Sulaiman Moola – My dad is my hero

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The transcript appears to be a conversation between a man and his dad, where they discuss various topics including a coworker's name, a former teacher's name, and a potential embarrassment involving a former student's name. The conversation appears to be a bit disjointed and difficult to follow.
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You telling me about your dad and I'm going to share this to couplets you might appreciate what Mr. Harun Mata Aleem said. Whatever my room Talim said Magara Mojo Cooper Raha poseen had said Baraka will be Mary hottie Reba got otter Tao who Shaw Hall met Joe up in our southern route target me Moreno Valley the name is Bill Burnett.

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Whatever my room Talim said Magara mucho que para HYAH don't my dad was not educated. What am I wrong Talim say mugger mucho para Hyah. But he left no stone unturned to privilege me with the best of education. But Cena had the suburb Kirby made a hottie to Baja head, he would burn the midnight oil he would labor he would toil

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purely so that I could have a mock a life of quality. Carrara Tao who shall home in your opinion sir Buddha Academy. Today I can stand tall in society and I can rub shoulders with the elite and the simple merriwa Lead the name j star build burner. Yeah, hey, if I were to minus my dad from the equation, I would have never been sitting in the studio and you and I would not be having this discussion. May Allah preserve them and grant them Oh goodness.

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