 00:26:53

One will be the you know when you need an electrical appliance, you can come

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along and you're forcing it to work. So keep

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that in mind

00:27:08 --> 00:27:11

to know how to become very nice.

00:27:12 --> 00:27:14

speed or how to be logical

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